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The Eternal Files

The Eternal Files are the scrolls of Kilprax Ildial, the first Draconian Grand Wizard, containing all magical knowledge and secrets ever known and hidden away.  

The Scrolls

The Eternal Files are transcribed onto a set of scrolls. It is said there are ten scrolls for every type, style, and affinity of magic.
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
  The scrolls are written in Ancient Draconic, a dead language that requires immense study to understand. It also means that if one were to speak the scroll aloud, trying to explain it to someone, the vocal aspect of Draconic will take affect. The words of Draconic will manifest whatever the speaker says, meaning to read the scrolls aloud would mean to do the spells, resulting in death or injury unto those listening.   Kilprax Ildial even wrote in some hidden bits and phrases that bring death in the Eternal Files so that, if read out loud by an amateur, they would read it and kill someone. The scrolls are, after all, meant only for the scholars who Kilprax wants to live up to his legacy. Anyone else is not worthy of them.   The content of the scrolls are not widely known. There are some things written within them that people are aware of, but few specific passages are known. Still, some will be written here despite not being common knowledge.  

The Weave

The most well known thing written on the scrolls is the existence of the Weave and its connection with magic.   The Weave, as the Eternal Files say, can be tied to the magic one wields. It specifies that the races blessed with special magical connections by Mayowa, Goddess of Magic, are able to tap into the Weave for endless magic. These races are: Draconians, Elves, Humans, Devils, Jinn, and Giants. No other race has this connection or power.
"The Weave is the origin of all magic. All people have a portal in their minds connected to the realm of the Weave, and from it they can draw unlimited magical power to utilize however they please."
— The Eternal Files
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed

Source of Knowledge

Kilprax Ildial made sure to write down everything he learned in his 1003 years of study. Each piece of knowledge was told to Kilprax by the oldest creature on Totania, the Golden Dragon Lord Kath the Eternal.   Kilprax also did some independent study and testing of magic, and some of that is inscribed on here as well. Still, if one were ever able to convince Kath to teach them, they could learn what was on the scrolls.   This is near impossible, for after Kilprax betrayed Kath, Kath has refused to connect with or teach any mortals. This knowledge is only available now if one could find the scrolls.
The Eternal Files then detail exactly how to strengthen this connection: study and practice. The portal to the Weave is in the brain, and thus expanding ones knowledge grows the portal, as the brain opens up to more information and thus more power.   Then, it delves into the powers one can gain from a stronger connection to their Weave Portal. They are as follows:
  • Critical hits with magic become more potent, as one is able to draw on the power of the weave in these critical moments to make a spell more powerful.
  • A Weave Anchor, which allows one to draw on infinite mana for a limited time.
  • Unlocking the magic counter known as Counterspell.
  • Traveling to the Weave itself and embedding it into ones very being.
If one were to do the final stage with seven others who have full access to the Weave, they are said to stop aging.  


The Eternal Files feature many alchemical texts. It is often said by Tamdians that they would not read the Eternal Files if they could ever get their hands on it, as it may contain the recipe for all potions that have been and ever will be made. Others spit in its face, saying that they believe they could surpass it and make better potions than even what the Eternal Files say.  


However, it also features the most powerful Alchemical power: Witchcraft. This allows one to truly use equivalent exchange to its maximum effectiveness, using it to replace organic matter or suck out the power of magic or life from a body.
Vardid Liloryas Vracrath by Jarhed

Bardic Practice

The Bardic Practice taught in the Eternal Files are twofold. There are two techniques that are known to be in the Eternal Files, the highest level techniques for a bard.  


The first among these is the technique associated with a Virtuoso, where a single performer is always able to craft a perfect performance no matter what. They can pick up any instrument, even one they have never touched before, and can use it to absolute perfection. This also translates to a Perfect Ear, which allows the performer to hear music and harmonize perfectly with it, allowing multiple instruments to be played at once by the user, multiplying the bardic power.  


The other power is that of the Geass, the highest level Bardic spell. It is said to compel someone to follow a rule or order imposed on them by the user, either making them do something or prohibiting them from doing something.  


The Enchantment techniques found within the Eternal Files are at least known to include the runic carving techniques that allow for faster, quicker enchantments. Through this, one carves runes in Draconic onto a weapon or item, bestowing upon them a powerful enchantment beyond that of normal enchantments.   There are likely higher, more forbidden techniques inscribed in the Eternal Files, which would allow someone to enchant a person with runes, granting powerful effects over that person.  


There are no known necromancers who have gotten their hands on the Eternal Files. That being said, it is assumed some techniques related to Necromancy are contained within it, particularly those techniques related to Lichdom and bringing oneself back from the dead.  


