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Secci Gnomes

Secci Gnomes are Gnomes that live on the outskirts of the Uncharted Desert, and are more often seen by outsiders in Totania, as they are more likely to travel out of the desert.  


Secci Gnomes are, definitionally, Gnomes that come from the borders of the desert. Since they are not exposed to the sun as much as often, as they are more towards the edge of the desert, whereas the sun hits harder in the center where there is little around them and little shade. Therefore, Secci Gnomes are exposed to less UV rays, and their pigment does not get as dark. Secci Gnomes, then, are often lighter skinned than Gnomes from within the desert itself.
Zefsica by Jarhed
  Secci Gnomes are also known to be, on average, shorter. They are not frequent travelers and, therefore, other Gnomes evolved to have longer legs to travel greater distances. Secci Gnomes did not.   Any other Secci Gnome differences, like hairstyle or difference in attire, can be attributed to cultural differences that come from being separated from each other for some time, as it is difficult to reach the Gnomes that are in the desert due to the many dangers found within it.  


Different Gnomes have different likelihoods of having different Magic Affinities. Secci Gnomes are more likely to have Wind Magic, Fire Magic, or Earth Magic in that order, while Non-Secci Gnomes, also known as Detser Gnomes, are more likely to have Earth Magic, Ice Magic, or Water Magic.   It was said once, by Secci Gnome adventurer Zefsica, member of the adventuring group known as the Questers, why this was the case:
"Detser Gnomes adapted to survive. Secci Gnomes adapted to enjoy."
— Zefsica


The Secci Gnomes live on the outskirts of the desert, meaning that they have more well known settlements. The settlements are:  


Lebalos is the capital city of the Gnomes, on the Southwestern edge of the Uncharted Desert. It is the most well known Gnomish settlement, where tourism spikes higher than almost any other part of the Uncharted Desert. It is home to the Bard College, Clown College, and the Pyramid of Tir.   Many travel to Lebalos to see concerts from the worlds greatest Bards, especially if those traveling are not fans of the Draconian village of Bards, Ealla. Others go to see the pyramid and hope to see the Grand Duke or Duchess around, as they live and work in Lebalos.   Lebalos is home to the most diversity in Secci Society. It has not only Detser Gnomes, but also Emetians, Draconians, and the students of the Bard College, whatever they may be. Many even settle there. It is Lebalos that most well known Gnomes who travel outside of the Desert, especially to the Magic College, are from.  


Teilian is a Secci settlement made in mockery of the Elves and their capital city, Camor. Camor is made of gold, and the Secci Gnomes, specifically a group known as the Pointy Prodders, belived it was unnecessarily grand. Therefore, they replicated it in miniature, sized more for Gnomes, completely out of sand to show that there is no need for it to be so large and so shiny. After all, it looks just as good made of sand.   There are more Secci here than Detser Gnomes, mostly because it is furthest from any Detser settlements, making it difficult to travel to. However, the Secci Gnomes here are incredibly accepting for the most part, as they wish to show the Elves that being accepting is not a sign of weakness. Therefore, many Wood Elves and Humans from nearby settlements decide to come to Teilian, and Dwarves come to Teilian because they love any way to spite Elves.   However, there are some Secci Gnomes in Teilian who have taken up the positions of High Elven nobles and wish to exclude others from Teilian. It often leads to clashes between those of the working class and those of higher classes in the city. All Secci Gnomes, but each with different values of acceptance.  


Masgar is the only Gnomish city in the world that has only Secci Gnomes. It is incredibly isolated from the rest of the world, with its borders shut to any travelers and guards patroling the walls to make sure no one comes in and no one goes out.   Despite being in a desert, the Secci of Masgar found greater ways than anyone else in the world to grow crops in the sand, and have become nearly self-sufficient. Therefore, they do not want any outside trade or outsiders visiting them. The few who have been able to escape from Masgar tell of how horrific it is, with views of Secci superiority and of the horrible things they say of Detser Gnomes. Apparently, anyone found sympathetic to Detser are given limits to what they are able to do in the city.   This is meant to create an idea that Secci are better and they should not think otherwise, but instead it has created a silent revolution within the city that believes that Detser are just like them. Humans, on the other hand, are a bit of a different story to them, but that's unimportant in the grand scheme of it all.  


