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Viaxis Vammush

The Plaguewalker

Viaxis Vammush was a white Draconian alchemist from Tamd, known better by the Draconian Nickname "The Plaguewalker." He was responsible for creating the disease known as Dragon's Doom, plunging the world into the Age of Plague so that he could take the title of 20th Grand Wizard.  


Born in the Draconian village of Tamd to Tyelkec and Derdis Vammush in the year 205, the oldest of two siblings, Viaxis was often subjected to the stories of his great-great-great-great-grandfather, Qelbor Vammush, the ninth Grand Wizard, who utilized a disease spell to rise to the title.   Qelbor had controlled the disease, made sure it only affected its target. Viaxis thought this was why his ancestor was ridiculed as he was. He was not respected because his spell could only kill one man. A false plague, made only for one purpose. Viaxis considered this a sign of weakness, and detested when he was compared to Qelbor. A regular occurence that made his life hell.   He had a brother, Tarnes Vammush, who was born when he was seventeen. Viaxis was not particularly close to his brother, as he was already working on a poison that would help him to escape the village. The replacement his parents had birthed was of no consequence to him, and so he treated his brother scornfully, just as he did his cousin Merthyr Xarskan.   At the age of eighteen, Viaxis completed the Tamdian Bloodbinding Ritual and escaped the village. As far as anyone was aware, he rarely, if ever, visited afterwards, prefering to study in the outside world. Tarnes almost never met his brother.
Current Location
Year of Birth
205 ME 27 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White scales
Aligned Organization
His grandfather Muthtal Vammush died not long after Viaxis arrived in the floating city of Zephys in the year 223, and while Viaxis expected to inherit the fortune and the house as the sole relative not in isolation, he was surprised to find his uncle, the true heir, Dyfan Vammush Xarskan, was there instead, having run away from his family. Dyfan took the wealth, refusing to house or aid his nephew, leaving Viaxis to stay in the dorms as he began attending the Magic College.  

The Magic College Class of 227

Little is known of Viaxis's time at the Magic College. He largely kept his head down, not a powerful mage of note, though his intellect was recorded as being exceptional by his professors. As one said at the time:
"Vammush is cunning. Clever. All the worst traits in a Tamdian, for you know they will use it for the benefit of themselves and no one else. One can only hope he fails, for I fear his success more than I fear death itself. There is doom in his eyes."
  Viaxis placed low in his class. His potions were still in the testing phase, and eyewitness reports say that during his Graduation Tournament, few even worked successfully, and his strategies were ill-suited to combat. But one of his classmates, Fealor Alarys, a Bortanni Warrior, denied these claims.
"It was not chance or bad luck that Viaxis Vammush failed to place at the top of our class. He tested radical potions that no one else has perfected, and some almost worked. His strategies failed, but he knew each of our weaknesses, carefully observing us. I am lucky to be a warrior with might to rival his intellect, else I'd have died before graduation. But he knew that he would survive. That was the plan."
— Fealor Alarys
  Viaxis did graduate as the academic valedictorian, but that is a position far less valued on the world stage. He was not considered a powerful mage, and that was said to send him into hiding for some years as he perfected a potion. One that would help him to ascend to the highest levels of society.  

The Age of Plague

The nineteenth Grand Wizard, Vimbish Baxcol, had risen to the position thanks to his enchantment on A Really Funny Hat, and was deemed unstoppable. But Viaxis studied the weaknesses of it. If he could stop Baxcol from laughing, stop him from finding levity in his actions.   Vammush had perfected a potion that unleashed a great plague. Unlike Qelbor's, the disease Viaxis made was easily spread through the air. He used it on a few test subjects before enlisting a Gnome to go after Baxcol. The Gnome was unaware of the entire plan, thinking instead that he could take Baxcol's position, but he was just carrying the disease so it could be spread. The Gnome was killed, but Baxcol was infected.   Vammush watched Baxcol die, and as the disease continued to spread, Viaxis Vammush took Baxcol's place, now the twentieth Grand Wizard.  



Viaxis Vammush is believed to be aromantic, though he is bisexual. Claims from those that have interacted with him in the past claimed that he showed interest in them, but not romantically, as Vammush was too detached and in his own world to pay attention to them in any way like that. He could not bring himself to connect with them, and thus the idea that he is aromantic was spread.  


Growing up following the teachings of the Temple of Helle, Viaxis embraced the teachings of envy, greed, and improvement to gain his status. Envying those at the top, as well as his great-great-great-great-grandfather Qelbor Vammush, helped Viaxis to determine his goal, while his greed led him to actually seeking out the top position. The lessons of improvement helped him to grow and improve his potion until he created Dragon's Doom.   How faithful he is to the religion is unclear, as he rarely speaks of it to anyone.  


Viaxis Vammush is a member of the noble Vammush family, but does not have much wealth from it, as that wealth was inherited mostly by his uncle Dyfan Vammush Xarskan, as was the mansion. Viaxis has made enough money to survive, but seeks more to stand as a true noble, as the other nobles would call it.  

Social Life

Viaxis never had many friends, and that was his choice. He could not connect with others, and believed that they stood in the way of his work and future.
Merthyr Xarskan by Jarhed
"I need not spend my time around others, my attention would be divided, and a bottle of wine is best when it is drank alone rather than when poured into ten glasses. My time is mine alone."
— Viaxis Vammush
  This has not kept him from keeping the company of others, as it is said that he on some occasions goes out and meets with people, but it is never the same people and it is rarely for a prolonged period of time. Theories say either he gets bored or really does want connection, but no one is certain.  


Viaxis is not close to his family. As a matter of fact, he detests a large portion of them. His father's family is of so little importance to him that he ignores it altogether, being a family of no note. Viaxis curses his mother for marrying such a man, but also is grateful that it has no bearing on his reputation.   As for his mothers side, the Vammush family, they were what he called his "greatest enemies." It was largely due to his great-great-great-great grandfather Qelbor Vammush, whose reputation loomed over him, but there was also his uncle Dyfan Vammush Xarskan and his wife and child, all of which were of great annoyance to Viaxis and his work. His cousin Merthyr in particular was the subject of a large amount of Viaxis's ire when they were younger, and when they met again the same held true.   Viaxis hated his father, and was always dismissive of his mother despite how proud she was of him. He appreciated it, but believed that should be the default state of how someone treats him, not something worthy of reward.   His brother Tarnes was almost not on his radar at all. He hardly knew him, only living in the same house for one year. Occasionally, his mother would send him letters about Tarnes, which Viaxis read. Whether he appreciated them or not is unknown, but he would always read them.


Viaxis Vammush was a skilled mage and alchemist, but he is best recognized for his cunning. He was said by some to be a genius, while others (particularly the more educated) noted that he may not have been as smart as he pretends to be, he was certainly of an above average intelligence.  


Born with ice magic like all others in his family, Viaxis Vammush's skill with his natural elemental affinity is as of yet unknown. He was able to wield it, and that is as far as sources are aware of.  


Viaxis is a skilled alchemist who was able to synthesize an entirely unique disease based on ingredients he had collected. He was responsible for the creation of the disease known as Dragon's Doom, and that was not the limit of his alchemical skill. What other potions he was able to make are unknown, but Dragon's Doom was not his first attempt at a unique alchemical creation according to records of his studies at the Magic College.

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