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Midafair Sea

The Midafair Sea is a marginal sea of the Outfair Ocean separating the highlands of the Dunmaer Plateau from the Falcrest region of Omath. It is a collection of several watersheds from the Dunmaer Plateau.


The Midafair Sea covers approximately 300,000 m2 (7,770 km2) and has a maximum depth of 4,500 feet (1.37 km). The northern, western, and eastern shores rapidly ascend as the southern edge of the Dunmaer Plateau, while the southern shore has a more gradual floodplain below small foothills.   Major tributaries from the Dunmaer Plateau include the Black River, the Chatlan River, and the Green Bloom River, and drains to the Outfair Ocean by way of the Falain River through central Falcrest.   Prior to The Dunmaer Quake the Midafair Sea was predominantly freshwater. The quake opened a number of hydrothermal vents in the seabed and released both chlorine and saline into the water (See Ecosystem below).


The deeper water found below 2,500 feet (762 meters) suffers from very high chlorine and saline content and poor circulation, resulting in a significant and permanent layer of anoxic salt water that does not drain or mix with the upper levels. The resulting condition is a cloudy thermocline that exists between 2,450 and 2,550 feet (746 to 777 meters). Below this mark, organic matter (including shipwrecks) is well-preserved.

Fauna & Flora

Numerous algae species form the backbone for marine life in the Midafair, along with a number of fish species as well as a number of marine mammals (such as the Golden Dolphin and Eagle Porpoise).   In addition to mundane marine life, the Midafair is also home to merrow, water elementals, locathah, skum, scrag, and most varieties of aquatic fey, including selkies, nixies, nereids, and nymphs. Dragon turtles traverse the waters, and True Dragons can be found in and around the lake.   The depths of the Midafair are home to a number of aquatic undead creatures, such as brykolakas, duergar, lacedon, and brine zombies. Rumors abound of darker, more malevolent creatures in the dark water, but no one has ever returned to the surface to speak on the matter.

Natural Resources

Mariners from the Kingdom of Falcrest's County Beonid ply the waters for fishing, while Dunmaer tribes utilize Te-Tanagi ("The Dark Water" in Dunmaer) to trade their goods at Beorel. Historically, the Dunmaer would utilize the Falain River to traverse as far as the Outfair Ocean.
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