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Slime are a malleable, sentient species of goopy creatures that inhabit the Mines of the Slime in Eastern Elone.  

Types of Slime

Slime have various ethnicities, being considered one of the most diverse species on Totania with their abundance and variety.  

Goop Slime

Goop Slimes are the most common kinds of Slimes. They are found all throughout the Mines of the Slime, and even often can be found around the overworld of Totania.   Goop Slime are particularly soft to the touch, and often create human-like features like eyes and a mouth to adapt to their surroundings. Goop Slimes have a reputation for being weak, which comes mostly from a standard lack of physical strength in their goopy bodies. This does not mean they cannot be powerful combatants, but more often when one sees a Goop Slime, they would be of little threat.  

King Goop Slime

The Goop Slimes are led by many Kings of small Kingdoms within the caves. These King Goop Slimes are often the most powerful Goop warriors, a group of at least three of whom combine together to form a symbol of Slime unity and power. These Goop Slimes make themselves as large as they can to show their superior strength, and are not considered anywhere near as weak as an average Goop Slime.   Often King Goop Slimes are found surrounded by other Goop Slimes, who serve them and protect them despite being weaker than the Kings.  

Totan Slime

Totan Slimes are ones made of materials that make up the planet Totania. Some are stone-like, while others are metallic or even crystalline. While being just as malleable as Goop Slimes, Totan Slimes have tougher skin and are often physically stronger.   Totan Slimes are also much faster than Goop Slimes, with a classic tale of Totan Slimes mentioning how one becomes a much more seasoned fighter after having defeated just a single Totan Slime. The phrase goes:
"If you can take out a Totan Slime, then you're a real seasoned veteran. If you can even land a hit that's impressive. Those things run away from even the slightest noise."
  Totan Slimes have their own Kings as well, though some Totan Slimes live alongside Goop Slimes in their Kingdoms in the caves.  

Air Slime

Air Slime are different from Goop Slimes in one simple way: they do not slide on the ground. Instead, Air Slime have the power of flight, often either creating wings for themselves or something else to show off their flight. However, in terms of physicality, there is generally no real difference between an Air Slime and a Goop Slime.  

Underwater Slime

Underwater Slime are Slime who cannot maintain a shape on land, but instead allow the oceans, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water to form them into Slime. They can learn to live on land, but normally they cannot survive there.   Underwater Slime generally can take on any form. Some know of their Goop Slime bretheren and attempt to look like them, while others make fins to allow themselves easier traversal in the seas. Others still take on no solid form, staying a shapeless blob that floats around wherever the waves take them.   They can be found in water sources of the Slime Caves, as well as the waters around the Jihdi Peninsula and the Western Abral Islands.  

Flame Slime

Flame Slimes are Red or Orange Slimes that take on the basic form of a flame, shifting and moving around as if they were a flame. Their slimy skin burns to the touch, and they naturally are Fire Mages.   Flame Slimes are incredibly volatile, and few Flame Slime groups follow a King. Their passion burns too bright to unite together, however if there ever were a King Flame Slime, it would likely be unbelievably powerful.  

Ice Slime

The hardworkers of the Slime community, Ice Slimes are opposite of the Flame Slimes. Whereas Flame Slimes are hot to the touch, it is said one begins to freeze solid after touching an Ice Slime. Their skin is pale white and they appear much like Snow rather than Ice. However, they share properties with the magical affinity of Ice, therefore giving them their name of Ice Slimes.   Ice Slimes make up a backbone of the lower class of Slime societies, as they rely on other slimes to protect them from Flame Slimes. For this, most manual labor in Slime Kingdoms is done by Ice Slimes, a cold and detached group compared to many other Slimes.   Ice Slimes, like Flames Slimes can with fire, can use Ice Magic. While they may be looked down on by some other Slimes, their magic is nothing to scoff at.  

Divine Slime

Like the Divine Trifecta, there are three Kinds of Divine Slime: Holy, Devilish, and Demonic.   Holy Slime are those blessed by Gods; Either they lived around a Temple, Church, or Holy Site or had come from Heaven itself. They often have wings and halos, seeming like angels. Their touch is said to heal mortals and harm Devils.   Devilish Slimes are those that come from Hell, made of a brimstone like slimy substance that burns to the touch. They harm Demons and mortals alike if any finger is laid on them, and they breathe fire as well. Devilish Slimes have wings like imps and horns like the Devil residents of Hell. Some even have Area Devil Abilities.   Demonic Slimes are from the Void. Their shape is often one that shifts between various horrific figures, and touching it is said to dissolve whatever is on it. Only Devils can touch Demonic Slime.  

