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The Great Shadow

In the hallowed antiquities of the Atemu Ezirandi mythology, a prophecy exists of the Great Shadow. Centuries before the arrival of the Nuaira to Solia, before Kafiri: The Suncaller climbed to the sky to slow the sun, there came a prophet among the tribes. Her name was Thiti, and unlike the bronzed skin of the Ezirandi, she appeared to be the color of parchment, with hair and eyes as white as bone, and she was known to them as the Bonespeaker. No one knew from which tribe she had come, or where she called home, but she would stay for a night, then leave to find her way to the next tribe.   She told a story, of a time beyond time, beyond comprehension, in which a great darkness fell upon the world, devouring everything, in which nothing was left but a shadowed copy of everything it had touched.    The prophet vanished in the annals of history, mentioned only in the prophecy of the Great Shadow.


In the Age of the Locust, a great shadow shall descend upon the jungles, swallowing the sun and casting our people into darkness and chaos. The shadow will bring upon us death, shall drain the color from the trees and the sky, and from our home spread to the world, devouring those who resist and casting the rest into despair.

Historical Basis

Theological scholars in the Arcanum Institute and the Kingdom of Nuaira have debated the meaning of the prophecy. There are those, in the Black Circle especially, believe this to be a reference to Eclipse coming into the Material Plane and actively work to bring about Opening the Penumbra during solar eclipses.   The truth of the matter is much more sinister, however:  
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The prophet Thiti was, in fact, an oracle of The Nameless Shadow. The prophecy referred not to Eclipse conquering the world in his quest for vengeance, but of the Nameless Shadow itself spreading destruction, madness, and chaos.

Cultural Reception

Among the various civilized species, the prophecy of the Great Shadow is unsettling. Even among the Magocracy of Ezir, anyone found attempting to bring about the prophecy is burned alive for heresy.
Date of First Recording
-520 BCE
Date of Setting
Age of the Locust (Unknown)
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