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Pre-Caliphate Ezirandi (pree ka-luh-fayt eh-zeer-an-dee)

Before the founding of the Caliphate of Ezir in 1,002 CE, the Ezirandi utilized a language known as Pre-Caliphate Ezirandi (PCE), the language was one of hard consonants and long vowels, and stems from the introduction of agriculture in 307 CE, uniting the varied tribes in a common dialect. This went on to become the root language of modern Ezirandi and its descendent languages, such as Atemu.   Pre-Caliphate Ezirandi proves to be the most studied language in Omath, though samples are taken by the Arcanum Institute on order of the Magocracy of Ezir, who seek to hide any reference to the country's past.    Unlike the partial phonemic writing system used by modern Ezirandi and its derivatives, Pre-Caliphate Ezirandi utilized a morphemic pictogram system to depict the meanings of words.


Pre-Caliphate Ezirandi focuses on the present tense. There is no concept of future tense and only a loose utilization of past tense (utilizing the terminology "before").  


  • I am chief of this tribe before this chief - I was the chief.
  • They sacrifice their lives before the harvest- They sacrificed themselves before the harvest (referencing a blood ritual).
  • The city stands here before it becomes nothing - The city used to be here.

Sentence Structure

Basic word order follows verb-subject-object. Using the previous examples:
  • This tribe this man before is chief - This man (I) was the chief of this tribe.
  • The sacrifice these ones give before harvest - They (these ones) sacrificed themselves before the harvest.
  • Standing here this city before becoming nothing - The city used to be here.


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