Draconic Slime

Draconic Slime are Slime, often Goop Slime, who moved to Dembar, a Draconian Village nearby the Slime Caves. They take on more Dragon-like appearances to fit in living alongside the Draconians.
Dustis Drasashi by Jarhed
  Draconic Slimes, thus, have wings like some Draconians and, moreso, most Dragons. Their slimy skin appears to be scaley even though to the touch it is no different from other slime. They have forked tongues and faces like Dragons, even tails as well.   Some Draconic Slimes take on the exact form of a Draconian, just with slime-like skin that cannot be so easily gotten rid of. They blend in better in Dembar, though all Slime are legally allowed in Dembar.  

Slime Riders and Fluid Slime

These are not a unique type of Slime in their own rights, but instead variations upon the variations. Slime Riders are what happens when some of the smaller inhabitants of the Slime Caves, such as Deep Gnomes or Goblins, bond with a Slime. Slimes who have shorter friends can use themeslves as a mount to help get their friend around and to bond as King Goop or King Metal Slimes do. After all, to Slimes, bonding with the ones closest to you is what makes them stronger.   As for Fluid Slimes, they are Slime who have been melted down into puddles. Due to their malleability and resilience, however, Slimes are able to live like this. They can be Goop, Totan, Flame, or even Air Slimes. Fluid Slimes can thus use the magic that melted them, pushing back out the flames that melted their bodies as if it were their own fire.  


There are various Slime Kingdoms throughout the Slime Caves. Some are allied, others warring, and others still neutral. Each individual Kingdom has its own laws, but their governmental structure is overall similar. Each have their own identity and settlements, but the people are so intertwined that they have a shared culture.   Due to the detachment of most underground settlements in relation to the overworld, Slime Kings are not generally considered by the World Court or the International Prosperity League to be a legitimate nation.  

King of Slime

There are Kings of all sorts of Slimes, be it Goop Slimes, Totan Slimes, or Air Slimes. They are combined Slimes, powerful enough to lead their people and protect them from the dangers of the Cave.   Slime Kings lead their armies in wars, particularly against Ophidian or Jihdi invaders or any large adventuring parties. Aside from that, a King can normally be found at a treasure hoard. They wear crowns fashioned out of great jewels and precious metals they have amassed, and their power, while great, is often measured by how much treasure they have accumulated.  


Most of Slime History is contextualized in their relations with other nations, as Slime records are very difficult to get ahold of. What can be guaranteed, however, is that they were created in the year -1394 by the Goddess Fortuna.   Fortuna was Goddess of Travel and wanted her new creation to explore something other than the world that others already tread on. So she placed them in the caves, where they would be able to explore on their own.
Slime by Jarhed

Adventurer Bait

It has become a fairly well known idea that aspiring adventurers and warriors should test their mettle against Slimes, yet few know the real reasoning for it. Slimes can adapt and change to counter the preconceived notions that these newbie fighters have, and thus are great lessons.   To go into the Slime caves is considered a great adventure, however most nations in Totania have put out warnings to not attack the sentient Slimes, as Slime are no different from Elves, Dwarves, or Humans aside from their looks and their abilities. They think and feel as the other mortal peoples do.   It is, therefore, an unwritten law in the world that any individual adventurer or warrior who invades the Slime Caves for some sick thrill of battle will be officially exiled from their homes on all records so that the Slimes can take care of them without the potential for international incident.


Slimes have many varied religious beliefs. The Gods they are most tied to are Tohil, Nyx, and Fortuna.   Their ties to the God of Goblins, Tohil, comes from their Goblin companions in the caves. The Goblins spread the word of Tohil to the Slimes, who took the idea of War and changed it into a defensive ideal, to protect their caves from intruders and treat all hostile attacks as if they were a personal declaration of war.   This has led to the creation of many King Goop Slimes who want war for other reasons beyond protection.   The ties with the Deep Gnomes and Dark Elves is what brings the Slime to Nyx, who is said to have helped to create the very tunnels that the Slime live in. Her shadows are comforting to some Slime.   Finally, Fortuna is the Goddess of Travel and Luck. Slimes value travelers and are considered to be an incredibly lucky people. Some say the reason Totan Slimes are so evasive is thanks to Fortuna blessing them. It is also believed that Fortuna was the creator of Slimes.  

