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Dwarves are short, stocky humanoids that live in and around mountains. They are best known as some of the best blacksmiths on Totania, and have almost always been one of the major races in the world, holding a nearly unshakeable influence on the world.  

Government Structure

The Dwarven Kingdom is a form of Elective Monarchy, though this has a small caveat to it. Alongside this, there is a system of Military Squads, run by Dwarven Generals.

The Elective Monarchy

The Kingdom is ruled by a King, and there are elections held every five years. During these elections, however, one is not electing the King. The King is in power until they die.   Instead, elections are held to elect a Prime Minister. The Dwarven populace votes for one representative to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of foreign affairs. Most people would meet with the Prime Minister rather than the King, since the King handles internal affairs. Then, after five years, the Prime Minister is reelected.   However, when the King dies, the title is not passed onto their children. Dwarves consider family to be too sacred to leave a hereditary burden like that. Instead, it is passed onto the current Prime Minister at the time. Even if they were just recently elected, or were close to being ousted from their position, they become King, as they were elected to that office in case of the King's death.   In this case, another election will happen, and a new Prime Minister is elected. These elections are often considered rushed, causing many to dislike them and say they should wait. Still, they cannot wait, because the King could die before the next Prime Minister is elected, and then they would have to elect both a King and a Prime Minister. That could prove to be a problem, if it were to ever happen.

The Dwarven Squads

There are ten Dwarven Squads led by the ten Dwarven Generals. These Squads protect areas of Dwarven Territory, as well as being both a friendly face and a group that runs the districts of the territory for the King. This way, the King does not have to worry about every small issue in the Kingdom. The Squads are:
  • The Golden Automatons- A Squad dedicated to forging weapons and armor.
  • The Silver Angels- A Squad that keeps the peace, policing the capital of Ironforge.
  • The Silver Angels- A Squad that keeps the peace, policing the capital of Ironforge.
  • The Orange Phoenixes- A Squad that studies Magic and its practical uses.
  • The Red Dragons- A Squad that protects the Southern Border with the Draconians
  • The Green Ghosts- A Squad that protects the Eastern Border with the Elves.
  • The Violet Vipers- A Squad that protects the Western Border with the Humans and the World Court.
  • The White Wolves- A Squad that protects the Northern Border with the Humans.
  • The Blue Devils- A Squad that guards the Goblin and Dark Elven Caves.
  • The Black Boars- A Squad of super soldiers for wars only.
  • The Yellow Hornets- A Squad of Assassins and Thieves sanctioned by the King.
  The Generals of each Squad have a fairly major influence over the elections of Prime Ministers, as each one runs a newspaper for their Squad. These newspapers often have propaganda that supports the political views of each General.   For example, General Melmin of the White Wolves, also the traitorous King of the Maevell Dynasty, started the first newspaper, Wolf Mail. Wolf Mail publishes crazy conspiracy theories to make people paranoid. With this, Melmin can lead them more easily into whatever his agenda is, as his newspaper shows him and his readers as the only rational ones. This was enough to found an entire Kingdom, showing just how much sway the Generals have. So when it comes to influencing elections, that is a simple task.  


There are many cities and villages under the Dwarves control. Dwarven Territory is one of the largest land-spanning empires in the world, up there with the Orcs, Humans, Elves, Gnomes, and Draconians.


Ironforge is the Dwarven Capital city, home to the King, Prime Minister, the Orange Phoenixes, Silver Angels, and Golden Automatons Squads, and the largest concentrated population of Dwarves in the world. A quarter of the city is made up of the prestigious Ironforge University. Here, one can find the most blacksmiths in the world, all hoping to become famous and, even moreso, wealthy. Money is always a sign of prosperity to Dwarves, as it helps them keep their families fed and sheltered. Therefore, most Dwarven weapons, especially in Ironforge, have a hefty price tag on them. Castle Ironforge, where the King and Prime Minister live, is one of the greatest fortresses in the world. Filled with weapons, armor, and built with some of the sturdiest architecture in the world, anyone who intends to attack or break in would be fighting an uphill battle.