Secci Gnomes are, aside from those in charge of Masgar, quite welcoming. They are known to open their homes to strangers and tourists. They wish to help others in exchange for knowledge, as their culture as centered mostly around worship of Sia, Goddess of Knowledge, Skill, and Prophecy.   Secci Gnomes seek knowledge in many ways, and their culture centers around an endless quest to learn more about the world and the people in it. Therefore, the Secci are normally taught to be friendly to all, as every person has their unique knowledge.   Detser Gnomes, instead, value skill. This creates problems between them, especially when Secci move to Detser settlements or Detser move to Secci settlements. For this, Secci are more likely to go to the Magic College or Ironforge University, as they seek knowledge that is not found in Lebalos.  


Secci art is very intricate, often made of the materials found around them. Sand, sandstone, and other minerals are the basis of many statues, like that of the creator of Avos, Sainter.   Relief paintings are also quite common, where stone is carved to make a picture and then that picture is painted over. There are raised reliefs, where the images are carved to be above the base, and sunk reliefs where the images are carved into it rather than carved out of the stone.   Secci are most well known for all kinds of art, but none more than that of the Bards. While they define Bard as any kind of art, it is undeniable that Secci Gnomes make for wonderful musicians, the most commonly known kind of Bard. Their music is beautiful, drawing in crowds from around the world.  


Secci architecture deals often with sand and sandstone. Their greatest structures are as follows:
  • The Tir Pyramid- Once built as a tomb, it has since been converted into the hub of all national government in Lebalos.
  • The Bard College- A large obelisk with a glass box at the top that overlooks the city. A stage watches over the city where bards can perform to the citizens below.
  • Teilian- A replica of the Elven capital of Camor made entirely out of sand and sandstone.
  • Obelisks- Pillars carved with the knowledge a Gnome has gained, which are climbed to gain knowledge.


Gnomes, of course, originated in Dwarven territory. Due to this, family is very important to them. Unless they travel, Secci Gnomes often stay with their parents until they get married. Some, of course, rebel against this concept, as it is viewed as strange in some places, but to Secci Gnomes it is simply the way things are.   Due to the long lifespan of Gnomes, Secci will wear black for ten years after the death of a family member. This is meant to show their grief, but also allow them to partake in some suffering themselves to hopefully ease what their deceased family member feels in the afterlife. After all, wearing all black in the desert only makes one hotter, causing much suffering. Suffering the deeply familial Secci are willing to undergo for their loved ones.  


Secci are married in what are, for the most part, weddings one would see anywhere in the world. The only major difference is a game of Toss the Spouse, where all guests are asked to try and toss one of the people getting married. They are able to choose who, and if they throw them far enough, they are given a free round of drinks by the venue.   This is a bit difficult when Secci Gnomes marry someone who is not a Gnome. Even when they marry a Detser, the Detser's greater size often makes it difficult, let alone Humans, Elves, Draconians, and especially Emetians. Still, it is performed at almost ever Secci wedding.
Vokini Blant by Jarhed
Some call this an insensitive version of Gnome Tossing, a well known sport hated by most Gnomes, but the Secci actually love it. After all, it means more drinks. They have more than one thing they kept from Dwarven culture, and one of those things is a love of drinking.   Secci are accepting of all kinds of love. No matter the gender, Secci Gnomes believe that love is love and that all should be able to live with and love with who they please. One of their greatest stories of love is Only You, a story of the Secci known as Vokini Blant helping ease the worries of her wife, promising she loves her and settling down in Lebalos together.  

Book of Wedding Secrets

All guests at a Secci wedding pass around a book for the two getting married. In this book, they are asked to write one piece of knowledge they know that they wish to pass onto the happy couple.   Often for those already married, they will coach the newlyweds on how to stay together. Avoiding fights, helping each other, continuing to grow their love. Other times it will be state secrets or personal things. Some even use this opportunity to confess that they once, or still do, have feelings for one of the people getting married.   At the end of the night, each of the newlyweds will get the book, where they write down everything they want their partner to know that they have never shared before. Full transparency before they live the rest of their lives together.

Cover image: by GregMontani


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