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The Militaristic Village

Bortan is a Draconian Settlement, known by many as the "Militaristic Village" Bortan is home to some of the strongest warriors in Draconian territory, they have a massive martial culture which encompasses many aspects of Bortanni daily life, and almost every resident in Bortan is a highly competent combatant. Bortan is the least magically inclined village of its peers, though as not to say that the mages that hail from Bortan are weak, as they are anything but. As a matter of fact, on average the Bortanni is the strongest of the Draconian residents due to most of them being highly capable in terms of physical combat, and with most being able to utilize magic to some lesser extent. The average bortanni is roughly 10-13 Feet tall and the general population of Bortan consists of Red, Blue, and Brown Draconians, with smaller populations of every other Draconian variant. Though it should be mentioned that the power average is greatly skewed also due to the few people who stand out in Bortan. These Draconians are often Incredible outliers who posess massive amounts of both physical and magical prowess, such as Ortdoth Mardaar, Fepar Tilrak, Ikkul Ravofarn, and Nalrik Tilrak. People this powerful in Bortan are rare, with only about 1 to 2 being born every generation, they are referred to as "Phrixus's Chosen" as they are incredibly powerful and often end up taking leadership positions within Bortan (Though this is not always the case). The Term "Phrixus's Chosen" is mostly colloquial and actually has no legitimate ties to the Temple of Phrixus, or even a blessing from himself, as many of these chosen have been known to pursue interests that oppose Phrixus or even Bortan itself, but nonetheless the Bortanni see these people with great respect and they hold very high social mobility within Bortan as they are seen as blessings from their God.   Bortan is as previously mentioned a very strongly religious village, aligned with Phrixus. A rarity in Draconian territory as the predominant religion is under their creator Helle. Bortan itself is actually a holy site for the followers of Helle, as it is the Birthplace of the first Draconians who were created by Helle, and the first Draconian Village. Since those days Bortan has found itself aligned with Phrixus, and it's followers have upheld the torch of Phrixus since then throughout the entirety of it's continued Existence.   Due to the "Chosen of Phrixus" Bortan has garnered a great reputation with the magic college as many of these Chosen end up attending at some point. It is not uncommon for these chosen to perform incredibly well amongst their peers and grow quickly within their time at the magic college, and as a matter of fact, the very first Valedictorian of the Magic College was in fact one of these Chosen.   Despite their ecclesiatical differences among their peers, Draconians from Bortan are often well received as it is a rather presitigous village which is known to create many powerful figures throughout history. Bortan only posesses hostile relations with It's biggest rival Evity, and occasionally Bortan finds itself at odds with Yirthum due to their hostility towards elves.


The History of Bortan starts In -1976, when Helle grew jealous of the Humanoid Races of the Gods. Her response to this was to create one of her own. Despite already having a race of dragons on Totania, it is perhaps rather fitting that Helle grew greedy and wanted more. So in a devious and cunning move she secretly disguised the first Draconians by having them be born in Eggs, just like her dragons. It was in a valley Noth of the Peak of the World in which the first Draconian eggs were hatched. Since then, this valley has been dubbed the "Valley Of Creation" The first of the eggs to hatch, sired a red-scaled, strong-bodied Draconians, Helle named him Daxur, then to follow were each 2 Draconians of each Chromatic color, They came out and were all then named followingly by Helle. The famous names that were bestowed onto these first Draconians were the following. Nurdesh the Green, Durzire the Yellow, Saxan the Black, Nimphonker the White, Yellwrath the Brown, Dione the Purple, Wrakris the Orange, and Tilrak the Blue.

