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Yirthum is the Draconian Village of Enchanters, known coloquially as either "The Enchanting Village," "The Weak Village," or "The Elven Village."   Yirthum is the product of the Great Draconian Migration in -797 that happened when Zephys was opened to the public by the first Grand Wizard Kilprax Ildial.   Generally there are two major populations in Yirthum: The Draconians and the Elves. It is a puppet state of the Elven Kingdom of Camor and, thus, is subject to its rules, houses its people, and is patrolled by the Elven Guard, the military of the Kingdom. Still, their nobility and Chiefs are moreso part of the Draconian government, they just need to answer to the Elven King, Queen, and Captain Commander.   It does not have an official religion, but there are three religions worshipped most notably. Starting at the top, most commonly is Helle, the Dragon Goddess who created the Draconian people. Next is Selene, the Elven Goddess of Greed who is pushed by the Elven residents. There is a small minority who worships Helle's brother and rival, the Dragon God of Justice Phrixus. Phrixus worship is not banned but is often mocked by the non-Phrixus worshippers of Yirthum.  


In the year -797, a man named Kilprax Ildial sent a message to the four existing Draconian Villages: Bortan, Evity, Ealla, and Tamd. He revealed he had been studying for over a thousand years with Kath the Eternal and that he was opening the Magic College to pass this knowledge along.
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed
  This led to a large population of each village moving in anticipation of this, an event known as the Great Draconian Migration.   They settled beneath the Magic College, which was a floating structure, in a city that became known as Zephys. However, Zephys soon became overcrowded, and was not proving to be as fruitful as they or Kilprax wanted.   Kilprax Ildial noted that the four Villages still held immense power and influence among the people. If he was going to truly lead them, he needed an insider. A Village that would always be loyal to him and Zephys.  

The Five Nobles

There was a man who settled in Zephys, and it was said he was the only one to figure out Kilprax Ildial's true plan. He had no intention of opening the Magic College up to the people who moved in the Migration. He wanted them to know of it and raise a generation that could instead grow up knowing of and getting ready for the Magic College. This man was Accith Durzire.   Accith approached Kilprax and told him of the plan. Of course, Kilprax was already aware of his own plan, but when the Smartest Man in the World finds out that someone saw through him, it ruffles a few feathers. But he was waiting for someone like Accith.   Kilprax began a plan to unite the Draconians with a simple move. He named five families to be the first nobles of the people, as an incentive to unify under his rule. Four of them were the families of the current Chiefs of every Village. For Bortan, it was Daxur. For Tamd, it was Nurdesh. For Ealla, it was Kiljhan. For Evity it was Vorsashi.   Yet the fifth noble was Accith and his family of Durzire.   Many were confused at who Accith was and if he was meant to be the nobility of Zephys. Kilprax denied this and said:
"No, I am the nobility of Zephys. This is Yirthum."
— Kilprax Ildial
This was the first public mention of Yirthum. Only a scarce few knew what it was at the time. Those were the people who had already begun construction of the new village.  
Accith Durzire by Jarhed

Creation of the Village

In a fertile land on the southern coast of Draconian Territory, east of Zephys but west of most other villages, Accith Durzire had traveled with Thempith Thampoc to scout the land, and then they worked together to help build it.   People began to flood in from Zephys to move to Yirthum, while others from other villages who had begun studying enchanting also decided to go to Yirthum. With Kilprax's help, it was built up to be a glittering village known for its beauty and wealth.   After all, Kilprax wanted to keep the wealthy and powerful under control.  

