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Bard's Rest

Bard's Rest is a small village located on the southern shore of Arrowhead Lake in County Virdain, Falcrest.


All of the population is Human. While the other Humanoid Species have attempted to settle in Bard's Rest over the years, they rarely stay for longer than a year, citing "something unsettling" about the town.


Bard's Rest is overseen by the mayor, Antelmo Fanari, descendent of Tiberio Fanari. He is advised by the Founder's Council, descendants of the first five families that settled Bard's Rest.

Founder's Council

  • Feliciano Vozza
  • Bartolo Perra
  • Arrigo Caridi
  • Corinna Ventre
  • Alessandra Altomare


Tiberio Fanari expressed interest in the region due to the influence of three fey creatures he encountered while documenting the area: Alacine the Dryad, who lived in the woods southwest of town, Ismene the Naiad, who called the cove upon which the town was settled her home, and Speiliro the Nymph, who lived on the island now known as "The Lovers." These three, though different, considered one another sisters and took the protection of the area as their responsibility. When the expedition from Ubressa arrived, they observed the humans and sent Alacine to speak with their leader, Tiberio.   Tiberio was smitten with the dryad, and sent the expedition further north along the eastern shore of the lake, claiming he wanted to document particular details but did not want to slow the mapping process. Once the expedition had left, Ismene and Speiliro revealed themselves to Tiberio, who found himself enraptured with each in turn.   The details are lost to history, but Tiberio claimed in his memoirs to have spent a heady month in the company of the three fey sisters before his duties forced him to return to Ubressa. He had promised to keep their existence a secret and to persuade the king to prevent settlers from claiming their home. Each autumn, Tiberio would return to the lake and spend months with the three fey before returning to Ubressa in the twilight of the year.   Upon his retirement from the Golden Court, Fanari persuaded the King to grant him the land at the southern edge of Arrowhead Lake, to administer in ways that he saw fit. King Falle granted him the title of "Lord Warden" and awarded him the requested land. Returning to the lake, Tiberio found the three fey waiting for him. He somehow managed to persuade them to allow a small village to be settled, so long as its inhabitants were respectful of the land and the lake. So it was five families from Ubressa came to the region to help establish the town.   Not long after the town was settled, Tiberio vanished. Rumor has it that the relationship fouled and the four fought amongst each other until a powerful curse was cast, after which the fey withdrew from the world and each other.


Bard's Rest is predominantly wood construction, with Falcresti clay tile roofing. The only building in the town made of stone is the asylum known as "Rest for the Weary."


Bard's Rest is nestled at the southern edge of Arrowhead Lake, with an expanse of grassland to the south, east, and west of the village. Small groves of oak, cypress, and laurel trees dot the landscape, along with the Alacine Wood to the southwest of the village.

Natural Resources

Oak, cypress, and laurel wood, grains, and fish.


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