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Dwarven General

Dwarven Generals are the military heads of the Dwarven Army, each one leading one of the different Dwarven Squads.  


Dwarven Generals have various responsibilities that a normal soldier would not have. They deal with the paperwork and tactics required to keep the squads functioning and thriving even in wartime. If they do not get these done in time, they are often considered for demotion. It is a large part of Dwarven culture to follow one's responsibilities, and those that do not are not believed to be fit to have any.   They also are the ones that lead the army in all training, battles, and even daily life. All soldiers in a squad look up to their Generals as models of what their behavior should be. In battle, they lead their forces often by standing at the front of their forces. In training, they do everything with their men. In daily life, many will spend days simply being around their squadmates and getting to know them.
Melthrum by Jarhed

Political Role

Generals must also consult with the King and Prime Minister about their plans. They are not only military figures but also hold an important place in Dwarven politics. Their opinion of who should be voted as Prime Minister (and King candidate) is often a hotly contested subject when election season rolls around.   Generals are asked to write columns about their opinions, even outside of election season. Each squad has their own newspapers which give news on the happenings around their territories, and also feature the opinion columns of each of their respective Generals.   The newspapers are as follows for each General and their respective squad:
  • Getting Into the Nuts and Bolts- The Golden Automaton Newspaper, which often shows off new weapons or armor created by both squad members and people that send in their own creations.
  • News from the Forge- The Silver Angels Newspaper, reporting on events that happen in Ironforge.
  • Magic Today- The Orange Phoenix Newspaper, keeping people up to date on magical findings and also featuring weekly magic lessons.
  • Southern Update- The Red Dragons Newspaper, informing people of the latest Draconian politics.
  • Forest Dispatch- The Green Ghost Newspaper, which features new findings from the Elven Forest each week.
  • Wolf Mail- The White Wolves Newspaper, a monthly publication rather than a weekly one due to the difficulties they have leaving the snowy regions they reside in. It is often filled with conspiracy theories.
  • Wine and Dine- The Violet Vipers Newspaper, known for featuring gourmet recipes and restaurant recommendations, as well as scathing critiques of newly published novels and art pieces.
  • Cave Bulletin- The Blue Devil Newspaper, this is the shortest one most weeks as their lands are not very newsworthy. In recent times, they have begun publishing mostly crossword puzzles and comic strips.
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH- The Black Boar Newspaper, often just incomprehensible scribbles on a piece of paper, alongside sometimes interesting news about Central Dwarven territory written by guest columnists.
  Politicians in the regions controlled by squads often look to the Generals for advice on how to run for election, or even just how to run their towns or cities. The Generals happily help with this, for the most part, and are looked up to as wise Dwarves who know more than those around them. This is... not always true, but they take whatever praise they can get.   That is not to say they get little praise. Monuments are normally made for most Dwarven Generals, as they are idolized by the Dwarves that are protected by them. They try not to give into the celebrity culture too much, as it is shunned by upper-class Dwarves who dislike the Human influence that has created celebrity culture. Still, Dwarven Generals do parades with their squads on regular, sometimes even monthly, schedules. This keeps them fresh in the minds of the public as the Dwarven Heroes of the modern age, which is a term often used to refer to Generals.

Dwarven Squads

The Dwarven Squads are divisions of the Dwarven military with different purposes. They are as follows:  

The Golden Automatons

The Golden Automatons are the forge-makers of the Dwarven army, making weapons, armor, and even on occasion new inventions to assist the Dwarven army.  

The Silver Angels

The Silver Angels are the police of the Dwarven capital of Ironforge, patrolling the streets and keeping the peace. They are also technically one of the only squads not only commanded by their General, as they take direct orders from the King.  

The Orange Phoenixes

The Orange Phoenixes are the mage squad of the Dwarves, who are known to study magic and use it more freely than the other squads. They help make Dwarves more comfortable with regular use of magic.  

The Red Dragons

The Red Dragons are the guards of the Southern Border of Dwarven territory and often clash with the Draconians of Bortan.  

