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A race of draconic humanoids, the Dragonborn are inherently magical. With a strong connection to the weave within each Dragonborn, even the weakest of Dragonborn have immense magical potential.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Dragonborn society is not necessarily a unified front, so there are many organizations that are affiliated with Dragonborn society. All of these groups, together, make up the nation of Dragonborn that occupies the southern portion of Elone.  

The Magic College

The Magic College is an organization whose primary objective is educating the younger generations on everything there is to know about magic. Led by the Grand Wizard, the Magic College is located above the floating city Zephys, and lies at the center of Dragonborn territory.   Built by the Golden Dragon Lord known as Kath the Eternal, the Magic College itself stood before any other structure in the world. When Kath was the lone resident of Totania, he created the Magic College in the hopes that he would one day be able to share it with others.   His wish came true when a Dragonborn named Kilprax Ildial arrived and founded the Magic College as a real school. He was the first student, and eventually became Grand Wizard. Then, after a long time of study, he opened it to other students. He originally just wanted one class of students, but eventually the third Grand Wizard Iorkul Kricel opened it up to have four classes of 16 students.   Each class is diverse and has students of varying races and backgrounds, with two teachers per class. One teacher serves as the Magic Studies teacher, educating students on how magic works and helping them grow stronger and understand their magic more, while the other teacher is the Magic History teacher, who teaches about the history of the world as it relates to magic.
The Magic College by Jarhed

Dragonborn Villages

There have been many Dragonborn villages, though only five have stood the test of time. These villages have been Bortan, Evity, Ealla, Tamd, and Yirthum. The additional villages are Waire, Ilder, and Dembar. There is also the city Zephys, which is the capital city of Dragonborn.  


  Bortan was the first village of the Dragonborn, and serves the most basic purpose as a village focused towards combatants. It also often was the village that served as opposition to the Grand Wizard, pushing back against any insane policies they made.  


  The Village of Forbidden Knowledge, Evity is best known for their necromancers and their dark aesthetic. The birthplace of Kilprax Ildial, Evity adopted the practice of learning magic that others would consider taboo. The graveyards of Evity are always packed so that eventually they can be used for necromancy.  


  The Bard Village, Ealla is home to many bards. Despite this, and their proximity to the Gnomish Bard College, they are actually rivals of the Bard College. They host Music Festivals where they compete amongst each other, as well as with bards from all over the world.  


  The Alchemist Village, Tamd is home to alchemists and other types of mages that prefer studying and working to using spells for combat. They reside on a peninsula on the Southeastern edge of Dragonborn territory, which is coated in poison. Only residents of Tamd have the antidote, though it is believed that some has gotten out and has been sold on the black market.  


  Yirthum was founded by Kilprax Ildial with the intention of studying the basics of magic, and also being a proxy territory for the Grand Wizard to control outside of Zephys. This did not work out very well, as it was quickly taken by the Elves in their war and has been a puppet of them ever since. The Elves make sure that the residents of Yirthum don't grow too strong by suppressing their magic through horrible experiments.  


  A village in the Elven Forest, once controlled by the Elves, the Dragonborn Yernok Caerxan took this into the folds of the Dragonborn and made it his own to control. It was hidden deep in the forest, and held many dangers and secrets.  


  Founded by Otikul Nurdesh and Ordoth Mardaar, Ilder was on the edge of the Elven Forest, but was quickly destroyed by the Wood Elves.  


  The follow-up to Ilder, founded near nothing, Dembar was a very barren village also founded by Otikul Nurdesh and Ordoth Mardaar. It was not mentioned among the other villages very often.  


  The capital city of the Dragonborn, Zephys is divided into three parts:
  • Lower Zephys- The ground level part of the city, with towering skyscrapers, commercial buildings, and low-income housing, as well as a bustling nightlife.
  • Upper Zephys- A floating city above Lower Zephys, populated with the mansions of the nobility.
  • The Magic College- The residence of the Grand Wizard and their students, floating above even Upper Zephys.
South Elone
This is the Southern section of Elone, featuring much of the Dwarven Kingdom, the Elven Empire, and the Dragonborn settlements.

Pizza Companies

There are many pizza companies owned by Dragonborn. The major ones are Papa Jarkul's, Little Clolith's, Dinkis's Pizza, Peperodent Pizza, and Pizza College.  
Faervroth Clolith, the Pizza Man by Jarhed
Papa Jarkul's and Little Clolith's are .named after Grand Wizards, both the 10th Grand Wizard Faervroth Clolith and the 16th Grand Wizard Driammes Jarkul. Little Clolith's was once known by a different name, but renamed themselves after one of their pizza delivery men, Faervroth Clolith, became the 10th Grand Wizard.
Papa Jarkul's is named after the 16th Grand Wizard, who was known for eating pizza in his office. He never ate anything else, aside from pizza, while he was Grand Wizard. It is believed he was trying to break a record.   Dinkis's Pizza is named after the Dragonborn Thimmid Dinkis, who was the first one to bring pizza to the Humans. For this, when a joint Pizza company was created by Dragonborn and Humans, it was named after him.   Peperodent Pizza is a terrible company that prides itself on addicting children to its pizza at a young age so they become dependent on it. They use colorful, Draconic and Ratman mascots to make their horrid business dealings seem fun and friendly, but in reality they help fund the Ratman genocide. They have deep ties to Orc tribes, despite the bad history between Dragonborn and Orcs.   Pizza College is a pizza chain with the tagline "Pizza is Magic!" With a theme based around the Magic College, Pizza College hires out of work mages to use their spells to create pizza. They are known for creating many jobs, but also for bad pizza.

