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Draconic is the ancient language of the Dragons. Due to Kath the Eternal, the Golden Dragon, being the first living creature on Totania, it is the first language to be spoken and the oldest on Totania.  

Speakers of Draconic

The speakers of ancient Dragonic are none other than the Dragons, large beasts that roam the skies of Totania, their wings sprawling across the Heavens. Chief among these speakers are those that hold the title of Dragon Lord.   There is not a single Dragon on Totania that speaks a language other than Draconic. This is due to the magical properties the language holds, most notably the fact that it is perfectly understood by any who hear it. Be it Elves, Humans, or Korvians, they hear it as if it is their native tongue.  

The Draconian Curse

This holds true for every race on Totania, save for the Arux Draconians, who hear Ancient Draconic. This is due to something known as Helle's Curse.   What Helle's Curse entails is the inability for Draconians to hear Ancient Draconic as their own language, be it common or their Arux dialect of Draconic. This was created because Helle, sister of the God that created the Dragons, created the Draconians and did not want such easy communication between hers and her brothers creations. This was mostly spurred by the interactions of Kath the Eternal and Kilprax Ildial, the first Grand Wizard.
Phrixus by Jarhed
  This curse does not apply to the Verthica Draconians of the Celestial Palace , who not only are raised speaking Ancient Draconic already, but were not created by Helle. One of the original Zhi tested whether the curse applied to them, raising a child to speak Arux Draconic, and found that the child still understood Ancient as if it were Arux.    

History of the Language

At the creation of the first life form on Totania, the Golden Dragon Lord Kath the Eternal, the God Phrixus who created him found the creature looking longly to him in hopes for one thing. Communication.   Phrixus had no desire to make a companion for Kath, yet he knew that, at least in these first moments, he could be the one whom Kath could converse with.   Phrixus did not want to just create a basic language for communication. Instead, he created a language that held many secrets of the world in its words, most notably the magic given by Ti Mayowa that enchanted it with various properties.

How the Language Sounds

For those that speak Ancient Draconic, or are an Arux Draconian and are under Helle's Curse, this language has a very distinct sound. For anyone else in Totania, there is no sound to this language that makes it unique, as it sounds exactly like whatever language they speak.   The natural version of this language is structured similarly to most languages in Totania, as it follows a vowel and consonant system. Unlike most languages in Totania, there are certain parts of the words that are stressed differently than others (similar to the accent system in romance languages).   The phonetic features of Draconic include the sounds
Ah Ae B D
K G Eh Ih
F Th H J
O Uh U V
Many scholars debate this, as they see spellings of Dragon Lord's names such as the White Dragon Lord Inrilyth the Hushed and see the y in the name. This is due to Elven translations and spellings, as Draconic does not have such unnecessary variation.

The Other Dragons

About fifteen million years after the creation of Kath the Eternal, Helle began periodically going to Totania and creating an egg for a Chromatic Dragon Lord. She taught these Dragons Draconic in the hope that they would claim it as their own language so she could steal the credit away from her brother.   This did not work, as the Dragon Lords feuded with each other and Kath and cared little for the squabbles of the Gods. It was only when the Giants, Orcs, Elves, Goblins, and Dwarves were created that the Dragons even began to interact with other outside of their color of Dragon.
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed
  It was also then that the Draconians were created. Helle had seen her failure in stealing Draconic with the Dragon Lords, so she formulated a new plan. To curse her Draconians with a new version of the language. This was not like Phrixus's in the fact that it was not magical and was not instantly understood by all, meaning. to understand what her Draconians were saying, the other races would need to learn her version of Draconic. This backfired when Humans appeared, as Common became standard.   Yet this curse was mundane at first, with simply a new version of the language with slight variations to sounds and words, nothing that makes it seem like a completely new language.   Kilprax Ildial was the first Draconians to actually attempt communication on an equal level with a Dragon Lord. None other than Kath the Eternal himself. He found initially that they could speak the same language, as Ancient Draconic, despite being different, still automatically translated to Arux Draconic.   Helle quickly realized this mistake, and saw the two Draconic races interacting so freely. She created the curse so that she would not repeat the same mistake as she did with the Dragon Lords, yet here Kilprax was interacting with Kath as if nothing was different. So she rectified this with an addendum to the curse (yes she can do that). This addendum made it so Draconians could only hear Dragons speak in Ancient Draconic, and it would not translate to them.   In a few hours, Kilprax had found the solution to this. He found that if he learned Ancient Draconic, they could converse, and he began to speak once again to Kath. At this point, Helle gave up. It would be enough effort for someone to do that, so no point in making another addendum.   The languages have remained relatively unchanged throughout the years due to the close proximity between villages that prevents too much regional differences, and the wide access to knowledge and language resources, as well as historical documentation, that allows them to know how things are spoken properly.  

Magical Effects

As earlier mentioned, when Phrixus made Ancient Draconic, there were elements of the language that were inherently magical. Due to this, when certain words are spoken, because there is such power behind the words and the language, there can be an effect from the spoken word.   When the words for hot or cold are uttered in Ancient Draconic, it has been noted by the few to learn Ancient Draconic, they can feel this warmth or chill in their throat, and for cold it has been said that their breath can be seen. When uttering light or dark in Draconic, the room the person finds themselves in grows slightly darker or lighter. It is believed with more power behind it, these effects may be stronger, but no tests have been done. 
Helle by Jarhed
  These effects are not only ranging on elemental properties, but also concepts. Speaking the word life makes people feel invigorated while speaking death is known to make people sick or even feel pain.   This property is enhanced with full names of abilities, and this has even been known to carry on to other languages in slight ways. It is believed that when casting a spell, if one has a name that suits it, the spell grows more powerful if that name is uttered during casting. The more fitting the name is to the spell, the stronger the boost given by the name will be.   Another magical effect is the instant translation that comes alongside the language, which is only stopped by Helle's Curse or in some rare cases people who have no desire to speak to Dragons, but the will to ignore them. Very few people have been known to have a will this strong.

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