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Fepar Tilrak

Chief Fepar Cruldor Tilrak (a.k.a. The Guardian of Peace, Heart and Soul of the Mage Trio, the Most Wanted Man in the World)

Fepar Tilrak is the most wanted man in the world. He has a prolific track record, being involved in various major world events and being connected to many major figures. Yet what makes Fepar stand out most is his dedication and love for his family (and his penchant for disobeying the law).  


Fepar Tilrak is from the westernmost Draconian settlement, Bortan. At a young age, he admired the power the village lorded over others, but disliked whenever they actually used it. He felt there was something special about how one can have power but not need to use it.   This turned itself into a drive to get into the Magic College, and eventually, he managed it. He got into the Magic College in the Class of 500. At that point, he had already been training and studying to be strong, and was one of the top students in the class from the very start.  

The Magic College

The Class of 500 by Jarhed
There were few that rivaled him in his class. In reality, only four stood out. Salasar Feaphed, Melthrum, Asadim Brittlebind, and Nyxius Gririn (in the later years, Brar Stidz was also able to get on par with them as Nyxius left the class to become the 61st Grand Wizard).   Fepar, unlike other Draconians he knew, never had dreams of becoming Grand Wizard. He understood that it was a pipe dream. He also felt that it wasn't worth it, though his friend Salasar convinced him that the job of Grand Wizard was more important than he thought.   Instead, Fepar wished to be Chief of his home village of Bortan. He wanted to keep the peace, as he felt that war was an unnecessary distraction in life that ruined more than it helped. He, Melthrum, and Salasar often went out to prevent wars from breaking out, or even stopping minor conflicts in any way they could, in pursuit of this goal. For this, Fepar became known as the Guardian of Peace, while Salasar and Melthrum gained their own recognition. Together, the three of them were known as the Mage Trio for spreading the good things about magic around the world.   He met his future wife, Ildid, at a music festival in her home village of Ealla, one which she threw in honor of her coming graduation. All his life before then, he was told he'd find love on the battlefield. He was happy, at least, to find it in peace instead.   It was also here that he first met some of his best friends, Phorkast and Meteo Nagil.  
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
Fepar graduated as the salutatorian of his class, behind only Salasar Feaphed. In their first fight. of the tournament, they treated it with levity and jokes, as befitting two best friends. In the final match between the two, they fought seriously, and Salasar very handidly defeated his friend.  

Chief of Bortan

Fepar became the Chief of Bortan when he returned, with the previous Chief giving it to him the instant he arrived in the village. With this, he used his power, renown, and placement in such a well-known class to intimidate other villages and areas into peace. He never attacked. Instead, he merely kept them in line with his presence alone, living up to the Guardian of Peace title.   He took in interns that he believed were fitting to be trained by himself. Notable interns of Fepar's include Ikkul Ravofarn and the Devil known as Regular. With them, Fepar became renowned as a peaceful and wise man, and was offered a position at the World Court with his wife Ildid. He accepted and passed the Chief title onto Ikkul.  

From Lawman to Criminal

Fepar Tilrak's time at the World Court was plagued with "peacekeeping missions" that went awry. Often, he would be forced to fight innocents or watch as other peacekeepers would slaughter people for no reason other than "disobeying the law."  
Melthrum by Jarhed
Fepar also heard of terrible things from the Judges themselves. Plans for coups, biological weapons, living weapons, and other terrible things. He tried to find ways to subvert this, but when he succeeded in stopping one of these plans (A World Court sponsored coup of the Nereids), he received word that an old friend of his, Asadim Brittlebind, had mysteriously died.   This was preposterous to Fepar, who knew that Asadim was not only a powerful Item mage, but also a lich. He was not able to die so easily. What clued him off, though, was that the World Court immediately acquired Asadim's Sword magic afterwards, giving it to one of their new living weapons, Veladiel. This was only possible... if Asadim was dead.


