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Salasar Feaphed

Salasar Feaphed is the 64th Grand Wizard, a Dragonborn created by Bahamut himself in the hopes that he could save the world. Salasar is one of the smartest people to ever live on Totania, as well as one of the most powerful.  


Salasar Feaphed has only one parent, as he was hatched from an egg created by the Dragon God Bahamut himself. Bahamut saw the state of Dragonborn society and knew that they could use help, and so he created for them a savior.   Salasar was raised by Bahamut for the first few years of his life. However, as Bahamut taught the young Salasar, the boy grew spiteful. He heard of the state of Dragonborn society, of the Grand Wizard Struggle, of hundreds of years of infighting. He did not believe that a single man, especially himself, could change all of that. So Salasar Feaphed abandoned the Church, and abandoned the role he was born for.  

A Normal Life

Salasar wondered if it was possible, being born the way he was, for him to live a normal life. To not need to worry about magic, or the metallic scales on his skin. To live amongst the Dragonborn of Tiamat. The Arux Dragonborn.   He at first tried various places, like Evity and Tamd, but they all worshipped Tiamat there. Even after abandoning his father, his God... Salasar could not handle people who disgraced him. Not to mention, all of these places studied Magic. Salasar wanted nothing to do with that. He would not be the Magic Savior that Bahamut wanted, even if he could use every affinity.


So Salasar settled in Bortan, the Dragonborn village with a focus on might rather than magic. If he kept to himself here, he could live a normal life. And he did so for about 12 years, until he was about 20 years old.   That is when he met Clures Malthyra. The two married not long afterwards. She never questioned him on any of his secrets, though she would often tease him for definitely hiding things. She loved him for who he was, and nothing more. With her, Salasar didn't need to worry about the world, about how he was supposed to save it or how he was supposed to focus on Magic. Because to Salasar, Clures was his world. With her, he was saved.
"Clures would sometimes show me her Magic. She wasn't very good at it. She would make... small balls of fire, maybe the size of my hand, and be so proud. I was proud too. With her, that was all the Magic I needed. Her presence. Maybe that's why I rely so much on Magic now... I miss her so much."
— Salasar Feaphed

End of a Life

This peaceful, normal life would not last forever. Nothing lasts forever. Salasar had been so focused on removing himself from Magic that he had not considered Bortan's purpose: War.   And so, Bortan went to war in 425. It was invaded by the Chief of Evity, Echus Rhozire, a Beastmaster with every intention of destroying the enemy and becoming Grand Wizard. Salasar had never even thought of this possibility, of the wars that would happen just for someone to become the leader, the Grand Wizard.   He watched a rhinoceros from Echus charge through his wife. Clures Malthyra Feaphed was not dumb, nor was she unskilled. She managed to avoid dying to it, but she was seriously injured. Just a simple healing spell would have saved her. Bortan, of course, had no one to do something like that. Salasar had abandoned Magic. He could do basic spells, fire blasts, freezing with ice... but nothing beyond just using an affinity. Healing was too much. And so his wife died to something that could be so easily prevented, had he done what he was meant to do. What he was born to do.   Echus Rhozire became Grand Wizard after that. Salasar knew he could easily get into the Magic College and fulfill his duty to study Magic. But he could not look Echus in the eyes, he could not study under him. So instead, he did not enroll, and simply went to the Clolith Library within the Magic College to study.  
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed

A Hundred Years of Study

Salasar Feaphed banished himself to that library for a long time. He told himself he would study until he had learned everything. Magic, skills, languages, cultures, people, histories, sciences, Gods. He estimated it would take him a hundred years.   He believed, however, ten years into his studies that he had learned everything there was to learn about Magic. He was disappointed. He had waited so long to use his Magic that his mana reserves were all but run dry. He could do a spell, and that would be the end of it.   Until he stumbled across a secret part of the library, which held in it dusty old scrolls. Scrolls that Salasar found actually belonged to the most learned man to ever walk Totania. The First Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial.   These scrolls held every secret to Magic that Kilprax had, which he intended to use to see if there was anyone who could truly learn these things. Salasar, as a matter of fact, could. He was born to learn these secrets. But Salasar also did not believe that they should be held so secret. People shouldn't only be able to learn this if they were born to. This should be for everyone. He just needed to learn it and test it first. All of it.   Nearly 70 years of study passed before Salasar met anyone of note. People came and went with little fanfare. Salasar, however, lived endlessly. He wasn't sure how. Was it his Magic? Was it his unique birth circumstances? Or was it simply willpower and determination? It didn't matter, nothing mattered but the work.
Felonius Questus by Jarhed

People to Care For

However, it was meeting the 59th Grand Wizard that changed Salasar's mind. He was a man named Felonius Questus, someone who did not want power or to be Grand Wizard. Yet still, he was. Felonius wanted to die, wanted to lose this responisbility. But he never let that change how he interacted with people. He was always kind, always trying to help people. It was then that Salasar saw that perhaps it was time he took up classes. Time he studied under this new Grand Wizard, and perhaps aimed for that seat himself.   Felonius died when Salasar joined the Magic College, being killed by his successor, Crordoth Narakas. But Salasar did find others who he could care about. People that mattered just as much as what his duty was. Fepar Tilrak and Melthrum, a Dragonborn and a Dwarf who were now his classmates in the Class of 500.  

The First Year of Magic College

Salasar Feaphed was unsure of his class at first. He had seen plenty of students pass through the library while he was studying, and most of them had things on their minds other than learning and helping others.   It was College, after all, even if it was magical. There were not always people with a big interest in getting smarter or more powerful, and those that did often had bad motives. Greed, revenge, lust for power, or just simply lust.

Class of 500

Salasar Feaphed was a student in the Class of 500 at the Magic College, a class that has gone down as one of the most legendary classes in the history of the Magic College, thanks in part to Salasar and his friends. Salasar always stood at the top of his class.  

