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Mammen, also known as Mammoth Men or Elefolk are an elephantlike species of humanoids. They are best remembered as seafaring traders who control a major shipping lane between Elone and Udai.  

Government Structure

The Mammen are united under a royal structure that is similar yet different to other Kingdoms around the world. For one, it is not just men who rule, as it can be anyone worthy of the title.
Lone by Jarhed


The title of King or Queen is one bestowed on the ruler of the Mammen people. As stated above, there is no preference towards one or the other when it comes to the King or Queen being chosen.   Instead, a King or Queen is chosen based on money. The wealthiest person in Ruzrugh is found and placed atop the throne, at least according to official records.   Generally, however, it goes in a slightly different direction.   Rather than wealth being the sole factor, the Mammen also take into account the business skill of the candidate. After all, the King/Queen is in charge of trade for the entire nation, so they must be someone trustworthy and capable of keeping the Kingdom's finances afloat and competitive against the rest of the world.   Prior to the arrival of the Devils in Ruzrugh, the title of King/Queen was one passed down to the family of the royal, as it is in other Kingdoms.  

The Crimson Court

The Devils of the Crimson Court have a say in Mammen affairs as well. When they were first founded, they introduced the system of capitalism to challenge the royal control over the economy, which led to the position of King and Queen being one that relies on money, completely disrupting the established system.
Mortality by RovaRed
  They were initially granted their power by the royals, who provided them a place in court, but as time went on, they started to be a rival faction and even started to bring Mammen into their court, raising them up in the economy and sometimes making them King or Queen.   During the 540s, the Crimson Court took over Ruzrugh, working alongside the World Court and International Prosperity League to establish a new system of leadership in the city where they sat at the top, particularly the head of their church: Head Priest Mortality.  


There are many Counts and Countesses in Mammen society, a title that gives little power over the people. It is a title bestowed by the King or Queen to those they deem worthy of honor. It grants them a large plot of land in the city, where most Counts build castles to honor their purely honorific title.   The courtesy title, however, does grant them access to more trade opportunities, growing their wealth and therefore making a Count/Countess more likely to be in line for the King/Queen title.  


The Mammen only have one major settlement, the city state of Ruzrugh. It sits on the southern edge of the peninsula of the same name, which is itself an offshoot of the Modan Peninsula, and stretches into the Strait of Ildial.  


Ruzrugh is a large trade port, with harbors surrounding the entire city save for the land entrance from the peninsula. It is said that the docks in the harbors are always filled with ingoing and outgoing trade our visitors, and that there are often lines of ships stretching to Elone waiting to dock in Ruzrugh.   Due to this, many rich Counts have docks within their castles, which dot the southern coast of the city, so their private yachts can dock quickly and so they can bring in mercenaries, friends, or servants.   These castles are the most iconic part of Ruzrugh's skyline, a row of castles that stretch to the sky, with that of the Royal Family, the Palace of Treasure, being the central fixture of this castled row.   Towards the northern edge of the city, there are cartographers, cobblers, hatters, and others who have small businesses. As one gets further south, they get into more bustling markets, which are centrally located in the city so that one going to these busy marketplaces passes by smaller businesses to spread the wealth and exposure.  


Mammen are the third oldest sentient species in Totania, after Dragons and Giants, and have technically existed nearly as long as Giants have.   They first began as a domesticated species of Mammoth under The Giant Kingdom, the most common pet for the Giants due to their massive size. They were to Giants what dogs eventually became to the humanoid races of Totania in later history, and at that point they did not have sentience. They were wild animals created by Janus.
Selene by Jarhed

