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Heartscar (Hart-skaar)

In the heart of the Grey Wastes lies a cracked and blackened gorge. Known to scholars as the Heartscar, its origin ties back to the devastation that destroyed Venidon.


Located in the heart of the cracked and blasted plains of the Grey Wastes, the Heartscar is a 1,000 foot (304.8 meters) deep chasm that splits the land in two. Thirty miles (48.28 km) long and one mile (1.61 km) wide, the Heartscar is a near-verticle precipice of sharp, splintered granite.   The bottom of the rift is similarly a wide granite bed covered in a layer of dirt and loose sediment blown into the chasm by the extreme winds of the Grey Wastes.    The chasm itself is divided into three geographic regions based on the north-south location within the grey Wastes:
  • The Upper Heartscar, also called the Nuaira Heartscar.
  • The Middle Heartscar, also called the Venidon Heartscar.
  • The Lower Heartscar, also called the Ezirdani Heartscar.


With water a scarce resource in the Grey Wastes, the land around the Heartscar is barren and blasted. What little water is present is high in alkaline content, making it quite poisonous.

Ecosystem Cycles

While constantly hot and arid, the area around the Heartscar becomes exceptionally inhospitable during the summer months with daytime temperatures rising to 180º F (82.2º C) and overnight lows near 160º F (71.1º C). Winter sees the region's coolest temperatures, with daytime highs of 120º F (48.9º C) and overnight lows of near 110º F (43.3º C).   Precipitation along the Heartscar is non-existent year-round.

Localized Phenomena

While the life-leeching magic inflicted by Kethenica's Gambit is present throughout the Grey Wastes, it is strongest along the Heartscar. Any living creature to enter the Heartscar quickly finds its life essence drawn away in a matter of seconds, leaving a desiccated corpse behind. As a result of the initial blast that created the rift, countless animal and humanoid corpses, perfectly preserved by the region's arid climate and magic lending it the epithet of "History's Grave."   No manner of magical protection can bypass this effect due to the corrupted ley lines in the region.  


Pathfinder Gamemasters: Treat the effect as 3d4 Negative Levels or 3d4 CON Drain per round.
Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters: Treat the effect as 3d4 Necrotic Damage per round.

Fauna & Flora

Though the magic of the Heartscar precludes either flora or fauna from living, do not make the mistake of assuming it is devoid.  No, there are horrors hidden in the darkness of the rift, unliving monstrosities whose eyes burn with necrotic energy.   Arnam Zaan, Ezirandi scholar of The Arcanum Institute
  A number of undead creatures occupy the Heartscar, ranging from the common zombie and skeleton (both humanoid and bestial) to corrupted spirits like ghosts, wraiths, and specters. Rumor speculates the existence of stronger, sentient undead creatures, such as liches, but madness and insanity enveloped those who have claimed to have seen them.


When Kethenica sacrificed himself to stop the Caliphate Army from overrunning the Army of Nuaira, the resulting discharge of energy in the Ley Lines blasted a massive rift in the very bedrock of Venidon itself.   From the impact site of Kethenica's Gambit, the rift spread, following the ley lines north and south until the blast itself was stopped by the wizards in both Thaimi and Leithlein.


The Heartscar would be in high demand by both archeologists and scavengers, were it not for the devastating effects of the magic in the area. All observation and study of the region are currently conducted using remote viewing (such as clairvoyance, scrying, etc).
Alternative Name(s)
The Scar
Kethenica's Folly
History's Grave
Gorge / Rift
Location under
Inhabiting Species


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