Active Members

Very few of the members of the Class of 500 are alive, thanks to plans from the World Court to strike against Salasar and some other members of the class. Here are the living members, aside from Salasar himself.
  • Fepar Tilrak- Salasar's best friend, former Chief of Bortan and leader of the Army of the Revolution. Fepar, alongside Salasar, was one of the members of the Mage Trio, called the Guardian of Peace.
  • Melthrum- Salasar's other best friend, Melthrum is the Dwarven General of the Orange Phoenix Squad of the Dwarven Army. Melthrum was also one of the members of the Mage Trio.
  • Debauchery- Debauchery was a Devil in Salasar's class, and was pretty much the only one that did not ever try to befriend the others. He would party with them, but in all other matters, he opposed the Class of 500. He is presumed alive, as the World Court cannot get him in Hell.

Inactive Members

Most of the Class of 500 are dead. Here is a list of each dead member of the class.
  • Asadim Brittlebind- The Lich user of Sword Magic, who was killed by the World Court.
  • Nyxius Gririn- The 61st Grand Wizard, who was installed only with the help of the Monions. She was killed by her successor, Drixodal Vortrin.
  • Roaster- The Kenku leader of the Questers, who died to Zome, Lord of the Red along with the rest of the Questers.
  • Balrus- The Dwarven member of the Questers, who invented Flingo Ball.
  • Josatra- The Elven member of the Questers.
  • Elkos- The Dark Elven member of the Questers.
  • Sylvirlouc Zomrarano- The Tabaxi member of the Questers, and the only one to escape Zome, Lord of Red. Sylvirlouc was killed by Noof Troope, the son of Goof Troope, after some time as a Magic Theory Professor.
  • Zefsica- The Gnome member of the Questers, who died with the rest of them to Zome.
  • Urimoira- A Wood Elf who had grand plans to lead the Wood Elves, but was killed by the leader of the Wood Elves, Ilifaren.
  • Whistle- An Air Genasi who died while they were still students to an unknown cause.
  • Sullore- A Yuan-Ti who married Kirbo Funki the Monion and became the Goblin Matriarch.
  • Brar Stidz- A Human who, after he graduated, hid away so he could not be found by the Church of Erathis. He was eventually eaten by a Giant.


The Class of 500 had a Magic History Professor and a Magic Theory Professor, like every class at the Magic College. They were:
  • Aphar Lorbarum- The Magic History Professor, Aphar also served as the jailor. He was exiled from his home village of Tamd for rejecting the ways of alchemy.
  • Yltur- Yltur was the Magic Theory Professor, an Aasimar child of one of Bahamut's own angels.
Year of Birth
398 ME -166 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bronze scales
Salasar, however, was quite lucky to be in a class like 500. There were some with less than stellar motives: Debauchery wished to party with no care for the consequences, Balrus and Roaster seemed a bit lecherous, Sullore and Elkos were mysterious, and Zefsica and Urimoira were rather abrasive. Not to mention the Lich, Asadim Brittlebind. Lich were certainly no good thing.   But Fepar and Melthrum were a shining light in that class to stand beside Salasar. They, too, had goals of saving people and helping the world. Salasar found this out when they met, as their Professor,
Young Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed
Aphar Lorbarum, created a deadly test for the class to be put through. One where people in Upper Zephys were placed in danger by a group of Giants that Lorbarum set free.   Salasar, Fepar, and Melthrum teamed up to save all of the people in the city. They took down most of the Giants, though only Melthrum tried to kill any of them. It was simply what he had learned. Salasar and Fepar stopped him, and those three gained a reputation together as a group now called "The Mage Trio."   However, there were others that had helped to save the citizens. Not trying to kill the Giants, but simply save people. Roaster, Sullore, and Sylvirlouc all kept the people safe, while people like Asadim, Zefsica, and Josatra were keeping the Giants away. Few of the class actually tried to kill.  

First Foe

One of these was someone that Salasar had his eye on. Someone he was very worried about, due to the mystery he found surrounding this person. The Dark Elf named Elkos.   Elkos was one of the few members of the class that killed a Giant. He snuck up behind them, jumping from atop a building and slitting its throat.
Elkos by Jarhed
  Salasar wanted to learn what Elkos's deal was. After all, Salasar needed to protect people, and to do so would likely require opposing most people with murderous intent. Salasar at least wanted to know why it was that Elkos did what he did. Why he killed, what he was at the Magic College for. Melthrum suggested Salasar stay away from him, saying they were better off just waiting until Elkos did something against them, and then they'd deal with him.   Salasar was not someone intent on waiting. When he found Elkos sneaking out one day, he chased after him. Out of Zephys and to the Dark Elf caves. There, he found Elkos sneaking up on someone, ready to attack them. A Dark Elven nobleman was Elkos's target.   Salasar stunned Elkos and asked why he was doing this. However, he didn't expect Elkos to disappear. For Elkos could do something that Salasar was not ready for. Elkos could use Stygian Darkness to absorb not just Light Magic, but light itself. Thus, he could be perceived as invisible. Salasar had overwhelming power, but it was still difficult for him to counter Elkos's invisibility.   So, over the course of his first year, Salasar developed a way around this. There was, after all, one counter to Stygian Darkness. Regular Dark Magic. He absorbed Elkos's Stygian Darkness by training his own Dark Magic with his classmate Nyxius Gririn. Salasar did not think Nyxius had the best intentions either, but his first priority was to help Elkos.   It was on the next trip to the Dark Elf cave that Salasar defeated Elkos, and when Elkos begged for Salasar to at least help Elkos's sister. It turned out that a Dark Elven noble named Zszeth Godeate, who used Metal Magic, had covered Elkos's sister in gold. Salasar helped Elkos defeat the noble, but refused to let Elkos kill him. Instead, they brought him to jail, where he would hopefully rot.   It was only at the end of that year that Salasar had his first battle with his class-assigned sparring partner: the Dwarf named Balrus. Balrus would often not do much in his battles with Salasar, just messing around and playing pranks on him.  
Melthrum by Jarhed

