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Heartfire Oroka

A fell and corrupted perversion of the once-noble Oroka people, the Heartfire Oroka are a shadow of their former glory.   Once a noble tribe, the Heartfire Oroka's original name is lost to history. They were corrupted by the devastation inflicted upon Solia during Kethenica's Gambit. While the immediate effects were contained to Venidon, the lingering effects of the magical wound caused mutation and regression into a nearly primal state for the oroka tribe.   The Heartfire Oroka is the most prolific ethnic group of oroka encountered in the wild and the one that fills the role of monster and bogey man. They are also the reason that Oroka as a whole fall under the stereotype of feral, brutal, but dull creatures.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Uloth, Dura, Arob, Murob, Lazgar, Agrob, Ugor, Gulfim, Glasha, Ugak

Masculine names

Ghamonk, Snaglak, Woggugat, Buomaugh, Quordud, Hagob, Paghorim, Wurmha, Umragig, Xugug


Culture and cultural heritage

Children are raised by the communal clan of Heartfire they are born into. The weak and infirm are left to die if they cannot keep up with the rest of the clan.

Average technological level

Stone Age equivalent

Common Dress code

Heartfire tend to dress in hides, leather, and similar primitive garb. They often decorate themselves with colorful feathers or leaves during pageantry, but otherwise dress very spartan and utilitarian. If it has no purpose, the Heartfire does not want it.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Birth is a violent affair, with the female Heartfire Oroka expelling the newborn. At that time, the youngling is brought before a seer or shaman, who looks into the future to predict what the oroka's fate will be.

Coming of Age Rites

The Heartfire Oroka are considered to have reached the age of majority when they make their first unassisted kill, be it prey or another oroka. "Blood spilled, blood earned" is the phrase associated with the naming of the individual as an adult.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Heartfire do not mourn their dead, nor do they construct artificial memorials for them. The weak, elderly, or sick are expelled from the clan and left to die without a second thought. Those who die to violence are stripped of their tools and possessions and left to rot where they fell.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty is a foreign concept to the primitive Heartfire Oroka. When considering a potential mate, they tend to look for durability and survivability.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is unknown to the Heartfire Oroka. They are very direct, often relying on forced couplings.

Relationship Ideals

Heartfire couplings rarely last more than a single session, even if the union results in pregnancy.
Encompassed species
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