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Hot Airship

The Hot Airship is a boat carried through the air by a balloon. This balloon is powered entirely by lightning magic, and is partially kept afloat with wind magic.
Schmeelon Cunkuck by andreaspsillos4
  The Hot Airship is the creation of the company Vreslo, more specifically their CEO and founder Schmeelon Cunkuck, and is made not for mass transportation, but luxury transportation.   It features a passengers deck that includes all the necessary ammenities for comfort, a lounge, a dining hall, bathrooms, and individual bedrooms for all passengers/couples on board.   It also features a deck for those piloting the ship, where they can use their magic to keep the ship running in tip-top shape. Each ship has two lightning mages and a wind mage to stay up here.

The First Hot Airship

Schmeelon Cunkuck and his co-founder Wileon Nimblemane created a ship known as the Yùzhào in 500. This ship was initially just to bring people from point A to point B, and was designed as such.   However, after a rough first adventure across the world, Schmeelon repurpossed it to capitalize off of the name recognition, making expensive travel rather than convenient travel.   The Yùzhào has since become the flagship of Vreslo, and is the most well known ship in Schmeelon's arsenal. It is also the only one that Schmeelon himself will ride on, and is often seen at press conferences and such.
Ships are also outfitted with healers to keep the passengers safe in case something dangerous happens, though Schmeelon assures his customers that the safest place on Totania is on the deck of a Hot Airship.  

Cost of Flying

These ships are expensive to run, and thus are quite expensive to fly on. A ticket for a Hot Airship normally costs a few hundred gold for the lesser ships, but for passage on the Yuzhao it would cost thousands per person.   Due to this, many rivals to Schmeelon have attempted to make their own Hot Airships, but have failed to dos o for various reasons (most likely sabotage from Cunkuck himself).

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