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Korvians are crow-like humanoids with special powers known as Korvian Abilities, and known best for their culture around names and a lack of naming culture in Korvian society. Korvians were, for much of history, considered one of the three major races on Totania, sharing the title at different points in time with Elves, Dwarves, Draconians, Orcs and eventually even Humans.  

Government Structure

The Korvian government is based around the Korvian King and the parties that surround and support their government from its very inception up until its destruction.  
Tyrant by Jarhed

Korvian King

The Korvian King is a position determined by power, not necessarily that kind of power that can lead, but the power that can fight back against any threat.   A King is born from a powerful Korvian Ability, which they can use to kill the previous King. Then, with the support of their parties, the King is appointed to lead the Korvian people.   King is a gender-neutral term, as it was not made by the Korvian people. Instead, Elven explorers saw the position mirrored that of their own King and, so, they called it King. Still, anyone of any gender identity can be King as long as they have an ability powerful enough to kill the previous King and keep the title long enough to be fully appointed to the position. This requires holding back others who would challenge their claim to the throne.   The Korvian King, then, leads the people through a show of great power. By being the most powerful person, they strike fear into the people's hearts. The Korvians fear that the King could, after all, kill them at any moment. Therefore, they must be a productive member of society to prevent this from happening.   Other Kings may have other methods, but this is the common one with Kings like Tyrant.  
Etcher by Jarhed


Korvian parties are the groups that support the King and help convince the people to follow the King, spreading propaganda and helping put in place the laws made by the King. Almost always, they are led by the King themselves, with some few exceptions.   Korvian Parties also serve to bring together an armed force for the Korvians. Due to Korvian Abilities, traditional armies are hardly needed by the Korvians. Instead, they try to find nobles and others in Korvian society who would be willing to help with powerful abilities to support the King. Then, they make a small task force like Etcher's Twenty Immortals. Soldiers who could take on threats alone so well that, together, they would be unstoppable.  

The Hermits

The Hermits, also known as the Tyrant Party, was a group that supported the Hermit King Tyrant, who resided only in his Hall of the Mountain King. Unlike other parties, it was not led by the King himself, but instead by Etcher.   Etcher had the power to steal and distribute Korvian Abilities to others, and used this to get backers for Tyrant. In truth, however, he was making his own powerbase to one day strike out against Tyrant, most notably his group of elite soldiers known as the Twenty Immortals.  
Croaker by Jarhed

The Orchestra

The Orchestra was a party made by the first Korvian King, Warbler, and his second in command, Croaker.   This army conquered the entirety of Udai and even managed to take islands off the coast of Elone, only failing to conquer the land that would one day become Lizardfolk territory, as well as the Key of Beasts that the Beastmen fled to.   They were torn apart by internal strife between Warbler and Croaker.  

The Big Band

Led by the second Korvian King, Nightingale Song, this group of twenty Korvians challenged Warbler's views of war. Warbler, after killing Croaker, allowed them to take power. It is unclear if they were actually powerful, but it is due to them that the number twenty has taken a special meaning in Korvian society.  


There are only three known Korvian settlements, especially if one ignores the Avian farms and locations where Korvians keep Avians away from the rest of the world.  

The Korvian City

The Korvian City is the capital of the Korvians, a circular city atop a hill. At the bottom of this hill and, thus, the outter part of the city, one can find the poor folk with little to no money. They are beaten down by the richer folk, and while sometimes they seek outside help, it often backfires as the nobility will continue to push them down, even harder after revolts.   The more one climbs the mountain, the more the buildings become nicer, the prices rise higher, and more and more mansions begin appearing where the rich live. Buildings towards the bottom are destroyed or in poor condition, whereas buildings around the nobility shimmer with glory and wealth.   Then, there is the King's Chateau, as it was labeled by the Elves. This is a large castle where the King lives, often with only the people in their party. Gatherings that could also be called parties are thrown here, but often people are kept away due to fear of the King being killed or the gold in the treasury being stolen.  


Commonly known as Knew, this city is actually an acronym for Korvian North West, as it is their north-western settlement in the Korvian Inlet.   KNW is where most Korvian farmers live, as it is close in proximity to the Avian farms. It is, therefore, the poorest Korvian settlement, granting it much hatred from the nobility.   Still, as it produces much of the Korvian's food and exports, they have no choice but to continue funding it.   Due to their large farming population, KNW residents also are the largest manufacturers of Korvian clothes. They produce silk, cotton, and many other materials necessary for the fabric that makes up Korvian clothing. Due to the importance of a Korvian's clothes, this makes KNW a very important location for them.   Still, if both KNE and KNW are being attacked, the Korvian nobles will always support KNE first over KNW.