Gansernfeld is the second largest Dwarven City, home to the Violet Vipers and a large amount of Dwarven nobility. Dwarves who were made rich off of various industries, now sitting in the lap of luxury and doing absolutely no work. They are contrary to many things in Dwarven culture, but they care little. To them, the money is all that matters, so why bother with work? Gansernfeld sits on the western border, a peaceful border with very few surrounding settlements from the Humans. The only ones around it are Martinau and the technically shared Dwarven village of Avippes. Avippes The largest population of Dwarves who live outside of Dwarven territory live in Avippes (if one does not count Alzirgos). It is technically a village controlled by the Kingdom of Man, but the Dwarves dispute this just because there are some Dwarves that live there.


The City on the Southern Border, as it is called, it was once the Draconian Village of Zeldarr, founded by Bortan in -1750. It was taken back by the Dwarves, and has been fought over ever since. More battles are fought here than nearly anywhere else, between Dwarves, Elves, and Draconians. It has a large Draconian quarter, filled with buildings in the Bortan architectural style. The rest has been built out with Dwarven architecture, and they refuse to let any Draconian stay there. It is home to the Red Dragons Squad, who protects against any invading Draconian forces.

Claurode and Lengenmold

Twin Villages, Claurode and Lengenmold are neighboring settlements towards the eastern edge of Dwarven Territory. Claurode is nestled atop a mountain, surrounded by other mountains that rise even higher above it. It is one of the quintessential mountain settlements in Dwarven Territory, and an absolutely beautiful place. But its beauty is nothing in comparison to Lengenmold, a village beneath it in the Valley. It is at the source of a river, with mountains towering over it from the north, a river to the south, and a forest to its southeast, Lengenmold is considered the most beautiful place in Dwarven Territory, and even the world as a whole.


Built atop a mountain, Landhelm is a treacherous place with few ways in our out other than to climb a dangerous trail to the top. However, it is most famous for being the founding location and Headquarters of Vreslo. Schmeelon Cunkuck created Hot Airships there, and it is the hub of all Hot Airship travel. Due to this, it is much easier to get there, and it brings in plenty of money and tourism.


Feldweg is a mountain settlement on the Northern Border, most famous for its Feldweg Cannon, a large cannon that is used to defend the city. It is also famous for the mountain it sits on, the Helagsfjället.

Narn Buldar

Built on the Eastern Border, Narn Buldar is one of the few coastal villages, being on the same river as Lengenmold. This is one of the few ports and also one of the most dangerous places, as it is prone to Elven attack. This is why it is home to the Green Ghosts Squad of the Dwarven Army.


Schmallug is a Dwarven settlement towards the Western border. It has a famous reputation of kindness, being called the Nicest Border Territory and even just the Nicest Dwarven City. They welcome in any outsiders, letting them taste their famous Schmallug Soup. Due to their hospitality, the Dwarven Royalty often ignores them in most legislation. However, the hospitality is not hated by the Dwarves, just believed to be misplaced.


The only location with access to rich soil, Koningwald is the singular source of all Dwarven crops. Due to this, it is a well protected location, with both Red Dragons and Violet Vipers. It is also where most Goats are raised for purposes of meat and Goat Milk, things that are very important to the continued existence of Dwarven society and culture.  


Dwarven Culture is fairly secluded, with very little of it seeping out past their mountains. It is heavily centered on the family, on creating things that will last even beyond their hundreds of years of life, of military, and of drinking. Family is the most important thing. Everything Dwarves do is for their family, and those not in a family find themselves cast out of society. Alongside this, Beards are heavily important. One shares a general Beard Style with their family, which is a sign of a familial bond that is very important to the Dwarves. If one were to not have a Beard, then they would be perceived as not having a family. Dwarven Ale is a large export of the Dwarves, though even more of it is kept in basically every building in Dwarven Territory. Dwarves are allowed to drink at the age of 15, and from then on it is something that is done to celebrate basically any achievement. Anything is an excuse to drink, and the Dwarves love excuses, and they love drinking. In Gansernfeld, however, they produce and drink Wine instead. There is a large martial culture in Dwarven Society which stems from their hostile relationship with both the Elves and the Draconians. Due to this, physical combat prowess and honor are things that are heavily valued by the Dwarves. It is part of why they have such an impressive military: it is well funded and valued by the people in charge. When it comes to creation, this is where blacksmiths come into play. Blacksmithing is the most valued career in Dwarven society, even above the military itself. The Dwarves also value architects, or really anyone who can make something beautiful, sturdy, and long lasting. They want even future generations to see it, which could take a long time given how long Dwarves live.   When it comes to creation, this is where blacksmiths come into play. Blacksmithing is the most valued career in Dwarven society, even above the military itself. The Dwarves also value architects, or really anyone who can make something beautiful, sturdy, and long lasting. They want even future generations to see it, which could take a long time given how long Dwarves live.  


