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Sirlini Glirdog

The Comedian Sirlini Glirdog-Shinebright

Sirlini Glirdog, better known as the Comedian, was a major figure in Draconian politics, leading the Bardic village of Ealla and opening it up to the wider world. She is most well-known for her connection to the Really Funny Fit.  

A Laugh Tale

Sirlini Glirdog was born to a pair of Human travelers, Toodis and Riredra Glirdog.   They were bards touring Draconian territory when they fell ill. It was believed to have been due to some rivaling interference from both residents of Tamd and Evity creating an incurable disease to kill non-Draconians attempting to live in Draconian territory. Some even say it was a type of Dragon's Doom.   The newly born Sirlini, however, was taken in by the Gnome Zefsica. Zefsica, who had lived in the nearby Gnomish city of Lebalos, decided to live with Sirlini in Ealla. Zefsica was spiteful, so that had likely played into this decision.  

A Joyless Home

Sirlini Glirdog was raised by Zefsica, who as stated above was spiteful and not exactly the happiest of people. Due to this, Sirlini was raised with very little levity. Zefsica treated her more like a little sister than a parent, yet when Sirlini attempted to joke around with her, the Gnome would react harshly.
Zefsica rarely smiled, which contrasted heavily with Sirlini. Sirlini would smile all of the time. At first, it was not a real smile. She saw the other kids on the street playing happily and smiling and wanted something like that.   She wanted to enjoy that with Zefsica. So she began to tell jokes. Over and over again, creating many new routines. She drowned herself in comedy to make Zefsica smile. Due to this, after she reached the age of 10, no one ever saw Sirlini without a smile on her face.
Yet she was not always a happy girl. She rarely found herself able to make Zefsica smile, and she found herself terrified of the life she was living. She found no purpose in just laughing. She wondered if she could be able to do more.


The Comedian, a former Chief of Ealla, Sirlini has a dark sense of humor. She laughs in people's despair, and even faked her death to escape the responsibility of raising her children. She sits in hiding, laughing at the world around her.

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Year of Birth
477 ME 83 Years old
Parents (Adopting)

College Acceptance

Zefsica by Jarhed
Sirlini Glirdog applied to the Magic College with Zefsica in 496. Zefsica found herself accepted into the Class of 500 by Grand Wizard Crordoth Narakas, while Sirlini couldn't stop herself from smiling at her rejection letter. Tears fell from her eyes, but her mouth refused to frown.   As Zefsica studied and grew close with a new group of friends, called the Questers, whom she went out adventuring with in her off time, Sirlini continued telling jokes to the residents of Ealla.
The residents who were not happy to see Sirlini. She had taken on the Draconian Nickname of the Comedian, which everyone began calling her as an insult instead of the compliment she meant it as.   Sirlini intended for the name the Comedian to show that she wanted to bring laughter and smiles to people. This was not working. So Sirlini decided that she, too, would study. She would study so she could make everyone laugh. But most of all, she would study so she could make Zefsica laugh.

The Clown College

Sirlini found herself in Zefsica's home city of Lebalos, the location of The Clown College. Here, Sirlini could learn to truly make people laugh.   At least, that was her intention. She found that clown curriculum was, surprisingly, very strict and rigorous. She absolutely hated it, so she applied new styles to the lessons she was taught. For this, she was often kicked out of class and ridiculed by her professors. She cared little for what they had to say about it. They were literally clowns.   Sirlini, however, found a magical item she could use to fulfill her goal. The Really Funny Fit. With the fit, the wearer can cause anyone to laugh around them. This would be perfect.
Yet this fit is only given to a once-in-a-generation clown. Someone whose jokes rival the power of the outfit itself. So, in her time at the College, Sirlini adapted. She graduated early, in only two years, as she was considered an absolutely legendary clown when she simply listened to the rules. The moment she graduated, however, she threw away those rules for more outlandish comedy.  
Henroik D Qloun, Retired by Jarhed
She did, however, gain access to the Really Funny Fit. It was given to her by the retired clown, Henroik D Qlown. She found Henroik in his home while she was breaking into various homes to pull pranks on the citizens of whatever town she happened to be passing through.   Henroik saw in her the spirit of a clown, which both worried him and made him excited for her future. After all, a clown brought entertainment, but he knew first hand that they had few limits holding them back from atrocity. They would do anything for a good laugh.   Henroik warned her of the power of the Really Funny Fit, and told her:
"Be careful. One laugh is fuel, but it becomes addicting. You get too accustomed to it... laughter will consume your life."
— Henroik D. Qlown
  Sirlini Glirdog ignored Henroik's warnings. She gladly took the Fit and brought it back to Ealla where she could learn to use it better. She had previously been "borrowing it" by stealing it from Henroik for her schooling, but now she formally had it for herself.
A Really Funny Fit by Yumedatchi

A New Chief

The year was 498. Draconian territory, if not the world at large, was in a stir. A group of Goblins known as the Monions had just killed the 60th Grand Wizard Crordoth Narakas as well as the Goblin Lord Sliq Monion.   Alongside this, they had battled against and defeated all of the Questers. Zefsica sent a letter to Sirlini warning her of these Monions, but Sirlini merely laughed at the idea of these Monions.   The Draconians were in chaos. They were all trying to be Grand Wizard, due to the still ongoing Grand Wizard Struggle. A member of Zefsica's class, Nyxius Gririn, had taken the position of 61st Grand Wizard, and everyone was looking to take her place.   Due to this, they cared little for who was to be their successors for the title of Village Chief. The Chief of Ealla laughed at Sirlini's request, and said if he died, she could take his place if she wanted.   He then died a month later in an attack on Nyxius Gririn.   With this, Sirlini was approached by the Draconian nobility. They were shocked at the Chief's last wish, for Sirlini, a Human, to replace him. Yet, the nobility found themselves helpless against the power of Sirlini and her outfit. She forced them to accept her by telling jokes until they agreed, until they had no choice but to say yes through their coughing laughter.   In truth, Sirlini did not want it. Just the fact that she was considered was enough, and she gave it up to Ildid Alidorim, a far more qualified Bard. However, within the year, Ildid had found love and had become engaged to Fepar Tilrak. So she could start a family, Ildid gave up the title of Chief and handing it back to Sirlini.   Sirlini met up with some of these Monions, at times, battling them and also challenging them to see if she could make them laugh. Ultimately, she defeated each and every one of them in both, considering herself superior to Zefsica and all of the Questers for this victory.  

