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Original Idea: Sidney Koster (02/27/2021)
Riverdale is a large town located in a fertile mountain pass in the Skytip Mountains in northern Fieren. While a vassal city of the Kingdom of Northwind, Riverdale enjoys relative autonomy due to its remote location.   Located between four large mountains, the town sits in a horseshoe bend in a fast-moving river, with access provided by four bridges (which give the town its nickname of Bridgeville).


Stonedelve Golenti: 35%
Hillwalker Golenti: 15%
Riverhand Golenti: 20%
Human: 8%
Nuaira: 10%
Fiore: 7%
Djenati: 4%
Other: 1%


The Mayor is elected by popular vote, requiring a simple majority (51%) of votes, while the Council is appointed by the various guilds and organizations that operate within the town.


Each of the Four Bridges has been rigged to collapse in the face of an advancing enemy, isolating the town. A 15-foot (4.57 meter) wall surrounds the inner square, and a 10-foot (3.05 meter) wall surrounds the perimeter of the town.

Industry & Trade

Primary exports include masonry, raw stone, maple syrup, and precious metals.
Primary imports include grain and lumber.

Guilds and Factions

  • The Brotherhood of Masons (Stoneworkers)
  • The Hand of Stone (Miners)
  • The Trade Union (Merchants)
  • The Sheaves (Bakers)
  • The Strongback Union (Teamsters)


Stone-constructed buildings dominate Riverdale, with marble featuring common in the higher-class buildings.


Located in the shadow of the mountain pass, Riverton sees cool weather. Snow occurs year-round, though less frequently in the summer months.

Natural Resources

  • Stone: Chalk, Granite, Limestone (moderate quantities), Marble, Slate
  • Metal Ores: Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead (True Lead and Molybdenum, in small quantities), Magnetite (small quantities, Pyrite, Tin
  • Wood (low quantity only):  Ash, Aspen, Crabapple, Chokecherry, Maple, Plum (select cultivars), Poplar, Willow
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