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Zephys is the multi-layered, floating capital city of the Draconian, and the hub of all magic in the world. It is home to the Magic College, which helps to make it the largest city in the world, and helps keep it ahead of the curve of all magical discoveries.  

Major Locations

Being the largest city in the world, Zephys has many locations of note that are known throughout the world. Tourists will come from all over to see these famous locations, and it is for these places that many even move in to the city.   Zephys is split into three layers, each floating above the last: Lower Zephys, Upper Zephys, and the Magic College.  

Magic College

The most well known location in Zephys is the Magic College, a floating, ornate castle that soars above the city of Zephys thanks to being locked in place by the magic of Kath the Eternal, the Golden Dragon Lord who built it, and helped by the first Grand Wizard Kilprax Ildial.   It is enormous, fitting within it two dorm towers for male and female students, four classrooms, an arena, eight offices for professors, the Clolith Library, Magic College Prison, and many other rooms. It is also the main residence and workspace of the Grand Wizard, who not only runs Zephys, but is in charge of all Draconian peoples.   Students study here for four years in classes of 16 students, living either in the dorms or in homes in the city of Zephys. One can likely not go a single day in Zephys without seeing a student from the Magic College either causing or fixing some form of mischief, unless the students are all on a class trip somewhere.   People travel from all over the world to go here, and the students need only have one thing: magic.   The Magic College has an underside that senses the time of day outside. When it is daytime, it replicates sunlight, or even the limited sunlight of a cloudy day. At night, it will be darker but will illuminate the streets so people can see. When it rains, the Magic College itself produces rain to the people of Zephys.  

Upper Zephys

Upper Zephys is the district of the nobles. It floats above Lower Zephys and below the Magic College, kept up by the same magic as the Magic College, even replicating the weather and sun like the castle in the sky. It is considered to be the rich filling of the sandwich that is Zephys, as Lower Zephys is a bottom bun and the Magic College is the top.
Aaren Ildial by Jarhed

Noble Mansions

Nobles live in mansions that make up the majority of the Upper Zephys district. Nearly every street in the floating layer is at least 3/4 made up of mansions, if not entirely.   These mansions are mostly owned by the nobles born into prominent families, like the Ildials, Nurdeshes, or Zrarakases. The family is raised there and then the eldest child inherits it. However, some mansions are bought by those who have gained enough wealth and prominence to become nobles, like the Eltan mansion, bought by the first noble in the Eltan dynasty, Jargar Eltan.   It is a mixed bag on how these nobles will react to someone trespassing on their land. Some will be welcoming, like the Eltans often are, while others like the Ildials will often, instead, attack trespassers or tourists, or at least tell them to leave.  

Magic College Warehouse

The Magic College has some supplies they do not or cannot keep with the students. This is also a place where more volatile spells can be tested.   The Grand Wizard owns this building and uses it for whatever they please related to the college. Some give it to the Professors to use, others simply store things in it. Its most prominent use was to hide the studies of a group that 64th Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed gathered to understand and unlock the fundamental powers from the source of magic itself.   It is not only not open to the public, but anyone who trespasses will likely face punishment from the Grand Wizard themselves. Tourists should stay away from the warehouse.  

Fancy Restaurants

Being a rich district, one can find some of the finest dining anywhere in Draconian Territory in no better place than Upper Zephys.  
Tobor Tuldad by Jarhed
Due to the Elvish influence that was brought on by the second Grand Wizard, Tobor Tuldad, which has continued in their takeover of the village Yirthum, the garish tastes of Elven nobles are prominent in Draconian nobility, especially those from Yirthum who live in Zephys. Gilded buildings, decorations, outfits made of Elven Gold.   This shows best in the restaurants of Upper Zephys. Much of the fancy cuisine they serve is either clearly Elvish dishes like escargot or cafe gourmand, or Draconian dishes with an Elven twist on them like pasta with creamy onion.   One must keep up their manners at the restaurants of Upper Zephys, as there are often people watching and judging.   Some of these restaurants include:
  • The Holy Rooftop
  • la Cuisine Incroyable
  • Modesty
  • The Proud Crown

Lower Zephys

Unlike the other two major districts of the city, Lower Zephys does not fly. It is the ground level of Zephys and the single largest commercial hub in Southern Elone.  