The Mage Trio Gets to Work

It was that summer that the Mage Trio would begin to do what they had planned to do. To save anyone they could. As they were not at school, they were able to go around the world and stop minor conflicts from breaking out.   There was a specific instance of the Chief of Bortan, Fepar's home, nearly getting into a war with the Red Dragons squad of the Dwarven Army. Melthrum managed to convince the Dwarven General of the Red Dragons to stop, while Fepar talked down the Chief of Bortan. Salasar, all the while oversaw the negotiations between the two. It was his first real time seeing diplomacy in action. If he intended to be Grand Wizard, he would need to learn more of this. Gladly, he had aspiring General Melthrum and future Chief of Bortan Fepar Tilrak to help him.   It was during this same summer that Salasar met the, supposed, future Chief of Ealla. Despite a girl named Ildid, who Fepar had his eye on, being in line to be the next Chief. This other woman was named Sirlini Glirdog, though she called herself the Comedian.   She said she needed help from them, but instead pulled a prank. She convinced Salasar she needed his beard hair to ward off an evil beast, and Salasar was intruiged. He had never heard of this beast, which Sirlini called the "Beardofficus." He wrote down everything she said, like how it would eat anyone with a beard but was scared off by loose beard hair that was shaved off, and that a clean shaven person could even tame one so that it could be studied. She shaved off his hair until he was completely bare-faced, pocketing the beard hairs and then revealing that it was all a prank.  
Sirlini Glirdog by Jarhed
She then gave him a special Ointment that regrew hair, and he applied it to his face. She complimented him on his beard, and when he went to stroke it, he used too much strength, and ripped it right off again. He had used all the ointment the first time, as well, leaving nothing left.  

The Year of the Monion

It was during his second year that one of the most famous stories associated with Salasar happened: Monion's Item Extravaganza. However, this was not what began the year.  
Roaster by Jarhed
The year began with the class being jealous of the Mage Trio's success. Salasar found out that, to compete with them, Roaster had gathered a group of his own friends to go out and help in the world too. He called them the Questers, and it included three people who wanted to go against Salasar: One being Balrus, who found it fun to mess with Salasar. The other was Elkos, who wanted to help people like Salasar had helped him, but without having to not kill if he was with Salasar. The final was Zefsica, who was actually Sirlini's half sister, and was not happy that apparently Salasar had failed to help Sirlini with a "Beardofficus." Other members of the Questers included Sylvirlouc and Josatra.   Salasar decided to leave them be and spend this year checking in on Nyxius Gririn. He was a bit distracted, as he worked with Fepar and Melthrum so often to help people that he had little time for his own personal queries. Still, he noticed that Nyxius had some strange practices that she did. Odd rituals alone in dark classrooms.  

Sent from Heaven

Salasar was again distracted from this, however, by a confrontation from his Professor, Yltur. Yltur was an Aasimar, and now he revealed that he was from Bahamut's Angels, and was sent to protect Salasar, Bahamut's chosen savior. He also revealed that another savior had been born named Thaamis Tazziros, but that he was a bit of a failure in Bahamut's eyes. Salasar was the true one, and he was still alive.   Salasar did not have much to say in response to Yltur. He was doing his best to be that savior, but he certainly didn't need protection. Especially when Yltur stopped Salasar from interfering with his classmates. Nyxius was able to evade Salasar for much of the year, with Yltur even getting Salasar involved in a bit of a worry of Bahamut's: Item Magic.  
Crordoth Narakas by Jarhed
A Hobgoblin named Sliq Monion had been killing Item Mages all over the place and hoarding their Item Magic. Yltur explained that an evil man like Sliq holding the Items would be dangerous, and that they would need to do something about that. He said he was planning to send the other classes out and spread them around to protect the various Item Mages in the world, and that he would count on Salasar to protect Grand Wizard Crordoth Narakas and Salasar's classmate, Asadim Brittlebind.  

Unorthodox Year

Due to Crordoth's paranoia about Sliq, he did not send the students to internships their second year. Instead, he kept the second years in the Magic College as protection. Salasar and his classmates were fine with this, as Salasar considered his time with the Mage Trio to be good enough for field training. Fepar, however, still actually left occassionally to help out Bortan. Melthrum sent letters to Ironforge to keep up with his work.   Salasar meanwhile researched the Item Magics. He was not ready for what was to come very soon to meet him: The Monions. A group of Goblins killed and recreated by Sliq Monion to kill Crordoth. They all wielded some kind of Item Magic, and had fought their way through Salasar's class. However, none of them killed anyone.   These Goblins were named Kirbo Funki, Biggz, Prixx, Kash Monet, Meff Kraxx, Lucky, Hugg, Klapp, and Goof Troope, and they were joined by Olmand Shinebright. They were an interesting group, and Salasar and the Mage Trio warned them of what was to come against Crordoth, but invited them to kill him. While Salasar was tasked with protecting Crordoth, he also knew that Crordoth had plans for something bad. He knew that these Monions could be dealt with easily, and that they would lead him and the Mage Trio back to Sliq.
And they did just that. They killed Crordoth and led the Mage Trio to Votarra Den, where Sliq Monion betrayed the Monions. Salasar and them watched Sliq get killed by Goof, and then the Monions die when Sliq's magic went away. Except Hugg swooped in and recreated them again before he went away.   With the Item Magic unbound, Fepar, Melthrum, and Salasar took it and spread the Item Magic out around the world. That way, it could never be united again for evil purposes. Salasar left the Paintbrush with Hugg, then leaving the Poison Bottle in the Magic College, and the Shifting Item in the Temple of Tiamat. He hoped it would be hoarded there by Tiamat and never used for evil purposes again. After all, he knew Tiamat loved to keep such things to herself.
The others did not tell him where they left their stuff, just as he did not disclose his own locations. They needed to keep them a secret, even from each other, to protect the world from future Monions.
The Monions United by Max a Million, RovaRed, RationallyUpset, Jarhed, genuinetrickster, DragonboiNalrik, Yumedatchi, andreaspsillos4, AnthraxSurprise
When they returned, Salasar was devastated and surprised to find that Nyxius Gririn had actually helped the Monions take down Crordoth. She had worked alongside them in the fight, even dealing the finishing blow. Now, she was the 61st Grand Wizard, and she abandoned the class.  

