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Monion Prom

Goblin Society's Number 1 Gathering

Monion Prom is a festival held by Goblins in honor of the nine heroic Monion, Goblin heroes who killed a Grand Wizard as well as the evil Goblin Lord Sliq Monion.  

A Gathering of Goblins

Once a year, in the Summer at the height of Goblin Season, Goblins will take a break from their outdoor festivities. Even Goblins, who thrive in the heat, could use some time back in the cool caves they normally live in.   So on the 15th day of the Month of Gifts, Goblins will ask a date to the Monion Prom in Votarra Den. These dates do not have to be Goblins, and outsiders are encouraged to come and celebrate. Dancing is, of course, the main draw of the Prom, but it is not all the festival has to offer.
Here, they not only enjoy a celebration of Goblinkind, their achievements, and freedom from Sliq Monion, but they also honor each of the Monions with different festivities. With each of these things done in honor of the Monions, the winner of each contest earns the title of that year's Monion (whichever one they won the contest of).  

The Biggz Strength Contest
Biggz by andreaspsillos4

First, in honor of the largest Monion, who wielded Strength Magic, there is a contest of strength held at the edge of the cave, which faces East towards the Elven Forest. Large rocks are attached to chains, and contestants who want to earn the title of that year's Biggz must toss them as far East as they can.   The rocks are thrown East for Biggz, the most loyal and obedient of the Monions. When given orders by Sliq, he was told to go East, and then dedicated his life to going East. Any time he was forced to go a direction other than East, he was put into a depressive stupor that would only be saved when he went East again. Biggz then traveled East after killing Sliq, and died at the Eastern Coast, fulfilling his duty. For this, everything in honor of Biggz is done towards the East.   The reward for this is a membership to the top Goblin Gym, Get Biggzer, as well as a lifetime supply of protein shakes.  

The Prixx Animal Games
Prixx by AnthraxSurprise

Prixx was the Monion who wielded Beast Magic. Despite being able to make the animals, he was never able to tame them, and the animals he made would always attack him.   For this, the Prixx Animal Games are split into two sections. One, called Prixxmon (Prixx Monsters) is for animal tamers, who must tame animals before arriving and battle them against other animal tamers. The Animal Tamer who wins in the end is then put up against their final opponent.   This opponent is the winner of the PAW (Prixx Animal Wrestling) part of this competition. These are people who are put up against animals and must defeat them in a fight. The winner who beats the most animals then fights the animals of the Prixxmon winner. The one who wins both of these is given the title of the Prixx of that year.   The reward for this is the choice of a number of pets that were tamed before by a Beast Master. These are often large beasts and are highly sought after.  

Goof's Shadow Puppet Show
Goof by RovaRed

Next is Goof, the user of Shadow Magic. As he often used it to converse with his shadow and create things with it, as well as to puppet others around him, this all converges in the event that is used to honor him.   The contestants who decide to join Goof's Shadow Puppet Show have two hours to create an idea for a creative and unique shadow puppet performance that knocks the socks off of the judge (who is normally the matriarch of the Goblins at the time).   Fire mages are often put at an advantage over others, as they have more control over what shadows look like than, say, an Ice mage. Despite this, there are no rules against using magic. The Goblins normally find cheating and gaining unfair advantages to be amusing and entertaining, so it is encouraged rather than frowned upon.   The reward for this is a piece of paper that can make a map of any area the user finds themselves in. A simple enchantment that Goblins have a monopoly over.  

Meff Krax by genuinetrickster
Meff Krax's Egg Hunt

The tone of the events shifts for Meff Krax, who had Mind Magic. This allowed him to search through people's brains and see anything in them. What he was known for more, though, was his terrible addiction to drugs. This often led him on trips to look for money for drugs, or just for drugs in general.   The organizers of the festivities did not want to expose their children to drugs, so this was changed to allow for more family-friendly activities. Instead, some eggs are scattered around the cave, and contestants must find them. While it was originally designed for children, adults still partake, often to win an easy title.   However, a duplicate of Meff existed, so any adult that steals the victory from a child is instead awarded the title of Fake Meff Krax, while the child who finds the most eggs is Meff Krax. The reward is simply the eggs and the candy and toys inside.  

Kash's Candy Stall
Kash by Yumedatchi

Similar to Meff's Egg Hunt, Kash's event was toned down as well. Kash, who wielded the self-explanatory Poison Magic, was a prolific member of the Totanian underground as a drug dealer, and likely the richest Goblin in history.   For this, entrants must make candy (or really any food) and create a food stall. Then, they must outsell their competitors and get the most gold. Some people make more food for less money, some sell less food but make it better quality and cost more. Whoever ends up with the most money, in the end, is Kash.   This challenge is cutthroat, as to honor the legacy of the greatest Drug Dealer in Totania, and the reward for winning is not just the title but also all of the gold you and the losers make.  