Commonly known as Knee, this city is actually an acronym for Korvian North East, as it is their north-eastern settlement in the Korvian Inlet.   KNE is where most Korvian fishermen live, as it has great access to the Northern Sea. It is the Korvian's largest port, as ships from Elone are most likely to travel to KNE than anywhere else.   The Korvians see KNE as a place of great strategic importance due in part to its fish and trade, but also its proximity.   While it is the furthest city from the Korvian City, it is closest to the Temple of Nergal, God of the Orcs. Therefore, KNE will often produce soldiers to pick off any Orcs who attempt to truly go to their church. Even the Orcs love the people of KNE, as they give a good fight.   KNE is known to produce more nobles than even the poor areas of the Korvian City due to a focus on fighting that breeds great Korvian Abilities.

Korvian Abilities

Korvian Abilities are manifestations of ones willpower, turned into superhuman powers. It is said they come from a plague given by the Gods, but there is no evidence of this. The greatest evidence is that some Korvians cannot handle a Korvian Ability, as it is too powerful, and die when it manifests. These people, however, are simply those without the willpower to handle it.   Korvian Abilities grant special powers as befits the spirit of the person who manifests it. Each ability is unique to its wielder. For example, Tyrant's "Hall of the Mountain King" suits his sloth, as he sits in the Hall and does not move, while also fitting his lust for power by allowing him to control the very continent of Udai itself.   There is also Warbler's "Immortals" that allows him to make himself, and anyone around him in a certain radius, immortal. He can toggle this on and off as he pleases, allowing him and allies to be immortal and enemies to not be even if they are in the radius. Or he can make enemies immortal and torture them, giving them horrible pain that they cannot die from.   Another example is Sinner Caerxan's "House of the Rising Sun," which allows him to bet on his own attacks. If his bet is correct, his attacks are more potent and can hit more often, manifesting through a miniature Sun that Sinner could create.
Sinner Caerxan by Jarhed


Korvian Abilities can be improved with what they call "Acts." An Ability can get a second, even a third, Act that makes it stronger, improving upon the ability before.   These Acts come when a Korvian comes to understand themselves more, as the Ability is an extension of their own identity.   An example of this comes again from House of the Rising Sun. When Sinner gained a Second Act, dubbed "House of the Rising Sun, Act II" it furthered his gambling nature, as he could now bet away the use of parts of his own body or his magic. In exchange, a certain target chosen by Sinner will also lose the use of that body part/magic.
When Sinner gained Act III, it allowed for an all-or-nothing bet. This way, when he bet, he would pretty much bet that either he would be able to deal a critical hit to someone, he would simply hit normally, or he would fail critically. A one-in-three chance to fail is not the odds some would seek, but for Sinner, he was perfectly fine with it for a two-in-three chance to succeed.  

Cadential Abilities

A Korvian Cadential Ability, also known as a Cadence, is the final evolution of a Korvian Ability. It manifests only on the brink of death, and only in those who have the willpower to keep living. Their will then manifests in the most powerful kinds of abilities, though it is incredibly rare.  


Early Korvian history is fairly obscure to many. It is known that Morrigan made them, alongside the Avians. Many say that in the earlier days, there was no difference between Korvians and Avians.
Morrigan by Jarhed
  Differences, however, arose in the fact that Avians had wings, while most Korvians did not. Those that did were said to still side with their Korvians bretheren, and thus were ostracized by the flying Avians.  


In the year -969, a Korvian by the name of Prouder was sick of being put down by the Avians for being a Korvian, and having her identity ignored.   Prouder was a trans woman and a lesbian, and wanted to express this. But at that time, all Korvians were focused on was expressing themselves as Korvians against the more oppressive force of the Avians.   Prouder wanted to show her pride for who she was, as a Korvian, sure, but also as a lesbian trans woman. She wanted people to respect her identity, and for others to feel proud about who they were as well. An oppressive society is oppressive not just to the general populace, but so, too, is it oppressive to the mind and the spirit. Prouder wanted that spirit to be unafraid to fly free.  
Prouder by Jarhed
So she teamed up with a Gay male Korvians named Louder. Whereas Prouder wanted people to acknowledge her, Louder made sure people saw him. Louder was outspoken about his identity. The two bonded over the fact that they were not considered to be exactly the norm. Due to the oppression under the Avians, Korvians based a lot around reproduction. Hatching eggs, having more little Korvians. Louder and Prouder, however, had no intention of doing that, and they knew there were many others like them with the same thoughts.   So they started a parade, what would be called a Pride Parade, on the 5th day of the Month of Festvials. They made flags to express the gender and sexual identities of all lgbtq+ Korvians, and marched around the lands where the Korvians and Avians lived. In front of government buildings, homes, businesses. Everywhere they could go, they did.