Fepar Tilrak


Towards Ildid Tilrak

Ildid Tilrak


Towards Fepar Tilrak

Fepar Tilrak is the father of Nalrik Tilrak and most wanted man in the world. He leads the Army of the Revolution against the World Court.

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Fepar Tilrak is known to be a family man. He has, over the years, considered many people to be family, but the main ones are as follows.  

Ildid Tilrak

Ildid Perzita Alidorim Tilrak hails from Ealla, and attended the Magic College in the class of 498. She was Fepar's upperclassman and often teased him. She was very artistic, and this artistic side drew in Fepar. Eventually, the two married, and Ildid left her village to live with the now Chief, Fepar as they raised their son.   In recent years, the two have been spotted on the run together. It is likely that if one sees Ildid, Fepar is there. However, the inverse is not true. It is unclear where Ildid is when Fepar is alone.  

Nalrik Tilrak

Nalrik Felonius Tilrak is Fepar's son, and the current Chief of Bortan. Fepar raised Nalrik for two years before giving him to his best friend, Ikkul Ravofarn, to raise. After becoming a wanted man, Fepar attempted to raise Nalrik again, but was refused by Ikkul.   After that, Fepar did not see Nalrik for seventeen years, until the two fought when Fepar attempted to sway the adult Nalrik to his side. This did not go well, and resulted in Ikkul's death and Nalrik unlocking Impossible Magic. Nalrik's view of his father is conflicted, while Fepar loves his son. It is even believed that he does what he does that makes him a criminal for his son.  

Ikkul Ravofarn

Once upon a time, Fepar believed Ikkul to be like a son to him. He helped raise Ikkul and teach him everything. Yet Ikkul took up his position as the successor Chief of Bortan after Fepar, and betrayed him. After that, the two were mortal enemies, and Fepar intervened in the Chief Crisis specifically to kill Ikkul before he could cause too much harm.  


A Dwarven general and classmate of Fepar's, Melthrum was one of his best friends and was the one that truly taught Fepar the meaning of family. He explained how special family is to Dwarves, and Fepar took this to heart. Ever since then, he considered Melthrum like a brother.  

Salasar Feaphed

The 64th and current Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed and Fepar Tilrak were classmates who grew incredibly close in their time at the Magic College. Salasar is believed to know many secrets about Fepar, and is one of the few people the runaway Fepar still communicates with.
479 ME 550 ME 71 years old
Ildid Tilrak (spouse)
The World Court was up to something. They were seizing power for themselves, causing wars, killing anyone who stood in their way. It was unacceptable.  
Ikkul Ravofarn by Jarhed
Fepar had enough of this. He escaped the World Court with his wife, stealing one of the Item Magic items (Mind Magic) before leaving and giving it to an ally, Ordoth Mardaar. After all, Ordoth had also just broken free from the World Court's grasp.   With his newly acquired power, Ordoth sent Fepar's grievances in The Revolutionary Proclamation.   Fepar was branded the Most Wanted Man in the World, and many peacekeeping units were sent after him. Fepar, however, was one of them once, so he knew their patterns and fighting styles. He had trained most of them himself. Therefore, those that chased after him either died or came out empty-handed. Fepar tried to not kill too many, as they were not responsible for the sins of the World Court.   Ildid Tilrak, however, was not the same. As a mother who loved her son very much, she could not stand to see the way the World Court was treating their living weapons. They raised children, trained them, and gave them magic to become trump cards against those that defied them. Ildid went mad seeing the way these children were treated, imagining what it would be like if her son was one of them.   Ildid was forced to kill one of the kids of the World Court, Sugai Chiyoko, the former Mind Mage. Sugai was tortured under the World Court, and so she wanted to die, and used her magic to force Ildid to do the deed. This drove Ildid fully insane, as she was made to perceive she was hugging her son, and then she felt the child go limp in her arms.   Ildid then killed anyone affiliated with the World Court, and often had to be restrained by Fepar before killing too many.
Judge Alpha by Jarhed
  Fepar traveled the world, trying to free people from the World Court. He recruited an army, or so many people claim. This was aided by Phund Monet, as well as Ordoth Mardaar, Ildid Tilrak, Morendyn Cobath, Anarchy, Bhukk the Studious, Rosenthal Nutsk, and other important revolutionaries.  

