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Filippa Cassano

Filippa Bennita Cassano

Filippa Cassano, the Countess Acissa, is the administrator of County Acissa in southern Falcrest, as well as the Cavalry Commandant of the Falcresti Western Cavalry Divison of the Crown Army of Falcrest.

Mental characteristics


With private tutors and education at the University of Ubressa, Filippa is a well-educated woman, classically trained in courtly affairs, including diplomacy, trade, art, and riding. While at University, Filippa accepted her commission as a Sofotenante (Falcresti: "Second Lieutenant") in the Crown Army of Falcrest Cavalry.   Trained in both traditional swordplay and mounted combat, Filippa quickly began to rise through the ranks of the Cavalry. By the end of her time at University, she had been promoted to Captain.

Intellectual Characteristics

Filippa Cassano is a very intelligent woman, although this is tempered by her brash personality and unwise decisions. She is a quick study and picks up new information quickly, which has proven useful in the field as well as in the Courtly chamber.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Countess Acissa
Cavalry Commandant (Western Cavalry Brigade)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluency in Common, Djenati, FalcrestiFioreGolenti, Nuairan, and passing proficiency in Orokan.


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