The Magic College

In -777, Kilprax opened up the Magic College to a group of 16 students. People flocked from all of the Villages to attend, with 2-3 young mages from every village (and the city of Zephys) being accepted.
Laarthan Durzire by Jarhed
  Accith's daughter, Laarthan, was among this group. Two others from Yirthum were allowed in: Vurnush Jinyax and Satrin Myathuluc.   Satrin Myathuluc is considered by many historians to have been allowed in as a pity. In a way, he was meant, some suggest, to make the other students look better.   Laarthan, meanwhile, was gaining reputation as a powerful mage and quickly became the most skilled enchanter in the lands.   Her blade, Laarthan's Longblade, quickly became hailed as the greatest treasure of Yirthum, a sword that could emit blasts of red light to push targets away or pull them closer as the user desires.  


Satrin Myathuluc allied closely with a man named Tobor Tuldad, a White Draconian from Ealla who hated how the other students were performing so well in class. Tuldad was even weaker than Myathuluc, a laughing stock of Draconian territory whose sole purpose in the class, it seemed, was to be bullied for his lack of power.  
Satrin Myathuluc by Jarhed
When the class graduated with Myathuluc in 15th and Tuldad in 16th, the two had no choice but to flee Draconian territory. They were constantly berated by the people, and so they fled to Camor where they met with King Arazion Nerifir of the Elves.   Laarthan Durzire, at the same time, became the second Chief of Yirthum, after her father Accith, the first Chief, had ruled for 24 years.  

Draco-Elvish War

In -740, a war broke out between Arazion Nerifir of the Elves and Kilprax Ildial of the Draconians, with their subjects joining them. This war was spurred on by Elnahil Shirno, an Elf who wished to attend the Magic College, but was denied simply because he was not a Draconian.   Elnahil and Arazion were joined by the Elven Army, but more than that, they had Tobor Tuldad and Satrin Myathuluc on their side. However, Yirthum had an Elven force on their side that wanted to stop Arazion: The Scarlet Host.
Queen of the Scarlet Mist by Jarhed
  The Scarlet Host was led by the Queen of the Scarlet Mist, Arazion's sister Macvara who was killed by him so he could take her throne. Vurnush Jinyax had been up in Dwarven Territory where he found the crown in a river, giving it to Kilprax Ildial who brought it to Yirthum and to Laarthan Durzire.   The Queen of the Scarlet Mist was happy to fight the Elves, and Yirthum thus had an enchanted army of bloody Wraiths to help them.  

Loyalty Pays

Yirthum was the only village to not doubt Kilprax or his orders at any point in the war, meaning Kilprax was always present helping them out in battles, especially towards the beginning.   Even as Captain Commander Wallis Nalo and future Captain Commander Arandon Vonar attacked, they were unable to overpower, only sometimes outstrategizing the Yirthum forces.
Captain Commander Wallis Nalo by Jarhed
  Wallis Nalo had his greatest challenge when it came to Yirthum and their tactical use of Kilprax Ildial, the Scarlet Host, and Laarthan Durzire's impressive might.  

Fall of Yirthum

Yirthum was left behind when Kilprax started working more with the other villages during the war.   Thus Wallis Nalo was able to capture at and, though Satrin Myathuluc dealt the final blow, kill Laarthan Durzire.   With this, it marked the end of the War. Not truly, the war still continued for a time, but it was the final stage. Yirthum, the central location in Draconian Territory and Kilprax's great symbol, had been taken.
Crimras Thampoc by Jarhed
  Crimras Thampoc, son of Yirthum's co-founder Thempith Thampoc, was the first to greet them. With hunched back, he created a flame which he used to surround them and give them what he called:
"The warm greeting of Yirthum."
— Crimras Thampoc
For this, he became known as "The Bootkisser." He handed Yirthum over to the Elves and even greeted them. This later would become the Thampoc's job, greeting newcomers and warning citizens with sandwiches.

