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Hall of the Mountain King

The Hall of the Mountain King is an empty hall at the center of Udai. It also happens to be the seat of power of the most powerful man in the world.  

The Hall

To get to the Hall, one must cross dangerous terrain flocked by the Korvian army. From the West, rocky terrain once populated by Orc camps. From the East, there are forests and plains and Beastmen, as well as more Orcs and Korvians. Either way one goes, it is dangerous.   Then, around the Hall are the Valleys of Death. Two opposite valleys, one on either side of the Hall of the Mountain King. Many creatures roam these Valleys, depending on the side of the mountain, and armies wait there to surprise would-be invaders. Even without the armies, naturally crossing the Valley of Death is not an easy task.   One would then find themselves at the Stairs of Torment. These are long stairs on either side of the hall that go straight up for miles. Birds will often fly by, knocking people off of the stairs. Korvian soldiers hang onto the sides of higher steps to surprise people climbing them. Various traps are said to be laid out. But the greatest danger is that one gets tired climbing so many stairs. Then, they get exhausted and fall asleep, either falling off the side or falling down the stairs.   Then, they are met by the Gates of Hell, a term used to describe doors that serve as tests of strength. Only those strong enough to open them can enter the Hall of the Mountain King.  

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Only after pushing through the Gates of Hell does one enter the Hall of the Mountain King. Few accounts exist of the Hall itself, as few people have ever been inside. Only Etcher and his Twenty Immortals, the strongest force of the Korvian Army, are allowed in.   Entering first, one will find themselves greeted with an open room. Empty, yet grand. A foyer, with two staircases spiraling up to a raised platform that leads to the rest of the Hall. Climbing those stairs leads to a hallway, where one finds statues of all sorts made by Tyrant himself. These statues seem eerily real, as if they were living people petrified, yet it is believed Tyrant's control of Earth is simply that precise.   Some say the statues move. Some swear by it. Others say this is not possible. Some say they have to. They say the danger of the Hall of the Mountain King must lie in its surprises, in its hidden dangers. But others know the truth.   There is only one danger worth worrying about in the Hall of the Mountain King. That's all it needs.


Tyrant is the Korvian King that built and resides in the Hall of the Mountain King. Where Tyrant came from is unknown. He was most likely a Korvian noble, but no record of him has ever been discovered. It is assumed he had a different name before he became the tyrannical ruler of the Korvians.   Tyrant ascended to power in 541 when his radius of Hall of the Mountain King reached the Korvian City. His predecessor was killed by him, and he claimed the throne. Rather than sitting in the throne in the Korvian City, he instead made himself a throne in the Hall of the Mountain King, away from any potential dangers.   Year by year, his range expanded, and he began taking over Udai. He gained a political party following under a man named Etcher, who had the ability to transfer abilities to anyone. Tyrant wanted another ability, but Etcher always refused, saying that his abilities were to support Tyrant. If Tyrant had more, he wouldn't need Etcher. Tyrant accepted this, but always kept an eye on Etcher.
  On a throne of stone, he sits in his throne room. An open skylight looms above him, illuminating the empty throne room, devoid of life. Spikes jut out from the walls, but the ground is so smooth that the light reflecting off of it is said to blind those that see it. The room is so large that the echo is said to be deafening and go on for hours.   Tyrant sits, slumped, on his throne. He rarely stands, he rarely moves. He has no need to. For his Hall is mighty, and his power unchallengeable. In all senses of the word, Tyrant is the closest thing one can get to a God without becoming a God. And he knows this just as well as anyone.   It is said even standing in his presence is enough to drive some people mad. Reports state that some that have met Tyrant in the Hall of the Mountain King have then left and jumped off of the Stairs of Torment. Others say that no one meets Tyrant. Both are true. Tyrant does not allow visitors, but the few that he had allowed died. Only the Twenty Immortals and Etcher, hellbent on living eternally, can stand the presence of the Godly figure of Tyrant and his Hall of the Mountain King.  
Etcher by Jarhed


The Hall itself lies atop a mountain at the very center of Udai. The mountain is one of the largest in the world, and the Hall is a straight path through the mountain. The only way to get around the mountains without a boat.   But the Hall is not just the structure inside the mountain, nor the mountain itself. The Hall of the Mountain King grows every year. As each year passes, Tyrant's ability gains access to more and more land in Totania. But what is Tyrant's ability?  

The Ability

Tyrant's ability also shares the name In the Hall of the Mountain King. What it does is it allows Tyrant control over a radius of land around the mountain in any way he pleases. It does not move with Tyrant, instead staying centralized in and around the mountain. This area expands with each year that Tyrant lives.   It is said that in fifteen years, Tyrant will have control over all land in Totania. For this, Tyrant has extended his mortal lifespan with the powers of magic and other abilities his servants have.   With this, Tyrant can also see anywhere in his radius. This means he knows anyone who is there and, if he sees an enemy, he can easily manipulate the earth to kill them. Ways he can do that are limitless. He can create earthquakes, holes, spikes, mountains. He can even crush or imprison people with rock, or grow forests under their feet to tear through them. The possibilities are endless and horrifying.

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