Public Enemy Number One

Fepar Tilrak was branded Public Enemy Number One by the Judges, specifically the Head Judge, Judge Alpha. Alpha believed Fepar was only there off of their good graces, and his actions were a monument to his naivety. He is quoted as saying:  
"To challenge the World Court is the final move of many that populate the prisons and graveyards of Totania. It is only a matter of time until Fepar Tilrak joins them."
— Judge Alpha
  A large bounty was placed on Fepar's head, as well as the heads of those connected to him. Sightings of Fepar flooded in from everywhere in the world, mostly false flags, but some that were true but too late. Fepar was quick to arrive and quick to leave wherever he went.   The Judges grew increasingly frustrated with this, wishing to take Fepar in or kill him before he revealed further secrets or meddled in more of their plans. Fepar had no intention of giving in to them, and his army only lessened the chances of being captured or killed.  

Family in Crisis

Fepar had a son named Nalrik. He wanted to live a peaceful life with Nalrik and Ildid, and sought peace to create a world like that for them.  
Ildid Tilrak by Jarhed
Fepar lived with Ildid and Nalrik for some time when they worked for the World Court, living in the home of the Nagils, Phorkast and Meteo, as well as their daughter Yilkin Nagil who was only a year younger than Nalrik.   There was another child Fepar took in, after an incident with the Nereid coup. The prince of the Nereids, Caddos Damolnath. Whereas there were people Nalrik could be trusted to, Fepar knew that he could not inform anyone of Caddos's existence and continued fostering under his wing.   Fepar gave the Chief title to Ikkul after accepting his position at the World Court, and when Nalrik was marked by the World Court, Fepar handed him to Ikkul for protection. Because it was not long after that Fepar betrayed them, and he did not wish to bring a child to fight the Judges. The only problem was there was nowhere else Caddos could go, so while Nalrik was left in safe hands, Caddos was brought directly into danger.   When Fepar betrayed the World Court, he went to Ikkul to get his son back and for Ikkul's support. Ikkul, however, had already made a deal with the World Court to assist them in a coup if he could become Grand Wizard. For power, Ikkul betrayed Fepar and refused to give him Nalrik. He even attacked Fepar, but Fepar was at the time much stronger and escaped.   Fepar raised Caddos, but lost Nalrik to Ikkul, and then found out later that Ikkul had adopted Yilkin after killing Phorkast and after Meteo had passed away. With no one else to pass his teachings onto, Fepar had only Caddos left, and raised him like a son.  
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
After seventeen years, Fepar returned to Bortan to stop Ikkul in the Chief Crisis.   He clashed with Ikkul and Nalrik many times, eventually revealing his true motives and intentions to Nalrik before having a final clash with Ikkul that resulted in Ikkul's death. Fepar did not want this, but Ikkul inflicted the fatal wound on himself in the Tsar Bomba and Fepar was forced to contain the explosion before it destroyed Bortan and killed thousands.   It killed Fepar inside. Nalrik was his biological son, but Ikkul was the one he had raised. To be the one to end Ikkul's life was too much for him, and ultimately Fepar called the fight a defeat.   Nalrik, enraged, attacked Fepar. Fepar, heartbroken, allowed Nalrik to hit him as much as he wanted until he gave up. Then, Fepar and Nalrik came to terms, and Fepar escaped back out into the world. It is unclear where he went, but records show that he took Ildid with him.   Nalrik took over the Chief title for both of his fathers, and some even say that Nalrik resembles a young Fepar.  