Courtship Ideals

Dragonborn courtship is often rather fast. Dating for a Dragonborn is a quick process, where the two will take four years out of their lives to get to know each other in and out. As Dragonborn society values knowledge, knowing everything about a Dragonborn's partner is foundational towards any relationship. Dragonborn that can't answer any question about their partners are often considered to be bad partners, which is why most Dragonborn take the four years alone with their partners.   During their four years, they often go on many dates. These dates can include many things, be it travelling, going out to dinner, or just staying at home together. Before these four years begin, a Dragonborn begins courtship by approaching their desired partner with their favorite books. If the desired partner, called a Tuora Ir (Desired One), reciprocates the feeling, they will trade their favorite books back.
The Four Years of Courtship then begin with reading each other's favorite books. The one that finishes the other's favorites first is often rewarded with choice of the first date, and then the second date will happen once the second person finishes the books. Then, they will quiz each other on the books, and if they fail the quiz, the relationship often ends there and then.   The large chunk of one's life taken getting to know one's partner is why, often, prolific mages such as the more powerful Grand Wizards remained unmarried. Marriage is a valued tradition in Dragonborn society, where one shares everything with their partner. There is no standard type of marriage, so both same-sex and opposite-sex marriage are common among Dragonborn. Despite this value on marriage, unmarried Dragonborn are not looked down upon, unless they not only do not marry, but also do not achieve great power with their magic.   When a Dragonborn marries, they often settle down in a village they agree upon with their partner. This could include Zephys, and often is the home village of one of the two partners. After this, Dragonborns share everything with their partners. When they get home at the end of the day, or whenever they end up getting home (Dragonborn could stay at work for weeks!), they normally take the time to explain everything important that happened, or that they learned.


After the creation of Orcs and Elves by Gruumsh and the jealous Sehanine respectively, many Gods began the process of creating a race of people to populate parts of Totania. The Goddess Tiamat had already created the Chromatic Dragons, beginning with Zome Lord of the Red, yet she was not considered the Goddess of Greed for nothing.   Tiamat created eggs, which would soon birth into the first Dragonborn on the southern tip of Elone. She entrusted the eggs to Fraeton the Usurper, the Green Dragon Lord who resided in the Elven Forest. To fool the other Gods, Tiamat gave them a Draconic appearance, meaning that the first born of her new race would be seen as just more Dragons until it was far too late for the Gods to do anything about it. With that, the first Dragonborn were hatched.   Settling down around the Elven Forest, the first Dragonborn village was known as Bortan. It was settled the furthest west of all the villages. Next, Evity was built near a lake. From residents of Evity, two further villages came to be: The Bardic Village of Ealla and the Alchemical Village of Tamd.
The Bards wished for a more centralized location, and built their village in a place where many could come to visit. The Alchemists, on the other hand, found a peninsula that was already protected due to being the location of the Goddess Tiamat's temple. To prevent people from coming even further, the alchemists created a poison that would kill anyone it touched, and coated the peninsula with it. Alchemists from the village had the antidote, but no one else would be able to come to Tamd.   Evity and Bortan had much less of a niche, at least at their founding. That was, until a certain Dragonborn man was born. Kilprax Ildial.  

Kilprax Ildial

  Kilprax Ildial was born in the village of Evity. At the time, Evity did not study forbidden magic. Instead, they were simply the village dedicated to the basic study of magic. Due to this, Kilprax Ildial was raised with the fundamentals of magic from an early age.   That was not enough for the young Ildial. He wanted more knowledge, and had, like all Dragonborn, seen the giant structure that floated in the distance from their villages. Yet he didn't believe the stories, that it was a death trap or that there was no way to reach it. For Kilprax believed that, with magic, anything was possible.
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed

The First Student

  Kilprax traveled to the region below this floating structure. No one had ever found a way up there, as even the concept of flying was still too difficult with what mages knew at that point.
Kilprax, however, would not let the knowledge of others hold him back. He was a clever man, and used this ingenuity of his to combine his magic. First, he used Earth Magic to create a platform as high as he could. Then, he began propelling himself in the air with fire magic while boosting the flames with his wind magic. He froze his legs with ice magic to keep them from overheating. By the time he reached the peak height, he was even with the large structure, but was not close to it. So he used lightning magic to dash from where he was onto the ground of the structure.   That was the moment that a mortal first set foot in the Magic College. Created by Kath the Eternal, the Golden Dragon Lord, as a hub of knowledge. And as the Golden Dragon Lord stared down at his visitor, Kilprax Ildial looked up at him with a thirst for knowledge and a challenging glare. Kilprax Ildial was here to learn. For the first time, Kath the Eternal had met an equal.   The two got along well enough. Kath knew every secret of magic, and was happy to finally have someone to share it with. Kilprax made sure to hold his tongue around the Dragon as he was taught. He was a clever man, and he had a plan to gain all the knowledge he could. He would not let his sharp tongue get in the way of that, so he held it for years as Kath instructed him.  

The First Grand Wizard

  After enough time had passed, nearly 1000 years, Kilprax had finally grasped every secret of magic. He had spent this time building up the idea of his Magic College. For generations, people began settling around the Magic College, hoping that they would get to be among the first students.
Yet he didn't open it. The Great Dragonborn Migration happened, where the city of Zephys was founded, yet he didn't open it. Instead, he took the time to develop his magical power and the structure of Dragonborn society. He knew the Chiefs wanted to govern themselves, so he decided to let them. But he, calling himself the Grand Wizard, subjugated them. He said that he would be the one who had command over them, if he ever decided to use it.   As a consolation prize, Kilprax promoted the families of the current Chiefs to become noble families, and created a special place for them in his new city. This was Upper Zephys, a floating part of Zephys where the nobles could live. It was also meant so that, if the chiefs betrayed him, he had their families nearby to hold hostage.
These original five noble families are:  
  • Daxur (Bortan)
  • Nurdesh (Tamd)
  • Durzire (Yirthum)
  • Vorsashi (Evity)
  • Kiljhan (Ealla)
    Kilprax had some changes for the villages as well. For his own home village, Evity, he encouraged them beyond the idea of basic magic. He showed them some ideas of magic, which even Kath the Eternal had called forbidden. Necromancy was the major art, but there were others that were considered forbidden, which Evity picked up.
To replace this, Kilprax created his own village, and appointed a man by the name of Durzire to run it. This would be the village to study more basic knowledge, and it would be under "Durzire's control" which really meant it was a puppet of the Grand Wizard. This village became known as Yirthum.  

