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The Impossible Village

Waire is a former Draconian Village that was made for the unique purpose of fostering Impossible Magic, also known as an additional Magic affinity that one is not born with but unlocks later in life. It was destroyed in the year 547, at the very end of the Chief Crisis.
Its name of Waire was initially given to it over a thousand years before the founding of the Village under the Draconians, as it had once been an Elven Village used to wage war against the Draconians. When the first Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial, was killed by something from the village, people were baffled. Kilprax had, previously, stated:
"I would be curious as to where my death will be manufactured. For I know many wheres. Somewhere, anywhere, and most well-known to me is nowhere. But the place I'm killed... that will be the where to end all wheres. That is Where."
— Kilprax Ildial
It was mistakenly transcribed in Draconic as "Waire" which also means "To die."   At the time of its founding in early 527, it was newer than the rest, but was then beaten out by Dembar soon after. Some say it was due to its recent founding, while others say it was simply unsuccessful, untested practices, but Waire actually produced very few Impossible Mages. Many have gone on to detract from Waire's purpose then, saying that it is proof that one cannot manufacture an Impossible Mage.
Yernok Caerxan by Jarhed
  Waire had two official religions, one of which being Helle, the Draconian Creator Goddess. The other was Papatūānuku, Goddess of Nature, whom they worshipped in part to spite the Elves around them that worshipped Selene. Selene, after all, was jealous of Papatūānuku and all that she was able to do, so worship of Papatūānuku to Elves was seen as sacreligious.  


Waire had a bit of history before its refounding as a Draconian Village under Yernok Caerxan. Before then, as a matter of fact, it was considered the greatest site of hatred towards Draconians, where their greatest hero's downfall was plotted.  


Before it was Waire, this location was known as Walmil, an unassuming Wood Elven Village that did little but live among nature. They had a small clearing of trees at the center which was considered sacred, where only the higher ranking Elves in their society who were truly in tune with Selene were allowed.
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed
  That is, until the High Elves decided that the Grand Wizard of the Draconians, Kilprax Ildial, was a threat. He was incredibly powerful, was making moves against the Elves, and had even refused to allow Elves to study magic at his Magic College. Only Draconians.   One of his students, who was a failure named Tobor Tuldad, came to the Elves to ask for help in taking him down, and they gladly agreed. With Tobor's help, they would kill Kilprax.   It was not, of course, that simple. Very few things could kill him, many people had tried. Kilprax was clever, intelligent, and unfathomably powerful. He had fought Kath the Eternal, the Golden Dragon Lord, to a stalemate. He seemed the most powerful person on the planet.

The Notable Figures and Families of Waire

Waire did not manage to get many families of note to join its folds. However, there were a few, though none remain after its destruction. These are the three founding families and their three founding (and only) residents of Waire.   Caerxan: (Green Draconians) The family that created the idea of Waire, the Caerxans came from Evity with a desire to make something new and get in tune with the nature around them.
  • Yernok Caerxan- Spurred on by the 520 Massacre, the partially blind Yernok Caerxan wanted to avoid the Grand Wizard at any cost. He wanted to see trees, to make a place where he could live. He knew that to do so, people would need to be strong. He had gained Impossible Magic from witnessing the death of his fiance in the massacre, and realized how he and others could use it to fix the world.
The family name then went on to apply to the Korvian family of Sinner, Dresser, and Paragon Caerxan, who refounded the village.   Vracvull: (Red Draconians) A Bortanian family, the Vracvull's loved the idea of getting Impossible Magic, so they abandoned Bortan to join in founding Waire.
  • Laccun Vracvull- A fierce Bortanian warrior, Laccun had Fire Magic and Dark Magic. He was the one that helped Yernok control his Fire, and helped him in many fights. Laccun died to Dresmorlin Cobath's attack on Waire.
  Acoria: (White Draconians) The Acorias were a family from Yirthum that disliked Yirthum's allegiance to the Elves. Due to this, they agreed to founding Waire, moreso to stick their defiance in the faces of the Elves than to actually support Waire's cause.
  • Uustac Acoria- The only living citizen of Waire, Uustac Acoria was crippled in a scuffle with Evity prior to the Chief Crisis. Due to this, she was taken to Zephys to be healed, and has been living there since as she recovers. She is still unable to walk, but makes up for it with great power.

