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Common is a trade language spoken throughout Solia. Almost every civilized being can speak at least a smattering of the language, while most are fluent. With little more than use as a trade language, Common is not overly complicated and could not handle complex topics. Common is perceived as a simple, non-expressive language.   Individual cultures have their own languages (such as Ezirandi), Falcresti, and Dunmaer, while species also have their own native tongues (such as Nuairan and Orokan, again with racial and cultural variance.   It is assumed that most surface-dwelling people (including Golenti) are capable of speaking Common. In more remote settlements, this may be spoken poorly.   The Common language was introduced by the Nuaira, in particular by the Haphrises Delegation. Until the introduction of Common, the Ezirandi had only subsisted on their own language.


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