Open for Business

  In the year -777, Kilprax Ildial finally opened the Magic College. The first class, known as the Class of -773, was admitted. No one knew what that meant, as the Dragonborn Calendar said that the year was 1269. However, both Kilprax and Kath called it -777, and this was only reinforced by the user of Prediction Magic at the time, as well as someone who called himself a historian, known as Workris Galkan.   The first class of the Magic College consisted of only Dragonborn. That was how it was for the entirety of Kilprax Ildial's
Tobor Tuldad by Jarhed
time as Grand Wizard. There were many notable students from this first class, many that went on to become Chiefs or were given honorary Noble titles by Kilprax. But there was one black sheep in the class. A less-than talented mage named Tobor Tuldad.   Tuldad came from Yirthum, and alongside a friend of his known as Satrin Myathiluc, Tuldad fled Dragonborn territory shortly after his graduation. He was taken in by a High Elf named Elnahil Shirno. Elnahil had heard rumors of the Magic College, and Tobor Tuldad told him of his experiences. Despite the negative light Tobor Tuldad put the stories in, Elnahil still wished to attend.
When he arrived, however, he was attacked and driven out by Kilprix Ildial himself. Ildial did not want to share the knowledge of magic with anyone but Dragonborn. Elnahil returned to the Elven Capital, Camor, to plan with Tobor Tuldad. They would work with the greatest Elven strategists and mages on a plan to kill Kilprax Ildial.   Meanwhile, another conflict was brewing for the first Grand Wizard. Kath the Eternal, who had spent his entire time teaching Kilprax everything he could, but had recently begun teaching basic magic lessons to first years, learned of Kilprax's rejection of Elnahil. He confronted him about this practice, of only accepting Dragonborn to the school. Kath wanted to teach more people about magic.   Kilprax decided that it was time to reveal his hand. He had been learning all of these secrets of magic from Kath, holding his tongue, so that he could attack Kath when his guard was down and he had finally gained every piece of knowledge he could from the Golden Dragon. Now, Kath was on high alert, but Kilprax had no other choice. Thus began the longest three weeks in the history of Totania.  

The End of Kilprax Ildial

  Kilprax Ildial had achieved immortality. A long held secret of magic, at the very limits of knowledge itself. Yet so had Kath the Eternal. So when they began to fight, there was nothing that was off the table. Their fight lasted for three entire weeks, and nearly destroyed the Southern half of Elone. Had it not been for Kilprax wanting to preserve the society he created, and Kath wanting to protect the planet where he and the rest of the living creatures lived, it would have been catastrophic.   The fight drew the attention of Devils, many of which made bets on who would win. The Stock Market in Ba'al Street had stocks raising immensely as the devils hoped that Totania would undergo a major tragedy at the hands of the Grand Wizard or the Lord of Life.
Demons praised the chaos, while the Gods sat by idly and watched as the planet was torn asunder. Finally, it was stopped by the Priest of Bahamut, who channeled Bahamut's Holy Might for enough time to tell Kath that Bahamut wished for him to flee from battle.   With this, Kilprax Ildial claimed victory in what was, from all accounts, a true stalemate. He continued on as Grand Wizard for 40 more years unchallenged. Rather, undefeated. Many tried to challenge him, but he either swiftly dealt with them, or they were reminded of his victory against Kath and gave up.
Over those 40 years, he wrote down everything he knew. The Eternal Files were what they became known as. Documents containing every magical secret in existence. While Kilprax did not teach these things himself, he wanted them to be known. These documents were hidden away, encoded in a language that no one knew. To find this, someone would need to learn this language that he had just made up, find the documents, and study each and every one of them. A tall order, but that was what Kilprax Ildial expected from his successor.   Then, Dragonborn territory was lit ablaze. Elnahil returned to the Magic College, and when Kilprax refused to let him in again, Elnahil called forth the soldiers he had to attack Kilprax. Easily killing them, Elnahil then led Kilprax into the forest. Kilprax, not knowing where exactly in the forest Elnahil had gone, found the nearby Elven village of Faen Belanore. This was a vacation destination for High Elves, away from Camor. Kilprax destroyed it, not because it was related to the attack, but likely out of jealousy. There is no record of where Faen Belanore was, as everything about it was destroyed by Kilprax.   Over the next few months, Kilprax fought the armies of Elves that were thrown at him. He had the help of some students, former and current, who were appointed as generals, but any battle where Kilprax was on the field, he had no further soldiers on his side. He always wanted to fight alone.   This backfired on Kilprax. Elnahil, and a group of other Elves, had developed a spell in the dungeons of the village known as Waire. This spell killed all of the other Elves, leaving just Elnahil. With this, Elnahil made his way to the battlefield.  
The Plague of Evity
Kilprax Ildial was in his home village of Evity, when he saw Elnahil exiting the forest. He quickly warned the villagers to run, partially to keep them safe, but moreso because he wished to finally deal with the troublesome Elf, and wanted to do so himself.   But Elnahil had a way to defeat Kilprax. The Grand Wizard had gained the secret of immortality, but there was a way to defeat him yet. His immortality came from within, and attacking him from the inside would have a chance at hurting him. With a spell crafted over 40 years, Elnahil created a disease on the battlefield that day. In the brains of both himself, and Kilprax Ildial, a disease grew. Elnahil sat down, knowing that he had won and inviting the Grand Wizard to sit beside him and view the lake in their final moments together.   Kilprax Ildial killed Elnahil not with a spell, but with his bare hands. His body was tossed into the lake, fed to the sea monster, and no remains were ever found. When it comes to Kilprax, he spent an hour investigating his own brain, and when he found that there was no cure, he simply laughed. He said aloud,  
"A spell even I don't know? Maybe you Elves... and other races are mages after all. To make an incurable disease? I wish I had 1000 more years left, to study all this. Magic... really is incredible!"
— Kilprax Ildial
    Those were his last words, as he smiled out into the distance, laughing. Tobor Tuldad watched. He fell to his knees watching the final moments of the first Grand Wizard, as he laughed until he collapsed, and his brain, the greatest brain that has ever graced Totania, shut down.  

