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Ikkul Ravofarn


Ikkul Ravofarn was the Draconian Village Chief of Bortan, and one of the strongest mages of his generation.  


Ikkul was born to Licikuth and Istin Ravofarn in the Draconian Village of Bortan, while Bortan was still under the reign of Chief Clurjul Cayries.   From an early age, Ikkul was trained to fight. On his third birthday, his parents gave him a spear, which the young Ikkul named Dawnbreaker. His parents trained him for some time, teaching him how to use this spear. They only treated Ikkul well when he showed promise with his combat skill, so he always worked his absolute hardest to be the best figher he could be.  
Young Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed

Fepar Tilrak

At age six, Ikkul's parents insisted that the new Chief, Fepar Tilrak, take him in. Ikkul was strong, but they knew there was nothing they could do for him anymore. They had extended far beyond their range.   Fepar hesitantly agreed, unsure if he was fit to really raise a child. He had just married his wife, Ildid Tilrak, but they were unsure about children still. Ildid wanted one, but Fepar didn't think he could handle one.   When he first got Ikkul, he brought him to train. After all, that was what Fepar was told he would be doing. As they trained, he found that Ikkul was quite strong but was also fairly clumsy. He had little skill, seemingly only being trained to be strong. So Fepar did not fight against him, instead using their first training session to demonstrate on a target dummy, then having Ikkul try it.   After this training session, Fepar went to leave, saying he was going to ready dinner and they could eat it together. But Ikkul collapsed into his arms, crying. Fepar then heard the young Ikkul say,
"I didn't... I didn't know. I didn't know parents could care for their children like that. You didn't beat me just for training, you... you were actually nice. Why... why did my parents abandon me?"
— Ikkul Ravofarn
  Fepar raised Ikkul with care after that. He didn't push him in training, but as Ikkul got older, they did begin sparring a bit. Ikkul considered Fepar a father to him.  
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed

Joining the Magic College

Ikkul joined the Magic College in the year 516, heading off to Zephys with Fepar's blessing, where he joined the Class of 520. He almost didn't make it, as he had woken up late to get there. But with his strength, they were unable to turn him away.   There, he was already above most of the other students. There were only a few who stood even to Ikkul, those being then Chief of Ilder Otikul Nurdesh, a Korvian warrior named Gazer, and Marnis an aspiring Captain of the Elven Guard.  


Ikkul spent most of his first year with no friends. He did not exactly want them, as he was busy training. However, at around the halfway through their first year, the Wood Elf Ilifaren reached out to him for an offer that Ikkul couldn't refuse.   Ikkul had seen Ilifaren before. She was often someone who participated in border skirmishes, which Bortan had often with the Wood Elves. Still, Ilifaren said she had no intention of fighting against Ikkul, and asked if the two of them could come to an agreement. She knew he wanted to be Chief of Bortan, and he knew she wanted to lead the Wood Elves. If they worked together for peace between them, then they could focus on greater threats to their people.   Ikkul agreed and, in a way, made his first friend. However, it was not Ilifaren who he would have to spar against every year, as the Professors assigned them a sparring partner who they would stay with all four years. For Ikkul, this was the Nephilim named Aaldir.  
Aaldir by Jarhed
Aaldir was fairly unassuming. No one knew what he was capable of, and many assumed he was quite weak. It was only Ikkul who realized how powerful Aaldir was. If anyone in that class could stand even with Ikkul, it was likely Aaldir, for he hid the fact that he was actually the wielder of the Item Magic known as Shadow Magic.   Aaldir would always show that he could take Ikkul, but he refused to beat him. He wanted people to think that he was weak, so he always ensured that he would end up placed fairly low in the class ranking. Not the lowest, that was always Wileon Nimblemane. He entrusted Ikkul with his secret.   Ikkul did however find an actual friend eventually, the Yirthum Enchanter named Kicad Bavul. Kicad looked up to Ikkul as what he wanted to be, and therefore followed Ikkul around wherever he could. He would act cool in front of Ikkul, being a bit of a bully. Ikkul found him a bit annoying, but let him tag along. He liked having people to help him out.  

The Forest Fire

Ikkul was called by Ilifaren one day to help her. She said that the Elven Forest, where the Wood Elves lived, was being attacked by Dwarves. It had been lit on fire, and she didn't know any water mages. Therefore, Ikkul was her best bet as a Fire Mage.  
Ilifaren by Jarhed
As Ikkul got there, he found that some people had followed him. Kicad Bavul was one, and the other was Timar Forestarm, a Human Earth mage who didn't want the forest to burn, so he said he would help regrow anything that burnt down. Kicad was just there to watch.   As the three of them got there, Ikkul began to put out the fire while Timar tried to regrow the trees. Meanwhile, Kicad got separated from the group. The next thing they knew, lightning had struck in the forest. There was no proof it was him, but Ikkul knew that Kicad used Lightning Magic. Timar reminded Ikkul that Kicad was from the Village Yirthum, which was under the command of the High Elves. Odds are, the High Elves did not want to see the Elven Forest restored.   Ikkul told Timar to keep regrowing the forest. He had put out the fires in the first area, where Ilifaren had called them to. He could have stopped there, but before he rushed to Kicad he said,
"I have another fire to put out."
— Ikkul Ravofarn


Class of 520

Ikkul Ravofarn was a student in the Magic College Class of 520, a class called "The Monster Year" because of how many powerful people were in that class. Ikkul was not only powerful, but he even managed to stand atop that class as its valedictorian.  