Dwarven Art is very angular and often has sharp edges to it. Paintings and carvings are often square or rectangular in shape, and any sculptures are always sharp enough to stab or cut someone with them if necessary. This even applies to their architecture, with heavy angles and violent shapes.   Their music is equally violent at times, though other times it is highly celebratory. The most famous Dwarven songs are drinking songs, like "Raise Your Beard." Here is an excerpt from a translation of Raise Your Beard.

Raise Your Beard

Grab a glass in both your hands,
Lift the pints of ale!
But don't be fool, in all the lands,
This game you mustn't fail!   Twist your arms around and round, so right is on the left
With pint in hand, and left on right, with your beer be deft
For you must drink both left and right without a breath between
And with your hands on either side, you'll cause quite a scene
Your right arm raised over the left, and left under the right
Your beard all raised up with your glass, oh this is quite a sight!   Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink!
Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, burp!


Dwarvish has a sing-songy rhythm to it, with a tonal pitch accent. Some even call it melodic or bouncy. Definite articles are placed after the nouns in Dwarvish, giving it a differing tone to many surrounding languages.


The Dwarves are known for having a massive trade network. Even though they are threatening and heavily active with their military, the nations around them still trade with them. It is nearly impossible to survive without the resources of the Dwarves.   Dwarves are known for their rich mines, with things like Thorasite and other minerals being found within them. Aside from the Fuccium-rich Jihdi town of Suzuishan, the Dwarves export almost all metals in the world. Therefore, most weapons and armor are made from their metals.   It is not just the metal, however. The weapons, armor, and even tools are also made in Dwarven territory more often than not. Dwarven blacksmiths are famous, and their handiwork is sought after by people of all sorts. If a warrior is not wielding a Dwarven blade, they are often seen as lesser because they are so finely crafted.   Dwarves trade heavily with the Jihdi, as they need Fuccium. It is an ore they do not have in their land, yet it is stronger than anything they have. They also trade with the Humans and the Draconians, mostly for crops. There are very few crops they can grow in their mountainous terrain, so they need outside help to survive.   Dwarves and Elves rarely trade. They are always at odds with each other, so any trade between the two is often just an excuse to fight. They can attack a trade caravan, and then get revenge on the people who attacked their merchants. With this, they can have a battle without starting a full-blown war.
Schmeelon Cunkuck by andreaspsillos4

Current Leaders

Dwarven Territory is in a bit of a mess after the Grand Crowning, ending up in a civil war. They have various nation states vying for power, all led by Dwarven Generals, or at least supported by them. These are the leaders and their nations:
  • Krankyl- The Dwarven Kingdom
  • Harbek- Automatia
  • Schmeelon Cunkuck- The Capital Kingdom of Vreslo
  • Melmin- The Maevell Dynasty
  • Rotbrek- The True Dwarven Kingdom
  • Thargrun- Dwarvome
  • Bromdrus- The Felldragon
  • Nysnura- The Kingdom of Zwergenberg


Koningwald, a city in the western part of Dwarven Territory, is the only land that is farmable. There are many tricks that are used to pull this off, and even the use of Control of Plants Earth Magic. It does not produce nearly enough crops to feed the Dwarves, but it is still important symbolically.  