Korvian trade with nearly every coastal Kingdom in the world, from the Lizardfolk, Mammen, and Kamejin of Udai to the Jihdi, Draconians, Kingdom of Man, and the People of Alzirgos. The Ophidians, Shafaians, Orcs, and Beastman Triumvirate are the exceptions, as for the most part the Korvians do not seek communication with them at all, or in the Shafaian case, it is simply too inconvenient to trade with them.   Korvians trade many things, most notably meat (specifically poultry), silk, spices, precious metals taken from Orc mines, ivory, and other luxury goods. To the poorer areas they trade to like the Lizardfolk, they trade things like paper and tea as well that they bring with them on other voyages, but know wouldn't sell well in other locations.

Korvian Lifespans

Korvians live incredibly, almost unnaturally, short lives. The max natural age for a Korvian is said to be around their mid-20s, and while the data is inconsistent, it is said that no Korvian can naturally live past the age of 30 unless using magic or some form of Korvian Ability that prevents aging. However, they also mature incredibly fast, growing into full adults at the age of 2.   Their childhoods, then, take up only one year, but still many Korvians act immaturely their entire life, at least what other species would call immature.


Most Korvians do not grow their own crops, instead letting the Avians do it, as they all live on the farms. The Avians are, despite being near biologically identical in most ways, considered livestock by the Korvians, and live on farms with other livestock. Korvians will then kill the Avians and eat them, often claiming the meat to be "chicken."   There is even a world famous restaurant chain that uses Avians in all locations, the store Korvian Fried Chicken, made by the fast-food mogul Roaster.  


The Korvians follow the religion of the Goddess Morrigan, otherwise known as the Queen Over Crows, who created them.   Morrigan is the Goddess of Death, Fate, and Doom, and this has translated into the average Korvian having little fear of their own deaths. They live incredibly short lives, and therefore do not fear the end coming. Instead, they live up the few years they have, and often embrace death when it comes.   The Korvians often cannot travel to Morrigan's temple, as it is located in the treacherous arctic lands of Moroza. Those that do travel there often do so to die, as it is the most dangerous place in the world, and a holy land for them. To die in Moroza, even nearby the Temple of Morrigan, is a fine end for them. But if they can make it to her and hear their fate from her own beak, their lives are fulfilled.  

Diplomatic Relations

The Korvians are one of the few nations in Totania who have contact with nearly every nation in Totania. These will be heavily condensed notations of their relations with the major nations they contact.  


The Korvians do everything in their power to ensure that the Orcs do not unite together, as the Korvians fear the Orcish hordes. Korvians sabotage Orcish society so it cannot unite together, dumbing them down and keeping them fighting each other so they do not turn on the Korvians. Some Korvian nobles, then, go out on hunting parties against the Orcs.  


The Avians are not their own kingdom, but instead live on farm settlements under the control of the Korvians. They are killed, harvested, and eaten by the Korvians, and also run farms for the Korvians' crops. They are treated as less than second-class citizens, instead being considered walking food.  


The Nereids who live away from the Korvians avoid them. While often Nereids will raid cargo ships, whenever they spot Korvian markings on them, they will avoid the ships, not wishing to deal with Korvians.  


As for the Merpeople who live in the Korvian inlet, there have been many attempts by the Korvians to either contain and imprison them there or simply wipe them out. Few succeed, as the Merpeople fight back, but this often leaves the Merpeople in a disadvantageous position where they wish to fight back but cannot, as the Korvians are too powerful and the city near impenetrable, especially for those that cannot so easily leave the sea.  


The Mammen are one of the Korvian's major economic rivals, as their capital of Ruzrugh is the Mercantile Capital of Udai. They often get into trade arguments where they try to one-up each other with trade agreements, often leading to rather generous deals because they wish to prove themselves better trade partners than the other.  


