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Created by a small coalition of Gods, who each worked tirelessly to create the magnificent world named Totania. It was then populated by many races, from Elves, Humans, Orcs, and Dwarves, to Dragonborn, Tortles, Yuan-Ti, Lizardfolk, and Kenku. Peace is a word that is not known by most Totanian races. While the legislative body known as The World Court always attempts to keep it, they cannot stop the world from rolling ever closer to the flames of war. The power balance between the Three Major Races often shifts, and with it the tides of war do as well. The world of Totania is held in balance by the Magic from the Weave, a dimension formed entirely by mana. Mages able to use this magic often distinguish themselves, and influence world events. From basic elemental Magic, Impossible Magic, Item magic, Stands, and the powers of the Divine Trifecta, the magic used by Totanian mages can be incredibly powerful, and incredibly strange. Among these great Magic powers, the Grand Wizard, head of the Dragonborn Magic College, is known to stand apart from the other magic users. With so much variation in the world, you are unlikely to find two people in the world of Totania to be the same. Motivations, desires, powers, relationships, all of these are influenced by the world that stands around the people of this world.
But there is nothing more important in Totania than that:
The People