The Secret Chamber

So with Tobor in tow, the King of the Elves and a few others went to Walmil, where they could make a plan. This group also included a High Elf that wanted to be a student but was rejected, named Elnahil Shirno.
Tobor Tuldad by Jarhed
There was something there for them, which was why it was chosen. Not only was Walmil an unassuming place Kilprax would never check, but it also had that clearing where only high ranking Elves could go. The High Elves killed any Wood Elves that questioned why a Draconian was there, and went into the clearing.   In this clearing, there was a secret chamber where they could conspire. Here, they tirelessly worked towards creating anything that could take down Kilprax. Finally, Elnahil created just the spell.   It resulted in many deaths of the High Elves present at the experiments. Some were driven mad, destroying bits of the walls, while others were poisoned to death or killed with boosted aging spells or simply blown to bits. But none of this would work on Kilprax.   They did not lure Kilprax to Walmil. Instead, they lured him to his home village of Evity, where Elnahil was the only one waiting there. With the spell he had created, he created a horrible disease outbreak of which only he and Kilprax were exposed to. Elnahil died instantly, being beaten to death by Kilprax, but Kilprax's body was a bit resistant to it. Still, he ultimately died to the Plague of Elnahil. His final words, witnessed by Tobor Tuldad, were carved into the chamber as a sign that Walmil, and the Elves in general, had defeated the most powerful man alive.
"A spell even I don't know? Maybe you Elves... and other races are mages after all. To make an incurable disease? I wish I had 1000 more years left, to study all this. Magic... really is incredible!"
— Kilprax Ildial

Cultural Vengeance

It was the fifth Grand Wizard, Nawunax Valdacmith, that took revenge. He viewed Walmil, and their pride in killing Kilprax, as a stain on the Draconian national pride. As Nawunax himself was from Evity, where Kilprax was from, he decided to strike back.   Nawunax had made his body immortal thanks to Necromancy. He considered himself just as good if not better than Kilprax. He didn't think there was a single thing that could take him down, so he went into Walmil and let them wail at him for weeks. Constantly, he would revive thanks to his necromancy, and eventually, when the Elves were tired, he slaughtered them.   After his defeat to the spell Disintegration, Walmil was once more resettled, and the Elves returned without a second thought. The future Grand Wizards were not nationalistic enough nor powerful enough to take them on, after all.  
Urokris Erthar by Jarhed

The Founding of Waire

Yernok Caerxan had always wanted to find a place to belong. He was born with limited sight, being partially blind. Thanks to some special, enchanted goggles, this sight was turned into a vague view of outlines, but even then most things looked like blurs.   He wanted to see the trees one day, and made a promise with his fiance Kacel Kanys that they would do so one day. They hoped that maybe, one day, they would find their place among the trees.  

The 520 Massacre

Kacel Kanys was a member of the Class of 521, a year ahead of Yernok. This also meant that when the 520 Massacre happened, she was one of the students caught in the midst of it. When Yernok arrived to witness it with the other future Chiefs, he found that the only survivor was Urokris Erthar. Everyone else had been killed by the Grand Wizard, Drixodal Vortrin.   It was around this time Yernok began studying harder. He didn't fully know what happened, he couldn't see it and no one would tell him. No one wanted to discuss it. So Yernok stayed ignorant. While many of his classmates left, Yernok continued to learn. He found out about the old Village of Walmil, which had manufactured the death of a Grand Wizard before. It was their greatest claim to fame, after all.   It was only after graduating that Onkesh Tazwunak, Yernok's classmate, told him the truth. Drixodal Vortrin had been worried that Urokris Erthar was going to supplant him as Grand Wizard, and threw a tantrum that ended up killing the entire class. In shame, Vortrin killed himself, unaware that Erthar had actually survived.
Onkesh Tazwunak by Jarhed
  Erthar, however, did not become Grand Wizard after this. He was too traumatized, he couldn't even hear the title without it making him go into fits of depression.   Yernok was stunned by the true story. There wasn't any grand reason his fiance and his friends died. It was a jealous, immature Grand Wizard going crazy because he thought something that wasn't even true. He killed innocent people who didn't even have anything to do with the made up scenario he had created in his head.   Onkesh fueled the fire even more, telling him that he would never be able to get revenge on Vortrin. He said that was fine, that the Grand Wizard title itself was the problem. They would need to get revenge on the title. That was to blame.   Yernok was torn. Inside of him, there was still the nature-loving man who was fiance to Kacel Kanys. The Plant Mage. This Yernok wanted to reform the title, to become Grand Wizard so that he could change its meaning in the hearts of the people. However, growing in him was the vengeful man that wanted revenge for Kacel, that wanted to destroy the title. The one that listened to Onkesh. And that hateful man created a hateful magic. An Impossible Magic. Yernok Caerxan then was able to wield Fire Magic.  