The Elves have mixed feelings towards the Korvians. On one hand, the Korvians are often the only people of equal status to themselves, so they respect them, and the Elves even granted Korvians equal rights as one of the few races to get this luxury.   However, the Elves also fear the Korvians for their status, worrying that the Korvians seek to challenge them for noble dominence. The Korvians do not seek this, for the most part, as the Korvian nobility simply wish to unite their nobilities with the Elves and take over the rest of the world so it can be exploited for all its worth.  


The Humans are, for the most part, the closest trading partners with the Korvians. The Kingdom of Man and Alzirgos are both close enough that the Korvians can make frequent trips to their lands and trade freely and openly back and forth. The Korvians try not to interfere in affairs much, as they find the Humans to be a curiosity.  


As for the Jihdi, the Korvians trade luxury goods with them, as the Jihdi are a rich people who enjoy the Korvian goods. They respect each other and work together as business partners.  


The Shafaians, however, are too far away and surrounded by too many problems (like Zavese and Fairies) for the Korvians to want to deal with. Therefore, the Korvians almost never travel to Shafai.  


The Korvians view the Lizardfolk as easily exploitable. They seek not to conquer them, as the land of the Lizardfolk is far too dangerous. Instead, they trade with them, selling things at high prices and exploiting everything the Lizardfolk have for their own game. The Lizardfolk dance to the tune of the Korvians, and there is nothing the Lizards can do about it.  


The Kamejin have strange relations with the Korvians. They are not pleased about the Korvians dealing with the Lizardfolk, but they are aware of and pleased with the fact that the Korvians exploit the Lizards.   The Kamejin trade with the Korvians, but often Korvians are not allowed to live in the Kamejin settlements on the Abral Islands. There are diplomatic embassies in the capital city where Korvians can live, but outside of that they are only given temporary allowance to stay. After all, the Korvians have no honor, and the Kamejin fear they would plan something wicked.  


The Korvians have a shaky relationship with the Draconians. Often the Grand Wizard and Village Chiefs of the Draconians disagree with the methods of the Korvians, clashing with them. Magic College students will often fight against Korvian nobles as well.   However, the Magic College also accepts Korvians on special conditions, as not all Korvians that go there can do magic, but instead use their Korvian Abilities. For this, the Korvians are fairly forgiving to the Draconians.  


The Dwarves often try to keep their distance from the Korvians. After all, they are one of the few nations who have diplomatic ties with the Orcs. This is done to spite the Korvians, as the Dwarves consider them too similar to the Elves.   Dwarves will often avoid Korvian diplomats, with famous stories including some Dwarven politicians who have cut out their tongues or severed their ears so they did not have to speak to or hear from the Korvians.
The Avians did not try to attack them, and the Korvians who did not identify with the same things as the parade still marched, supporting their lgbtq+ brothers, sisters, and nonbinary friends and family. For a Korvian's individuality was key, always. Not just their sexuality or gender, but everything. And this was the first step towards them realizing this.   Prouder's actions helped the Korvians realize what their greatest strength was: themselves. Who they were was more important than anything else, and that would eventually spark a revolutionary spirit.  

Morrigan's Affliction

In the year -515, a plague swept through the Korvian and Avian people. It was said that this plague was created by Morrigan herself, as she was the Goddess not just of Korvians, but of Death, Fate, and Doom. The plague became known by many names, most notably "Morrigan's Affliction" and "The Disease of Doom."
Warbler by Jarhed
  For five years, this took the Korvian and Avian societies by storm. It killed many who did not believe there was a way to circumvent it. Though there was one man who was able to find a way to stop it. A Korvian named Warbler.   Warbler had found the secret to the world itself, like the Draconian Kilprax Ildial before him. The only way to combat the Gods: Willpower.   This plague was meant to bring mass death to the Korvians and Avians. Warbler even wondered if Morrigan wanted to wipe them out completely and start over. Perhaps she had regrets. So, in Warbler's spite towards Morrigan's power of Death, Warbler became the greatest force to stop her. Warbler manifested his Korvian Ability to oppose the Goddess of Death herself: the ability to stop death. The ability to preserve life forever. An ability known as "Immortals."  

The Enemy of God

Warbler spread to the Korvians his cure. That the only way to stop Morrigan's Affliction was to use ones will to overcome its effects. Then, one would unlock a Korvian Ability. With this, many Korvians began overcoming the disease, gaining Korvian Abilities. Some Avians did too, but Warbler made sure his cure did not get to them. The Avians had punished the Korvians for too long. It was time for some payback.   It is said that Morrigan's Affliction still affects the Avians, which is why they have never grown to become a major race. They are still kept down, with only few of them able to overcome the affliction with willpower, as the Korvians have crushed their spirits.   All because of Warbler, the man who Morrigan claims to be her greatest mistake.  