Fall of the Giant Kingdom

The legend goes that the Giant Kingdom, which was centralized in the Northern Islands (when it was a full contient), was attacked by the Goddess Selene in her jealousy. She wished to create a sea to rival Papatūānuku's Great Sea, thus flooding the Northern land and making the Northern Sea.   It is said that a poor Giant on the western coast, whose name is said to be Enki, knew of the coming danger and wanted to protect his beloved mammoth. He sent his mammoth, Utnapishtim, as far as he could.   Utnapishtim's plight inspired other mammoths to follow, creating more chaos for the giants as they tried to flee, but were caught up in a stampede of mammoths led by the heroic Utnapishtim. From one end of the land, a flood of water was pushing, and from the other end came a flood of mammoths. It is said that is why few Giants from the Northern Land were able to flee, as the mammoths made it too dangerous to leave their homes.   At the center of the island, in the city of Lorev, it is said that Utnapishtim and his horde of mammoths met up with their creator, the God Janus. Janus did not want to see his creations suffer and so he said:  
Janus by Jarhed
"You are at a crossroads. The world is crumbling around you, but you can build it anew. Will you take the fate of all life into your hands, or will you drown in the ruins of civilization?"
— Janus
  Utnapishtim was able to understand Janus, likely because Janus had created him and knew the way to communicate with his people. Utnapishtim agreed to carry the world on his back, and Janus opened a portal for the mammoths to escape to.  

A New Land

The Mammoths then began to roam the land of Udai, where some Giants had managed to flee. These mammoths, however, wanted nothing to do with the Giants. They simply roamed, with thoughts of those that helped them get to safety: The families they abandoned for their own wellbeing, the dangerous situations they'd escaped, and other similar situations.   They often had to contend with the Dinosaurs that had, at the time, made Udai their home. It is said there were great battles between the Dinosaurs and Mammoths back before any sentient species truly lived on Udai, save the scarce amount of Giants one could find around its plains.  


Eventually, however, the Mammoths began to evolve. First, the hair that they had needed in the Northern Islands, which protected them from the cold, began to shed away for more leathery skin. Their size, which had helped them befriend the Giants, became a hindrance that made them larger targets, so they began to shrink.   First, they turned to what became Elephants. Some mammoths remained, those particularly that stayed nearer to the northern coast needed their hair and their size to keep warm. But those that became elephants also split into two groups, one continuing to evolve. They grew smaller, more bipedal, more humanoid. They kept their elephant-like features, but by the year -951, the Mammen were fully bipedal and had a leader with the intent of settling her people. A Queen by the name of Lone.   Lone got her name from a plaque that she had found, written in Orcish. She was, at first, a lone Mamman with a dream. That dream, however, rallied more and more people behind it until there was a Kingdom of Mammen.  
Toom by Jarhed

The New Kingdom

Lone started a Kingdom for her people, where she was the Queen that led her nomadic people around. It was heavily inspired by the nomadic lifestyle the Mammoths had lived prior to the Mammen.   It wasn't until her successor, Toom, that the Mammen took on a true identity as a Kingdom: seafarers.   This was when the Mammen first became prominent figures on the world stage. As other Kingdoms were still getting their footing, the Mammen founded coastal cities around the world, ports where they could stop when not traveling.   However, their King and most of their people remained on ships, traveling all across the world. Their kingdom was the sea, and their belongings were only what could fit aboard their ships. The ocean that had previously displaced them now became something they sought to dominate.   It was through this that they established a strong connection with the residents of the Abral Islands, the Kamejin and the Tainuki, who had also taken to the seas.  

The Dual Gods

At similar times, two religious awakenings were happening for the Mammen. First, a man named Thrantoz supposedly performed a ritual to summon the God Janus into the mortal realm via his own body, creating the dual consciousness of Janus and Thrantoz. Some dispute the truth of this story, but Janus does manifest on Totania through a body he calls Thrantoz, so his followers believe it.
Satanael by Jarhed
  Janus was summoned by Thrantoz, according to the legends, in -784. A little over a hundred years later, in -666, something appeared in one of the ports where the Mammen got supplies, the Ruzrugh peninsula. Atop this peninsula was now a Church dedicated to the God of Devils, Satanael.   The Mammen allowed the Devils to live in their port, due to the fact that the Mammen only used the ports to dock for short periods of time and to load and unload goods. The teachings of the Devils began to spread, particularly the idea of capitalism that began to change how Kings and Queens were chosen.   Lone had started a practice that had continued up until this point. Her son, Toom, had taken her place, and Toom's children kept that practice going until the Crimson Court convinced the Mammen that wealth was more important than blood. Thus, wealth became the deciding factor in who was royalty.
"Why is someone worthy of standing over others? Because they have earned that right... and money is how a poor man rises to godhood."
— Satanael