Active Members

Some members of Ikkul's class are still alive. After some time, some of them did die, but there are still a fair amount alive. Here are the living members of the Class of 520.
  • Otikul Nurdesh- Chief of Dembar, Otikul is a man so old no one else has been alive long enough to say they knew Otikul when he was young and spry. He is also the user of Capture Magic.
  • Timar Forestarm- The Court Wizard of Humanity who believes that fate is a wheel that cannot be changed unless it is broken and replaced.
  • Olifla Darelor- A Human who was believed to have settled down to live a quiet life, she actually seems to have some mysterious connection with the World Court.
  • Jehlur Daka- While Jehlur was missing and presumed dead for nearly twenty years, his identity was discovered to the clown Klaus who resided in Alzirgos.
  • Marblum- A Dwarven Librarian who tries to stay out of trouble.
  • Gazer- One of the elite soldiers of the Korvian Etcher, the Twenty Immortals.
  • Marnis- One of the higher ranking members of the Elven Guard, Marnis is prone to destroying what he does not like. As a High Elven soldier, there are few things he does like.
  • Ilifaren- The leader of the Wood Elven tribe, known for her incredible luck.
  • Schmeelon Cunkuck- The owner of Vreslo and creator of the Hot Airship among other inventions, who desires to go to the Realm of the Moon to spit in the faces of the Gods.
  • Wileon Nimblemane- Schmeelon's less assuming business partner, who actually crafts most of Schmeelon's ideas into inventions.
  • Aaldir- A Nephilim with a mysterious past that even his classmates never learned.

Inactive Members

There are those in Ikkul's class who passed away in the time since they graduated. These students include, alongside Ikkul himself:
  • Kicad Bavul- Former Chief of the Village Yirthum, Kicad was a gifted enchanter and gentleman.
  • Tarthekar Padorim- Former Chief of the Village Ealla, Tarthekar was a Bard who wished for equality and a world without discrimination.
  • Regular- A Devil who wanted a normal life, but got involved with a terrifying man.
  • Arson- The Fire Jinn son of Adai the Honored, the former Fire Genie Lord of the Fire Plane.


As do all classes, the Class of 520 had staff members, a Magic Theory Professor and a Magic History Professor. There was something a bit strange about this group of Professors, though.
  • Conviction- Conviction was a Devil prosecutor who was rather hard on his students, though many believed he had a softer side that he hid from them. He taught at the Magic College after temporarily giving up his job as a lawyer in Hell.
  • Otikul Nurdesh- While he was a student at the Magic College in his own class, he was also a Professor and Chief. Some called it a conflict of interest, which is why an extra Magic History Professor was hired to help Otikul out.
  • Tiltish Durgaar- The extra Magic History Professor, who would teach in Otikul's place most times.
498 ME 547 ME 49 years old
Parents (Adopting)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red Scales
Kicad Bavul by Jarhed
Ikkul rushed to Kicad. He found him lighting the trees on fire, trying to destroy bits and pieces of the forest. Kicad said he was under orders of the Elven King to destroy enough of the forest that the Wood Elves would need to depend on the High Elves for aid.   Ikkul laughed and took out his spear, saying that he would stop Kicad at any cost. Kicad knew how strong Ikkul was, that was why he looked up to him. He wanted to yield, but he couldn't. The Elves would kill him, or not let him become Chief of Yirthum.   But Ikkul did not stab the spear into Kicad. Instead, he stabbed it into a tree, knocking the tree down and burning it with his Fire Magic. He did this for ten more trees before putting out the fires Kicad started, then he said,
"Tell them... you took eleven trees before Ikkul Ravofarn stopped you. Not the Wood Elves, you evaded them. They'll laud you as a dutiful servant, and know that I am a threat. Any time you need an excuse to betray them, look to me. I will grant you that strength."
— Ikkul Ravofarn
  Kicad would follow Ikkul for the remainder of the year. He couldn't believe that the man he had looked up to so much was willing to help him, willing to paint himself as a target for the High Elves for Kicad. So Kicad decided he would try and live up to Ikkul.  

Year Two at the Magic College

For their second year, the Class of 520 students got internships with more experienced mages, each paired up together in groups of two. Ikkul was luckily scouted by Fepar Tilrak again, who took in Ikkul to train him.   However, the other student at this internship was the Devil known as Regular. Regular did not want to train, as he said to Ikkul, he wanted to be a regular person. No one special. So instead of training, he helped out in the fields, did paperwork, and sat on the shore drinking tea. Ikkul was confused by Regular, but he had little care. He wanted to spend those years training.   Kicad was in Yirthum for his internship, where he would occassionally visit Ikkul in Bortan. For most of the time, though, he trained so that he could get on the same level. Ikkul didn't care too much, as he still considered Kicad to be a bit of an annoyance.  