The Korvian King

Warbler met a man with an Ability similar to his own in the year -500. A man named Croaker. While Warbler was able to make himself immortal, Croaker was able to make others immortal. Warbler decided to partner up with Croaker, and the two led their army of Korvians around Udai.   They remained a focused army, the only true, full army of Korvians that has ever existed. A force of immortal warriors, each wielding powerful, unique Abilities. They slowly combed Udai. They did not wipe out anyone, nor did they really settle down. They simply defeated armies and subjugated the people. Soon, their kingdom was considered that of the Beastmen, even if the Korvians were in charge.  
Bud the Hollow by Jarhed
The real Beastmen Kingdom, however, was led by a joint task force of Minotaurs, Crocutions, and Felids, with some Satyrs and Centaurs as well. They fought back and, when they failed, many fled to the Key of Beasts. The Mammen and Ratfolk, however, capitulated and allowed the Korvians to take over.   The army conquered much of the continent. The Black Dragon Lord Reoma the Wretched, along with a resilient force of Lizardfolk, were able to keep them from taking the western tip of Udai, and they were unable to get to the southern island known as the Key of Beasts, but the remainder of Udai soon fell before them.  

The Beastman Genocide

This was not without consequence, of course. Bud the Hollow, an Orcish Tribal Chief, blamed the Korvians and all Beastmen for the state the Orcs were in. Due to Warbler's conquest, the Orcs were more willing to listen to Bud, and they joined behind him to create the Grand Clan, featuring every single Clan of Orcs following behind Bud.   Bud was able to wipe the floor with the Beastmen, killing all but one Ratfolk. A man named Radt. Croaker protected Radt and, after seeing Bud's actions and how they were caused by his own, he betrayed Warbler and fled from Udai to an island they captured off the coast of Elone.   Here, Warbler and Croaker dueled to the death. Warbler defeated Croaker, but it came at the cost of his one true friend and partner. It was said that, in that moment, Warbler truly understood himself and unlocked Act II of his Ability, though others say that due to the brush with death it was a Cadential Ability. It was the ability of Croaker. Warbler could now use it as well, carrying on the legacy of Croaker.  
Wiscys Nicandir by Jarhed
Croaker also achieved a Cadential Ability, what is said to be the first one. This ability kept his field of immortality up forever, and the island where he fought, died, and was buried would later be used for the World Cell. S-Tier of the prison would be immortal thanks to him, and F-Tier would be as well, though F-Tier only featured the still living Radt, protected forever by Croaker.   When Warbler came back, he was more disillusioned with the idea of his war of conquest. He understood, slightly, where Croaker was coming from, though it was moreso that he had doubts. He saw, then, a new plague was spreading. One made by the fourth Grand Wizard of the Draconians, the Tamdian Alchemist Wiscys Nicandir.   Warbler did not know how to overcome this for others. It was not a simple answer like willpower anymore, after all. This was a real, deadly disease made by an alchemist who knew how to make an unstoppable disease. Warbler could keep some people alive with his new Ability, but that was really all he could do. He could not stop the disease from continuing on.   That was when a new group appeared, calling themselves the Big Band. A group of twenty Korvians, led by one Korvian alchemist named Nightingale Song. Nightingale Song had fled the Korvians after he was freed from Morrigan's Affliction and attended the Magic College. He was familiar with Wiscys and knew how to counter her disease.   Nightingale Song also firmly opposed the conquering attitude of Warbler, and fought against it with an Anti-War, Anti-Conquest motto. They would return most of the land to the Orcs and Beastmen and would settle their own city. Warbler fled, giving the title to Nightingale Song. Many believe he defeated Warbler, but there is no evidence this was even possible. Still, Nightingale Song became the second Korvian King.
Nightingale Song by Jarhed

The City is Built

Nightingale Song centralized the Korvians into a singular settlement, which was called the Korvian City. This way, he could spread his cure to everyone more easily. With this, the Korvians finally had a permanent settlement that they could stay in thanks to Nightingale Song.   Nightingale Song kept promoting his Anti-War philosophy for years, helping establish the powerful nobility of the strongest Ability Users so they would focus on defending the city rather than attacking others. Eventually, though, he was killed, but his ideals stuck, and there was never a full army of Korvians ever again, only small bands of soldiers.  