Mammen are said to trade all over the world. They are believed to have their hands in all civilizations, their money lining the pockets of people in every city.   The Mammen are known best for selling ivory, which is often gained from poor and/or dead Mammen. They make luxury goods with the ivory, such as carvings, figurines, and other decorations. Ludhar's Legion believes Mammen ivory to have a healing property to it, and so shipments are sent to Vitroveil.   Due to this, the Mammen's vast wealth is said to be equal, if not greater, than the wealth of the Elves in the Gilded City of Camor.

Devilish Deals

Mammen are said to be the "Devils of Totania" for their close ties with Hell. The Crimson Court, where the God of Devils is worshiped, is centered in Ruzrugh, the capital city of the Mammen.   Alongside this, it is said that the tusks of Mammen are horns akin to Devils, and are what make them bretheren to the infernal folk.


The Mammen follow the Crimson Court of Satanael officially, but there are also many that follow their so-called creator, the two-faced God Janus and his Two-Faced Cult.   Janus does not have an official temple, as he instead appears whenever anyone is at a crossroad and needs his help. His followers can go through any door to seek his help and enter Limbo if he appears.  

Diplomatic Relations

The Mammen are said to keep their heads down and try to avoid any deep relations with most other nations. They want their money, they want to have some influence, but they don't want anything to come back to them.  


Korvians have a love-hate relationship with Mammen. Korvians like to be seen as the rich people of Udai, and they don't like the Mammen being perceived as wealthier than them.   Korvians are said to send heist teams to steal Mammen money, and some Mammen make it a game to find ways to stop these heisting crows. There are large ship masts planted around Ruzrugh called "Crows Nests" where Mammen are stationed to watch out for Korvian thieves.   Aside from this, the Korvians and Mammen often try to one-up each other in terms of trade with other nations, which grant better deals for their partners simply to make them look better than the other.  


Orcs are seen as the natural enemy of Mammen in many senses. While Mammen may have a rivalry with the Korvians, in the end that is a feud between the well-off. A battle like that is never more than trivial to those involved, as they know neither is willing to risk enough to lose anything.   As for the Orcs, Mammen follow the narrative set by the Korvians, that Orcs, with no concept of currency that matches the gold standard used by Korvians and Mammen, are poor and therefore worthy of scorn and disdain. Trade is very important to the mercantile Mammen, so the culture shock of the Orcs is terrifying to them.   The Orcs, meanwhile, hate the Mammen for seemingly fueling the Korvian war effort to destroy them and keep them impoverished. They believe that the Mammen's feud with the Korvians does not stop them from pursuing the best interests of each other: the growth of their wealth and the slaughter and subjugation of the Orcish people.  


The Mammen often fold in with other Beastmen when it comes time to fight with Orcs or other outside forces. They do not have an army as considerable as the others, instead using their wealth to hire mercenaries, mostly from the Key of Beasts.   Mammen do not consider themselves to be on the same level as other Beastmen. The other Beastmen are said to fight amongst each other like cats and dogs, but Mammen consider themselves more civilized. When it doesn't help the Mammen, they refuse to acknowledge the other Beastmen.   When they are in trouble, however, Mammen call upon the help of their Beastmen cousins, and the Beastmen are happy to take their money.  