The Dwarves have one religion, which every Dwarf follows. This is the following of the God Hadur, God of Family, Community, and Creation. He also has a notable minor domain of Beards. Followers of Hadur believe in a tight-knit family system as the foundation of society, and that one must put their family above all else for the good of the nation.   Due to this, one is only believed to be a valued part of Dwarven society if they are part of a family. Thus, being a family is very important. This is why most Dwarven last names are not well known, as one is considered part of a family once they learn their last name. Even children are not technically family until their Beards grow in and they've had a Hjiffnz E Ceremony. Only then is one considered a Dwarven citizen and a true follower of Hadur.   Hadur is the Creator God of Totania, and thus creation is another important part of the Dwarven religion. This spurs on blacksmiths, architects, even artists to create, just like their God.  

Diplomatic Relations

The Dwarves have varied diplomatic relations with every race on Totania. Most notably are their relations with their neighboring Kingdoms.   With the High and Wood Elves, they are overtly hostile. Sometimes this is more antagonistic but not violent, though other times it is border skirmishes to all out wars. There has never been a time of actual peace between these nations, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Even when not at war, Dwarves do military exercises on the borders as a threat. The Elves are their greatest enemy.   The Draconians are a close second. The Red Dragons Squad in specific was made to stop the Draconians from expanding, and the Dwarves dislike the use of Magic by the Draconians. They find it to be a lazy, dishonorable way to fight, which is why most Dwarves who can use Magic only use it to back up their actual abilities, or use things like Alchemy or Enchantment.   The Humans are growing more and more hated as the years go on, climbing the ladder immensely. The Humans are taking the Dwarven spot in the Three Major Races, and that is something that the Dwarves absolutely hate. They want the Humans to stay beneath them on the totem pole so that the Dwarves are not surrounded on all sides by major powers.   The final overtly hostile relationship the Dwarves have is with the Korvians. The Dwarves absolutely hate the Korvians, because they think that the Korvians are much too similar to Elves. The Dwarves are one of the few races that try to have diplomatic relationships with the Orcs, both because they find Orcs honorable and also to stop the Korvians.   Dwarves have a longstanding alliance with the Kamejin of the Abral Empire, and this bond has never been broken in the thousands of years the races have known each other. Even during regime changes, the two stay firm allies.   The Dwarves harbor some other races in their borders, though they keep them in caves. Still, they treat them as refugees, and while some Dwarves hate these races, they are officially citizens of the Dwarven Kingdom. These races include: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Dark Elves, Deep Gnomes, Fire Giants, and some other races that reside in the caves.   Dwarves are fine with the Gnomes and Halflings, as they see them as equals. This is partially because neither have a large standing in the world powers, but also because of stature. There is an unofficial brotherhood among the races, who call themselves the "Short Stacks." Goblins are also part of this Short Stack Truce.

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Dwarven Courtship can take a long time. People wish to find the perfect person to settle down with and start a family, so it could take a hundred years of dating before Dwarves actually marry. But when they marry, they do not get divorced. There is no divorce culture in Dwarven territory, with the alternative being chosen much more frequently. This alternative is death.   Some Dwarves do not wait that long to get married. Some find the perfect mate and settle down quickly, in about five to ten years. Then, they have a ceremony, which includes cutting the beards of both parties to be the same, as they are now a family and have left behind their parents families. Then, if the Beards are long enough, they are tied together to show the bond between these two Dwarves. This is where the phrase "Tying the Knot" comes from.  


Dwarves take education seriously, with even rural Dwarves not in the big cities getting a good education. They are probably one of the nations with the highest average intelligence, alongside Draconians and Elves. Of course, Ironforge also features the most prestigious school in the world, Ironforge University, where an incredible education can be gained by all Dwarves if they can make it through the application process.  


Dwarves do not care much about Gender. Both biologically Male and Female Dwarves can grow beards, and due to this there is no hatred or vitriol to people who identify as a different gender from how they were born. A Dwarf is a Dwarf, as long as they have a Beard. It is even due to this that there are some Dwarves who do not identify as Male or Female. Instead, they identify simply as a Dwarf.  


