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Strait of Ildial

The Strait of Ildial is the most dangerous body of water in the world that is still crossable by normal ships.  


The Strait of Ildial is the body of water that connects the Great Sea and the Northern Sea, specifically the area between the Human city of Roaroux on Elone and the Fields of Slaughter in Udai.   Rough seas and high tides in the Strait make it very difficult to sail through, tearing ships apart with ease, while also making the lands on either side of it hazardous to live in. Roaroux is constantly flooding and is nearly always shrouded in rain because of its proximity to the Strait, and the dangers of the water made the Orcs who lived in the Fields of Slaughter adapt to rougher conditions that led to a more violent land.   It is believed there was once a landbridge here that connected the two continents, and that it was how the Orcs crossed during the March of the Orcs. It has since sunk beneath the rough waves.  


The difficult to traverse waves make the Strait of Ildial so dangerous. To be able to tear apart a boat is no easy feat, and thus it can tear most mortal bodies into shreds when they simply enter its waves.   There are those, however, whose bodies are strong enough to withstand the waves, but few can survive swimming. Orcs who are strong enough have tried to swim, and while they weren't torn apart, it is fairly common for them to drown in its waters.  


Bath of the Filthy

The most famous story of the Strait of Ildial for Orcs is that of Rol the Filthy, who was a Tribal Chief in the Fields of Slaughter. It is said that he conquered many of the nearby settlements, but said that it wasn't enough. He took an axe and proclaimed that he would conquer the sea itself.   Rol tried to get his soldiers to follow him, and many did, but there were some who were unsure of the seas. They remained behind, waiting as they watched Rol the Filthy and his soldiers enter the ocean, weapons raised... and vanish beneath the waves.   They say that Rol's soldiers rose back to the surface, having drowned beneath the waves. The reason given for why Rol never rose up is not that he survived, but simply that the water washed away all the dirt and filth, including Rol himself, in the bath of the Orcish army.
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed


The Strait of Ildial is named after the first Draconian Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial.   Kilprax is said to have been the most powerful man to ever live, and therefore the most dangerous.   For this, as well as the fact that it is said that he was one of the first people to cross over it, not even needing a boat but simply swimming across, it was named after him.

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It was Rol's idiotic move that began an idea for the Orcs of the Fields of Slaughter that they could not cross the sea by foot nor by boat, that boats could not be trusted. Due to this, the Fields of Slaughter became a place of great caution, where those disembarking by boat would be attacked out of fear.

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