Following the consequent birth of all of these Dragon they all decided to follow under the Suggestion of Wrakris the Orange and begin to settle a plot of land where they could live their lives and follow the ways of Helle in a village, all of the Draconians agreed and followed his lead. In the consequent years after the initial struggle to settle their village, the first Draconian Village was created and named: Bortan. In the years leading up the village was led by a council of the original Draconians, but eventually due to the difficulties of so many people involved in the governance of the village, the Council came to the consensus to elect one 1 person to lead and bear the responisibilities of the Village. The vote came to the consensus that their first leader would be the man who proposed the idea for the village in the place: Wrakris the Orange. It was Wrakris who then lead Bortan prosperously for 76 years where he coined the term of his leadership as Chief, and also put in motion a naming system so people could easily identify whose family hailed from where, with each child taking their Father's Name behind their own to identify their lineage. The last name of a Draconian would be passed down paternally so as to track those whom are most closely related to the original Draconian as a way to prevent inbreeding and other complications. His tenure as chief would last until the Year of -1900 where Bortan had grown massivly in comparison to it's origin as a 20-person settlement, with numerous families of each Draconian color co-existing and living their lives. It was in this very same year, that Bortan would be changed forever. It was following the death of Wrakris the Orange that his successor and son of Tilrak the Blue Lalraan Tilrak would become the 2nd Chief of Bortan. For following exactly 1 week into Lalraan's reign Kath the Eternal introduced himself to the people of Bortan.

It was Kath who brought the ideas Of Phrixus to the Draconian people, at first some were receptive to the ideas and teachings of Kath, including Lalraan himself. But there were also many in Bortan who rejected the ideas of Kath in favor of their creator, Helle. This faction was lead by Talriad Nimphonker, the son of Nimphonker the White. Talriad vehimently opposed Lalraan calling into question the legitimacy of Lalraad's claim to chiefhood after betraying the ideas Of Wrakris the Orange. He argued that Lalraan should step down as Chief and allow Voleth Saxan, one of the other children of the original 20 Draconians to lead and argued for the exhile of Lalraan and the followers of Phrixus, as the Village of Bortan was a holy site for Helle. Lalraan, joined by Nycek Daxur and Axitan Yelwrath lead the Phrixus followers, while Talriad and Voleth along with the other of the original Draconian families lead the opposition to the ruling party. For 20 years tensions would continue to rise until it's boiling point in -1882 where Talriad and Volteth both approached Lalraan with an ultimatum: Exhile of the Phrixus followers... Or war. Naturally Lalraan refused and thusly began the "War of Creation"  

The war of Creation

Following Lalraan's Declaration of War, Bortan was split in 2, on the Eastern half were the Forces of Helle, and on the West, the Warriors of Phrixus. The war would rage on for nearly 2 entire years, with brothers slaying brothers, and fathers killing sons. During the Duration of the war, victory would elude both sides many times, but what truly elongated the war were 2 massive interences on both sides... For the Phrixus followers, Kath the Eternal, and a Holy Might for Lalraan Tilrak the "Chosen of Phrixus" And on the side of Helle were Zome, Lord of Red, and For the Greedy godess who wanted all, she gifted 2 of her followers a Holy Might With Talriad Nimphonker recieving a holy might, along with a second, Krimmic Lormorn, a devout follower of Helle who honored his Draconian tradition as a spawn of Helle. Many clashes broke out throughout the war, but the most impactful were those between Kath and Zome, along with Talrid, and Lalraan, and the final being between Krimmic Lormorn who fought against both Nycek Daxur and Axitan Yelwrath. After 2 whole years the war would be decided not by the colossal dragons brawling above, but instead when Lalraan Tilrak aided by Nycek Daxur who both defeated Talrid Nimphonker. Following this defeat, in a moment of Mercy, and against the suggestion of Nycek.... Lalraan would spare Talriad and allow him to continue following Helle, so long as he promised to live in Exile.

The Aftermath

Talriad would accept these terms, and with all of his followers in tow, they would all leave Bortan in search of their own land where they could follow Helle and live their lives in exhile from Bortan. Talriad and his old friend Voleth Saxon would go on to lead the Helle worshippers to found the village of Evity, way past Bortan and to the Northwest of Lashmur Lake. It is here where Talrid would step down and allow Voleth to become the First Chief of Evity, deciding instead to pursue a new art with which Helle had gifted to her followers....Magic. Krimmic Lormorn would go with the aid of Evity to found the Temple of Helle, where he would become the first of Helle's Head Priests. Following this war, the both of these 2 institutions would go on to hold a hatred and rivalry towards Bortan for the rest of time. Even to this day, the chiefs of Bortan and Evity are often at odds, and have rivaled nearly Tamd and Ealla in their amount of intervillage conflicts. Meanwhile the Temple of Helle would seek to undermine Bortan in any way in oder to reclaim their holy land.

