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The Gunpowder Kingdom

Ameo is an island in western Omath, located off the coast of Fieren. Its geography is marked by coastline, by the ever-present threat of hurricanes, and by the irregular mountains clustered in the center of the state. Much of Ameo is at or near sea level, and its terrain is marked by sedimentary soils. The climate varies from subtropical in the north to tropical in the south.   Ameo was discovered by the Dunmaer explorer Phaenon in 1402 CE during his expedition from the Dunmaerik Plateau. The land was home to indigenous tribes of goblins, wemics, and Letein, along with assorted humanoid monstrous races like Heartfire Oroka, bugbears, and the like. It was the principal location of the Goblin Wars and the following racial conflict with the Letein tribes.


The Island of Ameo is situated on the Raging Deep to the west and the Senneline Bay to the north, south, and east, a natural harbor on the western edge of Fieren.   Most of the island is low-lying and fairly level, though some places (such as Silverport) feature vistas that rise 75 - 200 feet above the water. Much of central Ameo, typically 30 miles from the coastline, features rolling hills with elevations ranging from 150 to 400 feet. Several clusters of mountains dot the central state: together they are collectively known as the Fenspine Range. The most prominent is known as the Campland Rise, a massive stratovolcano.   The climate of Ameo is tempered somewhat by the fact that no part of the state is very distant from the ocean. In the northern part of the state (north of Iron Vale), the prevalent climate is humid subtropical, while coastal areas south of Iron Vale are considered true tropical.   Due to the tropical climate, Ameo is very humid and very warm. Temperatures in the summer range from the low 90-degree range through 120-degrees. Also due to the tropical climate, Ameo rarely receives snow. Higher elevations in the Fenspines may receive snow in the cold winter months, but rarely to any significant accumulation. In winter months, overnight and early morning frost becomes common.   Hurricanes pose a severe threat to south Ameo. The official hurricane season runs from the last week of spring through the third week of autumn and is most intense in the final two weeks. Each year, Ameo is struck by no fewer than two hurricanes.

Natural Resources

Ameo is one of the only locations in Solia to offer deposits of sulphur and potassium nitrate in the quantities necessary to make gunpowder. Ameo also maintains large stone and mineral quarries, as well as timberlands, making the island relatively self-sustaining.
The island nation of Ameo, located on the western edge of Omath
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The Gunpowder Kingdom
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