Into the Woods

He felt the power that Impossible Magic gave him, but knew not what to do with it. One half wanted to destroy the Grand Wizard, the other to supplant him. Neither could coexist, so the two warring sides of Yernok agreed that they needed to get away from all of this and determine what to do. They felt that it would be best to go to nature, like they had promised Kacel. There, they could determine what they would do.  
Uustac Acoria by Jarhed
The two sides began to understand their power more, and what it was able to do. They saw the state of disrepair the world was in after Drixodal's death and the ascension of Thalmejis Durzire to the seat of Grand Wizard. They knew the world could not remain on fire, and that Impossible Magic was the power that could save it. They needed to foster Impossible Magic in as many people as they could.   He sought out anyone he could, but only managed to get some seven people. Chief among them were Laccun Vracvull and Uustac Acoria, from Bortan and Yirthum respectively. Laccun was excited to join, while Uustac a bit reluctant. Still, they agreed.   Gladly, the Elves in 527 were busy cleaning up the mess of the destroyed Village of Ilder, they were not ready for an attack on their own residences. Yernok led his forces to Walmil, which they took with ease, though all of the people Yernok recruited aside from Laccun and Uustac died in the battle. Yernok renamed the village the same thing that it had been called by many Draconian scholars. A name made by a Grand Wizard to destroy a Grand Wizard.   Waire. The Impossible Village.  

After the Founding

Waire was isolated from most other settlements. While Yernok and people like Laccun and Uustac were able to get out with ease, others were picked off by dangers of the forest like Elves, animals, and lurking legends like the Green Dragon Lord Fraeton the Usurper and the mythical Dark Elven Demon Mage Dresmorlin Cobath.  

Invasion of Evity

Uustac was one of the few to gain Impossible Magic that lived in Waire. Waire was once tossed into battle with Evity, as Onkesh Tazwunak believed that he needed to reign in Yernok to help him. Yernok had since decided that he had no intention of helping Onkesh, as Onkesh had only sought his help after he realized Yernok could be of use to him. Prior to that, Onkesh was an asshole to Yernok and treated him like garbage. From then on, Onkesh and Yernok were enemies.
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
  Yernok even joined in on a battle between Evity, Ealla, and Bortan. He sent some of his soldiers out to fight, and Uustac was one of them. She ended up clashing against Aaren Ildial, the Puppetmaster. He was adept in Puppetry, and was able to wipe out insane amounts of soldiers.   However, in the battle, Uustac was able to unlock Lightning Magic, which she used to rush away. Still, her legs were under Aaren's control, which he used to snap them until they were unable to move ever again. As Uustac was in Waire as all the soldiers were still fighting, it took quite a while before she was able to be brought somewhere to be healed. So she has spent most of her days in Zephys, away from Waire, even after unlocking her Waire Impossible Magic.   Yernok did not fight Onkesh in that battle, instead clashing with Chief of Ealla, Tarthekar Padorim. They eventually decided it was not worth fighting and went back home. Yet these Chiefs would clash again one day. They missed that in the time they'd been gone, Salasar Feaphed had become Grand Wizard.  