  Meanwhile, In Bortan things were finally getting back onto track thanks to Lalraan's lead. The redbuilding effort had taken about 1 whole year thanks to Kath's aid, but Lalraan was no fool. He knew that despite his mercy, that Evity and the Temple of Helle would strike back at Bortan again, if not in his lifetime, then sometime soon. For Laalran knew just how sacred of a site Bortan was to Helle and her followers, and If Bortan were to oppose a God, then they needed to be ready for anything. Thus, Lalraan became responsible for the official millitarization of Bortan, making certein that every single man, woman, and child in Bortan was prepared for the possibility of an attack. If every single resident of Bortan was ready for war at all times, then whenever Evity or Helle struck at them, the Bortanni would have a fully trained and fielded army within mere moments.
Lalraan also wrought in his rule with one additional pre-emptive measure. He had to make sure that If something were to happen to him, that Bortan would still be fine without him, and resultingly he carried out 2 important actions. The first was naming his successor as Chief, somebody who he could trust to lead the people in his absence, or if he were to suddenly die. The first person he asked was his friend Nycek Daxur. Nycek refused though, stating that him and Lalraan were too close in age, if Lalraan were to die of Natural causes, Nycek would follow shortly after leaving Bortan in an unprepared position. Lalraan thanked his close friend and made a second proposal. Instead of having Nycek be his successor, he would choose Nycek's newly born son: Impak Daxur. Lalraan would go on to put special effort into training Impak to be a good successor, teaching him everything he knew about being a chief alongside special combat training for Impak to be especially formidable. Considering Impak's lineage as a Daxur, he naturally became incredibly strong by the time he was 10 years old, and when he turned 16, He was already 4 feet taller than Lalraan. Lalraan by this time was quite old, after being born in -1930 with the current year being -1840 He was about 90 years old. 3 years older than his predecessor Wrakris the Orange when he died. He would often go on walks on the outskirts of Bortan in order to keep up his health... but then one day in -1840, his dead body would be found on the outskirts that he walked and protected, his dead body Icy cold to the touch despite being in the hottest week of the Summer. To the Bortanni his death was highly unnatural, nobody could explain it, but with modern accounts it became greatly obvious that his death was at the hands of Ice Magic, likely at the hands of Lalraan's oldtime rival Talriad Nimphonker: The first Ice Mage in Draconian Territory.


The Northern War

Due to Bortan's lack of knowledge of Magic nor it's existence, the people of Bortan had very little to go off of, and thusly after a large Funeral for a beloved man, it was Impak's turn to step up as chief. He was only 16 at the time, but he knew that he was more than prepared. for after 16 years of rigorous training, Impak was fully prepared to undertake his responsibilities as chief. Impak was a fiery man with a fiery temper, he was passionate and joyous, full of life, yet also harsh on those who opposed him. He was the very embodiment of the fire that bellowed from his mouth. He would go on to spend 36 years leading Bortan in peace, training troops and preparing his village for an inevitable war against Evity when suddenly, one day in -1804 a group of strange, small bearded men appeared to the Northern border of Bortan in the mountains. Being the Fiery man he was, Impak went to drive these people off. After all, it was Impak's responsibility as chief to secure the Borders of Bortan. He approached at first with a friendly, yet stern approach to these strange people, at first asking about them and learning about them. They called themselves "Dwarves". After learning about who these Dwarves were, Impak sternly told these men that they were in Bortanni Territory and thay they could not settle in the Immediate vicinity of their Village. The Dwarves laughed in Impak's face, stating that their God Hadur told them that they could settle from their northernmost mountain range to the most southern mountains, and that they would not take no for an answer. Impak, not a man to be impugned, killed all of the Dwarves but one, telling him to send a message to their leader not to mess with the Bortanni, and left back to Bortan. He Immediatly followed this action by stationing troops on the northern border in the mountains to protect their borders and be the first line in case of more Dwarves coming. And so... more dwarves did come. A whole army of them lead by a Dwarven General named Galmar. At first the Army held well against the Bortanni soldiers nearly bringing about a Victory, but once a messager made his way to Bortan, reinforcements arrived and were able to rout the Dwarven Army.