Training More Soldiers

Fepar then would go on to train more soldiers for the Army of the Revolution, beginning with Shatt Gunn, who he adopted as his son and gave over his title as Marshal of the Revolution. Alongside Shatt, there was Hadon Leran, Imvis Valhana, and Expressive Mastema.
Shatt Gunn by genuinetrickster
  Shatt, however, was Fepar's star pupil, who he trusted to deal with the Devil Aile who invaded their turf of Vitroveil, and then to stop her boss Ambition in a Hot Airship.   Meanwhile, Fepar would be caught up in a great scheme by the World Court.  

The Grand Crowning

A Halfling woman named Dia Ree, who had worked alongside Shatt, arrived to warn Fepar, Ildid, and Ordoth of a coming threat.   However, as she warned them, their base in Vitroveil was broken into by Vornush Wrakris, Head Priest of Helle, alongside the forces of the World Court. This was the first act in their plan, a plan known as the Grand Crowning. They intended to wipe out the revolutionaries so no one could stop them.   They did everything they could to drive the already insane Ordoth Mardaar crazy, and it worked. He was driven mad, lashing out and attacking.   Dia Ree was murdered in his wake. He even nearly killed Ildid, but Fepar jumped in the way, being cut apart and losing all of his limbs in the process. The Guardian of Peace was no more... he had lost all his strength.   This was when Shatt Gunn officially took his position at the head of Fepar's Army of the Revolution.  
Ordoth Mardaar by fyrcracker
Fepar would have bled out if not for the aid of the God Janus and the Half-Elf Lorakaen Darelor, opening a portal that allowed Nalrik Tilrak, Shatt Gunn, and Caddos Damolnath to come and save Fepar.  

The Former Guardian

Fepar was wheelchair bound for the remainder of his life. He had no way to fight, but he still had his mind, and now had three children to teach.   There was Caddos, still, his eldest and most reliable (at least in his mind, due to being raised by Fepar for so long).   He had Nalrik back, and they spent the remainder of Fepar's time together. It was a dream that he never thought would come true, to be reunited with his son.   Then, he had the newly adopted son Shatt Gunn, a boy with a bad family history who needed the love of the Tilraks. A boy with promise for the future, which Fepar entrusted to him.   Alongside that, Yilkin had returned as well, now in a relationship with Nalrik. Even in war, Fepar was not caught in battle, and all was well in his mind.   He missed his wife, but knew little could be done about that. It sunk him into despair, but still he held his head high for his sons.   It was the least he could do, and so, too, was it the most he could do in his current state.  
Caddos Damolnath by Jarhed

The Final Days of Fepar Tilrak

Fepar followed his son to war. Nalrik Tilrak had founded a group known as the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, which included the Draconian Village of Yirthum.   Yirthum, particularly its Chief Jargar Eltan, supported Fleat Pteethtack in the Elven Civil War. Because of this, when they called for assistance from their alliance in the war, Nalrik followed.   Fepar insisted he come. He said he could provide aid and advice. Nalrik was worried due to Fepar's state, but he accepted.   Fepar was immediately attacked and targetted by the Captain Commander of the Elves, Narkard Leran, who told Fepar to stop fighting, that he was too old and could no longer fight. Narkard told Fepar it was depressing to see him struggle, and that Fepar deserved to die in peace rather than struggle in a war he could not win.   Not long after, Nalrik and Fepar traveled to the Temple of Phrixus to seek their Gods aid.   Fepar was pleased to be met with peace, especially from his cousin, Tolkash Tilrak, who he was not aware had survived.   Tolkash, then, died not long after thanks to the interference of the God Janus once more. Janus said that Fepar was at a crossroads, and that he needed to come to terms with the end.   Fepar accepted it, happy to die in peace, as Janus brought all of Fepar's remaining family to him. Nalrik, Shatt, Caddos, Ildid, Salasar, Melthrum, as time around them stood still so they could say goodbye in his final moment.   The Gods all bestowed a gift onto Fepar in his final moments, and Nalrik created an aurora in the sky to honor his father.   Fepar Tilrak passed away in the sight of his God, Phrixus, at peace. The only ending he had ever wanted. The final wish for the Guardian of Peace.

Cover image: by Boboshow
Character Portrait image: Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed


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