The Pirate Prince

There would be many prominent Korvians before him, but there are few whose names are as infamous as the Korvian Pirate known as Lerten D Wimbo.   In the year -70, the Korvian King known as Fisher founded KNE. KNW had already existed, but now there was a true coastal port for the Korvians, where they could fish and bring in ships. There was a young boy born here not long after. This boy would seek out the fruits that he believed the ocean had. The true secrets of the world, and a freedom beyond Korvian society.   The boy would be called Lerten D Wimbo, and he gathered a crew and set out to sea. He raided every single coastal settlement in the world, taking gold and other treasures. It is said he fought against many other famous figures of the time, like a young Kamejin Priest of Erra known as Ishii Daisuke, or a very young Bortanian woman named Perzita Theldrar.   He collected a treasure which he called the Pieces of Lerten. He revealed it as he was being executed by the Nereids, sayin when asked of his legacy:
"What is my legacy? It is not in any action I nor my crew have taken... no, but it will be in the actions taken by you. Each and every last one of you. The great treasures of this world lie hidden somewhere out of view of the mind. Piece them together... you can find them where the world meets the heart."
— Lerten D. Wimbo
Many believe, then, that the treasure is more than just gold. That it holds the very secrets of the world, like the Eternal Files. No one knows for sure, though.
Amukk by Jarhed

The God of Mercy

An Orc named Amukk would lead another united group of Orcs one day in -15 to challenge the Nameless God. Amukk wanted to right the wrongs of Heaven and bring justice and mercy to Totania.   He was able to convince not only Orcs, but Beastmen and even some Korvians to help him in his quest. He defeated the Nameless God twice, but did not do so without suffering many losses. Still, it is for this reason that he is another God worshipped by the Korvians rather frequently. They helped to put him into Heaven, after all.  

Hall of the Mountain King

In the year 537, a mountain appeared in the middle of Udai. Soon after that, the continent itself began to change, and the Korvians had a new King. One who could bend Udai and the planet to his will by controlling the ground itself. A man named Tyrant, and his mountainous base, the Hall of the Mountain King.   He was considered a hermit, as he never left his Hall and rarely stood from his throne. For this many called him the Hermit King, and many went to challenge him and his rule, as he wouldn't even stay in the Korvian City. Only one challenger was ever able to survive. A Korvian noble named Monster.   Alongside Tyrant, there was the leader of Tyrant's party, the Hermits. A man who sought to bring the people together under Tyrant, using Tyrant as his own ticket to becoming King and being a prominent Korvian figure. This President of the Tyrant Party was named Etcher.
Monster by Jarhed

The Redistribution of Wealth

Etcher undermined the way Korvian society was, getting the general populace on his side in ways no King could do before. For Kings before lived in the Korvian City, and Tyrant did not. Kings before relied on the nobles, while Etcher and Tyrant made new nobles by giving the Abilities away to others. After all, Etcher's Ability allowed him to take and give away other people's Abilities.   This created a new generation of nobles who had two or more Korvian Abilities, called Neo-Nobles, who challenged the old nobles. Some Neo-Nobles took the place of the old guard, while others in the old nobility were able to hold onto their positions, like Monster and his family, including his wife Healer, his son Sinner, his son's partner Dresser, and his son's best friend Whiner.   Monster had another kind of power that could make people stronger. He used this to strengthen his own powerbase against Tyrant and keep his own land and people safe.  

Korvians Outside of Udai

During this time, many Korvians began to leave Udai and become more prominent figures in Elone, especially around the Magic College in Zephys. Sinner, Dresser, and Whiner escaped from this society, while others like Rider fell into it, becoming puppets of Etcher. Sinner and Dresser fled Udai, but Whiner was killed by Monster's own monster, the Vampiric Gnawer. Whiner sacrificed himself so that Sinner and Dresser could go free.  
Dresser and Sinner by Jarhed
Meanwhile, Rider was a Korvian who did not have power of his own. He sought it out from Etcher, who then sent him to the Magic College. Alongside this, there was a Korvian named Pretender, who was able to change his form, and used this to undermine the nobility, hating how they looked down on the commonfolk. The final Korvian of prominence at this time was the Head Priest of Mimir, a man named Prayer.   Sinner and Dresser became a famous couple who helped to refound Waire and created the Vampire Hunters to take down Dresmorlin Cobath, the Great Vampire Lord. Both worked for Etcher for a short time before realizing he had betrayed them.   Sinner would also use this opportunity to make close friendships with many prominent figures at the time, such as Village Chief of Ilder Oraakil Mardaar. He would be the leading Korvian figure of the time, opposing both Etcher and his own father, Monster.   Rider, on the other hand, sacrificed himself for the sake of Bortan and its Village Chief, Nalrik Tilrak.   Prayer would bring Mimir more prominence, granting him a new seat in Elone to observe the world near his closest rival, Sia. Pretender, meanwhile, was plotting once more against the nobles, gaining more power and influence as a member of a group called the Fellas alongside Vodron Susk, Cozall Redfury, Jargar Eltan, and Stranger.  


