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The Scarlet Host

Kingdom of the Wraiths

The Scarlet Host is a Kingdom of Wraiths who appear in the bloody mist of the same name. When not on Totania, they reside in the Heavenly Realm of Mimir.  


One knows that the Scarlet Host is approaching when they see a Red Mist rolling in towards their settlement. It rarely strikes travelers, though it is not unprecedented for one who is traveling outside of settled land to find the mist.  
Reapers of the Scarlet Host by Jarhed

The Mist

It looks as if blood were filling the air, spilling in over the horizon towards a town. A misty fog of scarlet. This mist appears at night, and remains slowly inching closer until the day.   That day, the sun does not rise on that town. Even Izanagi, God of the Sun, cannot answer prayers from those who were unable to escape the mist.   Dying in the mist is a surefire way to join the Scarlet Host, though one can also willingly submit, losing their life in return for endless service to the Queen of the Scarlet Mist. To some, this is a fair trade.  


In the mist, one finds the foot soldiers of the Queen of the Scarlet Mist: Reapers.   Reapers are the lowest class in the Scarlet Host. Those who in their final moments refused to follow the Queen and, thus, had their faces and individuality melted away. They now have their minds, but can do nothing but serve the Queen of the Scarlet Mist in her endless quest for vengeance.
Queen of the Scarlet Mist by Jarhed

The Queen of the Scarlet Mist

The Queen of Scarlet Mist, once known as Macvara Nerifir, was killed by her brother so that he could sit on the Elven Throne and be King instead of her.   Now she, alongside her fiance Captain Spectre Mestirre, lead the Scarlet Host, seeking vengeance on all who defied her. There is no definitive group, and she will strike anyone anywhere.
Reapers all wield a particular dagger made of the vengeful thoughts of the Queen of the Scarlet Mist. It is the dagger of her brother, Arazion Nerifir, which was used to kill her, her fiance, and their daughter Wretora Nerifir.   It is said that Reapers let out a horrific, blood curdling scream that can freeze someone in place, causing the blood of a target to halt its flow so that their limbs refuse to move. A touch from a Reaper chills the body, and the dagger is said to rot all flesh it touches. A black ooze flows from their hands and feet, said to be the tears of the Queen turned to bile. This bile, then, will place a curse on those it touches, causing their blood to slowly light ablaze. This does not take effect instantly. Instead, those who escape the Host will find their body still fighting against them.  


Named after the murdered daughter of the Queen, Wretora, all who are part of the Scarlet Host are Wraiths. Still, there are basic wraiths who are a step above the Reapers in terms of class in the kingdom. They are simply those spirits who have strong will, enough to become Wraiths, who were willing to go along with the Queen's plans.   Wraiths are, generally, just everday citizens, though in battle they have whatever power they had in life. This is amplified by the vengeance of the Queen of the Scarlet Mist, but they cannot do more than they were able to as a living person unless they learn or are trained. Otherwise, they are like a normal person, just instead of being made of flesh, they are made of ectoplasm and blood.  
Captain Spectre by Jarhed


Spectres are the highest rank of Wraith in the Scarlet Host, being named after the first of them: Captain Spectre Mestirre, the fiance of the Queen of the Scarlet Mist.   Spectres are the heads of the Scarlet Host's army, being the strongest of will and the strongest in terms of raw power. Any fight against a Spectre of the Scarlet Host is a losing battle, yet still if one can perservere, their willpower could potentially gain them a place as a Wraith after death.  

The Land of Wraiths

Not much is known of the actual Kingdom run by the Scarlet Host. It can be assumed to be run in a similar way to the Elven Kingdom that the Queen of the Scarlet Mist once ruled, though likely her tyrannical tendencies have, with rage, only grown.   It is said to be in Mimir's Heavenly Realm, the Plane of Secrets, in a blood red land where the grass is stained with the blood of war and the river runs crimson with the liquid of murder, betrayal, and fratricide.   Some say that the Queen of the Scarlet Mist has constructed a grand castle at the center of her Kingdom, where she resides with Captain Spectre. Spectre, then, runs the kingdom's military and keeps it safe from all who would hope to strike against them, including traitorous Reapers or Wraiths.

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