Humans, particularly those in the Kingdom of Man, are the closest geographically to the Mammen. Due to this, the two have deep ties in trade and a complicated history. They fight for control of the Strait of Ildial and the surrounding waters, thinking that control of it will grant them control of most major trade routes in the world, particularly to places like Draconian territory or the Key of Beasts.   Mammen often hire mercenaries from the Kingdom of Man and, conversely, one can find more Humans in Ruzrugh than anywhere else in Udai.   Generally, however, the view of the two people in each other's land is not very positive, as the governments spread propaganda to make the other look bad. While the Korvians may be the rivals of Mammen and the Orcs are their enemies, the Humans are the ones that are most like them: easily corrupted and willing to do anything for money, power, and a positive image.  


Nereids are trade partners with the Mammen, but they also serve as a nuisance to the trade Mammen have with other nations.   Due to the Nereids living in the seas all over the world, any trade vessel can be raided by Nereids. Normally they will trade with Mammen ships during raids, but they come unannounced and take things from the ship that would otherwise be for other trade partners.   Nereids serve both as protection and one of the greatest dangers for the peninsula where the Mammen live, as they raid any ships, be it ally or enemy ships.  


Elves also consider themselves to be part of an "elite" class with the Mammen. They see the Mammen as useful tools for trade, getting goods from them and getting money from them when they can, particularly to fund their wars. It is said that most of the money that the Mammen have comes from their trade with the Elves, who are eager to work with the Mammen.   Mammen, in turn, are quite happy to work with Elves. While normally Mammen are hesitant to approach new people for business opportunities, they rush in to work with Elves because they have a cultural view that Elves are rich because of the gilded city of Camor.   Thus, it is generally easy for any Elf to scam a Mamman, as they don't believe there are poor Elves. Elves are the symbol of wealth to Mammen, and are said to be great partners to the Mammen.  


Dwarves have some sparse trade with the Mammen, but compared to most other surrounding nations, the mostly landlocked Dwarven people do not interact much with the Mammen.   Mammen, however, do seek Dwarven goods, though often getting them from other trade partners, like Humans who trade Dwarven weapons and armor. Due to this, it is said that the quality of any military equipment supplied by Mammen to their mercenaries is lessened because they are buying used goods.  


Draconians are a large market for any trade, and Mammen are constantly trying to get into that market despite the dangers posed by the Strait of Ildial.   The magic specialists in Draconian Territory sell goods, particularly the Yirthum Enchanters, which are incredibly high value. Mammen often ask for weapons with basic enchantments on them, which they find ways to trade with Orcs and give them flimsy weapons to weaken them further.   Many Mammen also study at the Magic College to try and learn these (or other) magical techniques for themselves.  


The most loyal trade partner of the Mammen, the Kamejin are famed for their navy and their island nation atop the Abral Islands Archipelago.   Therefore, the sea trade of the Mammen can get goods to the Kamejin no matter where they need to go.
Warbler by Jarhed

The Orchestra

In -515, a plague swept through the Korvian and Avian lands. The Mammen had previously traded with the Avians, who lived around the northern coast of Udai, but they began to avoid them, fearing their plague.   Soon, however, the Korvians rose up under Warbler and Croaker, creating a group that became known as "The Orchestra." The Orchestra tore through Udai, conquering the land, as the Mammen started to avoid it more and more. They feared the power the Korvians had, so called "Korvian Abilities" that were incredibly unnatural powers. Warbler, their leader, was completely immortal.   The Korvians pushed back most people who settled in Udai, but two species didn't fight back. For one, there were the Ratfolk, who felt safe under Korvian rule. Then, there were the Mammen, who were happy to flee to the seas.   This would backfire on both soon enough.  

The Beastman Genocide

In -424, an Orc named Bud the Hollow united together all Orcish Clans into one "Grand Clan" to fight back against the Korvian Orchestra.   At that time, Croaker abandoned the army and Warbler went to stop Croaker from defecting, so the Korvians had lost their two leading figures. Bud, then, was unstoppable, carving through Udai and taking revenge not just on the Korvians, but on all the people he perceived to have contributed to the slaughter of the Orcs.
Bud the Hollow by Jarhed
  Bud blamed them not only for slaughtering Orcs, but leading to the Orcs being disunified, at war with each other.   Most of the Mammen ports were destroyed in these attacks. The Mammen kept on their ships, knowing the Orcs would kill them if they stepped foot on Udai again. However, they found one port of theirs remained. The Devils protected Ruzrugh and kept it intact.   Soon enough, the Draconian Grand Wizard, Wiscys Nicandir, came and put a stop to Bud. A new plague began to spread by her hand, killing many Orcs along with herself.  

