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Outfair Ocean (OWT-fare OH-shen)

The Outfair Ocean (from Nuairan En'fayr, or Southern Ocean) is the third-largest oceanic division on Solia and a major factor in commerce both along the coasts of Omath and Orela and between the two continents.


The Outfair Ocean is bounded on the north by Omath, the south by Orela, the east by the Whitenau Sea, and the west by the Alabyran Reach.   It contains a number of marginal seas, such as the Emerald Sea, the Tideless Domain, the Bay of Guiryn, and the Marolan Sea.   The Outfair Ocean, in contrast to the Alabyran Reach, is predominantly a shallow body of water. Continental shelves extend from Omath and Orela, with an average depth of 12 miles (19.3 km). The deepest region of the Outfair is the Savaville Abyss where the Omath and Orela tectonic plates come together, extending to approximately 120 miles (193 km).  
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Outfair Ocean - Kaveakalan Coast


The Outfair Ocean is one of the most tropical bodies of water on Solia owing to its equatorial location. As a result, it has the largest marine ecosystem on the planet, starting with large concentrations of plankton biomass in the summer months.   Various Fish species include Tuna, [Billfish] and [Sailfish], along with numerous [Shark] varieties. Monstrous and gigantic fish are uncommon but present threats in water deeper than one mile (1.6 km).   The Outfair Ocean is also home to numerous Maro civilizations, along with Darkwater Maro in the Savaville Abyss. Valaira settlements are scattered throughout the marginal waters.

Ecosystem Cycles

During the late summer months, cooler marine air flows onto the continents of Omath and Orela, bringing with it heavy rains and wind. This process is inverted in the colder moths, with on-shore air flowing out into the Outfair Ocean.   While summer storms are common, winter hurricanes can wreak havoc on the coastal regions.


The coastal waters of the Outfair are among the most traveled waters in the world, with commercial vessels plying the coastlines along Omath and Orela. Merchant vessels and merchant fleets sail between the two continents, a journey that can take upwards of six months in each direction.   Fishing and whaling vessels are common in the marginal waters between the Outfair and the Alabyran Reach especially during the whale migrations in spring and fall.
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En'fayr (Nuaira): Southern Ocean
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