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International Prosperity League

The International Prosperity League is a group of civilizations that follow the sanctions of the World Court. Some of the member states are founding members of the International Prosperity League.   This article will cover their members during the tumultous time of the 550s, when they controlled a large portion of the world. Their members included:
  • The Halfling Inventors Coalition
  • The Kingdom of Man
  • The Jihdi Empire
  • The Shafaian City State of Iganjojo
  • The Foreign Diplomatic Government of Alzirgos
  • The Southern Nereid Kingdom
  • The Forged Kingdom of Dwarven Territory
  • The Wolfman Herd
  • The Mishan Autocracy
  • The Wood Elven Villages
  • The High Elven Kingdom of Camor
  • The Dark Elven Kingdom
  • Various Orcish Clans
  • The Goblin Nationalists
  • The Ophidian Horde
  • The Beastman Triumvirate of Crocutions, Felids, and Minotaurs
  • The Ruzrugh Court of Mammen Traders
  • The Draconian Villages of Dembar, Yirthum, and Tamd.
  • The Swamplands of Lizardfolk
  • The Anuran Swampciety
  • Various World Religions
  Some former member states include founding members of the Northern Human Kingdom of Nerodil, the Draconian Villages, and the Northern Nereid Kingdom. Other nation states that are not currently affiliated with the IPL, as well as the above listed, are:
  • The Draconian Villages of Bortan, Evity, Ealla, Waire, and Ilder.
  • The Northern Nereid Kingdom
  • The Abral Empire of Hatanaka
  • The Fairy Queendom
  • The Zavese Collective
  • Land of the Fenns
  • The Korvian Kingdom
  • The Religious Stratocracy of Alzirgos
  • The Dukedom of Gnome
  • The Liberated Emetian People
  • The Goblin Matriarchy of Votarra Den
  • The Pithian Developing Nation
  • Coalition of Peoples in Slime-Occupied Caves
  • Remnants of the Giant Kingdom
  • Other Orc Tribes
  • Various World Religions

Affiliated Gods

There are some Gods whose churches are affiliated with the IPL. Those Gods are as follows:

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the IPL is simple. They wish to bring prosperity to the people of Totania. They do this through legislation and join task forces. These governments supply forces and funding for the World Court. In turn, the World Court enforcers often stay out of those Kingdoms unless requested or deemed necessary.   The World Court often insists that the members of IPL follow their mandates, or else the enforcers will step in to bring their prosperity or justice.

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