Under Nyxius

The first thing Nyxius did was ban any investigation into her, saying it would result in legal action and lifetime imprisonment. Salasar was now unable to continue checking what she was up to, as he could not risk becoming a criminal. However, she also publicly welcomed the worship of Tiamat, something most Grand Wizards did not do. It was strange, as it was normally not Grand Wizardly to discuss religion, and her rituals were certainly not related to Tiamat.
Nyxius Gririnn by Jarhed
  However, during that summer, Salasar found that he was unable to go help the Mage Trio as much, as Nyxius began asking him for help all the time. She would call him to her office often, simply to chat with him. It was here that she would reveal random factoids about herself: she was bisexual, she was born in Tamd but raised in Evity, and she didn't like Dwarves very much. Salasar didn't really understand what this was all about.   Until one day she kissed him. She said they should get married, that he could help her rule Dragonborn territory. He expressed that he was very much not interested in a relationship, and that was when she showed him the truth. She was possessed by a Demon, who was using her to get a vessel. Nyxius was hoping Tiamat could help her free herself, but Salasar informed Nyxius that was not possible. Gods were weak to Demons. She would need an incredibly powerful Devil, and that was unlikely.  
Urimoira by Jarhed
Salasar left Nyxius, and heard a few weeks later that she had begun dating their classmate Urimoira. He was happy that she had at least found some kind of happiness.  

Third Year

While studying abroad in the Kenku Kingdom, Salasar ended up in a bit of a competition with Roaster and his Questers. The Questers were helping the people there, but were doing it rather sloppily. They were not respecting the culture very much, and many of the Questers were messing with the people they saved as well.   So Salasar gathered not just the Mage Trio, but also three others to help him. Sullore, Asadim Brittlebind, and Brar Stidz. Brar Stidz was a Human who kept to himself, making him stand out quite a bit in the boisterous land of the Kenku. So he was perfect bait to use against the flamboyant mage Sylvirlouc. Asadim had always wanted to test his magic against the explosive Zefsica, and got the chance that year to do so. Sullore was interested in battling against Josatra, and was able to win against her even.   Then it came down to the final three. Melthrum fought against Balrus, Fepar against Elkos, and Salasar against Roaster. It was less of a traditional fight, as the Kenku King had decided to make them compete in various games that put them all on an even playing field, testing their skills against one another. Salasar ultimately won by beating Roaster in a race, and they teamed up to defeat the Kenku King, who was holding his tyrannical power over his people.  
Balrus by Jarhed

Final Year of Magic College

Salasar spent his final year of the Magic College studying. His biggest threat was the antics of Balrus, as well as Fepar now taking responsibility for Bortan and Melthrum being put into the position of General of the Orange Phoenixes. His friends were beginning to drift.   The tournament in the final year came, and it was certainly something. Salasar's first match was against Balrus, and Balrus actually pulled out all the stops, including a mysterious, magical Blue Ball which he used to do all sorts of things that gave Salasar a run for his money. Still, Salasar defeated Balrus when he separated him from the ball.   His next fight was against Roaster, which he again was able to win with ease. Then came the semi-final match, where Nyxius decided to rejoin the class so she could beat Salasar. Despite that, Salasar still defeated her and moved onto finals.   In the match before that, it was Fepar versus Melthrum, and Fepar came out on top. It was Salasar versus Fepar now in the finals, and... despite everything Fepar had learned, all the skill he had, and the power he was able to wield, Salasar defeated him and became valedictorian. Both combat-wise and academically, Salasar was at the top of his class, though Fepar was second combat-wise and Melthrum academically.  

Uneventful Time

Salasar went back to studying for another 30 years after his graduation. He was not present when Nyxius Gririn was killed by Drixodal Vortrin, whenthe 520 Massacre happened and new Grand Wizard Drixodal Vortrin killed a class and then himself. But soon, he stepped in again. In 529, after seeing the Revolutionary Proclamation that Fepar made, he approached 63rd Grand Wizard Thalmejis Durzire with an ultimatum. Resign or die.   Thalmejis instead made another solution, a resignation that looked like a death. Salasar killed him in front of a crowd, but in actuality Thalmejis would be imprisoned and allowed to live. For Thalmejis was a good man, only hated because of his predecessors. If Salasar could kill him, he would seem a hero.  

Grand Wizard

Then, in 530, he became Grand Wizard. There were plenty of messes to clean up: A war between Bortan and Evity, another dead class thanks to the Poison Mage Grolcurth Hellglory, who got it from where Salasar had left the Poison Bottle... there was too much.  
Sullore by Jarhed
Not to mention the various Chiefs hated Salasar. Ikkul Ravofarn, Ilxar Nimphonker, Kicad Bavul, Onkesh Tazwunak, Tarthekar Padorim, and Yernok Caerxan. Even Otikul Nurdesh, an old man who was teaching even when Salasar was there.   This was also when Salasar's friends started to die off. All of his classmates were picked off, one by one, by the World Court, and he was getting lonely. Fepar was a wanted criminal, but alive, and Melthrum was too busy to talk. So Salasar's only contact was Sullore.  

Death of Sylvirlouc

Noof Troope, son of Goof the Monion, tried to assassinate Salasar. But he was stopped by two people: First the Professor named Sylvirlouc, the only Quester who was still alive, sacrificed himself to stop Noof. Then, a student named Vardid stepped in and defeated Noof, where he was then imprisoned. Salasar offered Vardid to replace Sylvirlouc as a professor, and then went on to mourn his friend for weeks.  

Beginnings of a Crisis

Salasar was hopeful for many of the classes at the Magic College. He took in many people as Professors who had tragic things he believed he could help deal with. Urokris Erthar, who survived the 520 Massacre, was paired with Grolcurth Hellglory to help them work together to deal with their trauma, a Dwarf with homesickness named Morrik was paired with the ultimate lover of Dragonborn territory Otikul Nurdesh so that they could balance each other out, the boisterous Vardid Liloryas was paired with the sleepy Zanni Laithra, and the bombastic Tsunami was put with the unassuming Marmash Icor.   Things began to take a turn for the worse, however, with the addition of a new class to the Magic College. The Class of 549, and specifically a group consisting of the students Nalrik Tilrak, Vodron Susk, Sinner, Turbine, and Silentium.  
Orlayas Ojeux by Jarhed

Taking an Intern

Salasar eventually decided that he would take in an intern from one of the classes. With the Class of 549 coming in, he took a student he saw immense promise in from the Class of 548. A man who was an Ace like Salasar, with incredible intellect and a particular mind for getting out of danger and convincing others not to put themselves in danger. A man who, like Salasar, had renounced his birth (and also renounced Tamd) for the study of knowledge. A man who Salasar saw himself in. A man named Orlayas Ojeux.   Orlayas was hesitant. He knew Salasar wanted Orlayas to succeed him as Grand Wizard, but Orlayas did not believe he could live up to Salasar. He did not think he could be Grand like Salasar was. So he just did paperwork for Salsar and told him what he should and shouldn't do. What Orlayas believed would cause trouble or put people in danger. After less than a year, he became indespensible to Salasar.  