A final stand

There would be numerous concurrent skrimishes throughout the period of the next 2 years, and the attacks would grow more and more relentless. It eventually grew to the point where Impak would spend most of his time in the Mountain encampment while he appointed Lalraan's son: Irjid Tilrak to run the village while Impak would wait in the mountains... then one day, in the middle of an Army rotation, while Impak was all alone... The Dwarven Army struck at the perfect moment. The entire army attempted to encircle Impak, but there were simply too many Dwarves for this massive man to handle. Despite being a full 10 feet taller than most of the Dwarves he was fighting, he was taking too many spear attacks, It was in this moment, where suddenly Impak was confronted with his mortality. He had 2 options: Give up and perhaps negotiate a defeat with the Dwarves... or to die honorably in battle and give his troops time to reinforce the settlement before the war was lost. It was obvious which decision the brave Daxur would make. He continued to fight for hours, when on the Brink of death, he suddenly felt a warmth within his body. Not within his throat from which flames bellowed... but his arms and legs, his whole body. It was in this moment that Impak suddenly Erupted into flames, evaporating the lines of the Dwarves surrounding him. The air grew so hot that the heavily armored dwarves could barely breath, and the Dwarves who were foolish to stand against this 14 foot tall, blazing dragon man faced every second of his wrath. Armor would melt and stick to the skin of his foes as he smashed through the enemy lines. Nobody could believe this sight, least of all Galmar who watched as his whole army was killed by 1 single man. Galmar, to save face reported to the King that his army was lost in a battle against a "Red Dragon" and so from that moment forth Impak would be known infamously by the dwarves under that name... "The Red Dragon". Galmar would concede defeat to Impak, and fall back to the North, while Impak would Triumphantly return to the village regaling his tale and continuing his duties as chief.   Shortly after Bortan's Victory, Impak would go on to run the village peacefully from -1799 onwards. The Draconian world was changing quickly and decade after decade new Draconian villages would rise from the birthplace of Evity. First came Ealla in -1757, then Tamd 1 year later, then finally Erdenn in -1753. With all of these brand new villages being foundedm Bortan was in a rough spot. Being greatly outnumbered, they knew that they only had 1 chance if they were to stand up to all of these new, Helle-worshipping villages. Thusly in -1750 Zeldarr was founded by Bortan, in the very spot that Impak had his Last Stand against the Dwarves 50 years ago. The founding went smoothly and Zeldarr was nearly self-reliant thanks to the hardy Bortanni lifestyle that all of the settlers were used to, and so, for many years there were 2 Phrixus aligned villages, and 3 Helle aligned villages. With at least another village on their side, Bortan had felt safe, and so, in -1750 at the same year of it's founding, after 90 years of Chiefdom, the illustrious Impak Daxur at the age of 106 Impak finally rested, deciding to retire to the village he founded in the very same year of Zeldarr. And so, in that same village he had his near-death experience, he died the same year of natural causes. Following his death, it would be revealed by the inhabitants of Ealla (Whom were neutral in the conflict between Helle and Phrixus) that Impak in fact did possess fire magic, and was the first mage in Bortan.
Following Impak, it was up to his successor Talxeth Ravofarn to continue the ways of Bortan, he would go on to live a rather uneverfuntful life as chief spending most of his time building up both Bortan and Zeldarr, but it would be his successor Muldran Draxan who would benefit most off of his work. For In the year of -1720, Evity would declare their first of Many official wars against the people of Bortan. The war lasted for about 2 years with massive defeats at the hands of the Eviteans who posessed a massive magical advantage, before in -1718 Draxan would unlock magic just like his predecessor Impak. It was with this magic that Muldran was lucky enough to fend off the Evitean forces for long enough to get the Eviteans to call for a white peace. Leaving the 2 villages at a stalemate in the year -1717. Muldran would go on to try and hone his magical skills for many years while also thinking that he understood the key to unlocking magic which the Eviteans held yet refused to share with the Bortanni. Muldran's theory was: "Through great strife, the limits of Draconians are tested, and thusly magic is unlocked" But what Muldran didn't realize that magic was simply there all along, and rather the method that he and his predecessor used were simply the way to gaining impossible magic. Muldran as chief would go on to do many tests in order to further allow for the Bortanni to study and understand magic, and more importantly come up with ways to fight mages effectivly without magic. With these further developments, the Bortanni felt that they would be ready to win the next war against Evity whenever it came along. Unfortunatly Muldran never was able to give Bortanni the key to understanding magic the way they do now, but the methods brought about thanks to his studies are still greatly appreciated and emplyed by Bortanni to this day.