Dwarven Conflict

Fepar avoided war at all costs, even trying to keep out of battle in general. He thought his power alone was a deterrant, but to Bromdrus, Dwarven General of the Red Dragons Squad of the Dwarven Army, it was not.   Ikkul went to the frontlines with some of his fellow students, the first year Urokris Erthar and the fourth year Draelmal Daxur.
Draelmal Ravofarn by Jarhed
Together, they fought against the Red Dwarves. Ikkul didn't know how strong the General would be and tried to fight him alone, but Bromdrus handidly defeated the young Ravofarn. He was only saved when Draelmal stepped in and got him out of there.   Ikkul was struck by her, not just by her deeds and beauty, but by her name. A Daxur, one of the noble families of Bortan. That was a name that could get him places.   Many noted that from then on, Ikkul would often talk about Draelmal. He seemed generally lovesick, though some wondered whether it was genuined or feigned.   Ikkul returned to battle Bromdrus later in the year. However, he was not alone. He asked for the assistance of some people, including the interns of Bortan like Urokris Erthar, Draelmal Ravofarn, and Regular. However, he also called on the help of two people he knew would answer his call: Ilifaren and Kicad Bavul.   With the help of those five, Ikkul once more attacked the Red Dragons at their home base in Ebreichzell. Urokris was placed at the helm of the attack, with Ikkul explaining this away as Urokris was currently the next choice to become Grand Wizard, so he should lead them. He was an incredibly competent soldier. However, Ikkul's other motive was to get close to Draelmal, which he couldn't do if he was leading the forces. Instead, he kept by her side.   When they confronted Bromdrus again, Regular and Urokris had gone off to fight other soldiers, Ilifaren had gone off on her own to steal Dwarven supplies for her Wood Elven people, leaving only Ikkul, Draelmal, and Kicad left to go up against Bromdrus.
Bromdrus by Jarhed
  The fight was difficult. Bromdrus was an amazing swordsman who seemed to dance around their attacks. Ikkul's brash and mindlessly brutish fighting style was nothing compared to him, it almost felt like Ikkul was fighting against Fepar himself.   The instant Draelmal was injured, getting cut by both of Bromdrus's blades, Ikkul left the remainder of the battle to Kicad. He took Draelmal to the Elven Forest, where Ilifaren had left some of the supplies she had stolen.   Ikkul tried to use these to heal Draelmal, but Ilifaren had not left enough. Ikkul wondered if he could get a bit further with Draelmal, that perhaps the Wood Elven village near Ebreichzell would have a healer. But he knew that was not the case. No one could help Draelmal. No one... but himself.   Ikkul knew Draelmal was resistant to flames. She was a Red Draconian, after all. So he would have less of a chance of hurting her with his magic, but he still didn't know if he'd be able to help. He had never learned healing magic. But he wanted to help in any way he could. To prove to Draelmal that he was someone worthy of her time, and more than that... he just wanted to save her.   He did so. His flames turned from ones that burned to ones that healed, not hot, but warm. They mended her wounds, and from that moment on, seeing the relief and adoration on Draelmal's face caused Ikkul to go down the path of learning healing magic. Of being able to help anyone. As he would go on later in life to say in one of his lessons to his children:
“The strongest warrior is not the one who can hit the hardest. They are the one who can help the most people.”
— Ikkul Ravofarn's Lesson #2
  This would go on to be known as the Dwarven Conflict, a small battle. The hero of this battle was not Ikkul, nor was it Draelmal, Ilifaren, Urokris, or Regular. It was, much to Ikkul's shock, Kicad Bavul. Kicad happened to also be a skilled swordsman, skilled enough to go toe-to-toe with Bromdrus. With his lightning, he continuously pumped electricity into Bromdrus until he was knocked out.   However, being a gentleman, Kicad did not kill the Dwarven General. Instead, he waltzed into the camp of Red Dragon soldiers carrying their general, plopped him in the infirmary and told them to heal him. Then, he walked out.  
Olifla Darelor by Jarhed

Too Little, Too Late

Ikkul now saw that Kicad was not annoying like he had thought. He was actually quite competent, which was something Ikkul could use to his advantage.   However, when they returned from their internships, Ikkul was never able to speak with Kicad. Kicad became quite popular, despite during his first year being a rather unassuming young man who lived in Ikkul's shadow. Now, he immediately started dating their classmate Olifla Darelor, a Human Bard. Kicad also became friends with Olifla's friend in their class, Jehlur Daka. It seemed he had left Ikkul behind for his own friends.   But Ikkul had Draelmal, at least. After healing her, Ikkul asked Draelmal out on a date. They didn't make anything official yet, but she accepted. However, before Ikkul was able to go on his date, an opportunity came up. A once-in-a-lifetime chance.  

Flight of the Century

For Ikkul's classmate, Schmeelon Cunkuck, offered a trip aboard his personal Hot Airship, the Yùzhào. It was the first run of the ship outside of tests, and Schmeelon asked his classmates to go.   Ikkul had a date he promised to go on with Draelmal, but he knew he couldn't pass up this opportunity. So he left a bouquet of flowers at her dorm and boarded the ship with some of his class. The others had listened to Wileon Nimblemane, the cohort of Schmeelon who helped build the Yùzhào, who said that it was too dangerous to travel in. Especially since Schmeelon intended to circle the globe with it.   The others onboard began with Kicad Bavul, alongside his girlfriend Olifla Darelor and her friend Jehlur Daka. That was part of why Ikkul wanted to go on this trip, to see if Kicad had truly abandoned him for Olifla and Jehlur. But that was still not the end of the passengers, as it also included Chief Otikul Nurdesh and Timar Forestarm, alongside of course Schmeelon and Ikkul himself.
Schmeelon Cunkuck by andreaspsillos4
  Yet there was an eighth member of the voyage. Someone who Ikkul had never even noticed was in their class. A Black Draconian with a mutation that made his face grotesque named Tarthekar Padorim. He was a dark mage, and more than that, he was a Bard from Ealla.   Ikkul was curious, thinking that perhaps Tarthekar would be his friend. Yet he saw Kicad making fun of Tarthekar, being a bit of a bully towards him. So Ikkul decided he would follow Kicad's lead. He, too, began looking down on Tarthekar, making fun of him at every turn. Ikkul hadn't noticed it, and likely neither did Kicad, but now he was following Kicad. The two of them had switched places.   The voyage was stressful. They were attacked by all sorts of pirates, criminals, and armies around the world. They were shot down once by the Kamejin, where the Kamejin army began closing in on them. Ikkul wanted to go fight them, to prove his strength, but Schmeelon refused to let them leave the ship. He didn't want them getting in trouble with the World Court. They had to stay on its good side, after all.   Still, those that did make it onto the ship were handled by either Ikkul or Timar Forestarm. Timar was the only person who really talked to Ikkul on the voyage, but he still was much closer with Kicad. Ultimately, Timar even noticed Ikkul's behavior and distanced himself from Ikkul, stating that his mentality was beginning to get unhealthy. If a friendship was not fated to be, it should not be forced.   Ikkul, however, hated fate, no matter what form it took. So he and Timar ended up fighting on the ship before they were stopped by Kicad himself, telling them to cut it out. The rest of the trip was fairly the same, but now the only one willing to talk to Ikkul was Otikul Nurdesh. An old man.   Ikkul refused to speak to him. He was always unsettled by the Chief of Ilder, and decided that he'd be better off keeping a distance from Otikul. So Ikkul was on watch for the ship, stopping any attackers before they could destroy it. It was shot down once more, but Ikkul was able to handle it so well that no one else needed to step outside.  
Helping the Orcs
There was one time that they actually landed. Schmeelon saw poor Orc Villages below them and decided to at least pretend to be charitable by helping them. When he walked into their Village, he was almost instantly killed. If not for Ikkul flying in and burning the Orc that tried to hurt him.  
Timar Forestarm by Jarhed
Ikkul helped convince the Orcs to stop fighting. He could tell that this Clan in specific was fighting a losing battle, as they described that the fight going on when they got there was an internal conflict caused by their constant defeat at the hands of the forces of Urd Grabad. Specifically there was apparently a female Orc named the Monster of Urd Grabad who was incredibly strong.   Ikkul told them it was best to not fight if it was a losing battle. It was better, after all, to preserve something than to lose everything.   Soon after this, the voyage ended. They returned to the Magic College just in time for their third year, where they would immediately go away again. This time, they went abroad. To the Southern Continent of Shafai.   But before he went abroad, he had to aplogize to Draelmal. He had collected gifts in the places they crashed or landed, and gave them all to Draelmal as an apology. She said she could forgive him, but she wouldn't forget it. He'd have to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. She'd be waiting in Bortan now, as she had graduated now.  