The 549 Problem

The Class of 549 came in with a rather lukewarm entrance. Some of them were impressive, but Salasar didn't see too much special with them at first. Only Nalrik Tilrak, the son of Fepar, was incredibly interesting to Salasar. Of course, there were others of note, like Higar Vixik, Caddos Damolnath, and Pretender. But Salasar's attention was at first mostly on Nalrik.   Fepar had been declared the most wanted man in the world for founding the Army of the Revolution and going against the World Court. Unlike Salasar, Fepar had been acting against the people who had killed their friends. All Salasar had been doing with the World Court was disobeying some of their laws, as he governed his own people the way he saw fit, not the way a court of people who never left the Marshal saw fit. Salasar was a hated man to the World Court, but they could not exactly declare him a criminal.  
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
Nalrik had not been raised by Fepar. Instead he was raised by Fepar's successor, the new Chief of Bortan, Ikkul Ravofarn. Fepar was nowhere to be found to raise Nalrik, and he didn't answer Salasar's letters either. He had a feeling that this was due to Ikkul. Ikkul was likely in leagues with the World Court, and due to that, Salasar wanted to keep an eye on Fepar's son.   Nalrik was not the only 549 Student that got into trouble the first year. When the class went out for the first time with their professors, an entire group led by Urokris Erthar
Sinner by Jarhed
got caught up in some trouble: Nalrik Tilrak, Turbine, Sinner, Silentium, Tothra Staz, Cozall Redfury, Hadon, and Imvis.   They had been cornered by the Cragspear Bandits, where they fought hard. From what the reports said, Turbine, the Wind Genasi of the class, was killed. It reminded Salasar of his own first year. He knew Whistle only vaguely, and he wasn't present for his death, but he had heard stories of Whistle dying to some unknown forces.   Nalrik, Sinner, Silentium, and Tothra in specific were blamed, with Imvis being a passive watcher and Cozall and Hadon not actually being present for the incident. Salasar talked the four through what the issue was and told them they needed to be extra careful. He could tell now that the world was getting more chaotic, and they would need to try harder to be safe nowadays.  
Vodron Susk by Jarhed

Vodron Susk

Salasar had a bigger problem now in Turbine's replacement: A wandering Human vagrant named Vodron Susk. Vodron tried to be in the Class of 549, and while he performed on an equal or greater level to the other applicants that made it in, Salasar did not let him join the class. Salasar saw in Vodron a man that was not ready to settle down, to take responsibility. He wanted Vodron to learn that first.   Vodron saved the other members of 549 when Turbine died. Salasar took this as a perfect opportunity to bring Vodron in. Perhaps now he had learned something, and anything he didn't would now be easier to teach.   Still, Vodron was abrasive to learning about responsibility. He believed that fate was responsible for everything, and that he just needed to follow along with fate and not do anything about it. Salasar hoped he could get that out of Vodron's head.  

Kidnapped, Enslaved, and Attacked

Under Salasar's nose, a few things happened that year. Kindle, a second year student, was kidnapped by her father Adai the Honored and taken to the Fire Plane, some other second years were attacked in Udai by an Orc named Gunn, and 549 had many run-ins with the Cragspear Bandits and slavers. Nalrik Tilrak was captured by an Elf named Jorwirn Gilrel, while Silentium was taken by a Kenku named Slaver. Salasar delegated fixing this to two people, Vodron Susk and Sinner.   Unbeknownst to Salasar, Ikkul Ravofarn also wanted to fix this. So he took Vodron (and some other students) and invaded the Elven capital of Camor to get Nalrik back. He did so, but a student named Pirum Kotate died as a result. Salasar was not happy, but there was nothing he could do to Ikkul, so he let it be for now as Sinner returned empty handed. So Salasar assigned a team to get Silentium back: Nalrik Tilrak, Vodron Susk, Sinner, Tothra Staz, Imvis, and Mastema.   They came back not only with Silentium, but also warcrimes attributed to them for wiping out the entire Cragspear Bandits, including a rogue noble and member of the Nerodil Guard. Vodron had even killed a guy so bad that he erased him from existence.
Ikkul Ravofarn by Jarhed
Ikkul, seeing that there were plenty of students who were endangered or killed on their internships, decided he would limit the internships he allowed. Now, only Dragonborn Chiefs were available, with some exception. The World Court insisted on taking a student to study with them, as did the Devil Profit.   Aside from them, Salasar only allowed the Chiefs to take interns, which led to quite a bit of arguing and a headache for Salasar. After all, they all refused to go to the Magic College if he was there. So he went on a small vacation while they recruited interns.
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
Kicad Bavul by Jarhed
This meant that the available internships were:
  • Bortan- Ikkul Ravofarn
  • Tamd- Ilxar Nimphonker
  • Yirthum- Kicad Bavul
  • Evity- Onkesh Tazwunak
  • Ealla- Tarthekar Padorim
  • Dembar- Otikul Nurdesh
  • Waire- Yernok Caerxan
  • The World Court- The Judges
  • Hell- Profit
  Salasar did not seem to think of whether there could be anything these Chiefs were up to. He had hoped they all were just happy to take in interns, but he should have known. Orlayas warned him, after all. Something was brewing: A crisis.  