The Great Mire

Following the chiefdom of Muldran Draxan who died in -1680, Bortan would have a very uneventful 133 years. The death of Draxan would begin a period in Bortan known as "The Great Mire" this time was essentially a dark age for the people of Bortan which marked a serious decline in the quality of leadership of Bortan where many chiefs either fell short and had tragic shortcomings, or simply did nothing constructive at all, all resulting in the stagnation and eventual decline in Bortan's position amongst the world. This also was not helped by the sudden explosion of other Draconian villages having especially good leaders and gaining world renown, with Tamd's recent leadership most notably bringing their culture and products onto the world scene in a massive statement, Evity's continued pioneering of magical arts which recently resulted in the art of puppetry under their new Cheif, Ealla had just created a new society within their borders known as "The Chamber" which resulted in multiple incredibly powerful bards, and even Erdenn was brought into prominence leading an important coalition with Ealla to curb Evity's aggressive and controlling tendencies over the newer villages. All of this activity within this period of 133 years and Bortan was part of none of it.

But when this 133 year timer ran out... the Mire did not end, in fact it got worse, as the Dwarves returned to the South once more, lead yet again by Galmar and his newly formed squad "The Red Dragons". They attacked Zeldarr and swiftly defeated them, with Galmar having trained for nearly 250 years in preperation for an eventual war against Bortan and Impak, to claim the land that the Dwarves believed was rightfully theirs. What Galmar had found, was that Bortan had declined and in this era without a great leader, nor any magic to show for... The Dwarves easily won, defeating both Zeldarr and Bortan. Galmar was dissapointed to not be able to face off against Impak with his newfound strength, as he had not realised how long his training had taken, so Once their army defeated the Zeldarians and Bortanni, he occupied the village of Zeldarr and renamed it to "Ebreichizell" It was following this that the Red Dragons who named themselves after Impak Daxur "The Red Dragon" found and exhumed his grave and hung his skull in their headquarters which was the Chief Hut of Zeldarr before the occupation. Contrary to popular belief though, the rest of Impak's remains still are within the posession of the Red Dragons and are greatly revered as such a figure who was able to hold off the Dwarven army had through the years, gained Galmar's respect along with the soldiers who worked under him.

The Bortanni would then go another 300 simply on Damage control, trying make put themselves in a position of power, yet continuing to be on the backfoot. The Bortanni realized that If the Temple of Helle, or Evity wanted to, they could wipe Bortan off of the Map. And so in a period of slight reprieve came the next great Chief of Bortan during the mire after a long line of mediocre predicessors. This man was Ulkir Lealred. Ulkir became chief in the year -1103, the same year that Ebreichzell was taken by the Dwarves by the Wood Elves of Syla Anore, and so Ulkir's ambitions were set... He would reclaim Zeldarr, and restore Bortan to it's former glory... He spent 3 years in preperation, training the soldiers of Bortan to preapre their invasion of Zeldarr... but unfortunately for Ulkir. It was in this same time that Evity had decided to spring their attack on Bortan and finally do away with their longtime rival. The war was arduous, taking 2 whole years, but thanks to the anti-magical combat methods learned under Muldran Draxan, along with a surpise awakening of powerful Earth magic for Ulkir (Not to mention the absence of many past powerful mage familes who were now under the banners of the other 3 Villages) Bortan had made a surprise Victory in the conflict, repelling Evity and putting forth a traty which called for Evity to cease aggression against Bortan for the next 300 years... Evity begrudgingly accepted.