Beyond Grand

  Tobor Tuldad was promoted by the Elves as a candidate for the second Grand Wizard. The Dragonborn nobles, who feared the power of the Elves that were able to kill Kilprax, agreed to elect Tuldad as the Second Grand Wizard. In exchange, the Elves had granted them the option in the first place. From then on, it would be a vote from the nobility that ultimately chose the Grand Wizard, though the top candidate would often be the strongest mage at the time, or the one that killed the previous Grand Wizard.   Tuldad was a puppet for the Elves. He was weak, unable to put up much of a fight, and implemented many policies that favored Elves. For instance, the village of Yirthum that was once under the indirect control of the Grand Wizard was now a proxy village of the Elven Kingdom. Elven Guards would patrol the streets now, and the Chief of Yirthum would have to answer to both the Grand Wizard and the Elven King, with more emphasis on the Elven King.   Yet Tobor did not believe himself to be fit for the position. He had seen Kilprax Ildial in action, had learned from the man himself. But most of all, he had witnessed Kilprax Ildial's final moments. He did not believe he could live up to Kilprax.   After many policy changes from Kilprax, Tobor became unpopular. He made one popular decision, which was to open the Magic College up to everyone, not just Dragonborn. Aside from that, his legislation was either ignored or hated. Yet people had no desire to kill him and overthrow the Elves, so he managed to stay Grand Wizard for an impressive 74 years. Finally, he was killed by a recent graduate. The user of Beast Magic, Iorkul Kricel.
Nawunax Valdacmith, Iorkul Kricel, and Wiscys Nicandir by Jarhed

The Doomed Wizard

  Kricel did little as the Third Grand Wizard. His major accomplishment was keeping the Elves out of Dragonborn politics, though he failed in freeing Yirthum. He protected himself from the Elves, and from all incoming threats, by hiding away from everyone.
Despite this, Kricel traveled more than the previous two, and is believed to be the first Grand Wizard to visit the Tortles. He was Grand Wizard for 79 years, until he visited the final tournament of the Magic College Class of -567 (the classes had kept the numerical system from Kilprax, despite not understanding what it meant), at that point the Dragonborn calendar had called it 1479.   This tournament ended with his life force draining out of him. While the culprit was never found, it was believed to have been the winner of the tournament, valedictorian of the Class of -567, Wiscys Nicandir.  

Burn the Witch

  Wiscys Nicandir became the top candidate for the position of Fourth Grand Wizard. She went to the nobles for a list of all of the candidates, and challenged each of them to a fight with her. She won all but one, partially due to fighting each fight immediately after the other. However, the one person that beat her in combat died a week later, and Wiscys was given the title of Fourth Grand Wizard.   Wiscys is the origin for a Dragonborn term known as Witch, which is someone who gains power by harming others. Her alchemy was something many feared, and the majority of stories left over about Wiscys are scary stories, ones that parents use to warn their children of the danger of witches.
  What history will tell you, though, is that Wiscys was not such a heinous witch. She never killed innocents, and would always keep criminals on hand to drain power from, or would simply drain it from her enemies to power herself.   Wiscys Nicandir turned Dragonborn territory into the more separate thing it was. She didn't like that the Chiefs had to answer to the Grand Wizard, so she gave them more freedom. Now, the role of the Grand Wizard in regards to the Chiefs was that they would only step in to order the Chiefs around if they deemed it absolutely necessary, and the Chiefs did not have to listen if they believed the Grand Wizard's orders were not in the best interests of their village.   Wiscys fought for freedom for many people, but she found opposition from this idea as well: The first Great Chief of Orcs, who unified the Orc tribes into one Grand Clan, Bud the Hollow. Bud the Hollow had nearly taken control of the entirety of the continent of Udai, driving Beastmen to the edges of the continent and wiping out the Ratmen almost entirely.
Wiscys Nicandir believed she had to take care of the Orcs. She hated having to do it, because they did embody a kind of freedom like she had wanted to give her own people. But seeing that freedom hurt innocents made Wiscys angry.   She did not want to fight Bud the Hollow herself. She gained power from draining magical power, but Orcs did not have magic in that way. Wiscys ran through potential plans, but she could not call upon the help of the Chiefs. She had made it so they were no longer under her command. So she had to do this herself with her own power.   She had heard stories of Kilprax Ildial. That the way he was defeated was through a disease. As an alchemist, this interested her greatly, and as a mage she was fascinated by this spell that had never been replicated since. So she got to work on creating a spell that, while not the same, was at least similar.
She created a spell that would create a plague. With it, she realized she had to make a target for Bud. So she broke her one rule for the good of the world, and targeted an innocent village. Then, she sent a letter to Bud in Orcish informing him of the village that had escaped his clutches. He attacked it, and soon succumbed to the disease himself.   The disease was known as Burning Salme, as the ones infected with it began burning from the inside, and eventually the flames would overtake them and burn them alive, if they had not died from their insides burning.   Wiscys Nicandir, however, caught the disease herself. When her body was eventually found, a letter was discovered on it. This letter read
Dying alone of disease... Will they call me like Kilprax for this? Is my sacrifice as Grand as his was? Or am I just a Witch to you all? I know many will take my actions in Udai as a sign that I was truly evil, but to whoever reads this, know that had I not done it, the Orcs would have taken Udai and potentially the world. Thank me for your freedom, and if you wish, curse me for my deeds. I can take it, the praise and the scorn. I've lived with it for over 100 years.
— Wiscys Nicandir
It took 7 years for Wiscys Nicandir to be confirmed dead. This technically means she was Grand Wizard for 151 years, though she was dead for 7 of them. Gladly for her, she had made Dragonborn territory self-sufficient. All the Chiefs ran things easily without her due to what she did, and Zephys was run by the nobles in her absence.  