Residential Areas

Like Upper Zephys, it has homes. Unlike Upper Zephys, however, these are not really mansions. For the most part, they are small houses or large apartment buildings scattered throughout the city. These are not for the rich, but instead for the everyday citizens, students, and workers of Zephys.
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed


In all technicality, Zephys was partially built by Kath the Eternal, the Golden Dragon Lord and first creature to live on Totania. The exact year he began and completed construction on what he built is unclear, but what is known is that he did not build the city itself. Instead, he built the Magic College, the top layer of the city.  


In -1800, however, a Draconian from Evity decided to travel to the strange structure in the distant sky. Many had tried previously, but it was dangerous and there seemed to be few ways to even get up there. Therefore, it was only when this Draconian used his ingenuity and clever tricks to get from the ground to the school in the sky. This Draconian's name was: Kilprax Ildial.   Kilprax then studied under Kath, being the first and only student at the Magic College, studying for one thousand years there with Kath to become the strongest mage in history, learning everything there is to know about magic and the world.  

Great Draconian Migration

In -797, Kilprax Ildial revealed himself to the world as the first Grand Wizard, alongside announcing he would be opening the Magic College soon. Over the course of those 1000 years, he had worked with Kath to build the foundations of a city, not much, but a bit that could be built out.   With Kilprax's announcement, a flood of people came from all areas of Draconian Territory, populating the city with new people, diverse magic types, and unique perspectives.   These new citizens helped to build the city out, and with Kilprax's help established a system of wealth and nobility in Upper Zephys and a system of commerce and business in Lower Zephys.   Kilprax also split some of this population into the village of Yirthum nearby.  

Elven Influence and Diversity

It was after Kilprax's death, in -737, that things changed in Zephys. Tobor Tuldad became the second Grand Wizard, and with the Elves telling him what to do, he opened the city and the Magic College up to all people, not just Draconians. While Zephys was already fairly diverse without these laws, with Tobor's opening of the college to all, it was a great incentive to diversify the population even more.   Ever since, one would find people of all walks of life, all backgrounds, all races, and all magic affinities in Zephys. It is the largest city in the world thanks to its acceptance and diversity being well ahead of the rest of the world.
Characters in Location

Founding Date
-1800   Opening Date
-797   Founder
Kilprax Ildial   Ruling Rank
Grand Wizard   Inhabitant Demonym
Oraakil Mardaar by fyrcracker
This does not mean those of affluence do not live here. Many do, including most notably the Chief who refounded the village of Ilder, Oraakil Mardaar. He lived in a humble home on the edge of Lower Zephys.   These homes are not ugly, nor are they too small to live in as many would expect from city-living. They are, actually, quite nice to live in. Affordable, certainly not the most lavish kind of living like in Upper Zephys, but still, being surrounded by not only cheaper food but often close to the jobs the residents does make Lower Zephys housing quite nice.  

Bay of Wonder

The Bay of Wonder is where the port of Zephys is. Off the southern coast of the city is a bay where ships come and go.   No matter where one stands on the shore of the Bay of Wonder, it is said they can have a perfect view of one of the great sights of Draconian Territory. Be it the Magic College, the Peak of the World mountain, or the shine of Yirthum's buildings, all can be seen from one part of the Bay of Wonder.   Alongside that, many people go to the Bay to practice magic where they will not harm others. Therefore, one can see mages of all ages doing some of the most fantastical spells around the Bay of Wonder.   There is a story that is often told in Zephys of a child going to the Bay of Wonder to watch the Grand Wizard practice spells every day. The child sees spells of all sorts, sees the greatest magic they can imagine, and uses it as inspiration for themselves to grow and get stronger. This story is named after the bay, being known as "The Wondrous Tale." It is about the seventh Grand Wizard, Perzita Theldrar, and how she looked up to her predecessor, Brenvorth Taldis.   A passage from this story reads:
"Perzita sat on the dock as she watched the man go out to sea again today. Each day, he arrived with a new enchanted item. Today, he did not sail on a boat. Instead, he was surfing atop a spear enchanted to not only float, but hold his weight and sail with the wind. He stood atop it now, performing tricks with his magic as Perzita watched on in awe. A hat that had birds made of wind fly out of it, a bag filled with endless bacon, and pair of gloves that paired with another pair held by someone else, letting you feel what the other one felt. Perzita had been given that other pair, and as the man held his enchanted items, Perzita felt like she had that power, that magic. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world."
— The Wondrous Tale
Perzita Theldrar by Jarhed

