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County Acissa

County Acissa is an administrative region of the Kingdom of Falcrest, located on the southern central coast of Omath (known as the Spice Coast). Acissa is bordered on the west by County Guiyrn, the northwest by County Daedora, the north by County Vaedal, the northeast by County Virdain, and on the east by County Barius.


Countess Filippa Cassano rules from Westmarsh, advised by a council of appointed advisors. Countess Cassano wilfully seeks out contrary voices to fill her council, ensuring that she hears the voice of all Acissaan people.


"You are never a stranger at an Acissaan table."
~Acissaan Proverb
  With the bulk of County Acissa's population occupying the southern hills and valleys of the county, a great deal of their culture stems from work in the vineyards and fields. Acissaan people tend to be a hard-working, hard-playing people, who put a great deal of effort into the community.    
"Noble sweat makes the wine sweeter."
~Acissaan Proverb
  While class structures do exist within the County, it is not uncommon to see landed nobles working the fields alongside their employees; in fact, a great many nobles take pride in the work that goes into their particular production. As a result of this shared toil, the workers of the county tend to be paid well when compared to their peers in other counties of Falcrest. Despite lower tax rates than traditionally observed in similar counties, the higher wages turn to a healthy income for the County's coffers, which in turn go to pay for community development and improvement as well as increased standards of living: as one of the first administrative regions of the Kingdom of Falcrest, County Acissa holds close to the Golden Throne's founding ideals: care for all people. This is evidenced by progressive policies toward labor and wages, communal care for the injured, infirm, and elderly, and education of the general populace.  
"Fill all the plates first. Look not at your brother's plate, unless he has less than you."
~Acissaan Proverb


The County Acissa shall encompass that territory west of the western bank of the Falain River to the point of the center of the northern flank of the Silverwood Forest, north and west through those particular valleys as to follow the curve of the land to the base of the Starmount, which Acissa shall encompass in its entirety, the borders of which shall follow the northern face of the Starmount then west following the shape of the land until meeting the eastern bank of the Upper Gehl River, then south along Gehl Lake and the eastern bank of the Lower Gehl River until its terminus at the coast of the Outfair Ocean
~Royal Decree of 1275, establishing the territory of County Acissa
The lands that make up County Acissa have changed little since they were established in 1275, except to follow the establishment of County Vaedal, County Guiyrn, and County Virdain.


County Acissa does not maintain a standing military of its own, but instead sending able-bodied men and women to join the Crown Army of Falcrest for their compulsory term of service. In times of war, the County can call upon its various militias and veterans to form an infantry force of 1,300 trained soldiers.   Countess Cassano herself holds the rank of Cavalry Commandant and oversees the Western Cavalry Brigade of the Crown Army.

You Do Not Get Old At The Table

Founding Date
Geopolitical, County / March
Alternative Names
Falcresti Wine Country
  • Acisine
  • Acissino
  • Acinine (derogatory)
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Palace economy
Judicial Body
The Judiciary and the Church of Kaladis maintain strict control over judicial matters in County Acissa, as in the whole of the Kingdom of Falcrest. The ranking Kaladisian Arbiter is Verano Sevasta.
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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