Weave Initiative

However, Salasar was busy, away from Zephys. He was busy recruiting people to test one of the things he had learned from the Scrolls, the most powerful thing there and the most useful: The Weave. A way to get unlimited mana. He had already been using it, but as he had said, he wanted to spread it out to others. So he would need people to help him test it and its limits, and hopefully reach even greater heights than he had already reached.  
Shatt Gunn by Jarhed
He asked six students to join him, with only one of them declining his offer. These students were Shatt Gunn, Finethir Shinebright, Kathleen Ramone, Lorakaen Darelor, and Ogonn Ha. Murphy Law declined to come.   With Shatt, it was as simple as talking to Shatt and his mother. With Shinebright, it took some convincing for Kicad Bavul to let him leave Yirthum's protection. Kathleen was one he expected to be rough due to her dislike for authority, but she agreed rather quickly. Lorakaen took a bit to convince, specifically because of her mother Olifla's hesitancy. However, with some magic tricks that calmed Lorakaen down, he got her. Ogonn nearly caused a war, as various Dwarven Generals did not want him to leave, but Salasar got him to leave anyway. Murphy, however, was taught to hate his magic and hide it from the Church of Erathis, so he did not come.   These students, aside from Murphy, joined the Class of 550 and were brought to Zephys at the start of the school year. Orlayas met them in a warehouse, and as they gathered and became friendly, Salsar appeared in what he believed to be a cool entrance. But Orlayas informed him that he failed to do the smoke screen he was trying to do. Salasar pretended to be upset, but in actuality this was rehearsed. It was much harder for Salasar to fail a spell, so he had spent weeks practicing to fail it so that the students would see that everyone can make mistakes and make it seem like Salasar was just like them. So that they were not abrasive to him, but welcoming.  

Chief Crisis

Kathleen Ramone by masob the wise wizard
It was at the end of that week, when all but the first years, Orlayas, and a few other students were left at the Magic College, with the others out at their internships. Salasar was in his office when it happened.   Ilxar Nimphonker, with Rharked the Rogue and his various interns, attacked the city. Rharked used Structure Magic to place a birdcage around the city. He intended to seige it and then kill Salasar, as he declared that he and the other Chiefs were going to war with each other and Salasar to become the next Grand Wizard. Ilxar had just struck first.   The students were watching in fear, but Salasar came out and showed Ilxar he knew exactly what he was up to. Orlayas had warned him of this, after all. Salasar flew to the top of the cage, pointing to a weak point and laughing. Then, with his own magic, he strengthened the cage. While Ilxar had assumed this would weaken them, Salasar knew Ilxar could not get into the city if the cage was up. That way, at the very least, he could protect the students he had in the Magic College now from danger, even if the others would be caught in the war. Not to mention, as Salasar said, this birdcage with a war going on outside but a calm environment inside were
"Optimal conditions for a Test."
— Salasar Feaphed
  Salasar spoke out to Ilxar after strengthening the cage, in a speech that brought hope to all citizens of Zephys. A speech that showed how truly Grand of a Wizard Salasar Feaphed was, to stand up like this to a Chief.
"Fine. Cage us in. It’s safer in Zephys than anywhere else in the world. You can starve in the fields as you siege us, if that is what you please. I won’t let my citizens go out into the terrible world you Chiefs are creating. I’ll gladly face you. You may be the smartest of the Chiefs… but you’re also the weakest. If you’d like to face me, you’ll need more than that."
— Salasar Feaphed
Lorakaen Darelor by Yumedatchi

Optimal Conditions for a Test

Salasar brought the students back. However, Orlayas warned Salasar that soon, someone would no longer be in the class. Salasar worried that a student would die, and while Orlayas did say there would be deaths in the war going on, now called the Chief Crisis, that was inevitable. The problem came from the member of 550 that would not remain for much longer: Trifaera, the Elven noblewoman.   It was then that Murphy Law, alongside Oraakil Mardaar, came into Salasar's office with Otikul Nurdesh. Otikul explained that Murphy had teleported in thanks to a Stemine, and that Oraakil too wanted to study there. Salasar granted Murphy this new spot in 550, and gave Oraakil a temporary position in the case that a member of the Class of 549 were to die in the Chief Crisis.   The Weave Initative (minus Murphy and plus Gak Funki, the son of Sullore and Kirbo) defeated Trifaera, who had quit the Magic College and taken Burnout to try and kill her classmates. He sent Trifaera away and took the now full Weave Initiative to begin their tests.   Salasar taught them for months, while conferring with various Professor at the school (most specifically Otikul Nurdesh, Urokris Erthar, Zanni Laithra, and Grolcurth Hellglory) about what to do to protect the students. He trusted the other Professors as well, of course, but they were mostly immature when it came to war. The rest of the Chief Crisis, up until its very climax was rather uneventful for Salasar himself. He just kept teaching and studying, as he always did.  

End of the Crisis

Salasar knew what was happening that day, at the very end of the Chief Crisis. He knew that Ilxar's forces had broken into the city. But he could do nothing about it, because Otikul Nurdesh held Salasar Feaphed in his office.
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed
  Otikul would not let Salasar out. He blocked the door with beasts and showed Salasar a baby bird, showing how it may struggle to fly at first, but that it will learn. It will learn or else it will die. He said the next generation would need to be like that, sooner or later.
“We can’t leave everything to our generation you know. I believe we must pass the torch eventually, or the world will be in ruin when we die.”
— Otikul Nurdesh
  Salasar agreed, but he warned Otikul. If any of the students that Otikul had left out there died, it would be Otikul's head on a pike for it. Otikul gladly agreed.   Salasar was not sure what to make of Otikul. Otikul was ancient, some even said older than Salasar himself. No one knew how or why, who this man truly was or why he intended to live so long, let alone how he did it.  

The Birdcage Falls

The Weave Initiative, who Salasar had put all of his trust into, did it. They defeated the forces of Tamd, with Shatt in specific taking out one of their most fearsome commanders named Zasagur.
Ogonn by Jarhed
  But it was Ogonn who did the unthinkable. He took Salasar's training to heart, defeating Rharked Monion and, remembering what Salasar showed him, found the weakpoint at the top of the cage and broke it. Knocking the cage to the ground and freeing everyone from Tamd's grasp.   However, they were defeated by Ilxar Nimphonker. All of the Class of 550. Then, they were captured by a new, joint force of all of the Chiefs.
Murphy S Law by RationallyUpset
However, Orlayas led his own force against this, and gave the Chiefs an ultimatum. Die to his forces and maybe one of them makes it to Salasar, or leave the citizens alone and only fight Salasar together. They agreed to the latter, and Otikul finally let Salasar out to meet them in battle.  