Diplomatic Relations

The Slimes are fairly isolated in their Kingdoms, partially due to the sheer abundance of Kingdoms. It makes it difficult for there to be any major relations between the above ground nations and the underground Slime Kingdoms.  


The outside world of Totania are fairly familiar with two matriarchies of Goblins: The Votarrans of Votarra Den and the Nationalists of Nerodil. However, these Goblin Kingdoms are not very close to the Slimes.   However, when the Goblins split in Nerodil following the Dreamless Sleep, into the Votarrans who fled and the Nationalists who stayed, there was a third group. A group that went into the Slime Caves, who would later be known as the Ocultos Goblins or Hidden Goblins.   The Ocultos Goblins are very close to the Slimes, living under the Kings that Slimes are ruled by and even sometimes ruling over Slimes themselves.   The Ocultos Goblins are also the ones who spread their religion to the Slimes, bringing the faith of Tohil to the Slime Caves.  


The Draconian Village of Dembar is settled nearby an entrance to the Slime Caves. It was the founder of Dembar, Otikul Nurdesh, who first made diplomatic contact with the Slime in a way that could lead to further positive relations. Prior to that, Magic College students were sent into the cave to train.   Now, there are some Slime who live in Dembar, taking on more Draconic shapes to accomodate for this new home.  

Land of the Dark

Likely the most familiar nation to all Slimes is that of the Land of the Dark, the Dark Elven and Deep Gnome country that controls a portion of the underground caves led by the Purple Dragon Lord Jarrur, Lord of the Dark.   Some Slime Kingdoms are close with Jarrur, but generally the Slime people and the Dark Elves/Deep Gnomes are fairly close, protecting each other from the horrors of the underground.  

The Jihdi Kingdom

Some kingdoms of Slime find good relations with the nearby Jihdi Kingdom of Humans, allying with them, while others try to keep the Humans out of their caves.  


Ophidians are a warlike society, and with only a minor connection to outside nations, they fell into generally believing the cultural lie that Slimes are the same as them: always seeking out battle and war. Due to this, Ophidians regularly invade the Slime Caves, fighting and trying to kill Slime.   For a hundreds of years, the Slimes and Ophidians have been at war. One of the few commonalities between all Slime Kingdoms and their diplomatic relations with the outside is that they all battle the Ophidian invaders.

Lord of the Dark

There would be many terrifying things found in the Slime Caves. Creatures beyond explanation... and yet the one thing that the Slime people refused to ever attempt war against was the Dragon Lord Jarrur, Lord of the Dark.   Izzeth Kenar was the Slime who first discovered Jarrur in -1239. It is said that Jarrur convinced Izzeth to stay in his Kingdom, leaving behind some scarce few other Slimes to live with the Dark Elves.  

The Great Dragon of Wishes

There was another Dragon who the Slimes came across not long after: Gae Renshon. The Slimes who exited their caves would find his mountain looming above.   It is said Gae Renshon can grant a wish to some few people under given circumstances, and it is also said that the Slime named Oozelong was the first to actually get a wish granted from Gae Renshon in the year -1132. Oozelong journeyed until he was able to get his lifelong goal: peace.
Oozelong by Jarhed
  Oozelong established good relations with Gae Renshon, and now one is able to find Slimes all around his mountain. These slimes are sometimes considered more powerful than those who are normally found around Totania, as they gained power helping to train adventurers who seek out Gae Renshon.  

The Ophidian War

This peace, however, was only for a lifetime. Oozelong believed that if there was peace, he could not die. This was true, however he did not think of the possibility that war was, for some, no different from peace.   Ophidians, who had heard some stories that Slime loved to fight from those who had encountered the strong Oozelong, decided to try out these rumors. They invaded the caves, dragging out Oozelong for a fight. Refusing, the Ophidians then beat Oozelong to death. His final words were:
"It stands to reason the end of peace is death. I hope, only, that death will end in peace."
— Oozelong
  With his death, the Slimes began to prepare for war. This war is one that has never ended, and likely never can. With the lies the Ophidians had once heard about the Slime people having a love for battle now being something they perpetuate, and the Slimes not migrating away from the Ophidians or invading, there is no chance of anything but perpetual war. Ever since the year -1067, the Ophidians and the Slimes have been at war.  