Studying Abroad

Ikkul had cared very little about his Professors. He didn't think much of lawyers, and he still did not trust Otikul. However, as they were abroad, Ikkul watched as any time the students were put in danger, Conviction would always toss himself in danger to save them.   There was a time where he did so when Olifla Darelor was about to be crushed by a large, sentient tree. However, Conviction jumped in the way, pushing Olifla out of the way but getting crushed instead.   Ikkul saw then how someone could save a life. How people could sacrifice their lives so easily to save another. But it was when Conviction came back that Ikkul was even more shocked.   Conviction used his Area Devil Ability, called "Great Revival" to bring himself back to life. It was a fairly good ability, where he could bring himself back from the dead on one condition. His death prior to revival had to have been his own fault, be it a murder he had spurred, an accident he had been involved in, or a suicide. He would always come back triumphantly.   He sat Ikkul down one day and said,
"One must not throw one's life away casually, nor must one treat their life with little kid gloves. One's life is meant for the world, dedicated to making it a better place. If you cannot do that, then you must find something else to dedicate yourself to. To live for something. For your own conviction."
— Conviction
  Ikkul spent his time abroad finding out what that conviction would be. What did he want? He was tired of following Kicad around, of being told he had some sort of unhealthy habit. He would go on the path that was right for him. The path Conviction had helped him down.   Ikkul realized what that would be. He wanted to be someone who would sacrifice himself, just like Conviction did, for the greater good. He wanted to take the brunt of everything, after he had seen so much suffering from above on the Yùzhào. He wanted to, in essence, save the world. Even if it meant he had to be the only one suffering, he would do it.   This mindset caused him to train harder that third year. Everyone was able to notice how he got stronger, how he protected them from the dangers of Shafai. He even managed to defeat a Nereid army who was on their trail, despite all the Nereids having Water Magic to counter Ikkul's Fire. It was Ikkul alone versus 100 magically adept Nereids Water Mages, and Ikkul still came out on top.
Tarthekar Padorim by Jarhed
  Kicad approached Ikkul then, as they left Shafai. On the boat trip back, Kicad complimented how Ikkul had been growing in the year since they had last truly spoken. The two caught up again, like old friends with nothing that had happened to split them apart. Ikkul laughed a bit talking again with Kicad. He enjoyed speaking with him, but he recalled now. Kicad truly was annoying. But Ikkul was happy to be annoyed again.   Then, the two of them looked around the ship and realized something. Someone was missing. Someone no one else seemed to notice. Or perhaps seemed to care about. Tarthekar Padorim, the Black Draconian that they had both picked on the year prior. The class had left him behind in Shafai.   After putting aside their differences, Ikkul and Kicad now decided they had to do it again. They had to rid themselves of the animosity of the prior year. The two of them had to save Tarthekar. So they flew back to Shafai off of the boat, where they found him tied to a tree surrounded by various creatures. They weren't sure who tied him there, but when Tarthekar was untied he claimed it was Olifla. Kicad's girlfriend.   The others refused to believe this. Olifla had no reason to want Tarthekar dead. Still, when Kicad asked her if she had done it, Olifla Darelor did not deny it. He broke up with her soon after. Kicad admitted to Ikkul that he had tried to ignore many of the strange things Olifla did, as he wanted to be a "gentleman." But when it comes to actually hurting someone who was innocent, Kicad could not just stand idly by. Still, there was some love he still had for her that made it difficult. Ikkul comforted him in the times after that.  