The Notable Figures and Families of Yirthum

Yirthum was founded to help foster loyal nobles, and even after being kept down by the Elves prominent figures and noble families have popped up in its midst. The families and figures are as follows.   Durzire (Yellow Draconian)- The founding nobles of Yirthum, the Durzires have always been a family closely tied to Zephys and the Grand Wizard.
  • Accith Durzire- Accith Durzire was the founder of Yirthum, one of the first Draconian nobles, a prominent enchanter, and a close ally of Kilprax Ildial. He became the first Chief of Yirthum.
  • Laarthan Durzire- Daughter of Accith Durzire, Laarthan was part of the first Magic College class, graduating 7th in the class of -773. She succeeded her father as the second Chief of Yirthum and fought in the Draco-Elvish War, dying to former classmate Satrin Myathuluc.
  • Thalmejis Durzire- The 63rd Grand Wizard, appointed by the nobility to soothe problems after the 520 Massacre, Thalmejis was the final Grand Wizard of the Grand Wizard Struggle, sacrificing his life to Salasar Feaphed in 530 and then being truly killed by Otikul Nurdesh to start the Coup of Zephys 20 years later.
  • Kaeyafrin Durzire- Daughter of Thalmejis, Kaeyafrin was not a powerful mage, but used Burnout to defend Zephys during the Chief Crisis, particularly remembered for the Battle of the Birdcage.
  Thampoc (Orange Draconian) The Thampocs are said to be the first ones to have bowed their heads to the Elves when they took over Yirthum, and have since been appointed as the central noble family of Yirthum for their loyalty. They serve as lookouts and sandwich makers for Yirthum.
  • Thempith Thampoc- A co-founder of Yirthum, Thempith was recruited by Accith Durzire. However, he did not get the credit he wanted for the founding.
  • Crimras "The Bootkisser" Thampoc- After being raised to help his father get credit for founding Yirthum, he surrendered Yirthum to the Elves when Satrin Myathuluc took control.
  • Dripnoral Thampoc- One of the technical founding members of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, he was a noble who wanted to keep peace so the Elves would be uninterrupted by the Draconians. When the Elven Civil War began, he handed Yirthum back over to the Elves and threw away his peaceful sentiment towards the other villages, participating in the Coup of Zephys.
  Myathuluc (Brown Draconian) The family that betrayed Yirthum initially, the Myathulucs never became nobles, as they serve only as a sign of what Yirthum should be for the Elves: Weak.
  • Satrin Myathuluc- One of the first students at the Magic College, Satrin got 15th place in a class of 16 students. He was considered the epitome of weak and fled to the Elves for help, participating against Yirthum in the Draco-Elvish War and taking over Yirthum as its third Chief.
  Bavul (Blue Draconian) The Bavuls were not a prominent family for most of history until they became the central force that showed Yirthum was not just subserviant to the Elves nor was it just weak. They were a showy family who imbued revolutionary spirit in the village.
  • Kicad Bavul- The flashy Chief of Yirthum who led it into the Chief Crisis and was the final death of the Elven Civil War, Kicad became a symbol of Yirthum's independent spirit and its greatest strength: its flashiness.
  • Laltel Bavul- Kicad's son, Laltel Bavul was one of the six Bortanian Orphans raised by Nalrik Tilrak to succeed the leaders of SETO.
  Eltan (Blue Draconian) A family that built itself up from the ground, marrying into the Questus family of Ealla and then gaining a wealth of its own through smart decisions made by the founder of its noble line, Jargar.
  • Jargar Eltan- The first noble Eltan, Jargar gained his own wealth, becoming one of the richest men in Draconian Territory by the time he was 16, he joined the Noble Council at 18 only a year after becoming a noble. He became Chief of Yirthum and led it through the Elven Civil War, supporting Yirthum's independence, Draconian Unity under the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, and Half-Elven rights.
  Hiziros (Green Draconian) A weak family of mages who rarely held historical importance.
  • Kualmandac Hiziros- Nearly killed for his weak magic, Kualmandac was saved by Jargar Eltan and became his butler. Kualmandac always sacrificed whatever he could to help Jargar and all the residents of his mansion, whom he saw as his own children.
  Jinyax (Red Draconian) One of the families known best for the early days of Yirthum, who have faded into relative obscurity. They are generally considered some of the best blacksmiths in Draconian territory.
  • Vurnush Jinyax- A student who attended the first Magic College class of -773, Vurnush Jinyax did not participate in the Draco-Elvish War. Instead, he fled to Dwarven Territory when the war broke out and sought refuge with them, training and mastering smithing before returning to Yirthum after the war.
  Taldis (Blue Draconian) An enchanting family known best for their Grand Wizardship.
  • Brenvorth Taldis- The 6th Grand Wizard, Brenvorth Taldis is famous for being the only Grand Wizard to resign, as he feared dying to Perzita Theldrar and so willingly gave up his position to her.
  Narakas (White Draconian) A family of Phrixus worshippers known for being closer to Bortanians in their ideals.
  • Crordoth Narakas- The 60th Grand Wizard, Crordoth is known best for being killed by the group of Goblins known as the Monions.
  Clolith (Yellow Draconian) Immortalized as a family of pizza-makers, the Clolith family had little prominence before and after their Grand Wizardship, but enjoyed a short period of fame.
  • Faervroth "The Pizza Man" Clolith- Became the 10th Grand Wizard after discovering the spell Disintegrate in the library while delivering pizzas.
The Thampocs became a noble family when Kilprax Ildial was killed and Tobor Tuldad was installed as a puppet Grand Wizard for the Elves. To fully weaken Draconian nationalism and unity, Yirthum became a puppet state of the Elves. Arazion knew that it was what had brought them together and that a non-Draconian controlled Yirthum would break them apart.  
Vurnush Jinyax by Jarhed
Yirthum grew fancier under Elven control, but it also grew weaker. The Elves knew Yirthum could produce powerful people like Laarthan Durzire and so they wanted them and what they represented as the central people of the Draconians to be weak. Therefore, Yirthum under Satrin Myathuluc, with the Chief as the example, became known as the Weak Village.  