The Dwarves were one of the first races created on Totania. Their God, Hadur, first made the world itself. He shaped each individual part of Totania, making sure everything was perfect. Some other races came then: Dragons, Giants, Elves, Orcs, and Goblins. After that was when Hadur made the first Dwarves atop the Mountains of Northern Dwarven Territory, in the year -2001.   Here, they lived atop a Mountain for some years under a man named Maevell. But they were not a united society in any way, instead holding a very basic system of hunting, gathering, and divying up the food. Maevell simply led these hunts.   It was his son, Vonron, who led Dwarves to the place that would become Ironforge. It was he who built the city up in -1969 and created the Dwarven Kingdom. Some say he exiled his father to stay on the mountains, and there are even those who think Maevell was the true King and was forced out of his Kingdom. Many dispute this, as Maevell wanted no part in the Kingdom. He died in the Temple of Hadur not long after it was built.  

Trouble with Settlements

Under Vonron, the Dwarven Kingdom reached its full peak after less than a hundred years. It is said all current settlements, aside from one, were under its control by -1874. This one settlement was Zeldarr, or as the Dwarves would call it, Ebreichzell.   The Draconian Village Bortan declared war on the Dwarves in -1804. The Dwarves had tried to settle Ebreichzell, as Hadur had told them they would settle all these mountains from North to South. The Chief of Bortan, Impak Daxur, killed all but one of these Dwarves, as he said they were encroaching on Bortanni Lands. The one soldier he allowed to live was meant to warn the Dwarves, but instead he brought more troops back.   These troops were led by the man named Galmar, a trusted soldier who King Vonron sent to deal with this threat. The Dwarves were beating Impak under Galmar... until Impak unlocked Impossible Magic and defeated them, with flames that seemed to melt the soldiers around him. Galmar fled, and reported back to King Vonron that his men were killed by a "Red Dragon." Part of this was shame, and part was a delusional fear of what Galmar had actually witnessed. Impak was then on called the Red Dragon.   But so was Galmar's Squad, which he began to form. The First Dwarven Squad, the Red Dragons. A group that was founded and trained for over two hundred years to fell this Dragon and take Ebreichzell. He found that Impak was dead... apparently Draconians do not live that long. They took Ebreichzell and even took Impak's remains, displaying them honorably as a man who was able to hold back even the mighty Dwarven Army.   They fought Bortan plenty more times, but that was hardly their most important battle. That came while the Red Dragons were still undergoing their training.  
Meiriris Nerifir by Jarhed

Elven Interference

The Elves first interfered under the command of their first Queen, Meiriris Nerifir. Meiriris was curious of these neighbors of hers and, having finally gotten her forces through the Elven Forest, she met the Dwarves in -1688.   She was scornful of these short, stocky creatures. She called them ugly and repulsive, to which King Vonron replied that the Elves were stuck up and only good for looking at. The two fought that day on the edge of their territories, and were both wounded in such a way that they could never fight again. Yet while Meiriris would die the next year from her wounds, Vonron lived for some time afterwards.   The Elves tried to invade Dwarven Territory, and they were successful. They wanted revenge for their Queen, and they would get it. But the Dwarves evacuated much of their territory, being able to fit most citizens in Ironforge where it was safe. And after the Red Dragons pushed through to get to Ebreichzell, another Squad was sent out to deal with the Elves. The Green Ghosts, founded in -1540. They did not drive the Elves out, instead going into the Forest and killing Elves there. Then, they hid in the trees and waited for the Elves to return from Dwarven Territory. That was when they ambushed them and killed the Elven invaders.  