The Destruction of Waire

There would be many interns to pass through Waire. The final, and most notable group of them were those interning in the school year of 546-547, commonly known as the year in which the Chief Crisis occurred. The interns of that year are as follows:  
  • Aurrin (Class of 547)- A Nephilim healer known for only healing women.
  • Celtra Gwam (Class of 547)- A Gnomish trickster.
  • Kaiyana Gilre (Class of 548)- A High Elven noble.
  • Kindle (Class of 548)- A Fire Jinn who is the daughter of an Evil Fire Genie Lord.
  • Cozall Redfury (Class of 549)- A renaissance man of many skills and talents, known best for his art, cooking, and writing.
  • Sinner (Class of 549)- A Korvian who would go on to become one of the Twenty Immortals.
  These interns would be there when Yernok declared war on Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed and the other Chiefs. This would be known as the Chief Crisis, where the Chiefs fought each other and eventually Salasar to take the title of Grand Wizard. However, Waire became isolated quite quickly.   Sinner, Aurrin, and Kaiyana found that all of the soldiers that tried to enter or exit were killed by a mysterious shadowy figure. All but one named Jarded Runove. They took Jarded in, where they could keep him safe and figure out what was going on.
Sinner Caerxan by Jarhed
  Sinner and Kaiyana also discovered something else in Waire. The secret chamber where Elnahil, Tobor, and others had made the plague. The remnants of Walmil. There was an egg in here, seemingly a Dragon egg. Something gifted by Salasar, which Yernok held as the treasure of Waire. It turned out it was a fake, as Salasar knew the Chiefs would betray him.   The students would train, eventually working alongside Yernok to level the Elven Forest on one side so they could escape. However, it was regrown by a Druid named Lorzavur Exikmaan, who had been watching them. He did not want the forest destroyed, and also did not want them to go into battle unprepared. He tried to help, but ended up removing one of Yernok's arms. The one that held his fire magic. Now, all Yernok had was his Plant Magic and his ideal to become Grand Wizard and reform it. A blunt blade that could not stand up to the other Chiefs.   Sinner, meanwhile, found out that Jarded was working for the shadowy figure. He fought Jarded, ultimately killing him with the help of the shadowy man, who called himself Dresmorlin Cobath. Dresmorlin said he sought entertainment, and that he hoped Sinner would give him what he desired. He then allowed Sinner to leave, saying that he would be watching him carefully.   The forces of Waire clashed with the forces of Evity again now, but all were teleported to Zephys, where the Chiefs teamed up. Sinner and Cozall, meanwhile, teamed up with their classmates to end the war. Sinner was now terrified of Dresmorlin and knew he needed people to help him defend against the Demon Mage.  

The Successor's Failure

Dresmorlin Cobath by Jarhed
Yernok would die fighting Salasar. He would be granted sight by being magically healed, yet he still tried to kill Salasar. Even with his sight, he was blind to what he truly wanted. It was only when fire ultimately began to consume him that he realized he never did get to see a tree like he wanted.   Posthumously, Sinner was named the next Chief of Waire in a letter from Yernok that, when asked who he wanted his next successor to be, he said:
"IDK Sinner LMAO."
— Yernok Caerxan
Though no official work was done to make Sinner Chief, he was considered Chief. He declined it, but still people called him Chief of Waire.   However, he was unaware that at the end of the Chief Crisis, Dresmorlin Cobath grew bored of the Village. Without Yernok and Sinner, there was nothing left there for him. So in a single motion, Dresmorlin Cobath wiped Waire off of the map.  


In 548, Sinner Caerxan, having taken on the name of his mentor and the founder of Waire, returned to his village alongside his wife Dresser and their allies. The group that discovered the ruins included:
  • Sinner Caerxan- The Chief of Waire, a Korvian with a grudge against vampires.
  • Dresser Caerxan- Sinner's wife, a Korvian with a knack for fashion and connecting with everyone around her.
  • Silentium- A Devil Beastmaster who discovered Strength Magic in Waire.
  • Luth Rumbleblood- A Vampire who devoted his life to hunting other Vampires.
  • Aurrin- A Nephilim healer and womanizer.
  • Dath Redhunter- A Human merchant and weapons salesman.
  • Pretender- A Korvian with the ability to turn into anyone.
Dresser and Sinner by Jarhed
  These people found what remained of where Waire stood and built it back. Sinner also led them to create the Vampire Hunters to exterminate the party responsible: Dresmorlin Cobath and those who had taken on his powers as Vampires. Those that exploited the weak and killed them.   Sinner and Dresser had a child, Paragon Caerxan, and appointed him as Sinner's successor. Sinner also found the young orphan Narjeth Yelrath, a noble boy, and appointed him to the second seat of the Noble Council. However, the Noble Council had a condition for Waire returning to the Council.   Sinner and Dresser had found a tunnel leading all across Draconian Territory underneath Waire. Aaren Ildial proposed that to join, Waire would need to keep this a secret. Sinner agreed.  

Refugee State

Waire was refounded during the Elven Civil War and, due to this and its location in the Elven Forest, it became filled with Elven Refugees looking for a place to stay, and more came after the war.   During this influx of refugees, vampires began attacking. These were Vampires sent by Vampire Lord Etcher, an enemy of Sinner's. Tsar Sackerton of the Mishans was the main Vampire, but he was taken care of by Sinner after destroying part of the village. Later, Etcher himself invaded, but was killed by the Caerxan family working together.   Sinner tried to stop the Coup of Zephys, but was dragged to Hell with many others during this time, leaving the village in the hands of Paragon Caerxan, a boy of only one year old.

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