There are no records of advanced Puppetry techniques learned from the Eternal Files, though it can be assumed some are held within them.  


There are no records of advanced Druidry techniques learned from the Eternal Files, though it can be assumed some are held within them.  


There are no records of advanced Beastmastery techniques learned from the Eternal Files, though it can be assumed some are held within them.  

Holy Might

There are two powers attributed to Holy Might, the divine magic of Gods. These powers are those known as Divine Magic or Divine Impossible Magic, and the Demi-God Form.  

Divine Magic

In terms of Divine Magic, which is known by most Gods and their Priests as Divine Impossible Magic. This is due to a misnomer for the form of magic known as Impossible Magic, which is magic one unlocks. This phrase is never used in the Eternal Files.   What Divine Magic is, then, is one who has gained Item Magic going to a God and gaining a blessing that allows the Item Magic to turn into something that can more fit their God and themselves. For instance, Curse Magic wielded by a Priest of Athena can become Law Magic, setting laws instead of curses.  

Demi-God Forms

Demi-God forms, then, are something that are attainable by Demi-Gods only. They are tied to willpower, meaning that a Demi-God's power grows as their will does.   Demi-God forms strengthen the part of a Demi-God that they lean into most. Here are some examples:
  • Bonkules was known for his strength, and so in his Demi-God form his muscles grew and his strength increased.
  • Salasar Feaphed was known for his intellect, and so in his Demi-God form his brain shifted and he gained nigh-omniscient intelligence.
  • Kilprax Ildial was known for his magic, and so in his Demi-God form he had unlimited mana at all times.
  • Amukk's Demi-God power is unknown, though it is believed to have been related to one of his future Godly Domains of Mercy, Justice, or Beginnings.
It should be noted in regards to Kilprax Ildial that he was not born a Demi-God, for Demi-God forms can also be granted to a mortal in special situations. Gods can fuse their blood into a mortal who they believe to be worthy, granting them Demi-God forms.   This is incredibly taxing on the God, taking a large amount of power to do. A God, then, will often rest in Heaven and not form their Totanian avatar for some time. It also is said to kill mortals who it happens to if their willpower is not strong enough to handle it.  


The ultimate power of a Demi-God form user is when their willpower has reached its peak. At this point, their power grows to that of a God and, through their Demi-God form, they gain Domains of their own that relate to the life they have lived. Their Demi-God form then becomes permanent, and they are considered to be on the level of a God.   The Gods fear a mortal ever reaching this level, as they would then be able to truly challenge the Gods as a near equal, though without worship this form is weaker. If the God Form user is worshipped and respected, they gain even more power.   This is believed to have only happened once, with the Orc Amukk becoming a God and ascending to take the place of the Nameless God.  

Area Devil Abilities

The knowledge on what the Eternal Files say of Area Devil Abilities is incredibly limited. The only assumption is that it discusses how one can eat multiple Brimstones, mixing abilities for unique combinations. This was not a known fact at the time, but has since been learned by some Devils.  

Demonic Possession

The Eternal Files tell of a power where, if one is possessed by a Demon Lord or even a lesser Demon, one can truly summon them to Totania through a hidden power. Through a true connection to the Possessing Demon and the Mortal Hosts desires matching up, the Demon can be fully summoned into the body of the mortal, allowing the mortal body to shift and change into a form of the Demon themselves, granting full power to the Demon for as long as they are summoned.
Sinner Caerxan by Jarhed

Korvian Abilities

There are multiple things talked of about Korvian abilities, for they are unbelievably versatile.  


The first is that of Acts, where a Korvian user of a Korvian Ability begins to fully understand themselves and what makes them who they are. Through self-understanding, they can gain an additional power to their ability, and it is even said that one could gain a second ability, for an Act 2 and Act 3 to the ability.   What these Acts grant is a power that is a natural progression of both the existing power and the user themselves. For instance, Sinner Caerxan was someone whose every step was a gamble, and so his power manifested in the form of gambling. The Act 2 of his ability, then, allowed him to gamble away parts of himself in return for his target losing the use of those parts as well. His Act 3, then, allowed him to basically make any scenario an all-or-nothing.  

Cadential Abilities

A Korvian Cadential Ability is what Korvians get when they are near death. When they are nearing death, their Korvian Ability may activate and grant them a power that they need in that very moment, before they die. Few Korvians survive gaining this ability, but it leaves a lasting impact on the world.  

Orcish Strength

It is the Eternal Files that reveal an inherent part of Orcs to be magic. Orcs, after all, very rarely get magic. This is due to the fact that their strange, unbelievable strength actually derives from their Weave Portals, meaning that they normally gain strength like other races would gain magic. This means Half-Orcs can utilize Weave Anchors to gain unlimited strength for a temporary period of time.  