Grand Wizard versus the Chiefs

Ikkul Ravofarn had died before the others reached the Birdcage. Fepar Tilrak had returned and defeated him, but Ikkul had delivered his own fatal wound with the spell Tsar Bomba. The new Chief of Bortan was Nalrik Tilrak, but Nalrik did not join the other Chiefs in battle. All he could do was sit and watch.   Salasar dealt with each of the Chiefs. He allowed Tarthekar Padorim, who wished for equality due to being discriminated against for his Weave Stain, a painless death where Salasar melted off his face so he could live in Heaven or Hell as equal to everyone else. To Yernok, he granted him his sight again before burning him alive for refusing to concede. Kicad Bavul nearly destroyed his own body, prompting Salasar to kill him with his ultimate spell before Kicad died a horrifically painful death. He even allowed Ilxar to die peacefully away from the watching crowd.  
Onkesh Tazwunak by Jarhed
It was only Onkesh Tazwunak who incurred Salasar's wrath. He brought a corpse and used it to attack Salasar. It was not just any corpse, either. It was the corpse of Kilprax Ildial, the first Grand Wizard. Salasar's idol. The man who had inspired Salasar to be the way he was now.   Kilprax was revived by Onkesh's Necromancy. Again, a forbidden art from Evity was spoiling something so beloved to Salasar, like Beastmastery had done to his wife. For much of the time, Kilprax did not acknowledge Salasar, making Salasar even more upset at being called simply "64." So Salasar, after fighting against and talking to Kilprax, was enraged. He had held his ground an impressive amount. Kilprax, to free himself from Onkesh's control now, had to blow his own brains out. But he did not do this until after he gave Salasar some words of acknowledgement.
“You know, Salasar, You’re a fine Grand Wizard.”
— Kilprax Ildial
Salasar pummeled Onkesh Tazwunak's head until there was nothing left. Then the body. He would ensure Onkesh Tazwunak could never be revived. He would not have that luxury, no matter what.  

Crisis Averted

Afterwards, Salasar announced the successors to the Chiefs. Nalrik Tilrak for Bortan, Higar Vixik for Tamd, Vardid Liloryas for Ealla, Coldrid Saxan for Evity, Jargar Eltan for Yirthum, and Sinner for Waire. Much to Salasar's disappointment, Otikul still intended to run Dembar as its Chief, as he was the only Chief to not betray Salasar
Finethir Shinebright by Jarhed
  Salasar wanted to keep the students safe, so he imposed a rule that they could not leave Zephys without his permission. To keep them entertained, Professor Morrik suggested they play Flingo Ball. That idea brought Salasar back to his old classmate Balrus, who he had fought against many times. Balrus had helped invent the sport of Flingo Ball, long before he and Salasar were classmates.   Salasar watched the matches, gladly having Zanni on standby when the students were hurt. It was a bloodsport after all, though gladly no one died. Over the summer, various other things concerning the students happened, with Salasar continuing to train the Weave Initiative.   Salasar was informed by Kin Glorev, who was in truth Caddos Damolnath from a future alternate timeline, about the Other Totania. A timeline where things went wrong. He explained what needed to be done to fix it, and Salasar got to work sending 550 to internships and 549 abroad. 548 and 551, who Salasar had recruited a bit early, were to stay in Zephys and wait for further instruction. They would be safe there.  

Against the Crowning

Salasar Feaphed went around the world, trying to recruit as many World Leaders as he could to unite against the World Court. He knew that the Chief Crisis was spurred on by them, and he knew they would attempt it in other places.   After Monion Prom, Nalrik Tilrak had brought back a letter from Melthrum that explained how the Generals were given offers from the World Court to do the same thing in Dwarven Territory.   Salasar went around to all sorts of place. King Daeric of the Elves refused to listen to Salasar's advice because he said he knew better despite being a tenth of Salasar's age. Gong Fan of the Jihdi did not even allow Salasar an audience. He could not find the Shafaian Zedrel Girnorgo or the Kingdom of Man's Ku Regalcrest. The Zhis of the Celestial Palace did not accept Salasar's offer, but they did at least agree to be a place of refuge and train 13 students if necessary.   Sullore refused to join as well, saying she needed more concrete proof something was happening. During Monion Prom, a coup was attempted on her like in the Chief Crisis, and the Weave Initiative (alongside Gak, Vodron, Nalrik, Sinner, Oraakil, and Silentium) stopped it. She believed she was safe.   The only world leaders that agreed to help were some Dwarves. While King Lorvyn was not available, he delegated it to Prime Minister Krankyl. Krankyl's brother Brankyl was a student in 549 (and boyfriend of Murphy Law) so he was glad to help. Not to mention Melthrum was glad to see Salasar again. They expressed hope that one day, they could get together with Fepar again. Once more being the Mage Trio.  
Remnant of History by Jarhed
Some other Generals were added to Salasar's knew pact, like Rotbrek, Thargrun, and Nysnura. Salasar even recruited a replacement General for the Golden Automatons, Bartharn. They agreed that they would try to recruit the other Generals, but even they were not all actually on Salasar's side.  

Held Captive

Salasar then went to the Key of Beasts to talk to Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners, Remnant of History, and Raasnore Stoutbody. However, Odrukh had been killed by the Devil Chivalry, a member of the Magic College Class of 551. He was the voice of reason, as well.   Remnant however said he did not want Salasar's help. He had two horses in this race, and he wanted to see which one he would side with: The World Court or the Next Generation. Salasar was far beyond those two, and therefore of no interest to Remnant.   Remnant then surrounded Salasar with all of his soldiers to keep him inside. He did not want Salasar to interfere in the Grand Crowning. So Salasar was stuck in the Key of Beasts as the World Court overthrew nearly every government in the world. And as Vornush Wrakris, the Head Priest of Tiamat who had taken the Copy Magic Salasar had happily left for him, took his grand prize: Totania.  