The Tale of a Dead Man

  The one that found her was none other than Nawunax Valdacmith, a necromancer who everyone believed would be able to resurrect her. Whether Valdacmith was truly able to or not is unknown, but he returned from Udai with her body. He said he did the best he could, and laid her to rest.   He was then given the title of Fifth Grand Wizard. Valdacmith was a powerful necromancer, and he created legislation that many considered horrible. A major one was his legislation on corpses. All dead Dragonborn were to be brought to his personal cemetery in Evity so that he could use them as soldiers if he ever needed to.
  He never did. The world at large stayed away from Dragonborn territory under Valdacmith, which separated the Dragonborn from the larger world for 247 years as Valdacmith continued to resurrect himself when he died.   Dragonborn territory itself was a chaotic place during Valdacmith's reign. The Chiefs often tried to overthrow him, but even when they did kill him, he would return. After enough time, people began to give up. It was believed there would not be another Grand Wizard after Valdacmith. The Fifth Grand Wizard seemed to never be able to die.   During the time of Valdacmith, there were many Dragonborn that simply left the territory. They felt it better to go somewhere else than to stay where they were born. Valdacmith was a tyrant. He attempted to regain control of the villages so he could rule them all, but no one followed his orders.   Finally, a group of ten Dragonborn stepped up with a spell they had designed specifically for Valdacmith. If death was not enough to kill him, for he could regain his body, then they merely needed to destroy his body at the moment of death. Thusly, they created the spell known as disintegrate.   With this spell, the group of ten mages cornered Nawunax and fought him. He still managed to kill five of them, but they got the best of him. The spell disintegrate began at the interior, from the brain where the weave connected to the body, and then went out.   To prevent this spell from getting into someone else's hands, the noble named Nyaldual Nurdesh stepped in. He killed the five remaining mages, hoping to rid the world of the spell. Little did he know, one of the mages had taken a page from Salasar Feaphed's book and had hidden a tome with the spell in the library at the Magic College.    

Perzita Theldrar and Brenvorth Taldis by Jarhed
A Letter of Resignation

  The Sixth Grand Wizard was a noble by the name of Brenvorth Taldis. He was not the most interesting of mages, being much more combat-oriented than other Grand Wizards.
His spells were basic combat spells. They were immensely powerful, but he didn't have any special spells that no one had seen before. Aside from one: enchantment. He, a lightning mage, was prone to enchanting his weapons with his magic to make them stronger. He even made his trademark spear out of the remnants of Wiscys Nicandir's broom.   This did not protect him from Perzita Theldrar. The user of Prediction Magic, Perzita was a famed combatant who had challenged many Dragonborn to a fight. She had become the Chief of Bortan this way, and her next target was the Grand Wizard.   In combat, it was no contest. Brenvorth Taldis, who had previously been considered a formidable combatant, was entirely outmatched by Theldrar. Quickly, he dropped his spear and dropped to his knees. This was the first, and only time, a Grand Wizard resigned from the position.   With this, Perzita Theldrar became the Seventh Grand Wizard. She was, by all accounts, a good leader, though she was incredibly impulsive. It is believed she challenged every Dragonborn that was alive during her reign to a fight, and when she beat them all, she travelled the world to find more opponents. Famed opponents of Perzita Theldrar include:  
  • Varth Dreamless- The User of Death Magic and the first defender of Humanity.
  • Gellark Lionrage- The first Human King.
  • Dalman- The Dwarven warrior that killed the Dragon known as Narros the Adorable.
  • Banzog Black Spear- An Orc Chief who was attempting to raise a great army.
  • Bison Breath- The Kenku King at the time, who wielded the stand Joy to the World.
  • Rhurz- The Champion of the Loxodon, and a great warrior who repelled many Orc invasions.
Perzita Theldrar was undefeated, considered unrivaled. That is, until a young challenger entered the arena of the Magic College: Medroth Umtic. The man who would change the meaning of the title Grand Wizard forever, and had nearly as much impact on Dragonborn society as Kilprax Ildial himself.   Medroth Umtic did the unthinkable. He personally challenged Perzita Theldrar, who at that point had fought everyone
Medroth Umtic by Jarhed
she could and had begun to grow bored, to a fight. He had spent much of his life practicing with his fire magic. With it, he had created immensely strong flames, but no specific, complicated techniques.
Due to this, Perzita hardly took the fight seriously. She allowed Umtic to get close to her, and he used this opportunity to shape history in his own image. He grabbed Perzita into a bear hug, and coated his arms, which were wrapped around her, in fire. As she struggled to escape, he continued the flames. After enough time, he finally incinerated her, along with his own arms. This began the Grand Wizard Struggle.  

