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Confederation of Fieren

The Confederation of Fieren, also called the Confederated Kingdoms of Fieren, consists of seven sovereign kingdoms. It is the largest country on Omath, occupying the eponymous Fieren geographic region west of the Dunmaerik Plateau. It is also the youngest country on Omath, coming into being after The Emerald War drove the indigenous Dunmaer people out of the region.   The Confederation was formed when the seven kingdoms of Fieren drafted the Articles of Confederation in 1550.


The Confederacy of Fieren is represented by the Confederate Council, a delegation from each of the sovereign nations. Each nation sends one representative who speaks on behalf of that nation. Owing to the odd number of nations, this ensures that a majority vote will be reached.   Outside of the individual representatives, the Council appoints a Treasurer, a General Secretary, a Confederated Army General, and all other associated positions.

Public Agenda

Advocate for the well-being of all Fiereni citizens. Negotiate with the Kingdom of Falcrest to the betterment and advancement of the member states. Provide a baseline set of trade, military, and diplomatic doctrines.

Unity in diversity

Founding Date
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
Confederated Nations of Fieren
Confederates, Fiereni, Westerners
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

Articles under Confederation of Fieren

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