Salasar Feaphed was, for the first portion of his life, Pansexual. He had attraction to people of all sorts, eventually settling down with his wife, Clures Malthyra. He loved her, but when she died, it is said that Salasar became more detached. His love for others turned strictly platonic, and over the next hundred years of his life, he has never loved or been attracted to anyone else, meaning that he now identifies as Asexual. In all ways, Salasar Feaphed is an Ace.   It is said when he was in his younger years, he had a particular thing for hands. Some say this is propaganda, but Salasar will admit that, a long time ago, it was true. Now all it had turned into was a reminiscence whenever he touched a hand again. Nothing sexual, just a trip to the days when he was happy.  
Vornush Wrakris by Jarhed


Salasar Feaphed was created by Bahamut to be a savior, and while he believes that he has failed that goal, he does still believe firmly in his creator, and that Bahamut is the one who can fix the mess that is Totania. He believes that Bahamut's new savior, Hameila Neconkus, is the key to doing what Salasar could not do.  

Physical Condition

Salasar Feaphed's body is in its peak condition, with him being immensely strong. However, many have noted that his reaction time is getting slower and slower as he ages. While he is able to magically enhance his speed, he can only react at such a speed before he does so, and he can only magically enhance himself to be so strong. He is strong, but contrary to what many say, he is not invincible.  


Salasar Feaphed is unbelievably rich, and he makes sure to flex this with his outfit and the jewelry he wears. He gained this money by studying economics and investing it into any funds that he could. While most people don't live long enough to even learn how Hell's Ba'al Street works, Salasar was able to study it and invest in it. By the time he was 100, he was already seeing returns on his investments, which the Devils kindly turned from Souls to Gold.   He also gained money from Bahamut, as Bahamut has plenty of gold lying around his temple just so it doesn't fall into his sister Tiamat's hands, and when Salasar asked for it, Bahamut gladly agreed.  

Social Life

Salasar is a fairly social person, getting along with most people as long as he approaches them with his patented Feaphed Method, which is to approach them like an equal. This gets to be a bit tough when he is speaking to the various Chiefs that he has to command, and why often they do not like him.   He also is not always good at this when he has to discipline students, and that means when he does discipline students, it often makes said students like him less. The good students that don't need to be disciplined often like Salasar better.   Salasar's best friends, Melthrum and Fepar Tilrak, have been his friends for so long because he treated them as equals. They created the Mage Trio together, where not a single one of them was more important than another. This also led to much of Salasar's class becoming friends with him, save for Debauchery. Brar Stidz was friendly, but he was less of a friend than the others were to Salasar.  


Salasar Feaphed has immense skill in many areas, being well studied in nearly every area. He knows every language, every kind of Magic, and has tried every hobby. He would never call himself perfect, and he would never say he is the best in any given subject. He is, in his own words:
"A jack of all trades, but a master of none."
— Salasar Feaphed


Salasar Feaphed is an Ace, meaning that he has access to every single Magical Affinity. He can perform any spell, as long as he has thoroughly studied it. This means that any spell that is on record in some study material, no matter how powerful it is, he can perform it likely better than it was initially meant to be made. He has also created some of his own spells, though only one spell of his own creation is known. His ultimate spell:
  • Power Word Kill- Salasar speaks a word that overflows the body of the target with their mana, as he opens their Weave Portal so wide that it overloads the body and kills them instantly.
  There are a few other minor spells he seems to have created:
  • Card Trick- Using wind magic, Salasar controls a deck of cards to do whatever he wants. Normally used for small card tricks, can also be used to fight.
  • Sucky Smoke Screen- A failed smoke screen, not working on purpose so that it seems he is not as good as he actually is.

Stolen Spells

There are many spells he has used that are just copied from things he has read about. The spells of all kinds of historical figures. Some of these spells, which he has been observed using, are as follows:
  • Light Tongue- A spell that is often used by assassins who are tasked with killing their lovers, the user coats their tongue with Light and can shoot beams from it. Salasar used this to stop a Dark Magic attack inside his mouth.
  • Face Off- A glowing light covers someone's face and melts it off. It is warm, not painful, but a calming way to die.
  • Thunder Barrier- A spell that Salasar learned from his student Kathleen Ramone, used to make a barrier out of Thunder Magic. Salasar used this to block an attack from Kilprax Ildial himself.
  • Ice Blast- A blast of Ice that can freeze anyone.
  • Shatter Sand- Yelling the word "Shatter" turns a body part of the target into sand.
  • Plant Spikes- Spikes made on the ground with plants, perfect for slamming someone's face into!
  • Earth Pillars- A rapid barrage of pillars made of stone.
  • Flamembrace- The user embraces a target, covering their arms in the hottest possible flames to melt them. The spell of eighth Grand Wizard, Medroth Umtic.
  • Lightning Dash- The user rushes forward with Lightning to make themselves faster.
  • Great Wave- A large wave that can pin people to a wall with its force.
  • Healing Flame- A warm flame that heals anything it touches.
  • Fly- A traditional Wind Magic spell, Fly lifts the user through the air and allows them to move freely while suspended, and even raise or lower themselves. Salasar uses it to fly at intensely high speeds.
  • Mana Skin- Mana Skin is a spell where one coats themselves in Magic, letting their mana leak out and surround them, to prevent spells from hitting them. Salasar only uses this when he is testing out the potency of applicants to the Magic College, testing how good their spells are against his Mana Skin.


Salasar Feaphed knows Ancient Draconic, meaning that he can speak spell names in the old language of Dragons and make them more potent. Even his speech alone is powerful.  

Weave Connections

Salasar's greatest weakness, however, is his mana reserves. Without being able to access the Weave and Weave Anchors, he has incredibly low mana. With no Weave, he would be able to do one large spell and then would be forced to retreat, recharge, and return the next day. It is only with the help of the Weave that Salasar Feaphed has seemingly unlimited mana. If that were to be cut off, he would have one single spell left. That is all.
The Class of 500 by Jarhed

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