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Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners

Odruk The Cold

Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners was the Crocution leader of the Jaded Executioners tribe of Crocutions, as well as the Crocution representative in the Beastman Triumvirate.  


Odrukh was born as part of the Jaded Executioners tribe. This meant he was raised to be a member of the law enforcement of the Crocutions, who would hunt and kill anyone who broke the laws.   The Crocution laws were relatively basic ones, not simple rules that would warrant jailtime. They were all offenses punishable by death. Theft of major private property, unlawful killing outside of combat, and worst of all, use of magic. These were the laws Odrukh was raised to uphold.  

Ineptitude and Promise

Odrukh found himself lagging behind on sword skills. While other Crocution swordsmen were proficient in the stabby, powerful sword attacks that were needed to fight on equal footing with Orcs and Minotaurs, Odrukh was not good at that.   What he was good at, though, was the fast fighting that was often attributed to the Felids of his island, the Key of Beasts. Of course, he couldn't exactly go and train with the Felids, as they were not allies of the Crocutions.   This did not stop Odrukh from attempting to meet them anyway. It was not a law he had been raised on to always attack Felids, that was only something that happened in war. So he approached a Felid tribe in hopes that they would train him.   Odrukh received his first battle scar that day, as the Felid took out his eye and nearly cut off his arm. It was there that he learned the limits of the law. It was there that Odrukh found that the law was only a guideline. That even outside of those rules, there were other guidelines the Crocutions needed to follow. Guidelines he needed to enforce. People who would be a threat no matter what  
"The laws alone will not save someone. There are those that will break the law, that will endanger our people. Those are people that may not be up for death, but must die. And I am the one who must carry that out. I am, for better or worse, the Jaded Executioner."
— Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners
  Yet he managed to kill some of them as well, taking their weapon and fighting back. Then, with his speed, he was able to run away and return home.   Hearing his story, the leader of the Jaded Executioners saw promise in the young Odrukh. He told Odrukh that he had an idea for how Odrukh could train.   There was no Crocution who could train a speedy fighter, but there was someone else. An expert fighter who worked with speed, and with a weapon that Odrukh, too, could learn.

The Beastman Triumvirate

The Beastman Triumvirate is an alliance of the three major Beastmen races of the Key of Beasts, an island to the South of Udai.   This alliance is led by those three races, the Crocutions, the Minotaur, and the Felids. However, it does include other races under its protection, for example Satyrs and Centaurs. It is meant to protect its people from Tyrant and any other powerful opposing force.   The three leaders of this Triumvirate are:
  • Remnant of History- The Felid Time Mage who leads his people through strife
  • Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners- The greatest Crocution warrior, who is out to stop anyone who would oppose the Triumvirate to protect his people.
  • Raasnore Stoutbody- The Minotaur Herd Leader, Raasnore is looking to not interfere in world politics and hopes the others can protect his people.
Year of Birth
512 ME 48 Years old

Miyake Miyako

Miyake Miyako was a renowned Kamejin swordswoman. She was known across the world for being the "Night Child" and "Fastest Blade in the East." That second title was a formality, as the people of the West did not want to admit that she was faster than them. In reality, she was likely the fastest in the world.  
Miyake Miyako by Jarhed
Miyake Miyako had met the Crocutions in battle before, and had defeated them. She was sent by Emperor Hatanaka Tamotsu to test the strength of the Crocutions and their fellow island residents. Miyako was only impressed by the Crocutions, specifically the Jaded Executioners, and said they could ask for her help in the future if they absolutely needed it.   Odrukh went to the Abral Empire to meet Miyako. He looked forward to learning from such a skilled teacher, who fought the way he wanted to fight. However, Miyako was unimpressed by Odrukh, and refused to train him.   Instead, she made Odrukh go through various menial tasks to have some worth. She said she knew he didn't have the money to get a ship back home, so he could do something while he's here.   After some time, she asked if he was ready. Then, she put him through grueling trials that lasted months on end. Yet Odrukh, after working there for so long, had been prepared. He aced the trials, and was finally allowed to train under Miyako.  