Port of Zephys

Of course, given that it is right on the Bay of Wonder, Lower Zephys also has its own port. Docks on the Bay of Wonder bring in ships of all sorts. These ships carry anything from people on a trip to the city to goods from across the world.   It brings in most imports to the city. The only places that trade with Zephys that do not bring in trade through the port are: The port is heavily guarded to prevent any kind of robbery, murder, or destruction of property. However, there are no regulations as to what can or cannot be imported.   This is thanks to a law made by Perzita Theldrar herself in keeping with her idea of the wonder of the Bay of Wonder. She was on the record having said that she felt what made the Bay of Wonder so magical was that it could bring anything with it, and therefore the idea that there should be a limit imposed on what can and cannot be brought in removes the magic that the bay, and thus Zephys, are known for.   This has caused many legal problems, as Zephys thus gains a bit of a sour reputation thanks to its criminal underbelly. Pirates frequent the port, along with the Tamdian drug trade (with drugs like Burnout being very prominent) and even some people trafficked for magic experiments. The Grand Wizards will defend it by saying they are not only following Perzita's wishes, but also that sometimes for magic to progress, it must do so outside of the law.  
The Professor by Jarhed

Red Light District

Near the port is a section of the city that is feared by some and loved by others: the Red Light District.   Its most notable locations are strip clubs and brothels, where the employees will show any paying customer what real magic is. Some true innovators have been found in these locations, utilizing magic for things that would otherwise be frowned upon. Many of these people are ultimately discovered to be former residents of Evity, the Forbidden Magic village, and therefore they are more open minded about what magic can do.   However, this place has more than just low-brow establishments. Due to many prominent figures being afraid to really do much here, it is the meeting place for most criminal activity in Zephys. The Professor, a Tamdian drug lord, said:
"If not for the Red Light District, my Burnout would have done just that. Burnt out. But thanks to a lack of regulations, I became one of the richest alchemists in the world. If anyone says crime never pays, they should go to the Red Light District."
— The Professor
  Pirates, strippers, and drug dealers are just some of the colorful figures one could find here. There is a bar in the depths of the district known as "The Exploding Head." It is meant for mages who have killed with their magic to swap stories and have what they call a safe space to say it. Many fear this place, but as long as no provable crime is committed within the establishment, then no charges can be brought up against it.  

City Square

The City Square in Zephys is at the very center of town, slightly raised so that it can look out upon the rest of the city. It has some restaurants like McDales, along with places like Valdacmith Inn and the Ointment Shop, though for the most part it is a park, with grassy fields for people to rest in, and stone pathways around and through it to walk on.   There is a statue dedicated to the first seven Grand Wizards here, with the hat of Kilprax Ildial, the glasses of Tobor Tuldad, the falconry gloves of Iorkul Kricel, the cauldron of Wiscys Nicandir, the skull helmet of Nawunax Valdacmith, the circlet of Brenvorth Taldis, and the helmet of Perzita Theldrar all in a circle around an arrow that points up to the Magic College, where the current Grand Wizard is. It is meant to show support from those wizards who are honored the most in Draconian society, and how they endorse the current government. Many believe they would not, and that the statue was made to assuage the fears of the people.  
Magic College Guard by Jarhed