Jinyax's Journey

Vurnush Jinyax, one of Laarthan and Satrin's classmates, had not remained in Yirthum during the Draco-Elvish War. Instead, he had gone to Dwarven Territory during the War of the Beards.   Jinyax had grown a skilled enchanter, but he was not Laarthan Durzire. He wanted a way to stack up and so he studied Dwarven smithing.   Eventually, he returned to find his home in shambles under the control of the Elves. He created a smithy where he could make weapons, naming it "The Grave of Laarthan."   The Elves thought this was meant to mock his former classmate, but in truth Vurnush wished to honor her and keep that smithy named as such as a sign of rebellion. A sign of Dwarven and Draconian culture in what they tried to make Elvish. A sign that the Elves may control the land, but the hearts of the people still lied with Laarthan Durzire, Kilprax Ildial, and the unified Draconian people that had gathered beneath the banner of Yirthum once-upon-a-time what seemed to be a long time ago.   It was outside of the Grave of Laarthan smithy that Satrin Myathuluc's body was found. They say that his body was thrown into the forge so that it could be made into some form of strength when the only previous mark he had made before was of weakness. No one knows how he died, though it is certain he was killed by a Kilprax Ildial sympathizer.  

Chained Autonomy

Wiscys Nicandir, the Witch Grand Wizard and the fourth person to hold the position, put laws in place to grant more autonomy. Yirthum did not benefit as well from this, if anything suffering more as it meant the Elves had more control over them.   This was lessened, though, when the fifth Grand Wizard, the necromancer Nawunax Valdacmith, took over. Nawunax took control of the Villages once more, allowing for the people of Yirthum to asssimilate more back into Draconian society. However, he was hated, and for that, a spell was created to destroy him so he could not return.   This spell was called Disintegrate.
Brenvorth Taldis by Jarhed

