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The Golden Crown of Falcrest

Ubressa is the capital city of the Kingdom of Falcrest. A coastal metropolis, Ubressa also holds the bulk of the Falcresti Navy and Crown Army of Falcrest, as well as maintaining one of the strongest mercantile footholds on the southern coast of Omath, providing access to the Outfair Ocean, the Island Kingdoms, and beyond.


Much like the Kingdom of Falcrest, Ubressa maintains very similar demographic lines of their permanent population.


Ubressa is governed by a Mayor-Council system, with multiple agencies overseeing operations of the city. While it reports to the Crown, it is governed independently of the Kingdom of Falcrest. The City maintains a highly-trained watch guard, a harbor patrol, and a fire brigade for the safety and well-being of the citizens.

City Laws

Main Article: Laws of Ubressa   Primary among the laws of Ubressa are the Code of Honor, which dictate the duties of the city government to the people they govern.   The Crown Army of Falcrest is prohibited by law from entering the city walls.


The Outer Wall of Ubressa is a thirty-foot tall, ten-foot wide curtain wall made of quarried stone. Entry to the city is through one of five gates:
  • West Gate
  • East Gate
  • North Gate
  • The Farm Gate
  • The River Gate
A ten-foot deep trench surrounds the Outer Wall. During wartime, the trench is filled with sharpened posts, rocks, and oil, but during peacetime it remains clear and empty. The City Watch mans the Outer Wall around the clock, with no fewer than twenty guards stationed at each gate at all times.   The Inner Wall of Ubressa is a wooden palisade that surrounds the Dock District. While smaller than the Outer Wall, it is staffed heavier than its counterpart, with over thirty guards at the two gates out of the district.

Industry & Trade

Most Ubrean citizens are craftspeople of some sort. A large portion of the population that live outside the Outer Wall are farmers, ranchers, or foresters, while those inside the city tend toward the various craft professions. Ubressa maintains a base living wage for each citizen of ten gold per month. A large portion of the trade done by the citizens is through barter or skill-exchange.   Because of its location, the city also maintains a healthy trade market. The Dock District is comprised of warehouses, mercantile houses, and trade yards, along with a surplus of taverns, inns, and brothels.

Guilds and Factions

The Mercantile Guild is the most influential of organizations within the city, followed by the City Watch, the Society for Personal Enrichment (a conglomerate of tavern and brothel owners), and the various religious bodies.


In 1220 CE, Zachariah Falle (then known as Shakir Basara), an Atemu Ezirandi fleeing the Magocracy of Ezir founded a small hold on the coast of the Southern Ocean at the mouth of what is now known as the Falain River, a wide and flat river that drains from the Dunmaer Plateau. Along with a band of settlers that Falle had encountered on his journey west, Falle selected a point on a hill overlooking the mouth of the river as their new settlement, building the first cabins atop the hill using local timber. The settlement became known as Falle's Hold (Falleshold in writing), or alternately Falle's Hope.    By 1222, the settlement had attracted enough interest from settlers coming out of Ezir that it gained the scrutiny of the Magocracy itself. A diplomatic mission was sent to ascertain the intent of the fledgling city and attempted to bring it within the control of the Magocracy. When Falle refused, the diplomatic mission attempted to kill him.


Ubressa represents an amalgam of architectural styles, due to its significance in trade. Buildings are predominantly stone or wood, rising two or three stories and colored in lighter shades of blue, red, or brown. The architecture shows influence from both Ezirandi and Nuaira styles, as well as Dunmaerik influences.


Ubressa is located at the mouth of the Brilbury River, situated along a stretch of coastline and at the base of a tall hill (known as Castle Hill).   The Dock District occupies a low plain and beach on the east side of the river, while the other districts rise along into the plains at the base of Castle Hill.
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