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Leithlein is the capitol of the Nation of Nuaira.


The demographics of Leithlein mirror those of the Nation of Nuaira, with a 99.9% population of Nuairan people, 0.05% planetouched, 0.03% half-Nuairan, and 0.025% other races (predominantly Fiore).


Leithlein is governed by a High Mayor and elected Council. A 40% tax rate is imposed on all household income to finance the city infrastructure.


The city of Leithlein was founded in 0 CE, just short months after the First People arrived on Omath. It was named after the spiritual leader of the settlers, Leithlein Temarech, who would go on to be crowned High King in 456 CE.


Leithlein uses a combination of stone and living wood to build their structures, often weaving them with magic and achieving organic shapes, symbolizing a harmony with nature.


Leithlein sits along the banks of the great inland lake of Nuaira, concentrated primarily on the north bank. The lake divides the city into two parts: Northcity and Southcity. The mouth of the lake, draining at the southeast, is the heaviest portion of the city's architecture.
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The City of Lights
Large city
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