Miyako taught Odrukh everything she knew about combat. Her skill with a katana, how to dodge any attack physical or magical, and most importantly the strengths and weaknesses of a mage. Then, she sent Odrukh out to retrieve something. A special katana for him to use.   It was only after he found it that Odrukh realized what it was. A magical blade, known as a Ken no Yoso, which could create ice to aid in battle. Odrukh did not like this, as he knew mages were against the law and were his enemies. However, he reasoned that to kill a mage, he would need to use magic. And it wasn't him using magic, it was the sword. He would simply fight magic with magic.  

The Return

After some more training, Miyako said Odrukh was done with her training. She wanted to be alone, and told Odrukh to leave her island and go home. Odrukh thanked Miyako and boarded a boat, where he set out to leave. Miyako gave him one message as he left, saying that he should be a little more relaxed towards mages. Not all of them were evil and intent on destroying society.   Odrukh ignored this.   As he returned to the Key of Beasts, Odrukh found that a conundrum had been created. A clownish Crocution named Kriplop, who had magic, had found himself amidst a group known as the Abandoned Monsters. Odrukh watched them and saw their leader, Arthurk, trying to hold all of them back from using magic.   Odrukh immediately apprehended them, ready to kill them on the spot. But the leader of the Jaded Executioners stopped him.  
"I would have given up everything to kill the Abandoned Monsters that day. Their existence alone is a threat to our society, nay, or world. If they live... you will see the error of your ways."
— Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners
  Odrukh was assigned as the executioner of the Abandoned Monsters. Odrukh believe each of them to be a threat, except for Arthurk. Arthurk was not a mage, he was candidate to take over as a Tribe Leader. Why had he protected these mage criminals?   Arthurk would not be executed that day. Odrukh would be sure of that.  

The Execution

However, Arthurk knew Crocution law, almost as well as Odrukh did. And he knew there was a fate equal to death for Crocution warriors. They are not mages, but physical combatants, and as a future Tribe Leader of the Grimacing Warlords, Arthurk was among the best warriors. So he proposed that if the Abandoned Monsters would live, he would take the path of Warrior Death.   Odrukh tried to protest this. They could not let criminals go free for that. But the Leader of the Jaded Executioners agreed to the deal. Just the idea was price enough, but he said they would carry through Arthurk's Warrior Death.  
Arthurk by Jarhed
Warrior Death is not the end of life entirely, but the end of life as a warrior. It is the cutting off of the arms, so that one may never be a warrior again. So that one may never commit a crime again, nor do a great deed. So that one would be condemned to the worst death in Crocution society: a calm life.   Odrukh still carried this out, and in that moment he knew. The magic using Abandoned Monsters were not his enemy. No... his enemy was Arthurk. A strong warrior, a once future leader, and a man who went through anything to protect mages. This was the enemy of Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners... and now he had nothing to defend himself.   Odrukh followed the Abandoned Monsters as they fled the Key of Beasts, even trying to attack them before they got to the sea. However, his Tribe Leader again stopped Odrukh, saying Arthurk had not broken the law, and that Odrukh was the one breaking the law.  


Odrukh found himself disillusioned. What would he do if society would punish him for enforcing the law, even if it was going beyond its exact reaches? They were criminals, they were dangerous, and they could cause trouble outside of the Key of Beasts. They needed to be taken care of.   Odrukh swore that he would take them out, but for a long time, his Tribe Leader refused to allow Ordrukh to leave the island.   This would, however, change. As the year 544 rolled around, and a force of people came to the island. An Anuran named b'Ran came with what he called a "test." With him were nearly a hundred robotic creatures, which he called World Forged. He said that he had been sent by someone to test these, and was told that the barbaric people of the Key of Beasts would be the perfect targets.  

The Battle for the Key

This was a first in history. The Orcs had fought against the residents of the Key of Beasts before, but often one race on the island would ignore the call to action. Not this time. This time, all of them united against the robots of the World Court.   Odrukh wondered why these personifications of law would attack him and his people, and he realized the answer. His Tribe Leader. He had held them back from being true followers and enforcers of the law.   In the midst of the confusion of battle, Odrukh approached his Tribe Leader and fought alongside him. When the World Forged shot their lasers at Odrukh, Odrukh was fast enough to dodge. But the large and bulky Tribe Leader was not, and each laser Odrukh dodged hit him.
Odrukh then allowed one World Forged to shoot the Tribe Leader in the face, and as the laser faded, Odrukh was there. Quickly, he stabbed his sword into the Tribe Leader. He cut off both of the Tribe Leader's arms and left him there on the battlefield to die to the World Forged.  
Remnant of History by Jarhed