The Capital of Capitalism

Due to this, the Mammen were able to settle without fear of the Orcs. They still feared the disease, now the Orcish disease rather than an Avian one. But they had a settlement to flee to now: Ruzrugh.   With Ruzrugh as their new capital, the Mammen began to get more sedentary. They still sailed the seas, but they almost entirely began living in Ruzrugh, away from the mainland where they could be exposed to disease or Orcish violence.   They adopted the system of Devilish Capitalism fully, embracing at as an important part of their culture that would define them for years to come. The first Count to be appointed at this time was known as Count Allot, one of the first people to establish a bank so the Devils could help keep the Mammen economy going.
Count Weird by RovaRed

Count Weird

In the year 312, a new Count came into the public eye: a scholar by the name of Count Weird. He was promoted to the position by the King because of his studies that led to a supposed way to stop Dragon's Doom: isolation.   Count Weird suggested that, to escape the disease that caused the Age of Plague, people should remain indoors and stay away from others as much as they could. The King, seeing it begin to work, gave Count Weird the title.   He was known as Count Weird due to his eccentric nature, as he stayed alone in his castle studying Demonic Possession. Eventually, he succeeded in the procedure, summoning the Demon known as Gaorast. However, it came with a price, as he lost his most precious friend and servant.   Count Weird eventually vanished, appearing again over a hundred years later with the Debt Collectors organization from Hell to kill 54th Grand Wizard Echus Rhozire.   Count Weird became a beacon of the idea that Devils and Mammen were one and the same: the Count had a prominent position in Mammen society, and yet he supposedly gave it up to help a Devil and his group of people who collected debts from those causing trouble in Totania.   The Count also was a shining example of scholarly practice. He never let anything get in the way of his research, and thus was able to make major breakthroughs in some areas, particularly the areas of Demonic Possession and similar magical ventures.   His castle was taken by someone with a letter from Count Weird saying they had permission to take it. This person was a Jinn who went by the name of "Lord Cinder." They also had Demonic Possession, and isolated themselves away. However, this was actually the mortal enemy of Count Weird, a foe that had done nothing but try to kill the Count.  

The Grand Crowning

In the year 548, an event came at once all across the world. Allies of the World Court began to overthrow the nations all over the world. It happened on the same day, all at the same time.
Gashadokuro by Jarhed
  In Ruzrugh, it was the Head Priest of the Crimson Court, Mortality, who barged into the King's Castle, killing him by summoning a pack of Gashadokuro to maul him to death.   Gashadokuro are devilish creatures made of bones, feral beasts that are tasked with guarding the Crimson Court. They follow the Crimson Courts orders without question.   Mortality became the King, ruling over Ruzrugh and following the orders of the World Court. He had been working closely with them so they could appoint Judge Lambda, a Devil, to their court and begin invading Hell to bring it under their jurisdiction.   Mortality, after all, considered it unfair that so many Devils were free from justice and, then, death. Devils had elongated lifespans because time moved faster in Hell, and Mortality wanted to rectify this issue and remind Devils that they, too, are mortal.   If Mammen had to suffer as well, Mortality did not care. It was about the message to his people, and the Mammen and people of Ruzrugh were in the way.  



Capitalism is a key tenet of Mammen culture. Everything they do is for money, all businesses are privately owned and the laborers are often given little to no share of the fruits their efforts bear.   Capitalism in Mammen society leads to exploitation more often than anything, something inherited from their Devilish bretheren. Either poor Mammen or outside laborers like Orcs, Minotaurs, Felids, or Crocutions are used for work and paid little. However, they are paid, as the Mammen frown on slavery officially. Outside observers, however, find little difference between the workers in Mammen businesses and slaves.   Profits are put above all else. If something isn't making money, it has no worth. After all, worth to the overall culture of Mammen is monetary and nothing else.  