It was during this time that Gnomes were created by the Goddess Fortuna. A chance opportunity, they found themselves also in Dwarven Territory. The Dwarves, however, were not exactly in the mood for hospitality at that point. They were dealing with wars from the Elves and Draconians, so seeing a new race pop up in their territory was not a sign of good luck to them like Fortuna thought it would be.   They persecuted the Gnomes in what is considered one of the greatest violations of Mortal Rights in the history of Totania. Camps were built to house them, where they were barely fed and were put in the line of fire to lure Elves out. When the Elves and Draconians were defeated, the Gnomes fled. By -1533, there were few Gnomes left in Dwarven Territory.   Since then, Dwarves have tried to make up for their sins to the Gnomes, which is why Gnomes are one of the few races that are liked almost universally by the Dwarves. They regret their past and want to atone in any way that they can.  
Dresmorlin Cobath by Jarhed

Other Squads

Over the next thousand years, the other Dwarven Squads would be founded. The original Green Ghosts General, Adkum, founded the Silver Angels to retire from fighting Elves. He just wanted to live back in his old home of Ironforge and protect it.   The White Wolves were founded to protect the Temple of Hadur and the Northern Border from Goblins in the North, while the Violet Vipers were initially meant to protect from Halflings. When Halflings were found to be peaceful, the Squad began to laze around and get rich for doing nothing. When other rich folk showed up, they began protecting them at least. This was an excuse to drink and relax with these rich people.   The Blue Devils were to protect the Dark Elves in their caves, as the Dwarves found them there. They learned that the Dark Elves had fled and teleported in with a Stemine. Two prominent Dark Elves, Chadzar Dalarune and Dresmorlin Cobath, both helped the Dwarves found this squad to protect them.   The Orange Phoenixes were made to study this Magic that was going around when the first Draconian Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial, showed up and started teaching at his Magic College. No one is sure when the Golden Automatons were founded, with many thinking that they just were blacksmiths that eventually became state sanctioned and work with the military, gradually becoming a Squad.  

Era of Strength, Power, and Humans

The Era of Strength as some Dwarves call it began with the seventh Grand Wizard Perzita Theldrar. Perzita travelled the globe, fighting strong people to prove herself and the Draconians. She was the first Draconians welcomed into Dwarven Territory with absolutely no hostile intentions, as the Dwarves treasured strength. So they fought her, and when their greatest warriors lost, they drank to her victory. She is believed to be the first Draconians to share a drink with a Dwarven King.   This Dwarven King was a man named Dalman. His story begins with a young Dragon named Narros the Adorable. Narros was learning to fly, being only twenty years old. A child in Dragon years. Still, he decided to try flying over Ironforge. While he was not large, he was still threatening. The Dwarves were protected from everything but above, and so they saw Narros as their greatest threat. A group of Dwarven Inventor brothers, Berryl and Barryl, made a catapult. But there was no one strong enough to use it.   Narros was taken down by this, crashing into a mountain and causing an avalanche. Dalman then asked the King at the time, Murkhom, to give him the army to finish Narros off. He did so, and was then elected as Prime Minister.  
Gellark Lionrage by Jarhed

Humanity Arrives

Gellark Lionrage, the first Human King, tried to foster positive diplomatic ties with the Dwarves. Dalman, now King, refused this. He did not trust these Humans, as Hadur advised him to hate the Humans. Hadur said they were not anyone to be friendly with, and Dalman agreed.   Dalman refused to let the Humans into his land, causing a skirmish. More battles were waged over villages the Humans tried to settle, and the Humans even drove Hobgoblins and Goblins into Dwarven Territory. Dalman led these forces against the Humans, but failed to defeat Gellark. From then on, Goblins and Hobgoblins were allowed to stay in the caves like the Dark Elves. Now the Dwarves were harboring Dark Elves, Goblins, and Hobgoblins from their foes, along with Deep Gnomes: The Gnomes who had stayed in Dwarven Territory when all others had fled.   It was after this that a project was started, called Project Black Boar. The Black Boars Squad was used to test out how to make a super soldier who could fight against someone like Gellark Lionrage. There was a success, called Corporal Ironforge, but he did not join the Black Boars. He paraded around for some time, fighting a single battle for the Dwarves before abandoning them to work for a Devil. After all, Corporal Ironforge owed that Devil a debt. He only survived the experiments as he did because the Devil had helped him.  