The Green Ghosts

The Green Ghosts are the guards of the Eastern Border of Dwarven territory and have a feud with the Elves. They are strict on not allowing border crosses.  

The White Wolves

The White Wolves are the guards of the Northern Border of Dwarven territory, where they live in the snowy climate and guard the temple of their God Hadur.  

The Violet Vipers

The Violet Vipers are the guards of the Western Border of Dwarven territory, and live lavish lifestyles while being bodyguards to some influential Dwarves.  

The Blue Devils

The Blue Devils guard the caves of the Dark Elves, keeping the Dark Elves and anything else in the caves from escaping into Dwarven territory.  

The Black Boars

The Black Boars are the squad that is often kept away from the public. Their generals are often the subject of genetic alteration to become superweapons, and their forces are either rejects of the program, successful but weaker experiments, or soldiers who were not deemed fit for any other squad. They make up the frontline of the Dwarven army in wartime.


Becoming a General is not an easy task. One must go through a long service in the Dwarven military (no specific length has been determined, it is believed to just be whatever is determined as "enough"). During this time, they must complete various tasks that qualify them for promotion to the position of Dwarven General.   First are tasks related to strength. They must prove their strength against others during training, ranking in the top 5% of their squads during competitions. In war, they must also prove strong enough to not only survive but save some of their men in battle. Finally, they must lift a large ceremonial Dwarven hammer known as the Hammer of Hadur, and carry it from the lowest point in Dwarven Territory (a valley near Ironforge) up the mountain into the city, and toss it into the volcano. After this, Orange Phoenixes are forced to go in and get it out.   Next are tasks related to leadership. Taking up minor leadership roles in their squad is a good way to be noticed, and thriving in those positions gets them noticed by current Generals. These Generals can then submit these soldiers as candidates for the next Dwarven General.   When candidates are picked, the Generals will often take a month out of the year to weed out the ones truly fit for the position, and they are then tested in various trials that keep them on their toes. Then, they are placed as the second in command of their squad and take command if the General dies or retires. It is a strenuous process, and very few make it through even if they do pass. When they get the position, they hold it until death or retirement, though some can be dishonorably discharged in extreme scenarios  

Current Generals

There are currently a full line-up of all ten Generals, each with famed achievements. They are as follows:
Grammir by Jarhed
  • Harbek- General of the Golden Automatons, Harbek is considered the greatest craftsman alive, and crafts exquisite weapons including armor for the Mutated Jinn Ogonn that allows him to fight in their squad.
  • Rotbrek- General of the Silver Angels, Rotbrek is a strict and ruthless lawman who does not accept any breaking of the law and is known for extreme measures. He was hospitalized after his squad was killed in early 547.
  • Melthrum- General of the Orange Phoenixes, and one of the most famous mages alive, Melthrum graduated alongside famed outlaw Fepar Tilrak and current Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed as a part of their Mage Trio, and has risen to just as much prominence as those two on the world stage.
  • Bromdrus- General of the Red Dragons, Bromdrus is known for his mesmerizing skill in combat with two swords, and for clashing with various powerful figures.
  • Thargrun- General of the Green Ghosts, Thargrun is known to be a staunch nationalist that does not allow for people to enter the borders. He is also known to wield a terrifying enchanted weapon known as the Beast Blade, which is a sword grafted with the qualities of a ravenous monster, and eats the people that are killed by it.
  • Melmin- General of the White Wolves, Melmin is a reserved man with less accomplishments to his name. His major claim to fame was stopping an assassination on the King by freezing the entire radius around the King. Numerous casualties ensued, but the King was saved and Melmin became a General Candidate.
  • Grammir- General of the Violet Vipers, Grammir was famous for his Hjiffnz E Ceremony, and rose to more prominence as the foremost Alchemist in the world.
  • Nysnura- General of the Blue Devils, Nysnura is the only female General, who is known to enjoy games like Flingo Ball, being a famous player of the sport before joining the military.
  • Kramdrus- General of the Black Boars, Kramdrus is a monstrous hulking man who was the result of various unethical experiments to create the perfect soldier.

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