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Where the Wine Is Made

Falcrest, known as Elethtein ("Land of Green and Gold") in Nuairan, is a region of central southern Omath, bordering the Fieren valleys to the west, the Dunmaer Plateau to the northwest, the Midafair Sea on the north, Venidon to the northeast, and the Ezir peninsula to the east and the Outfair Ocean to the south.   Falcrest is divided into several different regions. The western border with the Dunmaer Plateau is full of rivers, marshes, and moors and is known as the Eleth Highlands. The southern coast, ranging from its border with Fieren to the Idalyran Peninsula, is known as the Spice Coast (alternately as the Wine Coast). The eastern range of Falcrest, located in the shade of the Evenic Mountains is known as the Shadelands. The central region of Falcrest is known as the Heartlands, while the northern region of Falcrest, bordering on Midafair Lake, is known as the Midfair.


Falcrest has a marked geographical diversity, considering the relatively small size of its territory. The geography is conditioned by the Southern coast, with 580 kilometres (360 miles) of coastline, and large relief units of the Dunmaer Plateau to the north.   The Dunmaer Plateau represents almost half of the length of the northern border of Falcrest, as it extends more than 200 kilometres (120 miles), descending to the banks of the Midafair, which makes up the remainder of the northern border of the country. To the east, the land rises abruptly to the heights of the mountains protecting the Ezir Peninsula.

Fauna & Flora

Falcrest is a showcase of Omathi landscapes on a small scale. Just over 30,000 square kilometers (12,000 square miles) hosting a variety of substrates, soils, climates, directions, altitudes, and distances to the sea. The area is of great ecological diversity and a remarkable wealth of landscapes, habitats, and species.   The fauna of Falcrest comprises a minority of animals endemic to the region and a majority of non-native animals. Much of Falcrest enjoys a sub-tropical climate (except mountain areas), which makes many of the animals that live there adapted to sub-tropical ecosystems. Of mammals, there are plentiful wild boar, red foxes, as well as roe deer and in the foothills of the Dunmaer Plateau, the Falcresti chamois. Other large species such as the bear have been recently reintroduced.   Waters of Souther Ocean are rich in biodiversity, and even the megafaunas of the ocean; various types of whales (such as fin, sperm, and pilot) and dolphins live within the area.


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The Wine Kingdom, The Land of the Gold Dragon
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