The Civil War Beginnings

King Lorvyn was taken into office around the same time a small battle occured in Ebreichzell. The General of the Red Dragons, Bromdrus, declared war on Bortan. He hated the peaceful Chief, Fepar Tilrak, and wanted to use that as leverage to take Bortan from the Draconians. Then, Ebreichzell would never be in danger again.   Ikkul Ravofarn, Draelmal Daxur, and Kicad Bavul fought against Bromdrus as Ikkul's classmates Ilifaren and Regular also joining the battle. Ikkul and Draelmal would be considered heroes for this battle, but the stars of the show were Kicad and Bromdrus.   Bromdrus was one of the most skilled Generals in recent history, being an incredibly skillful combatant. However, Kicad was just as skilled, and also potent in Magic. As a second year student, he was able to defeat Bromdrus. Yet he was a gentleman. He left Bromdrus alive.
Bromdrus by Jarhed
  When Ikkul became Chief of Bortan, he fought Bromdrus many times. Fellow Generals at the time were also stirring up trouble. Melmin, who had been General of the White Wolves now for hundreds of years, had founded Wolf Mail to spread propaganda. Thargrun of the Green Ghosts provoked the Elves with countless shows of strength, Nysnura of the Blue Devils began to antagonize even the Dark Elves, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Deep Gnomes. It was starting to become chaotic.   And worst among them all was Harbek, General of the Golden Automatons. Harbek wanted war more than anything else, getting a Jinn war machine named Ogonn Ha to try and help him in this. Ogonn went off to the Magic College and gained the will to defy Harbek, but Harbek still had plans in motion with the other Generals, the World Court, and Schmeelon Cunkuck to overthrow King Lorvyn.   It was the Grand Crowning that was when they pulled it off. General Peargrim of the Yellow Hornets killed Lorvyn and the Generals gathered under Schmeelon. However, Harbek suggested against following Schmeelon. He suggested instead that they all secede from the Dwarven Kingdom as their own nations. The Dwarven Generals liked this idea, but when asked what he would do about shared territory, Harbek attacked General Rotbrek and said he intended to go to war.   Zome, Lord of Red, a Dragon Lord, attacked the Generals and split them apart in Gansernfeld. Gansernfeld had once been Zome's nest, but he abandoned it because he didn't like it. it was then taken by the Dwarves.   Zome did not like how peaceful they were acting, and so decided to attack. Little did he know war was being declared, but that still likely wouldn't have stopped him. At that time, the Dwarves were reeling from the tragic crash of the Yùzhào, which was blamed on the Half-Orc Shatt Gunn, the Devil Ambition, and the Elves Imvis and Hadon. Ogonn Ha and his boyfriend Ha Kyung were also found to be accomplices of this group, and Harbek decided to share this blame so that Schmeelon would have no choice but to declare war on him for the tragedy.  
Peargrim by Jarhed



Dwarves can be any height from 3 feet tall to 5 feet tall. Though 5 foot tall Dwarves are fairly uncommon and strange, they are not impossible. These Dwarves could even, theoretically, blend in with Human society for a bit, as long as no one looks too closely at them, or tries to stab them/break their bones.   They are one of the shortest races, only being beaten out by Gnomes, Halflings, and Goblins. Even some small children of races like Humans and Elves grow to be taller than Dwarves by the age of about ten. With Draconian children, even an eight year old could crush a full grown Dwarf with their immense size if they were strong enough.  


Dwarven Skin is thick and tough to pierce. Due to this, if a Dwarf is ever seen with a cut, they are believed to have fought hard and won. Long-lasting scars are uncommon, but any Dwarf that has one is almost worshipped for surviving a hit that bad.  


Dwarven Bones are stronger and sturdier than those of any other race. They do not break easily, and support a much tougher frame. They are thicker than any other kind of Bone, even those of Orcs. Some Dwarven bones are even used in weapons, as they are that strong and durable.  


Dwarves can live to be upwards of 650-700 years old, which is a long time to live on Totania. Not all Dwarves live that long, of course, with many dying from smithing accidents, invasions, or wars. Still, those that do are revered for having more experience than others, and are often given positions of power and praise for living to be as long as they do.   Still, Dwarves do not like that they live on average less years than Elves, who live to be up to about 750-800. Many believe the Elves simply live this long to show off against the Dwarves.

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