With a Victory against Evity hot on their feet, the Bortanni lead by Ulkir were high on morale and had unintentionally, gained an extra 2 years of preparation for war against the Elves thanks to their rival. And so, after recuperating and rebuilding for 11 more years and fine tuning his magic... Ulkir and Bortan were ready for war once more. The Initial attack came at a total surprise to the Elves, who after nearly 13 years of not being attacked by Bortan, had grown complacent, and were thusly unprepared. Ulkir and the Bortanni smashed onto the scene, and with the additional advantage of the mountainous rocky environment of Zeldarr combined with Ulkir's earth magic, lead to the elves being routed from the Village in nearly 1 day... but this war did not end after the reconquest of Zeldarr... for this was perhaps Ulkir's fatal flaw... Ulkir was incredibly ambitious, and so he wished to take Syla anore too, not only to penalize the Elves who stole the rightful Bortanni land, but also to establish a 3rd Phrixus-aligned village in order to create a counterbalance to the 3 Helle-worshipping Villages which existed. This is where he would go wrong, as the Bortanni would struggle greatly to fight the Elves in their home territory. Bortan was not used to fighting in Forests, and with the foilage of the Elven forest growing thicker and thicker, the Large dragon warriors of Bortan were simply inaffective against the swift, smaller elves who managed to defeat the Bortanni in the forest with their superior marksmanship, blotting out what little light the Bortanni had with a storm of arrows. This was also acompannied with the advantage that some wood elves posessed, being minor aptitude of COP earth magic, meaning that the Forests were completely inhospitable to the Bortanni armies. And yet... Ulkir refused to relent, he would sign any peace treaty if it did not garner the Bortanni at least 2 territories. And so the war raged on for year, after year, decade after decade, and century after century. Ulkir's successor was just as stubborn as him, and so as time went on the Bortanni continued this pointless war in stalemate for 200 years, until the Dwarves would decide to Interfere in the War in -900, by joining as a 3rd party against both the Bortanni and the Elves. The Dwarves would quickly seize Zeldarr, yet again renaming it to Ebreichzell, and so the war would rage on in a massive, 3 way-stalemate for next next 103 years with no signs of stopping... until the presence of 1 man singlehandedly ended the war.


Enter: Kilprax

In the year -799 Kilprax Ildial finally resurfaced upon the world scene... and despite being nearly a stone toss away from Bortan in the Magic College built by Kath himself, the Bortanni had been so preoccupied in their war started by Ulkir that none were aware of their highly prestigous neighbor. Kilprax had started his studies with Kath at the same time as Bortan's first War against the Dwarves at the time of Impak Daxur... And nearly 1000 years later the Bortanni were still at War with not only the Dwarves, but also now the Elves... this urked Kilprax to no end, and when he showcased his immense power and subjugated Bortan along with the other villages, and he gave Bortan 1 condition: They had 2 years to finish their war, If they could not display favorable results by the beginning of -797, then Kilprax would end the war singlehandedly and establish a white peace. The chief or Bortann at the time: Creastish Yelrath had no option but to accept his terms. And so, In -797 when Creastish displayed no favorable results... Kilprax did exactly as he promised, and so Bortan had now oficcially lost Zeldarr for a second time after wasting nearly 300 years on a pointless war. This loss was hard on Bortan, and so when Kilprax laid out his second decree later in the year, mandating the study of magic among the villages and starting the great Draconian Migration, Bortan lagged behind the other villages.

