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Fieren (from the Nuairan Fierej - "Land of the Setting Sun") is a geographic region extending west of the Dunmaerik Plateau to the western coast of Omath.


Fieren is a geographic region of low, flat plains and hilly country between river valleys, in which the outcrops of the original rocks are visible along with alluvial fans formed from the outwash of the more severe anticlinal terrain of the Skytip Mountains.   The region is broadly divided into an upper, drier part, often not particularly suited for agriculture, and a lower, very fertile, and well-irrigated section of six river valleys, known in the Kingdom of Falcrest as Bassa, the heart. The upper areas of the region take local names which reflect in their meanings, being modestly suited for farming, areas remote from easily reachable water tables and covered with dense woods or dry soils.   Fieren has a range from humid continental climate to humid subtropical, or continental temperate (cool-humid with fog in winter and warm-moist in summer) climate in other classification. The confirmation of the plain, surrounded by the Skytips and the Dunmaerik Plateau, and the influence of the Alabyran Reach cause high levels of relative humidity throughout the year. The climate of Fieren becomes increasingly warmer and more humid farther south and east.   Winters are cool and damp, mean temperatures ranging between 0 and 5 °C (32 and 41 °F). Fog and mist are frequent, although the urban heat effect has made winters less foggy and cold than before in some areas. Snow can occasionally occur and prolonged winter droughts increasingly deny sufficient moisture to the soil. Summers are hot and humid, with mean temperatures ranging between 22 and 25 °C (72 and 77 °F). Frequent thunderstorms and sudden hailstorms have the potential to produce large hail, dump large quantities of rain, and be highly destructive to crops. Spring and autumn are well-marked and pleasant. Both winter and summer are less mild in the northern latitudes, especially north of the Skytip Mountains.   Rainfall varies between 700 and 1,200 mm (30 and 45 inches) and is equally distributed during the year, with maximums during autumn and spring. Winds are usually weak, although sudden bursts of foehn or thunderstorms can sweep the air clean.

Fauna & Flora

The natural potential vegetation of Fieren is a mixed broadleaved forest of pedunculate oak, poplars, hornbeam, alders, elderberry, elms, willows, maples, ash, and other Omathi trees. The largest remaining fragments of forest are located around the Havenwood River.

Natural Resources

Hardwood lumber, stone (particularly marble), precious metals.
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Land of the Setting Sun, Westland
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