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The Grey Wastes

Venidon was once a pastoral and verdant kingdom on the eastern coast of the Known Lands. Its borders ran from the southern edge of the Nuairan plains along the eastern edge of the Dunmaerik Plateau to the southern coast (occupied by modern-day Ezir and Falcrest). Venidon was an early state of the Ezirandi people and the largest casualty of the Haphrises War.   In the modern era, Venidon is a desolate wasteland of cracked, dry and rocky soil devoid of nutrients and life. Few animals live within the wastes, and a few small tribes live along the eastern coastline, surviving from fishing and scraping a hard existence from the land. Venidon is home the Venidan. Unlike their contemporaries, they live a rough, primitive life. In the whole of the country, there are perhaps 200-300 people, organized into communal groups of 20-50.   Venidon once existed under a Plutocratic Calphate. A Caliph ruled the country, advised by a council of the wealthiest men in Venidon. At the time of its destruction, the Caliph was Sa'ah al-Manai, a direct descendant of one of the Tribal Council of Ezir. After Kethenica's Gambit, the various tribes operate independently of one another, organized in either Tribal Council or communist fashion.


Venidon has a total area of approximately 45,000 square miles, including 3,200 square miles of water. Venidon is bordered by Nuaira to the north; by Dunmaerik to the west, and by Ezir and Falcrest to the south. Venidon's northern and southern borders are defined by the edges of the grey waste effect of Kethenica's Gambit. In the south, these are the mountains surrounding the Ezirandi Barrier. In the north, this is a sudden change from dry, rocky soil to lush, green plains. The western border of Venidon is defined as the eastern edge of the Dunmaer Plateau.   Venidon is a temperate, maritime environment, becoming increasingly warmer and more humid farther south and east. The coastal weather is subject to hurricanes. Venidon has an average of 45 inches of annual precipitation. Due to the effects of Kethenica's Gambit however, very little water remains on the surface. Most water sources are also fouled and unable to sustain life.   Cold air masses over the western mountains (the eastern edge of the Dunmaerik Plateau) can lead to significant snowfalls which, in turn, lead to flash flooding in the spring.

Fauna & Flora

Very little lives within the Grey Wastes of Venidon. The land produces nothing, and the few hundred people who live within the borders of the Grey Wastes subsist on fishing and are a predominantly ocean-going culture.


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