Mammen art is disliked by most people outside of Ruzrugh. They make pieces that require little effort, often selling them for high prices so they can try to corner the art market.   It is not to say that art that appears to be lower effort is bad, as some more simple pieces took much work and love. However, Mammen capitalism favors those who can simply pump out anything in the given time to make money. Often it makes simple pieces look bad in turn, as Mammen art being so simple for profit alone creates the false idea that all basic art is just for money when there are truly passionate artists out there.  


Marriage in Mammen culture is a financial union. Often, one will determine they are only fit to marry if their partner is financially stable. After all, marrying a financially unstable partner could send one into ruin.   Conversely, however, some marriages are born out of the fact that one or both parties do not have enough money on their own. Only when they are joined together, sharing their wealth, can they stay afloat in the competitive economy that they were born into.   Mammen created the idea of the prenuptial agreement, where they can control what in their marriage is shared and what is kept to the individuals. After all, most Mammen do not marry for love, and without prenups, they could be killed by their spouses for their vast sums of wealth with no real consequence.  


Mammen have no language of their own officially, as Ruzrugh wants to appear to be open to the world, so their official languages are the Common Tongue and Hellspeak. However, they do have a language that has mostly died out, but is still spoken in select spaces: Giant. After all, they originated in the Giant Kingdom and the tongue of Giants is very sacred to them.  



Mammen are rather large, with the smallest of them being around 5'10" and the tallest ranging up to 15' tall, meaning that aside from Draconians and Giants, Mammen can be some of the tallest humanoids in Totania.  


The tusks of a Mamman are connected to their bones, which have incredible strength. Mammen bones are some of the strongest of all sentient species. This strength, however, has one downside: they have tight joints particularly in their backs which make movement of the back difficult.   Their tusks are teeth that are overgrown in the mouth, extending out to pierce and help Mammen in tasks such as digging, foraging from trees, or fighting.  


Mammen trunks, large extensions of their noses/lips, are full appendages, as controllable as their limbs, yet extending from the faces of the Mammen. Unlike other limbs, there is no bone in the trunk, meaning that it not only has a more free range of motion, but it is often faster than regular limbs. It is made of muscles and therefore can be worked out and improved.   Trunks can be incredibly strong weapons, but that strength can be held back to perform more intricate tasks. Most Mammen use their trunks as often if not moreso than their arms.  


Mammen ears are normally as large as their heads, extending from both sides of the face. They have incredibly large ranges of hearing, moreso than even Elves. Their ears are, however, sensitive to touch and are very fragile. This makes them targets for one who strikes against Mammen.  


Most Mammen have evolved to have very little hair. Any that they have is reserved for the head or the face, as with most other humanoid species. This is mostly for style, but also for practicality in terms of the winters, which were not as harsh when the Mammen were seafarers, and are not bad in their near-tropical location of Ruzrugh.   There are some Mammen born with more hair than others, particularly body hair. They resemble their Mammoth ancestors more than elephants. Due to this, the distinction has been made by some younger Mammen that the non-body hair adorned among them should be called Elefolk because they resemble Elephants more. This is often disputed, as hairier Mammen do not want to be discriminated against purely for having more hair.  


Mammen skin is very leathery and thick, generally grey or darker, ranging even to black in some cases. Contrary to popular belief, it can burn in the sunlight, thus Mammen created the first sunscreen so they could roam freely without fear of the sun and its harsh rays of light.  


Mammen are mostly herbivores, or as it is called in a more modern sense, vegetarians. They rarely eat meat, and when they do it is usually from smaller animals. Things like venison, beef, or pork are not suited to their diet. Normally, however, they just eat grass, fruits, vegetables, or even bark.  


Mammen have the same general lifespan as Humans, average around 60-80 years with the potential for somewhere around 100+ years in a natural Mamman lifespan if they stay healthy and active.

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