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Mana Skin

Mana Skin is a magical shield that can be produced by utilizing the natural flow of one's mana to protect oneself.  


Mana Skin is created more naturally than any other spell, as it utilizes the natural flow of mana. All mages are naturally leaking mana from their bodies at all times, which is wasting the mana that they are able to use within a day.   It is difficult to utilize this mana, but it can be done by people at a higher understanding of their Magic. If they understand their basic affinity much (Flames, Water, Ice, Earth, Air, Lightning, Light, Dark) then they can begin to use even uncontrollable parts like the leaking mana. This requires heavy study, but also constant use of one's magic. One can read all they want, but actually doing spells is just as important.
Timar Forestarm by Jarhed
It is then that one can learn to make Mana Skin, by controlling this mana that leaks out. It is ones own mana, so it still shares the property of the rest of the mana, but as it is not being paid attention to, it is fading away once it leaves the body and simply disappearing. If one were to control it, they could give it the full properties of their magic.  
Vodron Susk by Jarhed
These are the various Mana Skins for each affinity:
  • Wind- A blanket of air that surrounds the user, Wind magic is believed to be the best affinity for Mana Skin, as it is fully invisible and the Wind can be used to not just block, but repel incoming attacks by blowing them back.
  • Lightning- Sparks of lightning that surround someone, these can block attacks and similarly electrocute anything that touches it. Can be deadly against some attacks, and is incredibly effective against all others.
  • Earth- Depending on Control of Rocks or Control of Plants, these either surrounds the user with small clumps of dirt or rocks, or with small branches or vines. These do not do anything back to attacks, but are more effective at blocking attacks.
  • Fire- Surrounds the user in a shroud of flames, these flames could be any color. They could also be less visible, simply punching a wall of small, interlocked flames, or it could wrap the user in a large flame.
  • Water- A shield of water that can put out most attacks, it is incredibly effective on every type of Magic.
  • Ice- A more rigid shield, Ice Mana Skin is more difficult to move in. That being said, anything that hits it freezes.
  • Light- A cloak of light that can do one of two things: either make someone invisible by shifting the light particles around them, or blind opponents by making an intensely bright light.
  • Dark- A cloak of darkness which can be used both as a Mana Skin shield and as a cloak to hide in the darkness.
  An Ace can learn Mana Skin at a much slower rate. Due to the fact that one must understand every facet of their affinity, Aces must fully understand every single affinity before they can perform a Mana Skin. Then and only then, once they understand every affinity, can they perform Mana Skin for a singular affinity. This is often so long of a process that Aces do not bother, as it takes up too much of their life.   One can also do Mana Skin with Impossible Magics, as well as some forms of Item Magic. The ones you can do Mana Skin with are:
  • Shield Magic
  • Beast Magic
  • Soul Magic
  • Poison Magic
  • Structure Magic
  • Luck Magic
  • Art Magic
  • Food Magic
  • Curse Magic
  • Dream Magic
  • Mind Magic
  • Shadow Magic
  When Mana Skin leaks out, it can be even further controlled if spread around someone so that anyone who crosses into it feels immense, solidified pressure that can pin them to the ground because of how overwhelming Mana Skin can feel.  


Those who can use Mana Skin are on the upper echelons of all fighters. Mana Skin is a sign of a capable mage with a confident understanding of their magic. These are the known users of Mana Skin:  
Kicad Bavul by Jarhed
  • Timar Forestarm- King of Nerodil, Timar's Mana Skin is said to be unmatched by any other user in the world.
  • Kicad Bavul- Former Chief of Yirthum, Kicad was quite open about his usage of Mana Skin.
  • Ikkul Ravofarn- Former Chief of Bortan, Ikkul would often deny that he used Mana Skin. He used it still.
  • Tarthekar Padorim- Former Chief of Ealla, it was actually Mana Skin that was Tarthekar's undoing, as it was not strong enough to prevent him from being punched by Salasar Feaphed, and then his face was burned off.
  • Onkesh Tazwunak- Former Chief of Evity, Onkesh believed Mana Skin to be cheating. He learned it purely so he could show people that he could do it, and then would immediately turn it off.
  • Ilxar Nimphonker- Former Chief of Tamd, Ilxar Nimphonker learned of Mana Skin, but died before he could master it.
  • Vodron Susk- Court Wizard of Nerodil, Vodron Susk was taught Mana Skin by both Kicad Bavul and Timar Forestarm. Alongside his Luck Magic, this made him nearly unhittable.
  • Finethir Shinebright- A Half-Elven boy who learned Mana Skin from Kicad, he is unaware that his spell Isolating Light is actually a form of Mana Skin.
  • Jargar Eltan- Chief of Yirthum, Jargar was taught Mana Skin by Kicad Bavul during the Chief Crisis.
  • Kamil Gilrel- An Elven noble, Kamil was also taught Mana Skin by Kicad Bavul.
  • Kruxis- A disgraced Elven noble, Kruxis was also taught Mana Skin by Kicad Bavul.
  • Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
  • Coldrid Saxan- Chief of Evity, Coldrid was taught Mana Skin by Onkesh Tazwunak. Onkesh hated Mana Skin, but he knew Ikkul Ravofarn would hate it if his son could use it, so he taught it to him anyway.
  • Yethtith Nysythea- Raised by Timar Forestarm, Yethtith Nysythea has been trying for most of her life to learn Mana Skin, and only did so after being put through immense torture at her internship.
  • Kaltoth Vracrath- Kaltoth was taught Mana Skin by Yethtith Nysythea, who hoped it would help them break from their chains.
  • Fepar Tilrak- Former Chief of Bortan, Fepar was part of the Mage Trio, who studied Mana Skin together. He also taught it to Ikkul Ravofarn.
  • Salasar Feaphed- The 64th Grand Wizard, Salasar was part of the Mage Trio who has been working towards passing down the technique.
  • Melthrum- Dwarven General of the Orange Phoenixes, Melthrum was part of the Mage Trio. He teaches a basic form of it to new recruits of his Squad hoping to foster the next generation.
  • Harbek- General of the Golden Automatons, Harbek spied on Melthrum teaching it to his soldiers.
  • Peargrim- General of the Yellow Hornets, Peargrim also spied on Melthrum teaching it to his soldiers.
  • Grammir- General of the Violet Vipers, Grammir paid Ilxar to teach him Mana Skin.
  • Conviction- A Devil who was well versed in techniques of Magic, Conviction taught this as a Magic Theory Professor.
  • Schmeelon Cunkuck- Owner of Vreslo, Scheemlon learned a bit of it from Conviction, and the rest from Grammir.
  • Vornush Wrakris- The Copy Mage, and Head Priest of the Temple of Helle, Wrakris copied this ability.

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