Final Year of College

The last year of the Magic College was fairly uneventful. Ikkul made sure of it. He wanted to dedicate it to three things: Establishing himself as Fepar's successor, beginning his four years of courtship with Draelmal, and training.  
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
He found himself in contact with some other people who were lined up to be Chiefs. This was his first step. Establishing relations. There was, of course, Otikul Nurdesh of Ilder. Ikkul still avoided him, though. He also didn't intend to speak to the supposed successor, a young child named Oraakil Mardaar. Ikkul considered that humiliating.   The others were simple. Kicad Bavul was poised to be the new Chief of Yirthum, though he was not officially appointed by the current Chief yet as the successor. He wanted to see still where Kicad placed in his class. The next Chief of Tamd was decided long before that, being Ilxar Nimphonker. The same could be said of Evity's Chief, Onkesh Tazwunak. Those final two were students in the Class of 522, two years younger than Ikkul.   Ikkul found himself making fun of Ilxar more often than anything, considering the alchemist to be a huge nerd. He did not have as fun of a chat with Onkesh. The two immediately hated each other, and rarely spoke more than a few sentences to each other before they had to be torn away.   The final Chief to be was that of Ealla. There were no candidates, as the Chief Sirlini Glirdog would always respond with a joke. However, anytime she did give a name, it would always be Tarthekar Padorim. People wondered if this was also a joke, but sure enough, it was true. Ikkul did not want to mend that relationship. He knew it was far too late to do so. He had done too much wrong against Tarthekar, even saving him in Shafai was not enough.  

The 520 Massacre

Ikkul was back at school on New Years Eve. He was celebrating with his class when they heard screaming. Many of them rushed to the source, only to find the Class of 521 had been slaughtered by the Grand Wizard, Drixodal Vortrin. All but one: Urokris Erthar.
Urokris Erthar by Jarhed
  Ikkul Ravofarn, Kicad Bavul, Ilxar Nimphonker, Onkesh Tazwunak, Tarthekar Padorim, Otikul Nurdesh, and another Draconian student in 522 named Yernok Caerxan were the ones to get there first and save Urokris. It was Ilifaren who escorted Urokris out of there, because the seven Draconians were stuck gazing at the scene before them.   The dead bodies, charred, with the Grand Wizard's blade piercing through his own stomach. He had realized how horrible his deed was and killed himself. And Olifla Darelor was also there now, playing a song she had composed upon seeing it. A song known as the "Grand Wizard Requiem." A song that showed the grief of Drixodal Vortrin, humanizing the great atrocity before them.   But the seven Draconians had other thoughts. Each of them had a radical change of heart seeing this tragedy. A new view of the Grand Wizard, and an idea of how they could fix it. To avoid the Grand Wizard was Yernok's idea, to destroy the title of Grand Wizard was Onkesh's, and many others had ideas of reform. No one knew what Otikul thought of it. He refused to comment. Whatever it was, he too had a change of beliefs like the rest of them after seeing Drixodal Vortrin.   Ikkul had never thought much of Vortrin before. As a matter of fact, he never met the guy. The Grand Wizard had, at that point, become a laughing stock. But Ikkul knew it could be more. After all, that was what he wanted to be. This only cemented that. He decided he would be the one to turn it around and save everyone.   He also realized, looking at the bodies around, what it had taken for him to come to this. So much sacrifice. Yet it would lead to the world being saved. Perhaps it would not just be him who would need to make the greatest of sacrifices. Perhaps he needed others whose lives he could throw at a problem. After all, if he died solving a minor issue, who would be around to save the world?  

End of Year Tournament

Ikkul swept through the end of year tournament. He wanted to fight Kicad at some point during it, to truly show him how strong he had gotten. But that was not to be.   First, he fought Aaldir. Aaldir put up an ok fight, not wanting to do well. Still, despite losing against Ikkul, Aaldir did make it far in the Losers Bracket before he lost again to Olifla.   Ikkul then fought Regular, who forfeited. He wanted to be a regular man, he couldn't get far in this tournament. That would defeat the purpose. So he lost in an average second round match, then losing instantly in losers bracket.   Next came Ikkul's next match, against none other than Olifla Darelor. He had no clue what her deal was, but he didn't care much. He would defeat her all the same. However, during the battle, she evaded his attacks enough to speak with him. To connect with him. She spoke of an offer given by the World Court, and while Ikkul was unsure at first, she showed him everything she was able to do. Ikkul was more convinced, but not fully. He was still able to defeat her, after all.   Ikkul then went three rounds against Timar Forestarm. A grudge match of all grudge matches, first he sent Timar to the Losers Bracket. Timar beat Otikul, sending him back to fight Ikkul again, where Timar won the battle. Finally, they were in the last battle. Ikkul Ravofarn versus Timar Forestarm, the battle for Valedictorian.   They let their grudge air itself out in this battle. Every hit was described as so visceral and real that the audience could feel it. Every cut, every gash, every burn, and every scar. These two men hated each other, and it showed. Ultimately, Ikkul triumphed and defeated Timar Forestarm. Ikkul graduated as the Valedictorian, though not academically. That was a tie between Otikul Nurdesh, Schmeelon Cunkuck, and Marblum.  

After Graduation

Ikkul graduated and returned to Bortan in 520 to complete his four years with Draelmal so they could get married. However, unlike how one usually is meant to, Ikkul did not dedicate his four years just to her.  
Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed
Often Fepar and his wife Ildid would join them as well for meals or other gatherings. Draelmal did not get much time alone with him. He seemed a bit distant. He rarely communicated with his friends like Ilifaren or Kicad anymore. He just trained.  

New Chief

After some time, Fepar was offered a position with the World Court. Fepar agreed, but knew he couldn't do much with them as the Chief. So in 526, he determined it was time to pass it on to Ikkul.   Ikkul was given the news just a week after Fepar left. The story of the Flame of Ilder. Otikul's village was destroyed. But Yernok Caerxan had founded a new one, and Otikul had plans to make another one as well.   Ikkul was unsure of what to do with this. How could he protect the world from things like this? Was he capable?  