The Enchanting Grand Wizard

Brenvorth Taldis was born in Yirthum in -244. He studied enchanting for some time, then learning combat training in Bortan and even some bits of Bardic Practice in Ealla.   He was happy to have this freedom to travel the Villages, a freedom that he would not have had if he was born under Wiscys Nicandir's rule because the Elves had a tighter grip on Yirthum. Yet Taldis had no great love for Valdacmith, just as little as he had for Yirthum under its Elven rulers.   So Taldis moved to Ealla, which was a village that Valdacmith had been making sure did not get proper funding during his reign. Taldis fought for its people and officially disowned Yirthum, saying it was better that no one think he was ever from there. Then, no one would consider him weak.   In -169, Nawunax Valdacmith was destroyed by the spell disintegrate and the spell was locked away. The Noble Council had to choose who would replace Nawunax, and they all decided it had to be someone who was not as strong. Someone who would fall to their will when they wanted them to. So, they decided it would be Brenvorth Taldis, from the Weak Village of Yirthum.   Taldis never learned why he was appointed. If he did, he likely would have done more to prove his strength. Instead, he continued to try and stop the spread of Elven influence in Draconian Territory. He tried to break Yirthum from Elven control, but was unable to do so. It was not so easy to defy the Hero King Guldin Nerifir.   So Taldis switched his strategy. He disowned Yirthum, claiming that if the Elves want it so much, they should take it, and he tried to have a village founded between Yirthum and the Elven Forest to not only cut Yirthum off from the Elves, but also to keep Draconian Territory connected. However, Guldin Nerifir intercepted the settlers and killed them before they could found what Taldis wanted to be the new Yirthum, what he intended to call "Slacce."   Taldis would hear word of Perzita Theldrar, a Bortanian Draconian who had been going around fighting every powerful opponent she could. She sent a letter saying her intention of challenging him for the position of Grand Wizard, and Taldis knew that this would be his end. So, when she arrived, he bent a knee and said:
"I resign. If you wish to be Grand Wizard, please, I invite you to take my title, but take not my head. I have achieved less than I wanted. Please, allow me the chance to live on and see my ambitions to their end."
— Brenvorth Taldis
  Perzita agreed, disappointed but happy. What Taldis did afterwards was overshadowed by the people who mocked him for being the only Grand Wizard to resign. He was killed on the streets of the Human capital city of Nerodil by an unknown assailant and never freed his people despite his best efforts. His affiliation with Yirthum was made public only after his resignation.  
Faervroth Clolith, the Pizza Man by Jarhed

The Pizza Man

After the Grand Wizard Struggle began, many Draconians searched for a power that could easily get them into the title of Grand Wizard. However, there was one man who was doing something else.   A Yirthum pizza delivery boy named Faervroth Clolith was delivering pizza to 9th Grand Wizard Qelbor Vammush when he stumbled in the library of the Magic College and found a hidden book. This book detailed the spell mentioned earlier that killed Nawunax Valdacmith: Disintegration.   Clolith studied this spell, using it to kill Vammush and usurp his place. Clolith then founded a chain of pizza places around Draconian territory, centralized in his home village of Yirthum. Some say he did this to further Yirthum's culture separate from the Elves.  

Struggle Grand Wizards

Yirthum had plenty of Grand Wizards during the Grand Wizard Struggle, though few are very notable. There's the 28th Grand Wizard, Myilthusuc Faerbor, who reforged the Flame of Bortan, but then claimed to be Bortanian and left Yirthum like Brenvorth Taldis.   There is also the 60th Grand Wizard, Crordoth Narakas, who was killed by a group of paper Goblins made by Art Magic known as the Monions. Some say this was the beginning of the end of the Grand Wizard Struggle, though others say that would not be until the 62nd Grand Wizard, Drixodal Vortrin.  