A lost art, investitures allow for a person to turn their entire being and body into their magical affinity. A body can turn entirely into fire, water, ice, earth, lightning, wind, light, or dark. It can even turn into Item Magics, like a Time Investiture or a Swords Investiture. It is not, however, possible for an Ace to do, and some other Item Magics are impossible for investiture as well.   What this does is grants increased offensive capabilities, as one can control their entire body, and it also grants incredible defense as most melee attacks simply do nothing to an investiture user.   These are believed in present day to be myths.  

Aspects of Magic

The Eternal Files speak on the basic, fundamental techniques of magic and how Mayowa made each one to represent a fundamental tenet of existence. These being:
  • Druidry- Life
  • Necromancy- Death
  • Alchemy- Innovation
  • Bardery- Creation
  • Enchantment- Invention
  • Puppetry- Control
When one gains a stronger connection to these things, they gain a stronger connection to the nature of existing in general, allowing them more power as they tap further into what grants them their being in general.  

Elemental Affinities

One is born with an elemental affinity for a certain type of magic. These include:
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Dark
Thus, ones weave portal is connected to a part of the Weave that is interwoven with an Elemental Plane. Some, however, are born as Aces who can thread into any Plane they choose and, thus, use any affinity.  

Impossible Magic

Some people will then unlock something called Impossible Magic, though the Eternal Files do not call it this. Impossible Magic grants someone a new affinity, sometimes a secondary elemental affinity, which simply ties the Weave Portal to another plane. This is due to their immense willpower moving their own Weave Portal in the Weave itself.   Some, however, are able to perform miracles with their Impossible Magic, creating specific things like Rot or Candy. It is believed, then, that their magic is tapping into the pure Weave itself.  

Item Magic

Item Magic is gained through a Holy Item blessed by each God. For instance, a brick for Athena grants Structure Magic. However, the Eternal Files reveal the truth in Item Magic: they are just that. Items.   Instead, what gaining Item Magic does is unlock the latent ability and willpower in the user to utilize this magic. It is always there, which is why most Item Magics can be used without the Item itself. The power is always there, which is why the user of Copy Magic can always copy even Item Magic, for they have the power within them.   Due to it being an inherent power, this is also why Item Magic varies from user to user, and why no user of an Item is every exactly the same.   This is one of the greatest secrets in the Eternal Files, and is something that even those who have read it know can never become public knowledge. If it were to get out, the common person can become far too powerful, as they could manipulate even the powers of the Gods to their will.  

Other Knowledge

The Eternal Files feature all secrets of magic, meaning there are secrets involving basic magical techniques as well as those concering things that the general populace do not and may never know. If one were to naturally discover these things, perhaps they would be found within the Eternal Files if one were to search them. Without the files readily available, though, it is not so easy.  


The Eternal Files are thought to have been lost. To many, they even considered them destroyed or vanished to another plane of existence. In truth, they were hidden away in the Clolith Library of the Magic College from -797 up until about 430.   After that, they were taken and studied by Draconian scholar and 64th Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed, the Demi-God child of the Draconian God Phrixus, who poured over them and learned everything in them over the course of 100 years.
Orlayas Ojeux by Jarhed
  Salasar then handed them off to the man who he chose to be his successor: his intern and student Orlayas Ojeux.   Orlayas, being a mortal man and not a Demi-God, found it would be much more difficult to learn everything within the scrolls. He did not have eternity, or at least he did not believe he did until he read further into the scrolls and found that there was a way to stop aging. He then began looking into how he could stop aging and live forever.   Orlayas also temporarily gave three scrolls to three Draconian Chiefs whom he trusted. Aside from Kilprax, Salasar, and Orlayas, these are the only three people who have ever laid eyes on the scrolls, and are the only three even aware that they were found. These three people are Nalrik Tilrak, Higar Vixik, and Vardid Liloryas.   Orlayas Ojeux has had the scrolls ever since, and it is unlikely he will ever give them away unless they are taken from him by force. That being said, with his knowledge of the scrolls, it is not suggested to attempt this. He has power enough to slay armies. Anyone does, as long as they have the knowledge found within the Eternal Files.   There is, however, one other person who may hold some knowledge of the files. There was a baby who held the power of absorption, allowing them to sap both mana and knowledge from whomever they absorb power from. This baby has been held by and has held the one known as Salasar Feaphed, as well as Orlayas Ojeux. This means that, in all likelihood, the baby knows the Eternal Files. This baby's name is Hardel Mardaar.

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