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Ezir Peninsula

The Ezir Peninsula (from Ezirandi "Asir", meaning threatening or dangerous) is the southeastern-most location on the continent of Omath. Once a lush and fertile tropical rainforest, the region has undergone desertification.


Ezir is located on a low peninsula, sitting on average 10-30 feet (3.048 - 9.144 meters) above sea level. A massive mountain range separates the peninsula from the rest of the continent, the result of the powerful magic cast during The Haphrises War.


The southern region of the Ezirandi Peninsula is a tropical rainforest with thick trees and tangled vegetation. The remainder of the peninsula is dominated by drifting sand and cracked, dry soil.

Fauna & Flora


Ezir is known as the original homeland of the Shadowcats: massive feline animals with six legs and a pelt of blue-black fur. Their origins shrouded in the creation of Solia, they diverged from their progenitors in that their innate magic did not allow them to bend light, but instead to become nearly invisible in all but the brightest light, appearing as only a mass of shadow.

Shadow Mastiff

The Ezirandi people bred a race of canine companions to assist them in hunting and defending their settlements against the shadowcats, known as the Ezirandi Shadow Mastiff. A large, black-furred dog, the Shadow Mastiff developed a similar ability to the shadowcats, as well as the ability to see through the shadowcat's magic.
Pronouniation: εzír "eh-SEER"
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Ezir, Desert of Ezir, Shadowlands
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