Odrukh found himself uniting the remnants of the Crocutions for the rest of the battle. Then, the World Forged simply retreated back to their boat with b'Ran, and left the Key of Beasts.   The two leaders of the other main two races there, Remnant of History the Felid and Raasnore Stoutbody the Minotaur, approached Odrukh with an offer. An alliance where the three of them would protect each other. Odrukh was not sure about opposing the law. He had spent his whole life defending the law. Was the law wrong? Was the World Court always meant to be against him?   No, this was not it. Odrukh knew now what the truth was. The law was corrupted by false testimony, someone had told them of Odrukh. And Odrukh had a feeling he knew who it was. The one man who knew the law as well as himself. Odrukh knew that Arthurk had set him up. Arthurk was the one who had sold them out to the World Court. Arthurk would pay.  

Revisiting the Abrals

Odrukh had revisited Miyako once before then. It was here that he met the man known as Vodron Susk, his replacement student.   Vodron was a Human, which had immediately made Odrukh question Miyako's choice in student. However, Vodron did not seem like much. He was lazy, dirty, and always eating onions. Vodron Susk was hardly anyone of note.   Yet Odrukh worried about Vodron. The unassuming front was something that he had seen in many mages in the past. He questioned Vodron, trying to see if he was actually a mage. Vodron's carefree attitude and clear disdain for mages made Odrukh doubt it. In Vodron, Odrukh saw a kind of ally. He wasn't sure why exactly.  
Vodron Susk by Jarhed

The Good Word

Odrukh had been leading the Beastman Triumvirate with Remnant of History and Raasnore Stoutbody for seven years when he received news. Ummum of the Abandoned Monsters, their leader after Arthurk had lost his arms, was dead. Killed in a war known as the Chief Crisis, where Draconian Chiefs were vying for the position of Grand Wizard.   Odrukh read further, curious who could have killed this thorn in Odrukh's side. He was shocked to find none other than Vodron Susk. The Luck Mage... Odrukh felt betrayed. Vodron was a mage. But Odrukh justified it by saying that it was Item Magic, magic that came from an item. No different than Odrukh's Ken no Yoso.   But now, Odrukh knew where the Abandoned Monsters were. He could hunt them. And he could take out the World Court's Dog, Arthurk.  

The Hunt Begins Again

Odrukh did not take any forces with him. They needed to stay behind on the Key of Beasts, protect the people and help the Triumvirate. This was not a job for an army. This was personal.   Odrukh headed off to Zephys, the capital of the Draconians. This was the city of magic, and he absolutely hated it. Immediately, he saw mages everywhere. He could tell they were mages by their smell, he could smell mana on them. In another life, perhaps, this could have had a better purpose.   To Odrukh, however, there was no better purpose. He was hunting mages. That was all he needed to do.  

The Magic College

First, before he found the Abandoned Monsters, he wanted to check out this Magic College place. It was the center of all magic study in Totania, and therefore a place that Odrukh was incredibly disgusted and curious towards.   He found that very few students remained there, all going on trips or internships. There was one class there entirely, the first years. He saw people like Seitts Vudronze, the Shafaian lumberjack, and Chivalry the Nice Guy Tiefling. All pathetic excuses for mages, and mages were pathetic excuses for people, so what were they in terms of people? To Odrukh... nothing.  
Chivalry by genuinetrickster
Odrukh found the Abandoned Monsters not long after. A rundown building in Lower Zephys, where people talked often about them. A group of ragtag Crocutions was a story to be told, after all.   And Odrukh found that they had someone to protect them. One of these mages, Chivalry. A Devil and a mage that was standing in Odrukh's way. Odrukh intended to show him just how out of his depth Chivalry was.   Odrukh walked the streets looking for someone to make an example of, and he found Chivalry's classmate Seitts Vudronze. Seitts immediately understood the danger of Odrukh, but stood no chance against him. Odrukh killed her, and when Chivalry did not give up, Odrukh found a group that worshipped a prominent mage of the area. Someone named Nalrik Tilrak.   Odrukh killed those worshippers as well. Magic was to be feared, to be exterminated. Never to be worshipped. He also killed the teacher who was meant to help them get stronger. As he had gone through this Magic College, he found that the one teaching them was none other than a Crocution named Marmash Icor. A Crocution raised by Draconians to use magic. A Crocution who not only had abandoned the way of the Crocutions, but had forsaken it for the most cursed thing of all. Magic.   Yet Chivalry continued defending the Abandoned Monsters, even gaining some allies in the Mishan Boris Nesti, the Dark Elf Mizre Khaleen, and the Fenn Janusz Lisi. Together, they swore to defend the Abandoned Monsters and stop whoever it was that was after them.  