The Grand Wizard Struggle

The Grand Wizard Struggle was a conflict that lasted from 24-530. During this time, there were 56 Grand Wizards, yet somehow very few of them stood out. This was due to the precedent set by Medroth Umtic.   Now, people did not study magic intensely. Instead, they would learn a single spell or gimmick, and train hard with it until it was powerful enough. Then, they would challenge the Grand Wizard, and kill them with this spell, thusly taking the title for themselves.   Due to this, the title of Grand Wizard very quickly became a laughing stock on the world stage. The World Court, who knew that this was technically legal, enjoyed it. This kept the Dragonborn out of major world events, and kept the problems contained in Dragonborn territory. The villages had begun to isolate themselves and fight amongst each other when they met up again, and thus began an era of distrust.   For every Chief believed the other Chiefs would sabotage them in favor of helping themselves become Grand Wizard. So they kept away from each other normally. There would be some sparse team-ups, like Yirthum Chief Driammes Jarkul teaming up with the Chiefs of Ealla and Evity to defeat the other Chiefs, and then betraying them and taking the position of Sixteenth Grand Wizard himself.   There are some notable Grand Wizards in this time period, though notable is a loose term in this case, as none did much of anything important. They were embarrassments, all thanks to Medroth Umtic's plan. The notable Grand Wizards during this time period were:
  • Qelbor Vammush- The 9th Grand Wizard, and the one who truly capitalized on Medroth Umtic's idea. If Umtic had been the only one to do it, the Struggle may not have happened. Vammush ensured it did by creating a spell modeled after the ones that killed Kilprax Ildial and Wiscys Nicandir, creating a disease to kill Umtic.
  • Faervroth Clolith- The 10th Grand Wizard, known as the Pizza Man. He began as a Pizza Delivery Boy, but as he was delivering a pizza to the Magic College, he knocked over a bookshelf in the library, and stumbled across the book that contained the hidden spell Disintegrate.
  • Driammes Jarkul- The 16th Grand Wizard, not notable for any major things except being the Grand Wizard during the struggle to hold his position for the longest time. Exactly 40 years, which he held by being incredibly underhanded and killing anyone who tried to go anywhere near him. His other notable achievement is eating nothing but pizza his entire tenure as Grand Wizard, breaking a record that no one else had cared about.
  • Felonius Questus- Felonius Questus became the 59th Grand Wizard by accident. He was roaming the streets of Zephys one day when a man fell out of the sky with a weapon in hand. This man was screaming about killing someone and began charging up a spell, which Felonius believed to be a threat against his own life. So he killed this man, who ended up being the 58th Grand Wizard. Felonius then ended up stopping the invaders who that Grand Wizard was fighting, and people said this made him Grand Wizard. He spent the rest of his life sitting in his home, waiting for someone to put him out of his misery.
  • Crordoth Narakas by Jarhed
    Crordoth Narakas
    - the 60th Grand Wizard, Crordoth Narakas also wielded Mind Magic. He used this to be nearly unrivaled in one-on-one battles during his time, having spells that would stop people from attacking either by making them not want to or by making them unable to. In combat against more than one opponent, however, Crordoth was... less than stellar. However, he was disappointed to find that his magic was pointless against Felonius Questus, who embraced death gladly and allowed Crordoth to kill him. Crordoth was killed by a joint effort of his successor and a group of Goblins known as the Monions.
  • Nyxius Gririn- The 61st Grand Wizard, Nyxius was known for being a loner who meditated by herself. Despite this, she always relied on help from others in combat, and thusly was not considered a very capable Grand Wizard.
  • Drixodal Vortrin- The 62nd Grand Wizard, and the greatest stain on Dragonborn history, Drixodal Vortrin was responsible for the Magic College Tragedy of the New Year. At the time of New Years Eve in the year 519, as the Third Year Class of 521 gathered in the arena for their celebration of the New Year that was fast approaching, Drixodal joined them. They expressed concerns of his position, and suggested that one of them take his place to lead the Dragonborn. Drixodal, a jealous and fearful man, did not want anyone stepping into his place. He had worked hard to get his spot, and he did not want anyone else to have control. So he killed the entire class as the New Year began. Only one survivor was found, the student known as Urokris Erthar. Vortrin, realizing the horror of what he did, killed himself atop the corpses of his students. The Grand Wizard Requiem was written by a bardic student about this incident, and Vortrin's grief, and became the most well known song in Dragonborn history, serving as a symbol of the weight a Grand Wizard bears. It was often used to disparage other Grand Wizards, despite no Grand Wizard since committing such a heinous act.
  • Thalmejis Durzire- The 63rd Grand Wizard, and the last one to be Grand Wizard during the Struggle, Thalmejis made himself distinct from Drixodal by being very unremarkable in his actions. His major achievement was bringing the Dragonborn back into world politics through diplomacy, and he was loved by many world leaders. However, he was not a very good leader, and was a weak warrior. For this, someone else finally decided to step in.