The Flashy Chief

Born in 498, Kicad Bavul attended the Magic College in the Class of 520. He befriended Ikkul Ravofarn, who he looked up to and tried to emulate.
Kicad Bavul by Jarhed
  More than that, though, Kicad had grown up hearing that Yirthum was the Weak Village, and he would be told that he could never amount to anything because of that. It did not demoralize him. Instead, watching Ikkul, it inspired him to try and be like that.   Kicad developed a philosophy that has stuck with Yirthum ever since he said it first to Fleat Pteethtack:
"Don't be afraid of the end, my boy. All things end. If you don’t want pain when it’s all said and done… you just need to make the end flashy. Bare your soul to the world, because, in the end… there’s nothing to lose."
— Kicad Bavul
Kicad turned Yirthum from a Weak Village into a Flashy Village, unafraid to show everything it can do to prove itself. Yet this did not come without tragedy.  

The 520 Massacre

In the year 520, 62nd Grand Wizard Drixodal Vortrin feared a coup, so with the Magic College Class of 521 present, he slaughtered most of the class and then, in his grief and realization over what he had done, himself. Only Urokris Erthar survived.  
Drixodal Vortrin by Jarhed
Kicad Bavul was one of the first responders, alongside his classmates and a few underclassmen in the Class of 522. The responders with Kicad were:
  • Ikkul Ravofarn
  • Otikul Nurdesh
  • Tarthekar Padorim
  • Onkesh Tazwunak
  • Ilxar Nimphonker
  • Yernok Caerxan
These men were all either current (in Otikul's case) or future Chiefs of their respective Villages, and they came together, rescuing Urokris Erthar from the wreckage and coming together in their shared grief. A grief that would spread across all of Draconian Territory. A grief that would lead to change.   Kicad Bavul became the Chief of Yirthum not long after the Massacre, and worked alongside Ikkul in many respects. However, the most important thing he did prior to any wars was twofold: he secured a young child from Camor who was the bastard of King Daeric, and he invaded Camor with Ikkul Ravofarn in 545 to free Nalrik Tilrak. The bastard child was named Lorenas Nerifir, and the invasion helped give Kicad a layout of the gilded city from above.  

The Chief Crisis

In 546, Kicad Bavul recruited two new interns from the Magic College: Jargar Eltan and Vodron Susk. He already had the interns Stranger, Kruxis Lujyre, Kamil Gilrel, and Veravi Gridz. Now, he had 6 interns and a powerful army behind him, as well as the bastard child of the Elven King. Kicad Bavul had all of the power, it seemed.
Vodron Susk by Jarhed
  The Chief Crisis began that year, when his interns were in Yirthum. The 6, then, had to live in Yirthum and fight for it as the war broke out.   Kicad Bavul had been asked by the World Court to kill Salasar Feaphed and the other Chiefs, but the other Chiefs had been asked to do the same, creating a war between them all. Kicad wanted to do so because he believed then that only as Grand Wizard could he be at his flashiest, when he reaches the highest position and shows everyone that Yirthum was not weak.  

Children of Yirthum

Kicad began to train the two new interns as the two who would bear Yirthum after him. Jargar Eltan was trained to be the new Chief, but Vodron Susk had something special. Kicad saw a lot of himself in Vodron, and wanted to foster that.   Vodron was an adherant to fate, a follower of the Goddess Morrigan. Kicad gave him an enchanted item he had gotten from an expedition once: Item magic, more specifically Luck Magic from Fortuna. Kicad then personally trained Vodron in combat while teaching Jargar what it takes to be a leader.   Kicad was once said to have called these two men "the Children of Yirthum." While they were not born there, they exemplified what Yirthum was and could lead it to its brightest future. They were accepted by the people and they, in turn, accepted Yirthum as their homes and Kicad as something of a surrogate father.   They fought back the constant invasions during the Chief Crisis from the Bards of Ealla, as Tarthekar Padorim saw Kicad and Yirthum as the greatest threat. When Kicad invaded Ealla, Jargar stayed behind to guard Yirthum while Vodron attacked and helped level half of Ealla with Kicad's help.
Jargar Eltan by Jarhed
  Jargar protected Yirthum from Bortan, but ultimately sided with Nalrik Tilrak, the new Chief of Bortan, against the outside forces of Fepar Tilrak and Ildid Tilrak. He witnessed the Tsar Bomba and decided to help Nalrik bring peace and stop the war. Jargar Eltan, in the end, betrayed Kicad for peace.  

