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Tamdian Bloodbinding Ritual

In Tamd, the Draconian Village best known for alchemy, the Bloodbinding Ritual is when a Tamdian truly becomes an alchemist. Where an alchemist mixes their own poison into the Poison Peninsula, adding to the lethality of it and making all prior antidotes obsolete.  

Alchemy in Tamd

In Tamd, alchemy is your lifeblood. Almost all of the residents study from the earliest moment they can read or hold something. They make their own potions, and while richer alchemists often are those who simply replicate popular potions like healing potions, it is a large part of Tamdian culture to try and improve upon the past and make something new and uniquely you.
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  This is where the ritual comes in.  

The Ritual

The first step in a Tamdian alchemist's journey, when they truly graduate from a student to a full-blown alchemist, is when they mix their own unique poison into a cauldron. The sign that they are their own alchemist now, beyond just the teachings of Tamd. That their poison may mix into the peninsula that has protected Tamd for so long.   In getting the honor to add your own special poison mix to the peninsula means you are forever binding your blood to the Village of Tamd and its history. it is considered the greatest honor for an alchemist to have their poison remain forever protecting Tamd.  


Due to the ritual being called a bloodbinding ritual, and the Tamdians using poison for a large part of their culture, it is believed that Tamdians have poisonous blood.   Some from Tamd will deny this, while others believe it adds to the mystique of Tamd, and appreciate that it keeps people away. Tamd is, after all, isolationist. The less people poking around in their business, the better.   It is unclear how much truth there is to the rumors of Tamdians and their poison blood. Many have tested it: few have lived to tell the tale.

Origins of the Ritual

Two groups of mages split off from Evity in -1757: the Bards and the Alchemists, led by Shirthecmonis Eravarax and Colmiceth Nurdesh respectively. Eravarax led his Bards to Ealla, while Colmiceth spent another year travelling to found Tamd.   The Eallans marched into Tamd with a concert, attempting to foster better relations. The Tamdians took offense to their music, and war broke out between the two that would cause a rivalry spanning for all eternity.   To stop the Eallans from invading, Colmiceth Nurdesh gathered every alchemist in Tamd and had them brew a unique poison and, in a single act that is considered one of the greatest tactical decisions in any Totanian war, they all poured it onto the peninsula, coating it forever. He cried out:
"Now Perish in my Poisonous Peninsula, you perfidious performers!"
— Colmiceth Nurdesh
This act would kill some of the Eallan Bards, ending the war, with Eravarax swearing revenge.   From then on, this became a rite of passage for all alchemists.


The way the Tamdians get around the poison is an invention of Aldecnuash Beldorin: Jeans.   Tamd is known for their jeans, and while those they sell commercially do not have this property, every Tamdian is gifted a pair of jeans outfitted with an antidote to the peninsula. They must update this whenever new poison is added, which means they must often pay for new jeans.   These jeans are a commodity outside of Tamd, with many people begging to get their hands on them, doing anything for them. Trying to find any way to get around the poison. But only Tamdians know the way. Because only Tamdians will know exactly what happens in a Tamdian Bloodbinding Ritual.

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