End of an Era

  The Grand Wizard Struggle ended with Thalmejis. He was approached by an already famous Dragonborn in the year 529. This was Salasar Feaphed, also known as the Scholar, a Dragonborn who had already at that point lived for 131 years, and had spent each and every day of those years studying. He was known for being a student in the Class of 500, being at the Magic College during the death of Crordoth Narakas and was believed to have had some connection to the Monions.   Feaphed approached Thalmejis with an offer. He asked Thalmejis if the life he was living was really one that he wanted. He said near the same thing that was said to Vortrin, that there was a much better candidate for Grand Wizard, himself. He then gave Thalmejis a year to consider giving up the position.
Thalmejis Durzire by Jarhed
  When the New Year passed, Feaphed came to Thalmejis again. With this, he asked the question again.   Thalmejis had spent the year doing everything he had done as Grand Wizard again. He visited the villages, whose Chiefs were abrasive towards him. He visited the people of Zephys, who were distrustful of him due to Drixodal Vortrin. Thalmejis, unlike other Grand Wizards, hadn't killed Vortrin, and thusly was thought to perhaps have ties with him. And lastly, he visited the other World Leaders. They were friendly, but to him it felt hollow. They knew little of the weight of the title Grand Wizard, and instead still thought of it as a joke. Thalmejis did not want to be a joke to them, treated as an amusing plaything. So he had an answer ready for Salasar when he visited that New Years Day in 530.   Thalmejis admitted that he was not fit enough to be Grand Wizard. He was weak, and even if he had skills other than power, that was not enough. His own people were scared of the Grand Wizard, and others knew not what that title meant. So Thalmejis asked for Salasar to do that. Thalmejis asked for Salasar to prove to others that he could change that.   Thalmejis utilized his connections with world leaders to invite all of them that he could to a location they would all trust: The Arena at the Magic College. None of the World Leaders felt threatened entering Dragonborn lands, as they thought it just a joke. The World Leaders that gathered were: The King of the Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Kenku, and Loxodons, as well as the Owner General of the Lizardfolk, the Emperor of the Tortles and the Jihdi, the God King of the Yuan-Ti, and even some of the Orc Chiefs.   Here, Thalmejis said that there was a challenger who intended to fight him. The World Leaders laughed, expecting to see a show of two fools running around the arena. But when Salasar Feaphed entered the arena, they all fell silent.   His power could be felt around him. It was weighing down everyone in the arena with its sheer volume. With that, Thalmejis began the fight. He had told Salasar to show off what a Grand Wizard would be able to do, and Salasar gladly did. He showed off what he could do, which was everything. Salasar had studied every recorded spell he could find, and had mastered all of them.
Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
  What Salasar did not expect was for Thalmejis to go all out as well. It was truly pitiful, seeing him in that state. But not because he was weak. It was because he had so much potential, but no one had ever let him use that potential.   Salasar had planned to defeat him and get Thalmejis to resign, but the 63rd Grand Wizard had other plans. He screamed out to Salasar one simple phrase that made the Scholar shake.
"Kill me!"
  Thalmejis had thought this through. He had an entire year, after all. He didn't need the 131 years that Salasar Feaphed had lived up to that point to know what he had to do. He knew, and when he said this Salasar knew as well, that to truly dispel everything people thought of the Grand Wizards, of the Dragonborn, that he would need to kill Thalmejis. Show his strength, show how mighty the Dragonborn can be, and destroy the man whom his people viewed as evil.   Salasar Feaphed refused to do it. He would not kill Thalmejis Durzire. Over the time they had spent talking, he had found true connection with Durzire. He knew that Durzire could help him bring the Dragonborn onto the right path, just not as the Grand Wizard. However, as he saw the faces of the world leaders who Durzire had invited here, he saw that was what they wanted. They wanted death.   Salasar Feaphed reached out his hand and caught Thalmejis's next attack in it. A powerful wave that Salasar stopped with just his hand. Then, he slowly walked up to Durzire, and placed a hand on his shoulder. Everyone watched, expecting a spell to kill Durzire, but Salasar did not do that. Instead, he healed the Grand Wizard, and held his arms out to either side. His words echoed throughout the arena, and throughout the world.
"Hit me with everything you've got."
  Thalmejis looked to Salasar, unsure, but Salasar nodded. His eyes were filled with certainty, and Thalmejis trusted him. So he attacked Salasar, bombarding him with every spell he could do. After enough time, with none of the spells doing anything to Salasar, the Scholar smiled. He leaned over to Thalmejis, whispering something in his ear. And with that, Thalmejis smiled before his heart stopped instantly. With a single word, and the whole world watching, Salasar Feaphed killed the 63rd Grand Wizard, and became the 64th.  

The Grandest Wizard

Salasar Feaphed was acknowledged on the world stage immediately. Every world leader had witnessed his defeat of Thalmejis, but had also witnessed him catch the body of his friend and predecessor, tears flowing down his face. As he cried and held Thalmejis, Salasar gave a speech to the world, as the new Grand Wizard, explaining his plans for the future.
"Greetings, figures of the world! I am Salasar Feaphed. You may have heard of me as the Scholar, or perhaps you haven't because you haven't kept up with the Dragonborn. I ask you now to refer to me as the 64th Grand Wizard, and I do ask that you refer to me. You'll be seeing and hearing about me a lot more often. Under my rule, the Dragonborn are not only going to prosper. We will be re-entering the World, and we are not going to leave."
Salasar Feaphed then, with Thalmejis still in his arms, flew out of the arena, leaving everyone else there to consider his words and actions. It is unknown where he brought the body of Thalmejis, he always refused to comment, saying that he wished for Thalmejis to rest not as a Grand Wizard, with a public grave, but privately as a normal man as he was.   After that, Salasar quickly rose the Dragonborn to prominence. They joined as one of the Three Major Races again, joining the ranks of Elves and Humans at the time (though quickly the Kenku would bump the Elves out of that spot).   One major thing Salasar worked towards was removing the stigma the world, and especially the Dragonborn, had towards magic. Drixodal Vortrin, and the other Grand Wizards, had made magic seem like a horrible thing that could only be used for fighting and hurting people.
  Salasar Feaphed believed that magic was meant to make people happy. He was happy, studying magic for over 100 years, and he wanted others to be happy from it as well. He began two major practices for this: flashier magic to make people that see it enjoy the sight (a far cry from the scary spells of Faervroth Clolith or Wiscys Nicandir or the disgusting spell of Qelbor Vammush), as well as making harmless, and even sometimes pointless, spells to show people that magic can be fun and not always dangerous. He was the first Grand Wizard to practice card tricks, the disappearing coin trick, the spoon bending trick, levitation tricks, and more magic tricks.  

