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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a lost or ancient language
A total of 437 entries

the language of the dragons

The Magician Sorcery Cypher, Alnea

Ancient Pictographs Found Throughout the Northlands

Duianna Imperial Command Language

Draecish Language of the Dragons

Xelusian Bloodscript - Prompt #15 a lost or ancient language

Lerden's Explanation of Abanese

Ancient Drakonix - By Anika Tsuki

The Fleurian Language of Secrets

The Farlong Dialect / The Farlongian Rune System

Langue des cristaux d'Hespérides

Old High Humanic, the Language of the True Church

The First Tongue of the Ajdilgan

Truls, language of the Ur-Gazia

The language of the ones before

Agean - The Language of the Failed Explorers

The Words of the Weird-Walkers

Atthan - Die erste Sprache

Original language of D'hale world

Die Sprache der alten Zivilisation

Repression of Flemish language in Flanders

Polorian - Krianic Dialect

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the tengku's lost language