The Battle of the Dorm

Odrukh found that they made it all too easy for him. They put the Abandoned Monsters in the Magic College, where he was able to freely access them. So one day, during class, he did so. He killed two of them, Darmak and Ilbork, and as he was getting to Kriplop and Arthurk, Chivalry arrived.   Chivalry said he would fight Odrukh, and Odrukh took the challenge. It was rare to get a good fight, and he knew that if anyone could give him one, it would be a mage. But he also knew Chivalry was nothing compared to him.   His confidence wavered when he saw that Chivalry, too, wielded a katana. He wondered if Miyako had trained Chivalry too, but from his technique, or lack thereof, it was clear he was untrained.   Mizre Khaleen, Boris Nesti, and Janusz Lisi arrived to help Odrukh, but Odrukh was still holding them off. However, Chivalry got a good slash on him after some smaller attacks from the others. Odrukh had to admit, they had impressed him, especially the Devil known as Chivalry. But he was ready to kill them now, and they were all weakened.  
Fortuna by Jarhed
That was the moment when the Devil Perfection and the Satyr Halfer Ravengrove stepped in. Perfection was an immensely powerful Devil, and Halfer the Head Priest of the Goddess Fortuna. Odrukh now had a real challenge, which he readily faced.   A challenge that would result in his death.   Torn apart by the portals of Chivalry, Odrukh died in the Northern Islands, his end damning the Class of 551 to be targeted by the World Court, and for Perfection to see that the class was a threat that needed to be killed for him to achieve perfection.   Odrukh was mourned by his people, and in his absence, Remnant of History took over the Beastman Triumvirate. His remains were never found.  



There is much mystery behind Odrukh, but the greatest one is why he does not simply submit to the World Court. If he is truly a man of law, he could surely explain himself. Either he believes they would not listen, or he does not actually believe in the real law anymore. No one knows the truth.  


Odrukh spends many nights on the town, dealing with women of all of the races of the Beastman Triumvirate. It is believed he has many young pups waiting for him at home, but even he does not know how many are actually his. He forgets the women he was with quite easily, and does not fact check whether he slept with them or not.  


Odrukh follows the philosophy of Leigong, the God of Battle and Strength. Leigong preaches that strength should only be saved for when it is needed.   Odrukh has never visited the Temple, which lies deep within Jihdi lands. However, he relates to the word, and follows the religion from a distance.  
Leigong wielding Yùzhào by Jarhed
He has expressed interest, to close confidants, that he wishes to travel there one day. He wishes to hear the Word of a God, a true God that he belives speaks truly. He thinks Leigong is that God.  


Odrukh is fairly wealthy for a Crocution. He does not get paid, and Crocutions do not have much resources, nor do they trade much.   However, he does have some fancy armor crafted by Kamejin, as well as two fine katanas.
The first is Chogi, the Ice Ken no Yoso. One of the strongest and most powerful elemental blades in the world.
The second is Zantetsuken, a sword that is believed to have such a fine edge that it could cut through steel in a single swipe.  

Social Life

Odrukh is a social person, partying on his down time. He does not take anything lying down, and when someone does him wrong, he makes them pay.   For this, not many people consider Odrukh their friend despite him wanting people to fight with him. It is, perhaps, for this reason that Odrukh fights alone. He does not want to risk the lives of anyone who is not his friend nor his enemy.  


Odrukh is a pure physical combatant. He fights with his two katanas and his own strength. However, the katana Chogi does have some special power to it.  


The Ice blade, Chogi can create ice around it in a 10 foot radius to the user. Due to this, it can shoot ice out of it, can make ice to elongate the blade and stab more, and can even freeze anything in that radius. It is an incredibly strong blade, considered one of the stronger of the Ken no Yoso, which are themselves the strongest set of blades known of.

Cover image: by Free-Photos
Character Portrait image: Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners by andreaspsillos4


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