An Unstable Land

Dragonborn territory was very vibrant during Salasar's time. Each village was up to something, and to understand that, one must first look to Salasar's classmate, Fepar Tilrak. Soon upon graduation, Fepar became Chief of Bortan. He took in interns, most notably Ikkul Ravofarn, who would succeed him as chief when Fepar was offered a position with the World Court. Fepar also left his child, Nalrik Tilrak, with Ikkul.   Ikkul was part of one of the Classes that was at the Magic College during Drixodal Vortrin's Magic College Tragedy of the New Year. He, and others from his class and the class behind the affected class became the Chiefs of the villages. These being:
  • Ilxar Nimphonker- Chief of Tamd
  • Kicad Bavul- Chief of Yirthum
  • Onkesh Tazwunak- Chief of Evity
  • Tarthekar Padorim- Chief of Ealla
  • Yernok Caerxan- Chief of Waire
  • Otikul Nurdesh- Chief of Ilder/Dembar
Yernok Caerxan managed to resettle the village of Waire, the location Elnahil had used over 1000 years prior to develop a spell to kill Kilprax Ildial. Meanwhile, Otikul Nurdesh settled the village of Ilder with Ordoth Mardaar, but it was quickly destroyed by the Wood Elves. Otikul and Ordoth, as well as Ordoth's son Oraakil, then settled further East in Dembar. Ordoth disappeared not long after, and Oraakil abandoned the village, leaving Otikul Nurdesh with a very barren village in the middle of nowhere.   These Chiefs, however, were not fans of Salasar Feaphed. All of them spent years planning how to take him out, which could have distracted them from a much larger issue. It is unknown what it is, but Fepar Tilrak and his wife, the former Chief of Ealla Ildid Tilrak, found something at the World Court that drove them to apparent madness. He attempted to reason with Ikkul Ravofarn and get his son Nalrik back, but Ikkul refused.
  After this, Fepar and Ildid became the most wanted criminals in the world. His son became the successor to Ikkul, joining the ranks of Vardid Liloryas, Higar Vixik, and Kaltoth Vracrath for Ealla, Tamd, and Evity respectively. Ikkul did not want Nalrik to be raised so lawlessly, and raised him to uphold a just cause.   All of these figures, and many more, played a major role in the conflict that sparked in the year 546: The Chief Conflict. The Chiefs all, simultaneously, declared war on each other and Salasar Feaphed, all vying for the title of Grand Wizard and wanting none of the other Chiefs to get it. At the same time, Fepar Tilrak launched an attack on Bortan, adding him as a third party in the war.   Many of the villages fought amongst each other, though there were a few exceptions. Otikul Nurdesh and Dembar did not participate in the war. Yernok Caerxan and his forces in Waire were not active for most of the war, as they were trapped in the Elven Forest. Ilxar Nimphonker and the forces of Tamd sieged Zephys, and did not engage with other villages for a majority of the war.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Evity, Ealla, Yirthum, and Bortan were heavily active in the war, engaging in many skirmishes that put not just their Chiefs at conflict, but also their interns from the Magic College like the Kenku Rider, Older, and Sinner, the Humans Cozall Redfury, Vodron Susk, Veravi Gridz, and Cofle Riverriver, the Dragonborn Nalrik Tilrak, Higar Vixik, and Jargar Eltan, the Devils Silentium, Laughter, and Stranger, the Elves Kaiyana, Kamil, Imvis, and Kruxis, and many others.   The conflict was put on hold for a short period as the students trained to get stronger, though fights still broke out here and there in those months. After that, the war was set in motion once gain, and the Chiefs geared towards Zephys with the Magic College in their sights. Their goal was Salasar Feaphed's head and his throne, and they would do anything to take it.
Salasar's Last Supper by RovaRed

Dragonborn Names

Dragonborn names are long and filled with consonants. Quite often, other races will say they are too hard to pronounce.   Prominent Dragonborn may sometimes take on nicknames. Examples of this include:
  • Salasar Feaphed- The Scholar
  • Wiscys Nicandir- The Witch
  • Nawunax Valdacmith- The Necromancer
  • Fearvroth Clolith- The Pizza Man
  • ???- The Professor
  • ???- The Mighty Herald
  • Rhoziros Nimphonker- The Alchemist
  • Ardar Tilrak- The Bard
  • Orlayas Ojeux- The Magician

Dragonborn Cuisine

Dragonborn cuisine consists of many dishes such as pizza, pasta, lasagna, gelato, and other such foods. There are many variations to these dishes, most famously the toppings on Dragonborn pizza. Dragonborn Pizza variations include:
  • Dragon's Breath Pizza- Topped with many spices, it is a pizza that is readily made available to Red Dragonborn, fire Genasi, and Devils due to their fire resistence. If anyone not of these groups orders one, they are forced to sign a waiver saying that any injury or death is their own fault.
  • Jarkul Gorge- A large pizza only offered at Papa Jarkuls, it is cut in a special shape of the number 40 to represent the 16th Grand Wizard Jarkul's impressive tenure as Grand Wizard. It is topped with pineapple and sausage, which Jarkul claimed to be not only healthy, but a delicious combination.
  • Tamd-Style Pizza- A pizza made from a Tamd recipe, it is topped with a special "Sauce Potion." This potion enhances the flavor, and is known to give a rush to anyone that eats it.
  • McDale's Pizza- This has only been made once ever, by the Human Dale Lionrage. He made a pizza, left it on the desk of the Grand Wizard, and left.
  • Ealla-Style Pizza- The Bards of Ealla made a pizza, but they disliked the standard bread the other villages used and wanted to try something new. They had also created the bagel, a circular type of bread that had a different taste. They put pizza toppings on it.
  • Yirthum-Style Pizza- A square shaped pizza, with egg yolk atop it. Often there are other variations to Yirthum-Style, which add other breakfast toppings like bacon, sausage, or hash browns. Another variation is to add vegetables, making it a vegetarian option. They do not remove the egg yolk for this, though.
  • Bortan-Style Pizza- A meat-lover's pizza, Bortan-Style Pizza includes various types of meat such as meatballs, chicken, pork, and occasionally Dragon meat.

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