Too demoralized to learn a new art, very few in Bortan managed to learn magic. And this would continue for the next 10 years, until they peaked at the absolute darkest moment in Bortanni history... For in -787... Evity now being the village of Forbidden Magic had returned onto the scene with 4 massive aces up their sleave. And with their peace treaty having expired 10 years prior... Evity was perfectly just in attempting to reclaim their holy land once and for all. For nearly the entirety of the previous year, many Bortanni had recalled strange sights... Odd growths of plants near their villages, strange animals not native to the area suddenly appearing around the village, odd mounds of uneven earth planted in the ground accompanied by robed figures moving about the outskirts of the village... All was prepared for Evity's Final war against the already weakened and demoralized Bortan. And so... at the very first day of -787 Evity, the Village of Forbidden magic began their war against Bortan. The war the Eviteans declared was frankly.. more of a massacre, as many Bortanni were suddenly controlled by puppetmasters, killing their own allies... Anybody who ran from Bortan was picked off by the massive vines that shot forth from the ground, or by the hostile fauna which viciously shredded those who ran to bits with the aid of Evity's newly acquired Druids and Beastmasters thanks to the recent destruction of Erra and Den, and finally. Just when all had seemed bleak... hope in Bortan was fully extinguished when suddenly around the perimeter of the Villages, corpses of their fallen along with those planted within those strange mounds began rising and approaching the remaining Bortanni who managed to survive the initial onslaught. Just in their final moment though... before absolutely all was lost, 1 man to the surprise of everybody present came to the aid of Bortan in their hour of need: Kilprax Ildial. As corpses swarmed around the remaining Bortanni, Kilprax flew over and landed in between the 2 parties. Stunned by this development, Krolxosh Saxan, the chief of Evity and pioneer of the horrid art of Necromancy questioned Kilprax's motives, asking why Kilprax: An Evitean himself would thrawrt the agenda of his home and stop the destruction of Bortan. Kilprax cited 2 motives. The first: His pride, Kilprax would not allow a single village to be destroyed under his reign, His job was to unite the Draconians under his banner, and stated that if Bortan were to be destroyed while under his rule, and not under an action of his own... that it would reflect negatively upon his legacy. The second motive: His respect for his teacher. Kath the eternalhad taught Kilprax for 1000 years, and now that he was the closest thing to a god, he wanted to respect the Ideals of his teacher, as he seemed to posess a small form of kinship with the Bortanni as they too, long ago were taught by Kath himself, though perhaps in a different way. And so, following Kilprax's ultimatum, Krolxosh stood down and him and his soldiers returned to Evity... Scorned by the fact that they were so very close to reclaiming their ancestral homeland.

This moment would forever be remembered by the people of Bortan, and Kilprax would be greatly revered and celebrated due to him coming to the aid of Bortan in their hour of need. Seeing such a powerful man who credited his meteoric rise to his knowledge of Magic finally motivated the people of Bortan to begin learning the ways of Magic... And so, in short order those remaining in Bortan learned the ways of magic and with the aid of Kilprax and voulenteers from the Newly established Yirthum, Bortan was rebuilt and began learning magic. As it happened many people within Bortan were found to be increbily potent with massive mana reserves being notable in the Tilrak, Daxur, Lealred, Yelrath, and Draxan families. Bortan slowly grew more powerful and under the guidance of the newly invigorated Creastish Yelrath began to prepare for the next great endeavor of Kilprax... The magic college

The First Magic College Class

In -777 The magic college was finally opened, and due to their loyalty and co-operation with Kilprax, he allowed 14 of the 16 students to be hand-chosen by chiefs amongst the notable families of the villages, with the only caveat being that one of the villages volunteer to send only 2 while the others send 3. Cronxush Nimphonker who was the current chief of Tamd voulenteered to only send 2 Students, meaning that Bortan, was able to send 3 students to the very first magic college class: the class of -773. Creastish decided to send 3 very notable students, deciding to send Teccok Tilrak: due to their long history with the village, and Cruldor Daxur: His successor who also posessed a long history in Bortan. His final pick was Vixan Lealred, deciding to send an Earth mage who wasn't his son. For despite his gratitude, Creastish was still weary of Kilprax and wasn't quite sure what would occur in the magic college, and thusly abstained on sending his own son to possibly die.