Ocultos Goblins

From the year -10 through until the year 1, Goblins were trying to push back the Kingdom of Man. Finally, when Varth Dreamless was arrested by the World Court and Gellark Lionrage became King, the Goblins split apart. Jibral led the major force of Goblins to the land of the Dwarves, where they settled in Votarra Den. Other Goblins stayed in the caves beneath Nerodil and other nearby locations.
Morrus by Jarhed
  An older Goblin, Morrus, however did not want to do either. Subjugate themselves beneath the Humans or follow the orders of a young girl. Therefore, he led a third contingent of Goblins into the Slime Caves. Here, Morrus met a Slime King who he immediately threatened.   The Slime King, named Krab, however, was more amicable than others may have been. He had experienced war against the Ophidians, and wanted allies. Krab viewed the Goblins as the perfect ally.   Morrus settled with his people in the Slime Caves, and gradually many other Slime Kingdoms began to accept the Goblins as people worthy of living alongside them. Some Kingdoms maintained traditional values, not wanting outsiders, but most were happy to have the Goblins.   They became known as the Ocultos Goblins, otherwise known as Hidden Goblins. They are now as synonymous to the Slime Caves as the Slime themselves, and they support the Slime people with everything they can.   Morrus became the first Slime Rider, with Krab as the first slime to be ridden. They were said to be a near unstoppable pair, but sadly Morrus would pass before the next great threat would come to the Slime Caves. The same threat that led him there: Humanity.  

The Plum Grove

The Empress of the Jihdi Kingdom of Humans, in the year 86, sanctioned a group of ninjas from her nation to explore the caves they found nearby. A group, led by the Shàngwèi (leader) of the Ninja Legion, Wan Shen, delve into the Slime Caves, unaware of what fate could be awaiting them.   Within the caves, Wan Shen found Slimes hopping around on the stone. He feared them and, after hearing from the Ophidians that the Slimes were warlike, did not take any chances. Wan Shen attacked any Slime he could see.   The Slime Kings did not like this. They started attacking, but they were disjointed. Wan Shen and his ninjas, while suffering casualties, were able to push the Slime back. However, war had been declared, and the Jihdi were horrified at these Slime who continuously fought against them when, the Jihdi claimed, they came in peace.   Trying to find a way to survive, the Slime Kings finally agreed to work together against the Jihdi. Uniting under a single banner, each King found ways to fight the Jihdi. Some Kings fused together, creating what they called "Slime Gods." Great warriors who were unrivaled in power among the Slimes. They agreed, as well, that the Slime Gods would be outlawed after the war.   Still, the war raged on for 14 years. Wan Shen was killed five years in, having been trapped in the cave all that time fighting against the Slime, he was finally cornered and killed by a Slime God.   The final act of the war, to keep the Jihdi out of their lands, the Slime Kings all went deep within the cave, to a Slime King they had heard great tales of. The Slime King who controlled the lands furthest into the shadows. One Slime King blessed by Nyx, Goddess of Shadows, herself. This Slime King agreed to not wanting Jihdi invaders in her cave and thus formed herself into an assassin, styled after the Ninja of the Jihdi Kingdom.  
Zhong Meilin by Jarhed
She donned a cloak, and carried a torch of red flames to mask her red skin. Infiltrating through the shadowss, the Slime King fabricated a fire in the Empress's castle, forcing her to flee to a location where the Slime King would be waiting. There, the Empress found hanging from the plum trees something far removed from ripe fruit: rotting corpses, strung up and draining purple blood. When the Empress cried out, asking who had done such a thing, the Slime King gave an answer:
"I am the shadow that lies beneath the feet of the downtrodden, constantly stepped on by them, yet I have grown accustomed to it. Yet when an unfamiliar foot tramples on my joy, so then will I strike.
Fear me, Empress. For next time, you will not hear me. The Plum Tree does not sing but in the wind of the new morning.
May we greet that sun apart and never again meet blade to sharp glance."
— Slime King Zhong Meilin
  Peace was brought to the two nations, with the Jihdi leaving the Slime alone. Some Slime Kings would reach out, allying and gaining a friend on the mainland while others returned back to the caves to stay away from the land-dwellers. All spoke highly of the fearful Plum Assassin. The Slime King who carried out this brilliant mission, ending the war, took on the name Zhong Meilin, carrying with her forever the Plum Grove.  
Roaster by Jarhed