Hatch and Snatch Culture

Korvian culture is said to be fairly quick, as their brains develop unbelievably quick after hatching. They adapt fast to their surroundings, taking things in and processing faster than others. This is why their brains may skip over smaller details or ignore things like glass, as they are processing things at increased rates so they can move on faster.   Due to this, most things in Korvian society are complex for the sake of simply being fancy, but often made so that details can actually be skipped over. The important details are taken and that is all.   Alongside this, Korvians love to steal things from people poorer than them. It is a law that anyone who is poorer than you must do as you say and that they cannot raise objections against you, making wealth a symbol of true power even moreso than it is in any other region in the world.  


Korivans pride themselves on their individuality that breaks beyond simply a name. This extends from their dress wear, which is often designed to attract others to their unique style and personality, to the role of Korvian Abilities in their society, which are used freely to distinguish each persons worth, as each person has their own unique Ability.
Gnawer by Jarhed


Korvians do not name anything. Every name for a Korvian, such as Tyrant, Sinner, or Monster is given to the Korvians by an outsider, often Orcs, Mammen, Mermen, or Lizardfolk. There is a naming scheme, though this matters little to the Korvians.   Korvian society is founded on the idea that lables and names are unimportant. One does not need a name or label to live, as their identity comes from who they are, not what they are called. Still, after being given a name, Korvians will often accept it and use it. They have no problem with names given by others or names that others have, they simply will not name things as they believe things do not need a name to have worth.  


Korvian Art is some of the most pretentious works ever seen around Totania. They are often scenes of everyday life, idealized into perfect, picturesque scenes. They pay exorbitant amounts of money to hang simple paintings on their walls and call it the highest form of art while saying all other kinds of art are not even worth considering being called art at all.   This extends, too, to literature. Even the tale of a Vampire like the Korvian Noble Gnawer is turned into a story that, while making him out to be terrifying, still paints him as beautiful, even if it is a metaphor for the nobility sucking the lifeblood from the Korvian people.  


Korvians have a system of nobility that is tied to their Korvian Abilities. As the Korivan City is the only major settlement and KNE and KNW are simply extensions, the nobility do not own land aside from their mansions. Due to this, to become a noble means to have a powerful Korvian Ability. Thus, one establishes a dynasty and makes money, elevating oneself to nobility.   A noble child born without a powerful ability will often be disowned and the noble family will lose their noble status.   The nobles also often exploit the poorer, non-noble Korvian citizens. There are often abilities used to make life a living hell for non-nobles in the Korvian City. There are famous stories of a noble family with abilites that are able to lock up entire areas to be only accessible to those with a certain amount of money, then using this to lock up grocery stores, restaurants, or even homes.  


Korvian nobles practice arranged marriage, where the parents of two noble children will set up their children together. These children often do not get a say in the matter, as the Korvians will insist that it is for the best that the parents choose their partners.   These marriages are never official. There is no grand wedding ceremony. Korvians simply are together and, eventually, they have been together long enough to consider themselves wed, though the terms husband and wife don't really exist in Korvian society. Instead, they are simply mates.   Non-noble Korvians, however, have adopted some ceremonies from outside their culture. They get so little glamour in their life that a ceremony to show their love is a dream come true for them.   There is no taboo against gay marriage in Korvian society. Thanks to Louder and Prouder, lgbtq+ identities are very much the foundation of the Korvians, and so they are loved and embraced as all other identities are. After all, it is one expressing their individuality. To the Korvians, that is no crime, but the norm.
Louder by Jarhed


Korvian speech comes from the back of the throat, and most sounds begin with a croak or a caw. It is a language that, to many non-Korvians, seems indistinguishable from that of a normal Crow's caw, but to Korvians is far different.  