Lucky's Party

A game of luck and dice rolls, Lucky's contest consists of a game that suits his name and Luck Magic. A portion of the cave is set up as a gameboard, and the players must roll dice to move. Making it to the end of the board is the goal, but landing on certain spaces prompts some interference in the form of mini-games.   These mini-games are all luck-based, such as playing actual board games, Plinko, games of competing dice rolls, or even Orc Roulette. These games can give boosts to how many spaces the players go.
Sullore by Jarhed

Why Dance?

Monion Prom was started by the Yuan-Ti known as Sullore. Sullore was a student at the Magic College who met the Monions and asked them to dance. With Sullore, the Monions paired up and danced. In this dance, one of them ended up paired off with her, and she fell in love with him. His name was Kirbo.   But when Kirbo died, Sullore went back to Votarra Den and decided to make something in honor of him and his friends. This would be a festival in which each of the individual Monions could be celebrated.

Klapp by Jarhed
The Forgotten Monion

The Monions were all considered heroes. There were nine, but this number was changed in future tellings of the story. The twisted, evil-looking man known as Jug is believed to be made up and not actually real. He often replaces the actual user of Structure Magic, Klapp.   Klapp was left out of most things involving the Monions, and is stricken from every depiction of the group together. He was known for walking on his hands normally instead of his feet, and is still remembered in some form in the Monion Prom, while the replacement Jug is scorned. Sullore does not want Klapp, a dear friend of her husband and a man she enjoyed being around as well, to be forgotten.  

Klapp's Handrace

For Klapp's event, it is inserted amongst the other events in a random place determined by the Goblin matriarch. It consists of the longest event and the only one that takes place completely outdoors. In it, the contestants must trek across the Dwarven lands, from Votarra Den all the way to the nearby Drow Cave, Once they get there, they must provoke one of the Drow and get them to chase the racer back to Votarra Den without dying.   The twist is, of course, that the contestant must complete this entire race while walking on their hands. If they walk normally, they are disqualified. There is not always someone in the year who gains the title of Klapp, and for this, it is sought after by many Goblins, who have started to train for the yearly hand-race by walking only on their hands.   This pleases Sullore, who created all of the festivities, as now Klapp is remembered fondly for the festival, even if not for his true achievements. The reward for this game is often officially just your name carved into the Goblin Leaderboards. However, every Klapp that has won has gained a harem afterwards, as Goblins love the winner of the Handrace. This is also fitting, as Klapp was the only Monion to be loved by another Monion (Hugg).
"The Monions are heroes for all Goblins. They should be revered and celebrated. I will carry their legacy in a festival that I hope can reach the grand nature their lives did, and keep their names remembered fondly. Except Jug. I will tarnish Jug's reputation myself."
— Sullore

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Lucky by RationallyUpset
There are also spaces on the board where players can move other players back, or even sabotage the rolls of other players for a price. Another function of the game allows for players to lose the use of a limb for the rest of a game if they lose during one of the mini-games bad enough.

In the end, the reward for this is not just the title Lucky, but also a random magical item the Goblins found that year.  

Hugg Fest

Hugg fest is named after the self-proclaimed leader of the Monions. He had Art Magic, and for this the contest consists of creating paintings. Then, after creating the paintings, the people in the crowd must give a hug to the person whose art they liked the best. This is done in honor of the warm hugs given by Hugg.
Hugg by Jarhed
  However, people can campaign for hugs or try and bribe people into giving them hugs. Then, they must write down how many hugs they get. The reward for this is all of the art created in the event, as well as a plush Hugg toy.  

The Jug Execution

Sullore hated Jug because he was used to replace Klapp in history. So, throughout the night, the matriarch and the others take careful note of who is ruining the night for others. Five people are selected, and they must fight amongst each other. Whoever loses is crowned that year's Jug and beaten to death by the others who were given Monion titles.  

Kirbo by DragonboiNalrik
The Kirbo Dance

Then comes the main event of the night, which makes it a Prom to begin with. Named after Sullore's husband, who wielded Copy Magic, this is where everyone begins dancing as the Jug lays dying on the ground.   In pairs, or even some people (such as the Klapp) with groups. The festivities last much of the night, and it is an endurance test to dance from the start until the sun rises in the morning. Then, after a short rest, a dancing competition happened. In honor of Kirbo's copy magic, the way this is done is a professional pair of dancers perform a routine, and the pairs participating must work towards copying the routine perfectly. The matriarch and a panel of other judges must decide who wins this, and they collectively gain the title of Kirbo.   The reward for this is a set of engagement rings, as well as money to give them a stable life together. Then, all the Monions are gathered and painted by the participants of Hugg Fest. After this, the Goblins scatter and leave cleanup to the remaining Jug contenders.

Cover image: The Monions United by Max a Million, RovaRed, RationallyUpset, Jarhed, genuinetrickster, DragonboiNalrik, Yumedatchi, andreaspsillos4, AnthraxSurprise


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