The Last Laugh

Sirlini held back on the fit, often only using it when Zefsica wasn't around. She traveled with the Questers for a time, being given an opportunity to adventure with them on one of their most dangerous quests: the journey into the Mines of the Slime to stop Jervan.   This was her only major quest with the Questers, and while she sometimes tagged along, they only considered her a member for this mission.   It was a difficult mission, the second hardest fight they had ever had. The first was one that had yet to come. A fight Sirlini would not be present for... the battle that ended the Questers once and for all.   On this quest against Jervan, however, when she used the fit, she would push Zefsica away with her wind so the fit wouldn't effect her. She helped stop Jervan and, after they left the Mines, she was told they no longer needed her help. They dropped her off in Ealla, and began saying their goodbyes. Sirlini feared this may be the end, so she finally showed Zefsica the fit, and for the first time, she truly made Zefsica laugh.   It was not long after this that Sirlini gave away the Really Funny Fit. She sold it, and it was never seen again. She believed she had no more use for it. She had done all she could.

Finding Love

All the while, Sirlini Glirdog had found someone. An Elf, by the name of Olmand Shinebright. Delving
Olmand Shinebright by Jarhed
into a bit of trauma that poor Sirlini had, she never got to know her father very well as he died when she was one year old. For this, she had a strange attraction to older men, and the 823 year-old Olmand Shinebright fit her tastes.   It can also be assumed that Sirlini hoped the old Elf would die soon and she would get his money. However, this did not happen. Because those Monions that killed the Grand Wizard happened to have picked up Olmand along the way and taken him with them on this job.
Not only did Olmand Shinebright assist in killing the Grand Wizard, he was also given a strange, magical cream by a potion seller going by the name Ointment Cat. This was an anti-aging cream that miraculously de-aged him from 823 to the same age as Sirlini, who was 21.   Olmand also, happened, to have had a copy of himself created by Sliq Monion in drawing form. This fake drawing version of Olmand that came to life from Sliq's magic was believed by many to be the real Olmand, and thusly it was believed Olmand, like the other Monions, was the creation of Sliq Monion.   Despite this, Sirlini still married him. The two went on two have two children, first Panavor Shinebright, then Finethir. After Finethir's birth, Sirlini and her family moved out of Ealla, handing the title of Chief to Tarthekar Padorim, and moving to Elven territory to live with Olmand's family.   In the year 543, this house was burned down and it was presumed there were no survivors. No bodies were found in the burned down building, but Panavor Shinebright's corpse was later found two years later in the Elven Forest with his brother Finethir Shinebright as the only survivor.   Even the Elven King Daeric issued a statement condemning the deaths of the Shinebright family, though it is believed he then sent people to finish off Panavor and Finethir. The circumstances around this are a mystery.   Later she was discovered hiding, as a joke, in Ealla. She told anyone who found her that they should keep it a secret from Finethir, though Panavor was already dead. She wanted Finethir to either die believing she was dead, or suffer with the thought of blaming himself for her death. She considered that to be hilarious.  

Southern Elone Treaty Organization

Surprisingly, there was one major historical event that got Sirlini roused to act. First, at the end of the Chief Crisis, she made a semi-public appearance to stop Vodron Nutsk from destroying all of Ealla, saying it was funnier if he only destroyed some of it and left the others to suffer.   Then, about a year later, she heard of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, also known as SETO. They wanted to unite Draconian Territory and bring equality. She believed they were doing the right thing and decided to help in her own way, playing pranks and disrupting their enemies in the Battle for Southern Elone, even helping save children of the Chiefs who were considered the next generation.

More Than a Comedian

Sirlini Glirdog was more than just a Chief. She was also an advocate for the rights of other species within Draconian territory. As the first non-Draconian Chief in a Draconian Village, Sirlini helped create legislation that allowed for other races to reside in Ealla aside from Draconians with full protection under the law.   In other villages, and even in Ealla before Sirlini, only Draconians were protected by the law. This allowed for many other races to be killed on the streets with no repurcussions. Yet Sirlini ended this by creating laws to protect other races.
She had hoped other villages would adopt this practice as well, and potentially even other nations. She travelled to live with the Elves so this would become a reality in Elven society, which was one of the most segregated in the world. Elves had no laws in place to keep other races safe, and Elven law actually was more likely to side with those that killed other races. Sadly, it seems, Sirlini was a victim of one of these laws despite her goals for equality.   In terms of achievements, she also managed to create an annual festival in Ealla that welcomes outsiders to participate. More specifically, it encourages non-Draconians to show off their talents in Ealla. This is considered to have substantially raised the population of Ealla, as bards from all over the world can now not only live there without fear of being killed, but also have a festival catered to them.   Overall, the Comedian did much more than just tell jokes. She created the foundation for an equal society that could, one day, be implemented around the world. While the world could be terrible, she helped make it a little better, one joke at a time.  
"If all the world could smile more, what a wonderful place it would be. I'd be able to walk down the street in this, and everyone'd laugh at me."
— Sirlini "The Comedian" Glirdog

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