The Questers

There would be a group of adventurers who worked together from the late 400s into the early 500s. A group known only as the Questers. Led by the Korvian known as Roaster, the Questers consisted as well of Elkos, Zefsica, Balrus, Josatra, Slyvirlouc Zamrarano, Henroik D Qlown, and Sirlini Glirdog.   Their adventures brought them all over the world, but they became most famous in the Slime Caves for entering at first as enemies of the Slime, seeing them as threats. Roaster once said:
"I feel the only reason I, or any of my friends, were able to get as strong as we were, to be able to stand against those like Salasar Feaphed, Fepar Tilrak, and Melthrum is because of training and fighting against Slime. We owe the Slime people a great deal."
— Roaster
  Not all Slime were Roaster's enemy from the start. There were some Slime who would surrender themselves to Roaster of course, calling themselves:
"Goo Slime, not bad!"
  Ultimately, however, the Questers would return to the Slime Caves, hearing rumors of an evil man named Jervan. Jervan had apparently been terrorizing the Slimes and had founded his own Kingdom of Evil in the Slime Caves. According to Sirlini Glirdog's account of what happened:
"You know, when I cause people suffering, I do it because it's funny. But Jervan didn't have a funny reason. Jervan was serious, evil, and seriously evil. Like Zefsica when she doesn't have her morning coffee."
— Sirlini "The Comedian" Glirdog
  The Questers were hailed as heroes by the Slime after stopping Jervan, though it would not be without sacrifice. Sirlini Glirdog left the Questers, and the Questers would soon die in a fight against the Red Dragon Lord Zome, Lord of the Red. It is said that there are statues honoring each of the Questers deep in the Slime Caves, from Roaster all the way to Balrus.  
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed

Dembar and Draconic Slime

The Draconian Village of Dembar would be founded in the year 527 by Otikul Nurdesh. Formerly, he had tried to found Ilder, but had watched it get destroyed in the Ilder Massacre.   Dembar was founded near one of the entrances to the Slime Caves, and Otikul immediately got to work on starting up friendly relations with the Slime Kings near the entrance. He even offered them a place in Dembar.
"Dembar is open to all people. We are the tamers of Beasts and, thus, wish to extend the opportunity to take control of the natural world to all. From the Draconians who settled it to the Slimes who already lived here. Dembar is for each and every one of us."
— Otikul Nurdesh
  Hesitantly, some Slime accepted his offer and moved into Dembar. Led by the Slime King Dustus Drasashi, the Slimes began to assimilate more into Draconian culture. Some took on the form of Draconians, like Dustis, while others looked more like Dragons while still retaining a Slime-like shape.  



Slime can be any height, though it is said the base form of the average Goop Slime is about 1-2 feet tall. They can not only stretch themselves, but can mimic the form of something else and, thus, mimic its height.  


The skin of a slime is sticky and often soft to the touch, though specifics vary between each type of slime.   Slime can dissolve anything that is consumed by them. Being engulfed in the body of a slime for too long could lead to the destruction of the body itself, though some slimes learn to control their digestive acid enough to not destroy those encased in their slime.  


Slimes typically eat bugs and other small creatures found in the Slime Caves. Slimes have been known to eat meat, particularly of larger animals or even sapient species in some instances, and much debate has been had on whether this is cannibalistic or not due to their biology.  


It is said that Slimes do not die of old age. Their bodies simply deconstruct and reconstruct themselves constantly to the point that age does little for anything but their minds. Slime do, however, rarely live forever as the Slime Caves are dangerous and there are constant invaders. However, a slime living in a peaceful outside settlement may potentially live an unlimited amount of time.   A Slime can, however, die whenever their mind decides their life has ended. When a Slime has achieved all it has wanted or when it has nothing left. It takes immense thought, it cannot be a simple fleeting feeling of death, but a calculated decision that the moment they stop thinking will be the end. Then, the end arrives.

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