Nalrik Tilrak

A year after becoming Chief, Ikkul was present for the birth of Fepar and Ildid's son, a Blue Draconian named Nalrik Tilrak. Ikkul loved Fepar like a father, and thus he saw Nalrik as family too. Not as a brother, but moreso as a son.   Fepar would visit for a few years with Nalrik, whenever he was not dealing with some kind of revolt. However, after three years, Fepar was running out of time to spare. In 530, he asked Ikkul to take care of Nalrik for him.   Ikkul gladly agreed, and brought Nalrik with him everywhere. He raised Nalrik like he was his own son, which Draelmal also agreed to. Still, she was not very happy with it. She wanted a child of her own. Someone to continue the Daxur line, even though she had taken the name Ravofarn.  

Evity Invasion

Ikkul had Nalrik, but it was not enough. He needed more children to raise, to fight for him. He didn't want Nalrik to be some expendable soldier. He loved Nalrik. It had to be someone else.   It is unknown how exactly he got the child Yilkin Nagil, who came from Ealla. However, the story of Coldrid Saxan is more known.
Onkesh Tazwunak by Jarhed
  In 530, soon after getting Nalrik, he took Nalrik to battle. Tarthekar and Onkesh had both recently become Chief, around the same time Ikkul did. They clashed heavily on many things, though the main one was the territory of Ilder. Onkesh claimed it to be Evity land while Tarthekar said it should be Eallan or Yirthum land.   Kicad Bavul, now Chief of Yirthum, refused to weigh in on the conflict. He had to listen to the Elves now, and they had a process that kept him from acting rashly.   Ikkul had no such process. He invaded Evity with his forces, and Nalrik strapped to his back, Ikkul encroached on Evity. He had two goals here: stop either of the Villages from gaining territory and get a child. He knew of one that was born a bit before Nalrik, who was already learning some necromancy. The son of Yirdel Saxan, an Evity warrior. Coldrid Saxan.   Ikkul fought against Evity, ultimately siding with Ealla in a way. He had a one-on-one fight against Onkesh, once more a fight that has been described as very bloody and hate-fuelled. Two Chiefs that despised each other and everything they stood for. When Ikkul defeated him and killed Yirdel Saxan, he took Coldrid. He also turned on Ealla to stop them as well. Then, it is believed he took Yilkin from Ealla, though the specifics are unknown.   Ikkul ensured that the land of Ilder belonged to neither of them. While Ilder no longer existed, he determined it would still belong to Ilder in the case it was settled again. Then, with his three adopted children, he went home.  

Raising Kids

Ikkul raised his children in two ways. The first was the raising of Nalrik Tilrak, as his successor. The way Fepar raised him. As his own son, whether he be blood related or not. He loved Nalrik with all of his heart, and wanted to protect Nalrik. He would not let Nalrik be sacrificed in the wars to come.   That was for the other children. He beat Yilkin and Coldrid every day, training them relentlessly. He would use his spear, stabbing through them when they failed. It was horrific, raising them to be weapons that fought and died for Bortan. For Ikkul's conviction. It was a sacrifice he was willing to take for the world he wanted. And for Nalrik.   He created a front, to distract from this. The Bortan Orphanage, where the children would be raised. The Chief would be in charge of this. He never expected that anyone would actually try and adopt them.  


It was Kicad Bavul who stepped in to save Yilkin. He adopted her, which Ikkul was fine with. He trusted Kicad's parenting. He would simply have to take her back later.   Little did Ikkul know, Kicad actually handed her off to someone who wanted to keep her away from Ikkul. Someone who would never let her fall into Ikkul's clutches: Timar Forestarm. Timar changed her name to Yethtith Nysythea and raised her with two other children, the Human Tothra Staz and the Devil Stranger.
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
  In the years that passed, it was just Ikkul, Nalrik, and Coldrid. Eventually, Coldrid also ran away. He was not adopted, but he ran. This was when Ikkul had his own child.   Draelmal told Ikkul that he couldn't name it Ravofarn. He had made too many enemies. He needed to name it Daxur so it would be safe. She'd claim it was the child of someone else in her family that died. This was helped by the gaining of another child to the orphanage, a baby named Narjeth Yelrath. A child from Dembar whose father had died to the Great Dip.  

Clash of the Titans

Before this, however, when Nalrik was still fairly young, news had reached Ikkul of Fepar's fate. He and Ildid had betrayed the World Court, freeing prisoners and killing some important persons. He even supposedly stole the item that granted Mind Magic. They were now the world's most wanted criminals.   Fepar returned to Bortan to get Nalrik back only a week later. He said Nalrik would be safest with him, but Ikkul refused. He saw Nalrik as his own son now. One he could not give into the clutches of a criminal.   It was also then that Ikkul revealed he had agreed to work with the World Court. The horrible deeds Fepar had only just learned of were things Ikkul was complicit in. Something he was helping with, thanks to the offer from his friend Olifla Darelor, one of the few members of his class he kept in contact with. He was the one that suggested Fepar to the World Court, because he wanted his mentor to join him. But now he saw Fepar was a traitor, both to his village, his ideals, and his family. So Ikkul tried to kill Fepar.   Fepar fled, leaving Ikkul with Nalrik. Though Fepar swore that one day soon, he would come back to get Nalrik and to stop Ikkul. He founded the Army of the Revolution to oppose the World Court.  
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed

Salasar Feaphed

Salasar Feaphed became Grand Wizard in 520. He offered an intellectual revolution, a renaissance for Draconian Territory. He was everything Ikkul hated. A man who fostered the new generation, all of them, into free thinkers. He even supported opposing ideas among classmates, though Ikkul knew how that ended up. He still hated Timar Forestarm.   Ikkul knew that there needed to be a stop to this. He often opposed Salsar's ideals, even refusing to pay taxes to Salasar as the Chief was supposed to do. Bortan became a village dedicated to opposing the Grand Wizard at this time.  