By the time -773 came about, Bortan was greatly impressed by it's results, with their mages sent to the magic college possesing massive magical aptitude, not to mention. To the surprise of everyone. Cruldor, normally known for his thickheadedness and poor academic performance, in fact did not take last place and ended in 13th Place academically after working his hardest and besting Tobur Tuldad, a student from Ealla. His 2 classmates Teccok and Vixan performed better than him academically, with Teccok getting 5th Place academically, and Vixan coming in at 8th. Unsurprisingly the Tamdians lorded their positions at 1st and 2nd over many of their peers, and just when all seemed down for Bortan, Kilprax had a surprise for everyone... The Academic positions in the Magic college, were only Half of the placement of students... the Real Valedictorian would be decided in a Tournament. The Bortanni rejoiced at this as not only did they stand a chance at winning now... but they might be able to secure 1st 2nd and 3rd place too! The Tournament progressed with a few surprises, with the 2nd favorite to win: Teccok being placed against Oldruuk Uphal. Unfortunatly for Teccok, his biggest mistake was underestimating his foe, who unfortunatly not only posessed an elemental advantage against Teccok, but also a quick thinking mind that allowed him to predict many of Teccok's moves which unfortunatly meant that Teccok lost his first round, Teccok would go on to perform admirably, tearing up the entire loser's Bracket until he faced off against Oldruuk a second time. Unfortunatly for Teccok, despite his newfound confidence and momentum, he couldn't stop Oldruuk, resulting in a second loss for him. He would end up taking 6th place. Vixan would end up on the entire other side of the Bracket, and due to the combination of his destructive Earth magic, along with his well-honed combat skills, he smashed his way through the bracket making his way to Semifinals before facing off against Forthash Saxan, son of Kroxush Saxan. Unfortunatly for Vixan despite his emotional attachment to the fight due to fighting the son of the man who killed his father, Vixan was unable to best Forthash, and thusly ended up losing his match. He was then imediatly bested in the loser's bracket, taking 8th place. Finally Cruldor Daxur, would go on to surprise everbody, in absolutely smashing through his enemies, winning every single match he was placed in, Defeating both Oldruuk and Forthath within, both favorites to win the whole tournament. And so following the tournament. Cruldor Daxur would be named the first ever Valedictorian of the magic college, with Oldruuk being the Saludatorian, and Fothash taking 3rd place.

Upon Returning from the magic college all 3 of the Graduates were unfathomably powerful compared to anything that the Bortanni had seen. All 3 were named "Phrixus's Chosen" and the people of Bortan celebrated their good tidings from their God that has been brought to them so soon after nearly being wiped off of the face of Totania. Following this, Creastish Yelrath would step down from his position as Chief and allow Cruldor to take his rightful place after bring so much glory to Bortan and allowing them to be the village to produce the first Valedictorian, and being able to defeat Forthath Saxan, who at this point in time was far stronger than his Father when he nearly wiped Bortan off of the map. The Bortanni were grateful to have these 3 amazing warriors on their side, all lead by Cruldor, the strongest man in Draconian Territory second to Kilprax himself (Despite there being perhaps a massive gap between the 2) This time lasted for only 40 years until Kilprax ended up dying at the ends of Bortan's hated past enemies: The Elves. Following this death of Kilprax, the elves ended up installing Tobor Tuldadd as a puppet ruler being the 2nd Grand Wizard   Seeing Tuldadd being chosen Grand wizard over any of the current chiefs of the Time (all of whom were in the same class as him, and ranked much higher than Tuldadd) caused immense anger among all of the chiefs, but the 2 who were the angriest by far were Oldruuk, and his former foe, and the first Valedictorian: Cruldor Daxur, the chief of Bortan. Oldruuk and Cruldor spearheaded the movement against Tuldadd and both absolutely refuted all legislation passed by him. Due to Tuldadd's inability to enforce his rules, Oldruuk and Cruldor began slowly stringing their villages away from the near-absolute control that Kilprax had and ended up with basically how the villages operate today. Quickly the other villages began to follow suit until Tuldadd had basically no control over any of the villages aside from Zephys Within the end of Tuldadd's first year as Grand Wizard, once it was time to welcome the Class of -733 he had made a massive reform which was considered by many to be his only good policy allowing other races aside from Draconians to attend the Magic College.
  This lead to Oldruuk fully losing his compliance and deciding to plan a coup against Tuldadd. He spent the remainder of -733 negotiating alongside his common ally Cruldor and by -732 Tamd and Bortan were poising for War but this was stopped when the 2 died on the same night from what appeared to be natural causes. It was following this that both of their successors, Vilthac Nimphonker and Tammoth Tazrinn, both the Valedictorians of their respective classes became chief on the same day with both calling off the plans of their mentors. To this day it is unknown what it was that caused the Death of these 2 chiefs, as both Tammoth and Vilthac swore emphatically that while they disagreed with declaring war on Tuldadd, they did not kill their chiefs. Following this, the 2 would go on to run their villages and further separate them from Tuldadd's power without war or conflict and went on their way without much incident.


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