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Korvian Cadential Ability

A Korvian Cadential Ability, also known as simply a Cadence, is the final evolution of a Korvian Ability, which can only be reached towards the end of a Korvian's life. It is the most powerful kind of ability, one that only unlocks from the closest brush with death. With most Cadential Abilities, one who is about to die will be brought back by their own willpower that manifests in the Cadence.  

Types of Cadence

There are four types of Cadential Abilities, though within it there is some variation. Here are the types of Cadences.

Authentic Cadence

An Authentic Cadence is the best kind of Cadential Ability, as it is the most perfect form of a Cadence. However, not all Authentic Cadences are perfect. There are, as a matter of fact, two subtypes of Authentic Cadence.  

Incomplete Authentic Cadence

An Incomplete Authentic Cadence, or IAC, is the stage before a Perfect Authentic Cadence. It is when a Korvian is on the brink of death, and their ability begins to evolve. With it, they gain an increased power that begins to resemble a Cadence. Yet they and those around them are left with a lingering feeling, as if the ability is continuing to evolve, as if there is more to come... as if the Cadence is still approaching.  

Perfect Authentic Cadence

A Perfect Authentic Cadence, or PAC, is the greatest form of Cadence, and also the one that is thought of when Cadences are spoken of. It is the end all, be all of Korvian Abilities. The strongest possible abilities.   To reach a Perfect Authentic Cadence, a Korvian must be at death's door. They can feel the cold grip of death approaching, yet have the willpower to go beyond it. To reach beyond death and not only transcend it, but gain from it. To gain a power beyond all other Korvian abilities.
Tyrant by Jarhed
  A Perfect Authentic Cadence is so powerful that even a weak ability can turn into a globe-spanning, ungodly powerful monster of a power. Yet the main thing about a Perfect Authentic Cadence is that it can be controlled by the user, as the user is still alive despite nearly dying.  

Half Cadence

A Half Cadence is one that does not resolve on a Perfect note. Instead, it ends on a dominant one. A resting point, where the Korvian has nearly reached their ability's end (often at an Incomplete Authentic Cadence), but that it is not over yet. Then, when they are nearly there, they die. Either by the disease of the ability or by some other means, the user is dead and no longer has control of their ability.   Thus, a Half Cadence is born. A Korvian ability that is at Cadence right when the user dies. Thus, it is slightly weaker, and without a user, it activates and controls itself, being a fully sentient ability without a user.   Half Cadences are incredibly dangerous due to being impossible to control, and nearly as powerful as a Perfect Authentic Cadence. Whenever a Half Cadence is born, it is often the job of some Korvian sent by the King to stop it before it destroys the entire Korvian City, though sometimes it is let loose on an army of enemies, normally Orcs.  

Deceptive Cadence

A Deceptive Cadence is a bit different from the others. It is created the same way as a Perfect Authentic Cadence, and it seems like it has become a Perfect Authentic Cadence. However, it does not resolve as such, and it actually becomes sentient and has a will of its own, like a Half Cadence.   With this, a Deceptive Cadence can fool someone into believing they have control over their ability. However, it can also abandon someone and act on its own whenever it wishes. It can act as a Half Cadence, fully independent from all people. However, it can also be a Perfect Authentic Cadence, attaching to its original user or anyone it decides to attach to.   Deceptive Cadences are born from overly powerful wills. A will that is so powerful that it detaches from the person who wields it and becomes its own person in the form of the Deceptive Cadential Ability.  

Plagal Cadence

A Plagal Cadence is also known as an Amen Cadence. It comes from the Holy Might of Gods, where people can reach Cadence not through death, but through prayer. Gods can grant this power, with the Plagal then being exactly what that Korvian needs at the time. It is, however, incredibly rare for a God to ever grant a Korvian such a power.  

Where do Cadences Come From?

All Korvian Abilities come from Morrigan, the Goddess of the Korvians. She also happens to be the Goddess of Death and Fate. Due to this, she has locked the greatest of powers behind her greatest domain: Death itself.   So this power is only reached by those that can cheat even her greatest power, living through death itself. However, it is not reached by every Korvian with a near-death experience. It requires truly horrific, deadly experiences and incredible willpower on the dying party's part.

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