There were some times when Ikkul once more skirmished with Bromdrus. He sought rematches to live up to Kicad's duel with him, often winning. However, it was not always victory for Ikkul. Bromdrus still was quite skilled, enough to hold out against him. He was also tricky.  

Sending Nalrik Off

Ikkul sent Nalrik to the Magic College in 545 to join the Class of 549. He destroyed Nalrik's wall to wake him up just so he could make sure Nalrik wouldn't be late. After all, Ikkul had almost missed out on joining the Magic College because he was late.   The instant Ikkul sent him off, he regretted it. He missed him, but he couldn't call him back. He knew it was important for Nalrik to go there.  

Freeing Nalrik

He sent some soldiers out to look for Nalrik a week later, when he found out that he had gone missing. The soldiers were named Dareak and Coxinjarn. They found him inside of Camor, the Elven capital, where he was enslaved and being experimented on by the High Elven noble Jorwirn.   With the help of some other students, including his interns Rider and Pirum Kotate, Ikkul gathered a force of people to free Nalrik. People to invade Camor with. He would free his son no matter what.
Rider by Jarhed
  First he found some first years, Nalrik's friends. He wasn't sure why, but he figured these two were the ones who should help Nalrik. They seemed close in a way. A Human named Vodorn Susk and an Elf named Imvis. He destroyed a wall of the Eltan Mansion to get them.   Then, he went to the one person he always could count on. Kicad Bavul. He forced Kicad to help him, as he knew Kicad would have a way to get to the Elves. With him, he found two students, one being an intern of Yirthum and the other being his twin sister, Kamil and Kaiyana Gilrel.   With this group, he invaded Camor. Vodron, Imvis, and Kaiyana immediately found him, but Ikkul was distracted when Pirum Kotate was killed by the Captain Commander of the Elven Guard, the highest ranking Elven soldier, Narkard.   Ikkul fought against Narkard over Camor as Kamil and Rider fought his soldiers and Vodron, Imvis, Kaiyana, and Nalrik battled Jorwirn. Ikkul trusted them with the battle as he tested his combat skills against Narkard. He overpowered Narkard, but Narkard was far more skilled than Ikkul. He was able to keep pace with Ikkul at all times, until Ikkul finally fled with everyone he came in with.  


Some people passed through Bortan the next year. Students of the new Class of 550. One of them was the adopted son of General Harbek, a Jinn named Ogonn Ha. A war machine in a giant metal suit.   The other was a Half-Elven girl, rather shy, but someone Ikkul knew could be strong. After all, she was Olifla Darelor's daughter, Lorakaen Darelor. Ikkul passed some wisdom onto them as they came in and out to get to the Magic College.  

Chief Crisis

Ikkul would then go on to take Nalrik and Imvis in as interns the next year. The other Chiefs all took in students that year as well, as per Salasar's request. However, Salasar did not know what they were planning. All of the Chiefs, almost the instant they returned to their villages, declared it on Salasar. A war to kill each other and him and usurp his throne. A war to become the next Grand Wizard. A Chief Crisis.
Imvis by Jarhed
  However, as Ikkul went to fight, a force appeared in the sky to stop him. A man who had sworn he would do so and take back Nalrik. For in the year 546, Fepar Tilrak returned to Bortan.   He attacked Ikkul, but when Nalrik stepped in the way, he fled, promising to return again. He continued getting in Ikkul's way whenever he tried advancing on Salasar's position. He would not let anyone die to Ikkul's twisted goals.   Ikkul, meanwhile, wanted to keep Nalrik safe. He continued training him as he sent the other interns to deal with the forces of Evity, which constantly attacked Bortan. Until Ikkul received word of Evity being placed in a ring of fire. A trap set by Regular. Whether he knew it or not, Regular was helping Bortan once more.  

Going for Help

Ikkul eventually got frustrated by Fepar and sought aide from the World Court with Draelmal by his side. They were, after all, his benefactors. They had suggested he begin the Chief Crisis, and had likely done the same for the other Chiefs. What their reasoning was did not cross Ikkul's mind. He just wanted to be Grand Wizard to make peace.   There, he found Olifla's home, and stopped by for tea. Her husband Reliran and Ikkul's wife Draelmal had little to say to each other, but were confused how the two knew each other. Draelmal didn't remember that he had met Olifla before in class, as she was rather unassuming.   Then, Ikkul met with the Judges, as well as their enforcer. The Halfling known as Linfire.
Linfire by Jarhed
The Judges told Ikkul they had no further use for him, and that they would dispose of him now. After all, they had a better option now.   Linfire used his Binding Magic to keep Ikkul and Draelmal in place, then cleaving Draelmal in half.   Draelmal had no idea why Ikkul had done any of this. She didn't know he was with the World Court. She was a bit worried why he did this, but it didn't matter. Her final words to him were:
“No matter your reasons, for any of this… I still love you, Ikkul.”
— Draelmal Ravofarn
  Ikkul was enraged, but he couldn't deal with this. He flew away, back to Bortan, where he found Fepar attacking his intern, Cofle Riverriver. Cofle was Pirum's replacement, sent by the World Court. She was the World Court's puppet, as Fepar said, and she needed to die.   Ikkul did not let this happen. He instead sent Cofle off to Zephys, where he said she should warm Salasar up to fight him. He then told her to die there. That was her purpose.   Ikkul was about to fight Fepar when Nalrik arrived. Ikkul called on Nalrik to help him in this battle. To help defeat Fepar Tilrak. Nalrik was unsure of what to do, but ultimately he agreed. He didn't want his fathers to fight.   The battle was rough. Ikkul was not on the level of Fepar, but he was close. Nalrik was behind, but Fepar refused to attack him. Nalrik was his son. Fepar's only target was Ikkul, the one he thought was his son. The son who betrayed him.  