A Flashy End

Yirthum, under Kicad, joined together with the other Chiefs after Ikkul Ravofarns death. Jargar Eltan, Nalrik Tilrak, and many of their classmates (including Vodron Susk, who had been won over to their side after trying to stop Jargar and Nalrik) teamed up to try and stop the Chiefs for the sake of peace, but they were overpowered. Kicad expressed disappointment in his two interns, but also joy that they had chosen to do this for themselves.   They teamed up to fight the 64th Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed. Ultimately, however, each was picked off one by one by the Grand Wizard.   Kicad was second to last. He used an enchanted item to combine his power and the interns to show everything Yirthum could do, but to prevent him from dying horribly but in a flashy manner, Salasar quickly killed Kicad with a single word from his spell Power Word Kill.   With this, the Chief Crisis ended, and Jargar Eltan became the new Chief of Yirthum, appointed by Kicad's last will and testament.  

Southern Elone Treaty Organization

Yirthum would be the fourth village to join the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, with Commander Farcorin of the Elven Guard and the Noble Dripnoral Thampoc being the ones to look over the SETO Accords. Jargar Eltan was busy helping Vodron Susk prepare for his wedding to Kita Mournsworth.
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
  This organization, also called SETO, was led by Jargar's ally Nalrik Tilrak.   Farcorin and Dripnoral would aid in the Battle for Southern Elone between SETO and Evity. The Chief of Evity, Coldrid Saxan, had kidnapped children from the Bortan Orphanage so that he could free them from what he viewed as Bortan's oppressive care.   Jargar Eltan would later fully ratify the SETO Accords when he returned to Yirthum in 548 after the Grand Crowning began.  

The Elven Civil War

Jargar advised Commander Farcorin as well as Kruxis Lujyre to undergo their plan, however, while he was at the wedding, and it happened during the Grand Crowning.   This plan was one initially created by Kicad Bavul during the Chief Crisis, when the Korvian known as Older used an ability that made Lorenas Nerifir grow from a child into a fully grown adult who was able to take the Elven throne. The only trouble was he was not a full-blooded Elf, but a Half-Elven bastard of King Daeric.   Lorenas killed his father and took the throne with the support of Yirthum, who were trying once more to gain their independence, only to find that the World Court had his brother, Quothas Nerifir, who had been aged up in a separate timeline and sent back in time by the Time Mage. The World Court sent Quothas, who quickly won over a majority of the Elven Army, begin the Elven Civil War to "reclaim" his throne.  


Kicad Bavul was brought back from the dead by the Evitian Chief who was defeated in the Battle for Southern Elone, Coldrid Saxan, and he joined Jargar, Vodron, Nalrik, Kruxis, and many others in supporting Lorenas Nerifir, who now went by "Fleat Pteethtack" or "False King."   They were unable to win the war, however, as Quothas had Captain Commander Narkard Leran and other captains like Aeydark to help him. Kicad Bavul and Kruxis Lujyre sacrificed themselves to give Fleat and the others a chance, but ultimately it just bought time.   In the end it took both Jargar Eltan and Vodron Susk to take out Captain Aeydark, while Nalrik defeated Captain Commander Narkard. Still, Quothas took out Fleat and took the throne, making the Elven Civil War a net loss for Yirthum, as Jargar Eltan had to bend the knee now to the King he had rebelled against, Quothas Nerifir. Marking another failed revolution, it seemed that Yirthum would never break free. They could not win, could not rule themselves. They could only show their rebellious spirit through their flashy nature.

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