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Ezirandi (EHZ-ear-RAHN-dee)

Natives of the country of Ezir, the Ezirandi are a race of humans with a connection to the arcane energy of the world. Typically, men are tall, broad-shouldered, and dusky-skinned with dark hair and eyes. Women are shorter and lighter on average, with honey-colored skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Most Ezirandi have angular features and almond-shaped eyes, a throwback to their Nuaira ancestors.   The Ezirandi tribe was a large nation of nomadic hunters who inhabited the jungles of the Ezir Peninsula. The tribe was exceptionally strong, fast, and intelligent and hunted dangerous prey: Shadowcats. Their aptitude for tracking and slaying the beasts was legendary among the other tribes of the peninsula, who called the Ezirandi hunters "Shadowmen." Before Nuairan Contact (B.N.), the Ezirandi were united under a council of tribal leaders, and magic was unknown. The Ezirandi existed in a bronze-age civilization, with only minimal technology.   The first contact with The Nuaira proved to be a fundamental leap forward for the Ezirandi. The trading parties established a demand for Shadowcat hides in exchange for Nuairan steel, gold, and knowledge. The Tribal Council quickly identified the magic that the Nuaira used and began to assign observers to act as guides and translators to the Nuairan people. In one, they found a willing teacher: Jeren Haphris, son of Haphrises leader Adanion Haphris. The Nuairan man found himself quickly enamored with the Ezirandi women, and the Tribal Council persuaded the objects of his fascination to charm him into revealing the secrets of magic. The Tribal Council quickly found men and women who excelled at the new skill and began to cultivate the talent through selective breeding.   In order to learn more, the Tribal Council persuaded Jeren Haphris and the other Nuaira to settle the land under the illusion of needing guidance that only the Nuaira, with their unique, advanced knowledge, could give. The Nuaira, in their arrogance, accepted and began to instruct the Ezirandi in agriculture, trade skills, commerce, and magic.   For three hundred years, generations of Ezirandi learned from the Nuaira, taking to the knowledge with fervor. Within those generations, the Nuaan, half-Human and half-Nuairan children began to outnumber pureblood Ezirandi children, and the Nuaira found themselves breeding into the culture.   When the Tribal Council was certain they knew all they could learn from the Haphrises and began developing magic beyond the Nuaira power, it was time to strike. The Nuaira, once proud of their primitive friends, did not see the danger until it was too late. The Ezirandi slaughtered the Haphrises and marched an army, armed with arcane might, through the mountains and into the heart of Nuaira.   Due to their xenophobia, the Ezirandi is one of the only ethnicities exclusive to a single species. It offers ethnocentric beliefs and views and willfully wages war against 'outsiders' to their ethnicity.

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