Tsar Bomba

Fepar explained to Nalrik what Ikkul had done. Betraying him, siding with the World Court. Ikkul did not deny it, instead attacking Fepar again. He said he did it all for Nalrik, that all of this was for Nalrik because Nalrik was his son. He loved Nalrik more than anything in the world.   He could not defeat him, though. Fepar was too strong. So instead, he used his ultimate spell. One he had planned to use on Salasar.   Tsar Bomba. He stabbed himself in the chest with his spear, creating a nuclear explosion that began to engulf Bortan. But it did not hurt Nalrik. His love was in that explosion, and those he loved couldn't be hurt by it. But he didn't realize there was still love for Fepar. For his father. So Fepar, too, was immune. All that wasn't was Bortan, the village he had worked so hard to build up.   It was contained by Fepar, as well as a former Bortanian named Ordoth Mardaar. Ikkul was on his last legs, and Fepar allowed him to say goodbye to Nalrik before he went.   Ikkul gave Nalrik one final hug, once more saying how much he loved Nalrik. He didn't want him to forget that. Nalrik worried about being like Ikkul or like Fepar. But Ikkul didn't want him to think about that. So his final words to Nalrik were as follows:
“I have one, final lesson for you, Nalrik. Never let one person shape who you are. I would love for you to take on my teachings, my goals. But you needn’t become me. Always, and forever, you are Nalrik Tilrak.”
— Ikkul Ravofarn
  With that, he fell to the ground, out of the hug, and died. Something that would scar Nalrik for a long time. His father dying in his arms because he was killed by his other father.  
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed


Coldrid Saxan revived him a year later with Necromancy. Coldrid had become Chief of Evity and wanted to use Ikkul to deter Nalrik from fighting.   Ikkul, however, had different plans. He was forced to fight Nalrik, but during this he tried to Tsar Bomba Ealla. However, Nalrik stopped him with his own counterattack. Reverse Tsar Bomba, known as Castle Bravo. A lightning cage that could contain Tsar Bomba.   Ikkul was proud of Nalrik. He was dying again now, as Coldrid stopped controlling him. But he gave Nalrik one last hug. He didn't want to fall out of Nalrik's arms this time. He wanted to give him a final hug.
"I hope to never see you again, my son."
— Ikkul Ravofarn
And he healed Nalrik's wounds for the fight ahead, then falling dead once more.  



It is unknown where Ikkul's body ended up after being resurrected and killed again. Some worry it is still out there, usable by future necromancers while others say it was destroyed. The good news is, only a very skilled and powerful necromancer could revive him.  


Ikkul was straight, having a wife. Some say he only had this wife so that he could have a child and heir, but others dispute this due to his favoring of his adoptive son.   Ikkul was faithful to his wife, never cheating and is believed to have never even been with another woman. Still, one would not call theirs an ideal relationship.   There are people who knew Ikkul, however, who questioned his relationship with Kicad Bavul. The "Unhealthy Obsession" as Timar Forestarm once put it has led some to question whether the feelings between the two were ever more than platonic. If so, this paints a much different picture of Ikkul's sexual and romantic preferences.  


Ikkul was a firm believer in Phrixus. He made a pilgrimage there at a young age, and afterwards he would pray to Phiruxs every time he was about to go into battle, and he would also pray for those he killed.   He taught all of his kids his religion, not wanting the worship of Phrixus to die out despite no other village primarily worshipping Phrixus anymore. He would impart on them how important it was for Phrixus to remain in the hearts of Draconians.  

Physical Condition

Ikkul was fifteen feet tall, the largest a Draconian can get. Not only was he gigantic, but he was also incredibly muscular and covered in tough scars that were difficult to pierce.  


Ikkul turned down personal wealth, as he was offered the position of a noble. However, he still had quite a bit of many due to marrying the noble Draelmal Daxur. He lived humbly, not caring much about his vast wealth. When he died, this money was split between his real son Cracul Daxur and his favorite son Nalrik Tilrak.  

Social Life

Ikkul had some friends at the Magic College, his best ones being Kicad Bavul and Ilifaren. Later in his time there, he was friends with Olifla Darelor and even to an extent Tarthekar Padorim, though he always looked down on Tarthekar.   Timar Forestarm was his greatest rival, though Onkesh Tazwunak, Salasar Feaphed, and Bromdrus were up there as well. Of course, this is not including his mentor, father, and mortal enemy, Fepar Tilrak.  


Ikkul had a wife named Draelmal, and many children. One real child, Cracul Daxur, and four adopted, Narjeth Yelrath, Yilkin Nagil, Coldrid Saxan, and Nalrik Tilrak. He favored Nalrik over even his own son, treating the rest as weapons or tools to be used and discarded.  


Ikkul Ravofarn was an incredibly powerful combatant. His skill was not on the level of his teacher, Fepar Tilrak, yet as he was taught by Fepar, he was still quite skilled. His physical power made up for that, allowing him to overpower most opponents.  


Ikkul Ravofarn had Fire Magic, as well as an Impossible Magic variant known as Explosion Magic. With it, he could make large explosions.   Only one named spell is known:
  • Tsar Bomba- Ikkul stabs himself in the chest, creating a nuclear explosion that can span an incredibly large radius and kill anyone Ikkul does not love.

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