Korvians have schools for very young noble Korvians. Newborns are placed in boarding school, often away from their parents, where they stay for two years and study almost nonstop. There are parties and occassional visits with their parents, but most of the time they will be separate and learn everything in quick digestible lessons that last from morning to night most days of the week.   This helps 2 year old adult Korvians be caught up to eighteen year olds of most other races, as they are biologically about the same age.  


Made to help showcase the individuality of and identities of those whose identities were not being embraced by the state, the Korvians known as Louder and Prouder made a parade that goes through the Korvian City to help those with sexual or gender identities that were not straight or cisgender express themselves and their pride in their identities. Because no matter what they identify as, what gender or sexuality they are, they are Korvians. And that is why they should be proud to be whoever they are. For a Korvian is never ashamed of being themselves.  


Thanksgiving is a traditional Korvian holiday, focused around giving thanks to the people you see. The holiday was designed by the first Korvian King, Warbler, in an attempt to get his people to be a bit more peaceful. Yet the major purpose is for people to look outwards, at those around them, and recognize the individuality of each person, instead of just focusing on themselves and their own desires. People dress as Sainter to express this.
Sainter by Jarhed



Korvians are a fairly short species, not on the level of Gnomes, Halflings, Goblins, or even most Dwarves, but still fairly short. The average height of a Korvian is about five feet tall, with few being much taller. Those that are taller are often unbelievably tall and are considered to be outliers. These extra tall Korvians can be up to ten feet tall, but are a genetic anomaly  


Korvians have beaks rather than mouths, which have multiple purposes. For one, they help them eat and kill their prey, making pecking a viable tactic for Korvians in combat. It also helps them reach hard to reach places with their mouths, with many cups for Korvians designed for them to fit their full beaks in rather than having a straw.   They use the beaks to comb the feathers of other Korvians, called preeing, to remove parasites and clean them. Noble Korvians will get servants to do this, while poor ones do so with their partners.   Beaks often have distinctive colors that are used to attract mates. While Korvians are often in arranged pairings, having unique and attractive beaks are what makes them not only more willing, but more able to make the marriages bearable.  


Korvian bones are, for the most part, hollow. This makes them incredibly fragile and weak compared to other races, especially those like Orcs or Draconians. The bones are also, though, lighter. This allows them to move faster on the ground, in the air, and in water, and not sink as easily as other races.   To help with flight if they can achieve it, Korvian bones are fused together through ossification. They have fewer bones, then, as their bones are together to try to make them stronger. They also lose bones at certain points, such as being born with a singular Egg Tooth that helps them break out of their egg. After breaking from the egg, the tooth will fall off within the first year of life.   Nestled within these hollow bones are air sacs, connected to the respiratory system, which take in and pump air through the body. Because of the air sacs in their hollow bones, Korvians are said to have the most efficient respiratory systems of all humanoid races, meaning they can survive without air for much longer.   Some other special properties of Korvian bones include the uncinate processes of their ribs, where ribs overlap with the rib beneath it in the rib cage, strengthening specifically the rib cage of a Korvian.   The skull of a Korvian is about 1% of its bodyweight, with most of the skull taken up by the eye and its surroundings. Unlike the ribs, the skull bones do not overlap, being known as pedomorphic bones. This allowes for cranial kinesis in a Korvian's skull, where the bones can move independently. The jaw of the beak, for instance, can unhinge itself due to cranial kinesis.  
Rider by Jarhed


Korvian bodies are covered in feathers, which help to regulate their body temperatures and communicate with other Korvians at a glance (which is necessary for their Hatch and Snatch culture, that their appearance is easy to see and fast to digest). Feathers also protect the body from bruises and scrapes and help allow Korvians to swim or not be damaged by heavy rain.  


Very few Korvian find themselves born with wings. It is said they are blessed by Morrigan, but in truth it is believed those born with Wings simply have an Avian at some point in the family line, and that this fact has been hidden.  


Korvians eat meat almost exclusively. Many of them fear vegetables and most kinds of crops, so while they grow and consume few crops, they avoid them due to the story of King Dinner known as "Mind Your Manners." Dinner died eating an Onion, and it is said other Korvians would be unable to eat Onions as well.   Their main meal is poultry, which other races call cannibalism. Few acknowledge that it is truely cannibalism, though, as much of it is not chicken, but instead Avian meat.

Cover image: Outside the Korvian City by Jarhed


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