The Elevator

At the center of the City Square is a glass tube, embedded in the ground and connected from Lower Zephys to Upper Zephys. Within this tube, there is a platform, large enough for a group of 32 people to stand on, or about 16 full sized Draconians.   There is a lever outside of this tube, and at this lever there is always a guard posted. This is the Magic College guard, who is hired by the Grand Wizard to use this tube, also known as an elevator. They check anyone they are not familiar with, and all those deemed worthy are then put on the platform and the lever is pulled.   When the lever is pulled, a gust of wind magic enchanted into the tube will shoot the platform up at a mediocre speed, as any further speed could make someone fall or be considered dangerous. It brings them up to Upper Zephys, where another Magic College Guard will help them get off. This is also how people get from Upper to Lower Zephys.   To get to the Magic College, however, people must be creative. There are many ways to go up to high distances, be it through flying, other magical skills, or simply climbing and jumping to the floating university. Whatever it is, it is not as easy as getting on the elevator, and therefore requires the ingenuity and creativity Magic College students need to further the study of magic. To embody the spirit of Zephys itself.  


The government of Zephys is made up of two major governing bodies who have legislative power over not just Zephys itself, but the entirety of Draconian Territory. These bodies are representative of the two major parts of Zephys, where the affluent are.  
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
First, there is the Grand Wizard, who represents the magically affluent student and teacher bodies of the Magic College.
Second, there is the Noble Council, who represent the monetarily affluent nobility who reside in Upper Zephys.
There are no governing representatives for Lower Zephys, unless they have Magic and attend the Magic College.  

Grand Wizard and the Magic College

The Grand Wizard is the figurehead of all Draconian politics. Therefore, their first duty is to set an example for the people and all other leaders and mages in the world. The original seven who were immortalized in the City Square statue were respected, and while they were not for some time after, the 64th Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed brought respect back to the title..   While Village Chiefs are individually responsible for the other Draconian settlements, when the Grand Wizard makes a law, it is expected that the Chiefs will follow it and help it to be introduced into their villages as well. These laws also apply to Zephys, where there is no one else to challenge whether they should be introduced or not. The Grand Wizard's word is, then, law.   Also in Zephys, the Grand Wizard must keep the peace. Be this through any means necessary, some take it into their own hands and stop criminals themselves like Perzita Theldrar, while others either hire more of the Magic College Guards they station at the elevator to do so, or have private forces to do so. No matter what, the streets of Zephys are only cleaned up by the Grand Wizard and anyone who decides to take it into their own hands.  
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed

Noble Council

The Noble Council's major job is to keep the nobility from causing a mess in Draconian Territory, and preserve the dignity that comes with the title, alongside the peace that stops it from burning to the ground.   Their laws are often more specific, applying to the nobility rather than the commonfolk. This causes some to disagree with their purpose, which is why the Grand Wizard has final say on whatever they do.   However, they have final say on the Grand Wizard. When a Grand Wizard dies or resigns, it is the job of the Noble Council to choose a successor. While often the previous one will have one picked out, or the successor will be clear because it is the one who killed their predecessor, the only guarantee to get the position is if the Noble Council appoints you.  


The majority population of Zephys is Draconian, as can be expected when it is the capital city of the Draconian people. Upper Zephys in particular is nearly exclusively lived in by Draconians, as Draconians are some of the only nobles.   There are some non-Draconian nobles, like Sinner Caerxan, a Korvian who gained a noble title in Draconian Territory thanks to his achievements and noble status he already carried in the Korvian Kingdom carrying over by technicality.   However, in Lower Zephys and the Magic College, Zephys is incredibly diverse. The largest city in the world makes it difficult to do a census, but it is estimated that there are minority populations from all over the world in Zephys. The most notable races in Zephys aside from Draconians are, in order of population:
  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Humans (Especially Shafaians)
  • Halflings
  • Goblins
  • Dwarves
  • Lizardfolk
  • Korvians
There are other populations here, but overall it is difficult to categorize. After all, people are more than demographics, and each situation is different from the last. All that must truly be known as that one could find any person from anywhere in Zephys.

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